Why did he want to climb it? He said because it is there well space. Is there and we’re going to climb it and the moon and the planets are there and new hopes for knowledge and peace? Are there and therefore, as we set sail, we ask god’s blessing on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked. So hey guys, i’m mike and welcome back to unbox warehouse now before we get started i’d like to give a shout out to the other mike over at drone supremacy. He let me borrow a couple of his clips uh that you saw there in the intro of him dive bombing off the cliffs over there on the west coast, um gorgeous scenery and he’s a way better fpv pilot than i am i’m a beginner that’s. Why? I love this drone and maybe you’re a beginner too, so this review is for you go over and check out his channel i’ll put a link in the description and thanks again mike for letting me use that awesome footage. This is the all new dji fpv. First person view drone now this drone, since it’s come out, has split the fpv community in half about 50 percent of the people love it they get it. They understand what it’s for and who it’s for the other 50 think it’s complete garbage today, we’re going to go over why this drone may not be for those people, but why it’s for me and why it may be for you so who did dji make this Fpv drone for i’ll tell you who me people who are want to be fpv.

Pilots i’ll, admit it i’m, not good at them. I have about three hours experience on a simulator and i did buy one of these ready builds. I don’t even know how to build them and i’ve flown this for a couple hours and i’m, not very good at it, it’s really hard extremely difficult. I want to learn but i’m, not there yet right around the time. I was trying to learn how to fly this. This was released and i got one right away and let me tell you what i am having a blast. This thing is so much fun and it has some safety features in it that most dji drones have that. These little custom, built ones or pre, built fpv drones, just don’t have basically the people at dji thought it’s, just not fair that the average person can experience. The amazing thrill of first person view flying like these guys who build these custom quads get because it takes them hundreds of hours to learn how to build these and fly them it’s a huge learning curve, and only they until now have got to reap the rewards Of that hard work, but now all you need is money for hundred dollars. You get this entire setup with the version two dji goggles, you get the drone a battery and a controller um. I also picked up this motion controller, which i’m gon na show you why? This is some next level tech right here.

This is my favorite. I i’m going to admit it right now. I don’t even really use this controller. I’Ve only been using this because i feel, like i’m, a blue angel jet fighter when i’m using this motion controller but we’re, going to show you that in a minute. But first one of these people, who has spent hundreds of hours, building and learning to fly crazy tricks and acro with these quads is my friend ken from original dobo, and i took this down to south florida to meet up with him and have him show me How to work this thing for my first flight mike is like he’s like i’ve got the best sd cards. Nobody has better sd cards than me. 4, 2. 2. 10 bit i’ve got the a7s3 only the best, mics nothing’s, better than what i have did you get your wanker yeah come on. I am an amateur at flying fpv, but i brought this out here and i forgot the actual controller. So he calls this the wanker but i’m going to use the motion controller today and do my first flight and uh i’m just going to make sure he doesn’t wreck it because it’s 100, so there’s an arm switch right here, there’s this red button yep! Now, when you’re in this mode, we’re going to be flying in what we call normal mode, all right, so double tap that arm switch all right. So that starts the props all right.

There should be some prompts there, teaching you how to go motor starting press and hold lock button to take off sport mode. It says: okay, well yeah, so you’re going to want to be very ginger about how you do things whatever you do, that’s going to do. Okay, i’m in sport mode that’s, not good right! Well, you’re going to be okay, we’re not going to crash it. I don’t think now: we’ll pull the trigger a little bit. All right hang on slow down slow down; no, no! No! No don’t go up with it! Keep it down: okay, keep it down. Okay, all right, just point that little dot where i want to go right: yeah i’m going slow! Okay! I can’t see my battery or anything. What do you mean you can’t see your battery. All i have is a menu to the side. I think i need to be on status. Uh hit the exit out of there. Can you see a little button? Okay now i got it all right: okay, 92. Okay, all right! So now i can see the trigger all right so twirl that around a little bit towards us, yeah twirl it around towards us you’re, going to rotate the drone towards us. So, whatever way you go it’s going to go, so you want to come around. No, you don’t have to move it. You can just, i think, it’s facing us now now it’s facing us all right, so pull your accelerator it’s just sort of like a plane a little bit there.

