5 millimeter, equivalent wide angle lens that was announced at the dji mavic 3 launch event its supposed to give you super wide angle, cinematic. Looking video well, that sounded simply amazing. I had to have it so i went on the dji store and i ordered it for 14 – us, oh sorry, thats 149 u.s, which turns out to be 170 u.s after taxes, shipping everything else. A week later it arrived in a very tiny box and inside that very tiny box is a very tiny plastic case. Theres also some instructions that mean absolutely nothing because theyre in a million different languages and dont tell you anything about anything. Lets get back to that tiny box. When i first held it in my hand, i could feel some weight, so i was thinking that lens inside has got to be the best glass on the planet to make up for the 149 price tag. Lets weigh it nope its only 13 grams. However, the box is 23 grams. Okay lets get back to the lens. You can see it sort of has a concave shape, which gives it the 108 degree field of view at an equivalent to 15.5 millimeter lens. The original lens on the mavic 3 is a 24 millimeter lens with a field of view of 84 degrees. So this is much wider. Now the upper portion of the lens is just clear so that your zoom camera can still work while youre using the wide angle lens here, im just playing peek a boo with a box just to see.

If i can see any difference between the lens and when i pull it away now, when you attach the wide angle lens to your mavic 3, it kind of turns your mavic 3 into a modern day cyclops, which is not the most attractive, but it is functional. So the next thing to do is take mr cyclops for a flight im gon na fly it without the wide angle lens and then, with the wide angle, lens ive turned off the obstacle avoidance, so i can fly it super low to the ground and also not Have it complain that theres a big jeep in front of it pay attention to objects in the distance and objects on the left and right? Because when i put the wide angle lens on thats, where youll see a difference, Music now its very cold in canada? So i didnt want to take my gloves off because i do have frostbite on one of my fingers and i will say its very easy to remove and replace lenses on the mavic 3.. They have made it so simple, so were all set to go. We have our cyclops lens on and here we go. This is wide angle. Pay attention take a look at objects in the distance. They are farther away now and objects on the left and right. We can see more of our scene its easier to see a difference. If i place the images side by side, so here we go wide angle lens is on the left and your standard lens is on the right.

So, with the wide angle lens, you see more of the shadow of the drone as well. Objects in the distance are farther away and, of course, objects on the left and right, you see more of the scene Music. Now the differences are not night and day. You have to look hard to see the differences, for example, on the wide angle, lens notice, the earth curves a little bit straight ahead. You do see more in the field of view, but its not like it jumps out at you and says: wow thats, a wide angle lens. It gives you slightly more image now. Photos are where i noticed the biggest difference. So let me show you a photo of me standing close to the camera. This is standard and watch when i switch to wide angle, youll see more of the sides of the image in the background. So let me compare them here. We go. You can see right here. The wide angle shows much more side to side so heres another one standard and lets make it wider with the wide angle lens and well, do it one more time, heres standard and lets go wide angle again and wide angle. You see much more, so photos are really good for the lens. Now i should mention in my test when i was taking video. I was filming at 5k. I do not know if you lower the resolution to 4k or 2.7 k if it changes the aspect ratio in your wide angle lens.

So my final thoughts on the wide angle lens are a its very costly, its rather expensive, for what you get but b. It is a photography tool, so many of you out there, who are into photography or videography, will find it very useful, all right guys, im gon na put links below to where you can find this on the dji website or any other place.