So i test and review lots of drones cameras, lenses here in alaska, and i give you tips and tutorials on how to use them if thats something interesting, consider subscribing the short answer to whether the dji mini 2 is worth it in 2022 is yes, it is Its still a great drone and still the drone that i recommend most beginners start with now. Yes, the mini 3 came out and it looks to be a fantastic drone. I dont have one yet, but i have one coming: ive ordered and paid for it myself and ill be doing reviews and comparisons, and all of that too. But there are still a few reasons why i think the mini 2, or even the mini se, is a better beginner drone than the mini 3.. There are a couple of reasons you might want: the mini 3 over the mini 2 or the mini sc. Well also talk about those in just a minute price is the number one reason why i think the mini se or the mini 2 is still the best option for beginners one. The mini sc runs about 300 us dollars where the mini 2. The fly more kit runs a little over 500 right around 500, depending if you find it on sale or not and thats a great price for people who are just getting started on flying drones. You dont want to invest in a thousand dollars and then go out and immediately crash it and by the way i have lots of videos to help.

You learn how to fly a drone without crashing theyll be linked up in the corner here. But price is the main reason why i think the mini two of the mini se is the best option for beginners and beyond just the initial purchase price of buying a drone which can be, you know, fairly daunting, even at 300 or 500. The fact that these are very easily and very inexpensively repairable makes them a great first drone, because if you do crash one which you might then its not going to cost you an arm and a leg to fix it, which i have seen happen so, whereas a Mini 2 can be repaired for as little as like 20 bucks or 25 depending on the damage thats. Not the only reason why i think the mini 2 or the mini sc is a great starter drone, but lets go a little further up the trail. Another reason to consider the mini 2 or the mini se is the footage. The footage quality is surprisingly good for such a small drone and a small sensor. Now, yes, its not the best at low light. If youre going to film stuff at low light, you need a much larger sensor. I would say: minimum youre gon na need a one inch sensor, drone, which is the air 2s or mavic 3, and you know on up there, but for a small sensor, drone the mini 2 and the mini sc do a surprisingly good job, especially if youre doing Things like this, where youre just wanting to capture yourself out doing things having fun adventures.

The me too, the mini sc do great. Now the mini 2 is limited to 4k 30, but 4k 30 is great. You can do 2.7 k at 60 and the mini esc is limited to 2.7 k at 30, but those are all more than good enough for social media and the photo quality out of these while its limited to 12 megapixels is really not bad. It actually does a pretty good job again more than enough for anything youre going to share on social media youtube things like that. Then we come to capability, while the mini sc is a little less powerful than the mini 2 and thats. Why? I recommend the mini 2 because i really feel like its the sweet spot between performance and price and what you get out of it, but the mini 2 can actually handle some pretty good conditions. Its been plenty windy around here today, the mini 2 hasnt had any issues with that it handles a fair amount of wind. Itll go up to 32 33 miles an hour depending on conditions which is not bad its almost as fast as the mini three full test and comparison between the mini three and the mini two will be coming. But the capabilities of these two drones is really fantastic, and if you can learn to fly these two drones, the mini sc or the mini 2, you will be able to fly just about any drone and youll be able to fly them relatively well.

And that is a huge reason why i recommend the mini 2 and the mini sc as a great beginner drone, and when i say this drone is easy to fly. This is what i mean this is my son isaac come here bud and hes going to fly. The drone now he does fly drones, hes flown fpv drones and hes flown this drone a little bit. But this is how easy this drone is to learn to fly hes now going to fly around a little bit and capture a little bit of footage for use. In this video Music Applause Music, how easy was that flying pretty easy, pretty easy make you feel like you were able to get some good shots yeah. I think so so thats what i mean when i say its pretty easy and pretty simple to fly: isaacs fallen! Other drones hes flown fpv, so he actually has a fair amount of skill flying drones. But he doesnt fly the gps drones very often and they are very different from fpv. So the fact that hes able to pick up a controller and within a couple of seconds figure out to do figure out how to do what he wants to do to get the shots he wants to get means. You can learn to fly this drone really easily and thats one of the biggest reasons. I recommend this as a beginner drone is. It is so easy to learn to fly the other reason i recommend the mini 2 and the mini sc as a perfect beginner.

Drone is actually something that most people think is the opposite and thats the lack of obstacle avoidance. The reason. I think that the lack of obstacle avoidance is good for a beginner drone. Is it forces you to learn how to fly the drone? It forces you to learn how to fly line of sight. It forces you to learn how to kind of see flight paths through obstacles. Everything youve seen so far in this video was flown by me hand, just walk as im, walking, even and so being able to fly a drone without, depending on obstacle avoidance, makes you a much better drone pilot and thats. One of the reasons i recommend both of these the mini two and the mini se as a great starter drone. Now i dont know if its the fact that both of these drones are so small and so lightweight, but i will say that they are actually much more durable than i thought. Ive crashed mine a couple of times, ive snagged things, ive hit things and all of them have walked away unscathed or relatively unscathed. I mean ive lost, props and stuff like that, but both of the drones, the mini 2, has been really a lot more durable than i thought it would be, which is just one more reason that i recommend this drone for beginners now there are a couple of Reasons why you might want to save up your money and get a mini 3 over the mini 2.

. So a couple of reasons that you may want to select the mini 3 over the mini 2. Obviously, if you have the budget, then thats a great drone, its got better video quality, its got better photo quality, it has much better low light performance and again, this is not a full review and breakdown of the differences, but another reason you might want to is: If you want to do a lot of stuff, where youre tracking yourself say youre going to bike somewhere or hike somewhere or kayak somewhere, or something like that, and you want to be able to track yourself and not have to fly the drone while youre doing those Activities, the mini 3 adds that functionality and it does add obstacle avoidance. So you can track yourself because you can actually track yourself with 30 third party apps using the mini 2. Its just you dont have the obstacle avoidance, which adds a little bit of a layer of safety. If you are tracking yourself around obstacles and around objects and another reason is low light performance, the mini 3 is going to have much better low light performance because it has a larger sensor and because it also has a wide, more open aperture to let more light. In how much better well see, i dont have one in my hands yet to test it, but that is coming and, of course those videos will be coming soon so definitely subscribe if thats something you want to find out now, if you want to learn how to Fly a drone and fly a drone safely, so you dont crash your first drone, then click or tap right there i put together a playlist thatll, walk you through some basic easy steps on how to fly a drone.

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