You go just gently okay, i see daryl filming us there’s. Definitely you’re looking at me looking at you looking at me all right so now you want to just sort of get a good feel for it and just turn it left to right that’s going to sort of yawd about there. You go yeah and then, whatever direction you want it to go, all you have to do is think it or move your hand and it’ll. How do i, how do i’m kind of stuck going this way? No, okay, there we go. I’Ve worked it around. Okay, i feel pretty confident you feel confident, yeah. Some reason i just i i don’t know man. You make me nervous. Why? Because you’re going up don’t go up too high michael. Why? Where are you going it’s, so easy don’t say that there’s cables there? I know i’m about to turn around. Let me turn around okay, but how do i keep turning around because you’re gon na lean, so you’re gon na, want to also remember you have another axis of your wrist. You can also see how you can sort of do that. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, there you go that makes think of it like as a virtual joystick, pretend like it’s, an oculus okay, i’m. Coming back, okay! Coming back, i see the h the home point virtually and remember too, whatever you do with your hand, you’re going to decrease or increase your altitude yep.

I got it okay. Where should i go now? I don’t know uh. Let me go over here this way there. You go be careful now, you’ve got cables over there. Just want to be careful, stay low, try to go between those palm trees, i’m going right between them. All right. Try to take the what about those those uh skinnier palm trees? Can you get between those uh? I believe so this is making me a nervous wreck. Is it really yeah a little bit? Okay? Has he got it? Oh you got that all day. Look at you you’re, like a pro dude. Some people are pinchers, some people are thumbers and then you got some people are wankers, which is, i got the okay you’re a wanker. How fast is this thing right really fast, but i wouldn’t go that i mean you can do about 50 50 plus miles an hour in sport mode i’m, slowing down all right coming around the corner, all right! It sees us all right, maybe give it a little rip, see how fast you get it going straight line. Whoa lord! That thing could move, oh, my god, that’s crazy it’s, so creepy it’s like you’re playing a virtual video. Oh my goodness. Let me come look at all the jesus, the birds. What where you don’t see the birds? No, is there birds you’re, an oblivious pilot? I didn’t see the birds. Are you making that up? No i’m, not i’m, not making it up.

There was birds, so you also got to account for the fact yeah it’s got it when it’s going that fast. It takes a while there’s got some breaking time time frame in there – oh my god, it’s so fast i’m at it says the goggles are at 90 percent. Is that my drone better so you’re gon na see your drone? I see 88 yeah you’re, fine, you’re! Fine! You can fly a little bit. Can i go up higher one time? Yeah you go higher. Okay, it’s, your drone. If you lose it it’s on you here we go i’m above the wires now: okay, you’re above the wires you’re in open air yeah how’s. That feeling, like does, that, feel natural yeah. This is easy: i’m gon na swoop back down. Okay, it looks it looks really fluid swooping back down all right watch some wires. Okay. This is like a video game. Huh yeah now i’m gon na slow, her down i’m gon na come between these trees and now i’m gon na oh yeah. I got it all day shoot between these trees. I see the birds all right. Right, hang right! Yeah you got watch some wires got some wires. I saw red yeah yeah don’t, okay, oh, where are you going? Oh? No? Where are you going? Oh you’re above us? I know you know what it is when i don’t know a pilot, i get nervous well. This is literally my first time using this that’s.

Why i’m a little nervous? Oh, i got the bird because i watched a guy crash this into the water yesterday. So a little apprehensive. Well, what’s, a good tip is, if you turn it like this, it doesn’t continue to turn. No, you get stuck, but if you swing it, then you can just spin around in a circle again a virtual joystick that’s. The problem. A lot of people think they only have you know two axes, but you actually have a third axis. How fast is it coming? It was moving. It was cooking um. This screen said you were going well i’m going the wind’s coming in my face yeah. So i must have been going with them. You know what i’m going to say right here, this camera – i don’t know if we just fast looking good dude you’re moving whoa. How fast was that uh it’s in meters, though i don’t, know uh that said 55, but i don’t know if that was meters or not. It said this is in meters. I i guess i got ta change the setting i’m gon na go over here, okay and do some cinematic between the trees, it’s smooth, it’s flying pretty smooth i’ll, give it that then i’m gon na come over here. All right. All right! It sees us sees our camera man. Look at that daryl all right bring it down, so we can get a close up of it for your b roll.

