This drone is made by dji and it is more similar to our freestyle drone. So this drone is capable of all of the freestyle drone tricks that we do, but it also has some other beginner modes, so it can fly similar to the other dji camera drone set yeah. This is unlike a drone. Dji has ever made before yeah. This can fly very similarly to the drones that they have made before, like the mavics and the phantoms with gps hold altitude hold all the assistances that you might be used to if you’ve flown a dji product before. But what makes this special is two things you can pilot it: fpv first person view with low latency, not like the screen you’re looking at the mavic in the goggles full fpv mode. You see the motion of the drone yeah and all those flight assistances. We were talking about. You can turn all that off. You can fly this thing in full aqua. You can do flips power loops all the things that we do here on rotorat that maybe you’ve never seen before. Maybe you’re not familiar with what fpv means and i think that’s exactly what this drone is for. This is a drone created to help get people into fpv to make it easy for them to fly, fpv and ease them into the world of full acro drone flight. So i can’t wait to get this thing in the air, but before we get to that, let’s see what all do you get when you buy this drone, a lot of you guys have been waiting to see.

Dji come out with something like this and personally i am very interested to see i’m going into this with no expectations, let’s get the box open and see what we got here. We have the uh, the dji fpv, drone i’m gon na break. All these components down looks like the same goggles. I believe there might be some differences, but visually speaking, they look the exact same okay. This is kind of sleek. This is the dji fpv drone controller. I do really like the form factor. It reminds me of some other radios that are on the market and then, besides that, we got some props, we have bee props and a props one thing that can be really complicated when it comes to drones is figuring out. What prop goes where so on this one, i can already tell they’ve labeled it out of the box. You have b and you have a i want to hear it boot up. Whoa whoa looks like this is going to be. Our accessories looks like we have another pod. It looks like that’s for the shell out here. So if you want to change the look of the shell looks like we got some cords. What i find interesting and i was very curious – the fpv goggles usually power off of a lipo battery and it doesn’t look like they’ve included a normal size, lipo battery, but they give you a cord. So this is actually really an awesome feature because normally in the past you have to use a lipo battery which, for anyone who flies drones, it’s no problem, but it looks like now.

You can power your fpv goggles through one of these guys. So i kind of like not having to dedicate drone batteries, and here we have our fdv antennas, these screw onto the dji goggles. This looks to be a usb to type c. These look like they are stickins. They go on the side of the radio. Now it looks like the radio comes with stick ins already to put these on they’re really simple: they just screw on so out of the box. It’S got a flip up antenna really really nice for being able to transport your drone, because you want to fly with your antenna up like this when you’re transporting it. You can pop it in like that this isn’t a new idea or a new concept there’s. Some drone controllers on the market that already do this but i’m very happy to see dji following the trend and incorporating it the gimbals um, they feel pretty good dji’s gimbal’s device felt really good to me um. I don’t like how they don’t have a lot of resolution, more resolution you have, which is in theory the more throw control throw that you have easier it’s, going to be to make small movements when you have kind of like smaller gimbals. It can be really really hard to fly. Smooth fpv, goggle wise. These goggles look the exact same as the first ones. I was really hoping to see a smaller version of the dji goggles.

I know a lot of people have been holding off on buying goggles, because there’s been rumors of a v2, and i personally have gotten used to the size of them, and i really love how beautiful the image in the screen is. So i don’t really think about it anymore. However, it would be nice to see a more sleek goggle. I mean they’ve shaved, the controller size down it looks like so i would love to see this get smaller in the future. Finally, the drone which i still don’t know how to turn off, looks like we have our fpv camera up here. I’M, assuming this is going to be a pretty darn good camera. It may be upgraded from the previous one, considering it’s all integrated i’m. Assuming this camera is probably going to be pretty good, the motors look pretty good. They feel really good as well they’re, not your standard drone, motor they’re, very dji proprietary, the props snap into place, and it looks like that’s pretty much the only way to do it. Besides that, it feels really rigid. It definitely feels heavy so i’m very curious to see how this thing performs. That was great, alex good job. Now, we’re gon na go fly with jeff all right, so we’re checking out some of the different flight modes that you have available here. This is your flight mode switch in the top position. That’S normal middle position is sport and all the way down will be manual.