You know, b, roll’s important everybody say hello to daryl. Oh, it knows daryl’s there don’t, like carol likes riding a one wheel on the beach he’s. Currently single, no he’s, not no he’s, not he’s married he’s, married okay, daryl i’m gon na get a now get behind it and i’m gon na accelerate all right. I think i just got daryl the divorce yeah. You got us in trouble. Girl get get behind. Tell me when you’re in position now don’t reverse that into daryl or so we’re going to hospital all right. There we go dude, it looks crazy. Did you hear it? It sounds so sick all right, daryl, i’m gon na need you to duck. Do you want to try it daryl? You want to try that motion. He doesn’t want to try it. I don’t want to try the winker, no, no i’m, a pincher here we go. It is insane it sounds crazy, wow, look at that bird flying by you, man. Where is the bird um he it was uh looked like i see him, you see him. I don’t want to go there he’s by the wire, look like a hawk piloted aircraft nearby. All right so that’s telling you that uh we’ll stay low 80sb is working at least there’s no way. There’S a piloted aircraft below this church roof. No, no, no we’re wearing what we consider a shielded operation, because we’re underneath like a building so technically speaking, the faa would look at this as a shielded operation.

If that existed here, which currently it does not so you’re getting a little bit more reckless see, if what does it say all right, so what do you think of the battery life so far, i get about six minutes. Well, yeah. I mean how long been going. Six minutes now and i’m at ‘. So when i fly normal fpv i get about five and a half minutes out of a good rip, yeah on same battery, so you’re flying a 6s battery. I get the same amount of battery life uh, which is incredible. I want to bring it in here and land it all right. So come in slowly! Okay, let me know so how do we land that i don’t think you press the red button to tell you how to land no huh, we don’t know how to land. I don’t know where you press that red button um no, but it knows darrell back up real quick because it knows you’re there it’s freaking out where’s the red button, uh what’s, this button aircraft braking it’s braked right now. So what if you press the red button? I think it’s, the lock is it oh yeah you got ta hold that auto landing so hold down the red button. I never fly with the water landing. I never fly with that. Oh all, right crazy. So you didn’t crash anything. I didn’t crash um. That was actually you know. I might be glad i forgot the controller that was pleasant for me.

I watched a guy fly this yesterday and he was flying. I mean just ripping on it super fast and now for me. Never seeing this being not like a traditional fpv pilot, this is not natural to me, but for a lot of people. This makes a lot of sense. Yeah, i mean you’re already programmed i’m programmed differently than you are i’m, not programmed, so that was fairly intuitive. It was almost like playing a wii yeah, you know, but oh man, that was fun. Huh that’s addictive you got a massive red spot. Can we just bring that in here a bit? I just want okay, that’s cool dude. Oh man thanks so much uh for the tips and uh yeah man again, we should have started in normal mode, but we started in sport mode and you did just fine so i’m going to take this back to jacksonville, say goodbye to my good buddy ken make Sure you subscribe to his channel original dobo. He does. He probably has more content on the dji fpv than any channel out there. Everything you want to know about it. Good and bad is on his channel all right, but i don’t want to see you wanking. The next time pinch i mean i’ll wank privately, because that is actually fun, but it is embarrassing if people catch you doing it all right thanks a lot now ken calls the motion controller, the wanker and kind of makes fun of it because he’s a true fpv Pilot but like i said, maybe this product is not for people like ken.

Maybe this product is for people like me and i’ll. Tell you the truth. Um i told him i wasn’t going to use this anymore, but this is all i’ve been using. The controller is not as fun as this, and the main reason i love the dji fpv drone is because of how fun it is. I don’t even really care about filming with it. I care about flying it. It is like a real life video game. In my own neighborhood, this motion controller is the most intuitive thing, it’s, basically like a stick in an airplane with a throttle. It doesn’t get easier than this. I i actually can’t believe the technology like this exist. It seems like there’d, be some kind of lag or it’d, be gimmicky i’m gon na admit it. It looks super gimmicky, but it’s, not trust me. This is so much fun i’m able to as almost with no experience i’m able to get super cinematic footage. Um with this, i can get smooth banks, because i can just control it it’s, so accurate um. The motion controller is where it’s at. If you want to learn how to do acro and everything, then you’re going to need to transition to the regular controller, but that takes time but that’s, one of the amazing things about the dji fpv drone is you can start off as a beginner and have fun All the way up to the point where you’re doing advanced acro maneuvers in the manual setting and when you exceed the capabilities of this, you can switch over to these custom built or these pre built drones and take it to the next level.

So let’s get some technical stuff out of the way, so we can get outside and have some fun. With this thing, the dji fpv drone is capable of reaching incredible speeds of 87 miles an hour in manual mode. It can accelerate to 60 miles an hour in under two seconds. It can keep up with the new tesla model. Roadster dji claims a battery life up to 20 minutes when taking it easy, but people are reporting about 12 minutes when flying aggressively in manual mode. It has an integrated gps and it can hover with an accuracy of plus or minus five feet and down to about a foot when using the visual positioning system it has forward and downward sensors that can warn when near obstacles and it’ll slow. The drone down, while in normal mode the dji fpv drone, is capable of recording in 4k at 60 frames. A second and full hd up to 120 frames. A second okay, now it’s time to have some fun we’re out here with the dji fpv drone uh downtown jacksonville on the riverwalk there’s, some really cool stuff to fly around here over the water. Some boats going we’re going to make sure we don’t get over anybody with this, and i also have daryl the cameraman he’s going to act as a spotter also, so we make sure we meet the faa regulations anytime we’re flying this drone. So i got the goggles on the battery pack is in my pocket and i am using the motion controller because what i, what can i say, it’s super fun so right here there is a little red button.

If i double click it arms, the props, hold it down and the drone takes off now we’re in normal mode right now, but i can pull the trigger and fly this thing around and notice notice. Whatever i do with this controller, it is so accurate all right now, i’m going to go ahead and click it into sport mode and then let’s go, oh, my god, so cool. This is so much fun. Look there’s a boat right! There look at this boat just ripping wow. I can just stop right here behind the boat. Look at this just now. These boats are normally going about 25 miles an hour in here now, with this thing, even with them. Even with this motion controller, i can still go like 60, something miles an hour watch how fast i can pass this boat up. This is, i literally feel like a jet fighter right now. Look here’s a couple jet skis, look at that. That is too cool right under the bridge i swear, the blue angels are in town and i feel like a blue angel right now here we are back let’s go into this bridge and i can see the home point on the screen right now. So i know right where home is here we are so cool. I have such good control over this right now, really intuitive and right now i am going 60 miles an hour with a motion controller. I feel like i’m playing a wii it’s, so cool here’s, a little abandoned dock and anytime.

I let go of the trigger. The drone is just going to stop right there and i can. I can look around. This is so much fun i’m telling you guys. This motion controller is where it’s at i can hear this boat driving by. I can hear it, but oh, i think they were waving so cool. Look at that we’re. Only at 62 percent battery and i’ve been ripping around for a few minutes. Now: hey, hey daryl! You want to try this absolutely okay. Now, when you land it, i can just fly it over here. I’Ll go ahead and switch. Look. I can see us down there there. We are okay, i’m gon na switch this thing into normal mode and i’m just to fly. It down here real slow, coming up right next to myself all right, so there i am and if i hold down the red button, it’s just going to auto land right next. To me i mean this. This is next level. Fun i’m, not even kidding um i’m daryl. You don’t even know how to fly drones and i’m gon na. Let you fly this and you’re gon na see how easy this is. It is so much fun. I don’t care what ken says: uh i’m using the wanker. Okay and now pull the trigger slowly as you’re going up see where the little dot is in the middle of the screen. That’S, where it’s going to fly towards what’s your battery percentage on the very bottom of the 43 43 okay, you got a 93 on the goggles.