If you’ve done the things that you need to actually enable manual so right now, it actually is still in sports, so normal mode is pretty much like flying a mavic. But, ah you know what’s different though it does mixing so as you’re going forward and you give it yaw it banks, the turns. Okay – and you see the turn would just say: yeah you don’t need to use the roll sport modes just makes it faster and it enables cruise control you get going fast or whatever speed you want. You can kind of pick your speed hit this button here. This trigger and now it’s in cruise control mode, and it just keeps flying forward and then i can just steer that’s kind of actually just with one stick, but really you should train steering with two sticks and what i find really interesting. This really is somewhat of an acro trainer, because when you’re flying a drone in acro mode, you tilt it forward, it just keeps going forward and then, when you roll and yaw, you carry your momentum around the turn and keep going forward and you have to pull Back to slow down right and what happens if you do pull back, does it? It slows me down okay, so you still have stick brake yeah. You have a stick brake, but you also have a brake brake. So let’s say i get going forward and i get a little panicked. I’M, like oh crap.

This trigger up here hit that and it just woo. Oh my god. Did you hear that yeah it slammed the brakes? It slammed the brake so hard. I saw the frame coming to the camera yeah. Let me let me swap out the battery for you. Oh it’s, a little punchy yeah the horizon’s not flat, oh well, because you’re flying in the wind, so it’s. Actually, oh okay, it’s position holding it cooks, oh whoa whoa! Well. That is weird that when you yaw at banks right having done fpv for a while it’s like i almost don’t like that, but i think it will really help people understand that when you turn you need to bank it, i see a lot of people struggle with That, when they’re, just starting fpv, are you in normal mode yeah, you are cooking in normal yeah. It goes. It has a augmented reality: there’s, a h where you land, yeah that’s your home point, isn’t, that crazy that’s, pretty cool, okay, okay, okay, i kind of like it. Oh, it slowed me down because i was close okay to the obstacle yeah. Do you want to try and run into something slow it down a little bit just in case, but i don’t yeah don’t blast into it. Wait! Oh, i hear it beeping yeah it won’t. Let me i’m getting pretty damn close, though i don’t know i pulled back. Should i try, i might let you do it like.

It might be one of those things where it slows you down. But if you push forward it’ll, let you do it don’t try to hit it, or at least, if you’re, going to try and hit it. Do it that’s, where i can see it yeah i don’t really want to, but it makes it obvious you’re about to hit something. Let me say that let me try sport mode there, so one down there and support yeah she’s a little fast. Oh yeah. She cooks. This thing’s really fast, and it is weird that you don’t it just like turbo boosts you, because you don’t have to tilt that’s kind of cool. I kind of like that, so counter intuitive you just like it was going faster. The other way the wind favors, the other way, if you’re coming from a mavic. This is going to feel like significant, like insanely fast and just the sound it’s, weird, that it sounds like one of our drones but then like. If you break it, does a mavic move yeah, i just hit the brake. Oh, you got an e brake that’s so funny. Oh, i didn’t return home yeah, but here hit it again and that’ll. Let you stay there. Have you tried the cruise control yet? No, that just works any time right yeah, but you have to get uh it is that one this one yeah. So if you start and then you hit it, yeah cruising yeah, you can just fly with one stick that’s all you need you’re just doing it with one stick: yeah all right fly through the awnings.