You got a couple minutes, pull the trigger faster and then you can kind of move the controller up and down, and you go up and then side goes that way, and this way goes that way and then you tilt down it flies down, see that fantastic great There you go super easy now point back at us and you’ll see that it shows fly back towards us and you’ll see it shows a home screen. Remember turn it over lean, perfect, see that if you lean it it’ll keep spinning. If you just twist it it just kind of goes back and forth, so you should be able to see a home point that shows us over see us now. Yes, i see the h for home yep, so that’s how you always know where home is now. You can come fly by and head towards this bridge over here, but look first time how intuitive is. This is easy super easy now you’re in normal mode. You can go on fly on that way. There you go pull up a little bit and then there’s a jet ski over there to your right. If you fly to your right, you can see and that easy super easy. I mean you’re you’re flying fpv drone right now, chasing a jet ski tasting, a jet ski now get up a little higher okay and then we’re going to click this button. Here let go stop for a second okay and now it’s in sport mode.

So it’s going to go about 60 miles an hour now, you’ll really be able to tell the difference so be be. Just stay, keep a little altitude here. Okay, but how easy you think it is. I see you ripping over there. I know that thing is so fast you’re heading towards the bridge. Whoa don’t go over the bridge because we don’t want to go over cars. That’S, not safe, okay, it says low battery. I would head back this way: battery’s at 30, so i’m gon na come back home, yep it’ll start to get eight batteries, yeah come back home and just fly yeah there you go. This is my first time flying a drone and i would buy one now yeah instantly right: okay, so let’s put it back in normal mode, okay and then fly right over uh just point down and pull the trigger real, slowly and point right down at us: okay, Okay, i hear it yep so stop right there. Now. What we can do is just hold don’t. Do anything hold this button down and it’s going to auto land. You don’t have to do anything it’s going to land by itself. This is my new favorite toy. There. You go now one of the main differences between a drone like this, and a drone like this is this thing: has gps built into it? It levels it can stop itself if it if it gets out of range it can return to home if the battery is getting low.

It’Ll return to home some people don’t like that. Some people, like the control and that’s one of the things that the fpv community has been hating on about this, but for those people who just want to go out and have fun those safety features do help. You always get this thing back in one piece um. I don’t mind them myself because, if i’m doing something past the limits of what the software thinks, i should be doing then i’m probably exceeding my skill set at this moment in time. Now i put this sound bite into the intro, but one of the coolest things is when you turn this thing on, it makes an absolutely scary sound. It sounds like a monster from a movie um it’s, really wild it’s super cool. This drone is next level. I have gps drones, i like flying them, but i’ve gotten bored with them. I have fpv drones but i’m, not good enough to fly them, but i am good enough to fly this and – and it is the most fun thing i have – i flew it like eight times the other day. I only have one battery, so i kept coming home charging it going right back out, but now i’ve ordered two more batteries. I’M hoping they’ll get here soon, so i can go out and fly this thing all day: super fun um. Let me give my final thoughts and then we’ll get out of here.

If you’re a seasoned, fpv pilot, then the dji fpv may not be for you. But if you want to experience the thrill of fpv and minimize the risk and learning curve, i say give it a shot dji bit off a lot when they attempted to make a drone. This capable, but considering something like this has never been built before. I think they knocked it out of the park. I’Ve been flying this daily for the last month, and it still makes me smile every time i take off and that’s what this drone is all about, not winning races being the most aerobatic or even creating the smoothest footage it’s about having fun with the highest probability Of not crashing all right, guys, that’s, the dji fpv drone and the optional motion controller that shouldn’t be an option. You should definitely get this. This is the most fun way to fly this drone. In my opinion, if you guys want to see more, please check out some more videos there’s a couple right here and make sure you subscribe.