Do it it’s cruising cruise control just doing the yaw that’s it and i’m slaloming it’s easy to do songs, so that was all with one stick: yeah that’s insane this! This is like definitely the best trainer mode ever yeah that’s, pretty cool. If you’re comfortable with the speed, you can just get it going like really slow this creeping along that’s, something i did not think i was going to like the cruising mode when i was kind of reading through everything i had. I was like yeah on a cruise like you should fly, but when you actually fly it, if you have any drone experience, it’s weird how much your natural instincts start to creep in because it it starts to emulate the look of it. The way it’s right, but it feels so weird because all you’re doing is this, but it was a little weird for me. I was timid to drop down into a gap because it’s a different it’s, not like i’m chopping, the throttle i’m telling it. I want to go lower right well, the other thing is: if you wanted to drop through a gap with one of our drums, you would also get your forward and nose look through it, but this the the camera is locked. I wasn’t confident it would drop down. I mean which it probably would, if you want to get crazy, this dial actually changes the camera angle, oh yeah, so you could be flying look down and and do it like that.

I don’t know about that, though that’s kind of why i want to play with that. Let me play with it. Okay, that is kind of cool to be able to change the camera for reveal shots. You got to like think of it like you’re thinking, you’re thinking, cinematic, yes, that’s. What this would be good for good for cinematic fpv, that’s kind of what they want it to be is like right in the middle. They want to take a mavic and they want to take a pro grade, fpv drone and find that sweet spot right in the middle it’s, a very weird thing to find a hybrid for, because they’re so drastically different. I think, because of the gimbal i kind of that’s, why i like the cruise control, because it is a little weird like you don’t, have that fine control wait. What just happened. I don’t know i do love it. She does not like coming down coming down flat. Yeah and that today is an interesting day to to have done this because it stayed really stable despite the wind. So how are you landing? It just hold down altitude, it’s kind of easy to land, just land i’m surprised how much you enjoyed flying it. Given that you’re, like a very seasoned pro fpv acro pilot yeah, well i’m gon na use it for what it is right just to like, enjoy the novelty. If, because i have a mavic, i don’t use it a lot, but i’ve i’ve flown it and it’s.

I always want it to be that it’s kind of cool and the fact that i can just cheater mode like i’m, not that good at slaloms. To begin with, with my my quad right, i was almost doing them better, just because it’s doing so much of the work for me yeah, but ultimately i think someone who has never flown a drone before could like work their way through it like. I think this has a really cool you’ll, be shooting gaps day, one that’s nuts. I think the dji drone is capable of flying in full acro manual mode, just like the freestyle drones that folks, like me, are used to flying. But dji knows that this drone is also going to be bought by like your typical dji pilot, and they don’t want those guys getting in trouble right out of the gate. So they make you jump through a few hoops in order to enable full manual acro mode, and the first hoop is that this rocker switch here, which switches flight modes from normal to sport to manual mode. When you first get the drone that manual mode switch is just sport mode. In order to change that, you need to go into the remote controller configuration in the goggles and go down to that custom. Setting and change the custom setting from sport mode to manual mode. When you flip that switch into manual mode, the drone will not immediately start flying in acro mode.

Rather, it will make you hold the throttle in a certain position. Just a little bit below center and it’ll make you center the sticks and the idea there is that they want you to switch into manual mode, acro mode with the sticks in a position where the drone won’t just like, suddenly start flying to the moon. So they basically have you hold it in a hover position more or less once you do that, then it’ll switch into manual mode and you’ll be flying in acro mode, but there is still one more safety precaution that you’re going to want to turn off. If you truly want to do freestyle, flippy flops, you see they ship the drone with an angle limit, and that means that if you go full stick deflection say you go left, roll or right roll. The drone will not actually do a loop. It will go to a certain point, stop and not go any further in order to disable that you’re going to go back into the controller config you’re going to go to the rates and expose section and down at the bottom there there is a toggle to turn Off the angle limit, once you do that, you will literally be flying in full acro mode by the way, that’s, also where you can change the rates. If you want to adjust the the rates to match your normal freestyle rates or to change the rates to make them faster or slower, depending on what you need from the flight characteristics of the drone, so when you get it in full, true manual mode, your throttle Will turn into a normal throttle so to get to the screws you peel back this, like grip cover, changing the tightness of the f1 screw changes.

How much the throttle will keep in position like how much friction there is so it’s pretty loose right now. So, look if i just shake the radio you got a little floppy throttle just tighten that up a little bit and now the throttle stays where i put it. The f2 is spring so by changing the tightness of f2 change. How much force there is re centering. The stick certain modes where there’s altitude hold you want that stick centered, because the throttle stick is isn’t. Actually a throttle. Stick it’s an altitude stick, but when we fly acrobatic drones, this is actually a throttle stick. So we just want no throttle all throttle and see. I’Ve still got a little bit of spring there. We want to get rid of all that. So, with an aerial platform drone you start and stop the motors with stick commands right on our fpv drones. We use arm switches, so we need to put it in m for manual and now, if you do a stick arm, it’s still not going to be a manual. What you need to do is instead of doing a stick arm. You need to use this start and stop button and you double tap it so tap, tap and now it’s armed and then, if you need to disarm, tap, pretty tap it’s got a little flutter it’s. So weird seeing a drone that looks like that fly like one of our drones, did you just split that’s it yeah that’s awesome.

This is so cool it’s not the best tune. I can say that it feels like a stock betta fight too this guy’s. So picky is there any pin tuning available going out of the water? I don’t really feel like the latency or anything i mean. Definitely not the best flying drone i’ve ever flown, like you know, felt i will say flight time. I think i’m. Looking at my battery – and it says i got 58 or tells me how much time i have left, which is really awesome, so it’s kind of estimating so right now it says i’ve got about four minutes left which i’m ripping it. I have to fly. The other dji camera for comparison, but i will say this camera i like it a lot. I don’t know what the latency is or anything, but it doesn’t feel like it looks better to me, but that could just be the lens which i think it is different. On this, the colors look really good to me, someone who would be getting into fpv or getting into fpv drones is perfect, because this fly is just like a five inch squad. It feels heavy because it is it’s about 800 grams. I looked at the manual power’s. Really good, though i’ll be using that my quads are usually heavy. This will feel very similar to you to your quadro. The flight time is great. I like to i’m just going to come into hover i’m, going to try this being able to adjust the camera.

Okay, that is so cool, so i can adjust the camera till there. So if i was let’s say for filming, is it preset or is it no? I can adjust it. I can but it’s holding its angle right. So here we go i’m going to hover and now i’m raising the camera up to, and it tells you the angle as well, while you’re in acura, so let’s, say i’m doing a let’s, say in theory, drew i’m doing a shot where i’m chasing a um an Object, let’s, say: it’s a pretend it’s a skier here and i’m going to try and go in front of the object. Well with our normal drones. We can’t adjust the camera tilt in the air, so like i’m chasing the object, but when i get in front of them i want to lower okay. This is sick, so i can lower my angle now and fly backwards. That is sick, that is the cool that’s. Pretty cool so far that just opens up so many, so you can just like you can be here. Watch i’m gon na go like uh. I’Ll go back gently backwards this! So i have my camera tilt raised now: i’m. Lowering it with my left finger. That is cool, that’s cool because you can fly backwards now without the camera. Looking up at the sky that’s so loud, so you could be like super low camera angle, doing some crickets backwards and then whip it around raise the camera weighing up and do a matty flip that’s.

Honestly, the coolest this i’m honestly really having fun. With this. I was a bit pessimistic when i saw how heavy the drone was and everything, but it flies. I think there’s going to be pilots in the fpv community, who complain that’s like not the most well tuned drone or the most powerful, but just from a person who enjoys flying freestyling cruising the features on this. It feels like a mavic version of an fpv drone and for anyone who’s going to complain about latency, which i am that person who would complain about latency. The latency feels really good on it: i’m, not saying it’s race capable but i’m, not a wild fan about the controller like i wish i had uh could fly with the other dji radio and maybe that’s a possibility. I would prefer that i’ve been flying thing forever. How about how long have you been flying, go up in the air flip upside down and do and flip it into a position hold mode all right, so you’re upside down? Oh my gosh, they just saved itself. Oh, it says low battery return to home. Oh, my gosh, oh my god, it went out pretty fast it’s way faster than a mavic. It does a better job of landing than you do it does it does way better. Okay, i’m gon na sound, really biased, saying this. I really do like it would it be like my normal freestyle draw, i don’t know maybe like i you would not you used to make this.

Your normal freestyle, listen, listen! I was able to fire on for what eight minutes at least maybe more ripping it around cruising. The camera is definitely better in my opinion than the one that we normally fly, which is just the normal dji fpv camera. So i love the camera on there. I didn’t, i was expecting a ton of latency didn’t feel a ton of latency. I do love the osd on this too. The osd font is amazing. It tells you where home is having those features like listen, it’s kind of would be a nuisance if you’re just out flying freestyle a lot. I think i did enjoy it a lot and i would definitely keep it in my arsenal to fly, and i definitely have some people in mind who don’t fly fpv, typically, who i would really want to fly it’s because i feel like you can actually fly pv. Very easily, so it sounds like a new person would really enjoy it. Oh my gosh, this is a perfect draw for me personally yeah i’m gon na sound such a chill. I i i genuinely i gen like this is part of a new person, so i’ve been wanting to get my mom into the hobby and she has basically no flying experience and i’m gon na teach her to fly with this dj she’s going to be able to Fly, i think she will. Oh no. I got this. I got this, you got it okay.

I got this oh you’re, turning it. Oh i’m doing it, and this is my mom xtv mama hey and she has been super supportive of me flying my fpv drones. I’Ve been wanting to get my mom into fpv, so she can experience the awesomeness of it. I think that this dji fpv drone is a perfect drone for her, because there’s a bunch of like beginner features and stuff pitch okay. Now you see those leaves right. I see the leaves so so go away from the leaf go away, so that means i have to roll yes to move yourself away from me. Okay, okay, all right! I get it now go forward forward. Wait, wait! Wait! I just forgot, which way. Okay pitch is the right side. Remember. Your objective is trying to go around the trees which trees there’s, so many trees so like you can like. So if you want to, you can stay in one place. Don’T do that don’t go don’t, try to go! Okay turn to where you could so you can see where you’re going, okay, all right, all right, so i’m trying yeah, oh my gosh, this is awesome, always go forward. I want to go this way and below that tree. I need to use pitch more. Yes, you need to use pitch more. Yes, i feel like i’m, just okay, all right! So now try this okay! Now, while you’re going forward, okay now try to give it yaw and roll and then you’ll be yeah and roll in the same direction.

Yes, while you’re turning while you’re going while you’re going forward your turn – oh my god, this is like the coolest thing ever. Oh my gosh! This is the best. Oh my gosh bubbe! You should see what i just did. Oh my gosh. You would be so proud. Okay, stop watch i’m gon na go through that yeah. Yes, that go i’m going to the cat baby. Stop you’re gon na make sure you’re going straight through the game. Oh my gosh, i’m gon na. Do it i’m gon na. Do it don’t go up! No don’t! Go up don’t go up, mom, mom, okay, okay, just arm okay. That was awesome. I can’t believe i just did that. That was amazing. I didn’t say all the features of like a mavic yeah like fpv, which is not good for my job of like being hired for very specific talents. I do think that it’s, obviously not that i don’t know i don’t think this replaces talent. I think it makes it easier for people to build that talent, but ultimately you have to know what you’re doing. I agree, because you’re not going to get those shots in the assist modes like to get true like really high quality fpv shots. You need to fly in manual mode and that’s still gon na take some practice. I know he makes it look easy, so i was back flipping trying to go through the tree and i hit the trees in one piece.

All four of the lights are working crap. One props gone, these props are bent. Plastic is fine, though it’s, okay, props. You know we can deal with props it’s kind of cool to like still take your hands it’s like a tesla like it drives itself, you can put it in like track mode. Just goggle batteries too low, oh god, oh god, it’s trying to fly home because i unplugged the goggles. Oh my god look it’s got a spotlight guys! Watch out! Oh my god! It’S got a spotlight; okay! So just a heads up, that’s, so cool. I unplugged the goggles because the goggle battery is getting low, sick, spotlight, the spotlight is so sick. It is awesome. I love the spotlight okay, so just a heads up, don’t unplug, the goggles while you’re flying. I know that sounds ridiculous, but i figured it had position. Hold um and then i could just change my goggle battery real quick, but that upset it. So if you unplug the goggles it takes as a fail, safe, so that’s good to know. Oh the spotlight on the ground is so awesome spotlight. Oh my gosh, all right! So check this out sean ready boom purple. Oh yeah, you can change it, yes make it green make it green. It’S got to be green, green, oh okay, for sure yes fast, and he wants to see blue. Oh they don’t have blue just kidding. I love that freaking cool, that’s, freaking, so cool.

I was hoping you could change the colors. This is the best part of the drone. So far, my god, oh wait. Wait forget about all the other stuff. The colors are the most important part. Wait, wait! Wait! Oh, yes, you can make the flowers color too that’s so cool. You can turn those on and off. Oh look at that. Look at this he’s doing doing things that is so cool all right, that’s nuts, look at that it does the thing light. Oh my gosh that’s, so cool it’s on me, from being obsessed with, like the adjustable camera angle or whatever and he’s over here, it’s, like light the lights so what’s the best way to go from unboxing this to flying in acro mode. The first thing i’d say you should do is take away the centering on the throttle. Stick right out of the box, even though you’re not going to get to actual acro mode for a little bit i’d say get used to it when you’re flying an fpv drone. You don’t have centering on the throttle and that’s going to be something that, if you’re used to flying a mavic or a fan that might take a little bit of getting used to so i’d, say right away, get rid of it and get used to flying. Without it, and it will teach you throttle, control, get comfortable flying around in normal mode and then get your way into sport mode and once you’re in sport mode getting used to those higher speeds.

This might sound weird use the cruise control mode, there’s, no cruise control on our drones. It does not really emulate how we fly our drones, but it does provide you with the feel and what i mean by that is when you’re flying in acro mode and you tilt the drone forward using the pitch stick and you return the pitch stick to center. The drone keeps flying forward cruise control simulates that feeling, because you get going forward, you turn on cruise control and it’ll just keep going forward and you steer it at that speed and you need to slow it down. It does not come to a stop when you center the stick. The next step would be really force yourself to move both of the sticks, while you’re turning something i don’t like about this drone per se, is that it builds in the banking to the yaw stick. So you can just steer this drone around only using yaw input and, as it goes around the turn, it automatically rolls to bank the turns for you, which i mean it’s good, because it gets you used to the visual of that happening. You need to learn that you need to do that yourself in manual mode. If you are in manual mode going forward and you just give it yaw, you can do that. You need to give it equal role. Next, step from there would be use. The sim dji has a sim built into this whole system that you can fly with the goggles with your radio and everything, and you can practice in manual mode in the sim, with virtually no consequences.

You’Re not going to be crashing your real drone. So from there get used to flying acro mode and honestly, if you get very proficient flying in manual mode in the sim you’re not going to have any problems but let’s be honest, you’re going to rush it you’re going to feel like you know what you’re doing You want to go straight to manual mode. That brings us to the final step, put the drone in manual mode and keep your finger on the panic switch. The most impressive thing about this drone to me is just how well the panic switch works. You can be cooking at 60 miles an hour, flip upside down and go. I don’t know what i just did to help hit the button and it goes it just stops it. You really just it stops. It’S crazy, follow all these steps. It’S kind of a weird set of steps; it’s not really a set of steps that dji outlined, but these are the steps that we think will yield the best success. We’Ve been making videos for a long time about flying fpv drones because we think it’s an amazing hobby but it’s always been a hobby. That’S been difficult to get into because of how difficult it is to build the drones and how difficult it is to fly.