I get sent the odd thing for free, but not lots and lots of things i’m, not involved in this launch. Now i want to talk a bit about the leaks, the videos that we’ve seen the unboxing video for those who haven’t seen it um, which is very interesting in itself. Um – and i want to talk to you guys my thoughts and share my thoughts on this whole thing, because i’ve been monitoring how this has been coming across for the last couple of weeks. This this potential new release and the fpv community’s response to it – and i want to talk around that as well now tonight – is an interactive. This video and i’m going to start it here, because this video is going to be recorded, live but shade is a separate video on the channel. If you’re watching on the channel now there’s a whole bit i’ve cut off because it wasn’t working properly but we’re going to move forward from here now tonight is an interactive one as well guys. So i want to hear your thoughts on this and what you’re saying now, if you’re new here, welcome, thank you for joining us on the sunday night stream um. I hope you find it interesting. If you do, please do hit that subscribe button now, i’m, just going to look across at the screen and see what we’re saying no transfer transparencies. Yes, zero jones! How do you, how do i collect the side projector to a computer? I’Ve got a projector beamed into my face: yes, um.

Okay, so where are the stats for this as well? At the moment, youtube let’s have a look. Oh my god. We got 33 people, hello, 33 people welcome. That is fantastic, so let’s get on with this video and we’re talking about the dj fpv as i’ve said, and what we’re going to talk about. Is this thing the leaks, the the the whole hoo ha that we have seen in the last 24 hours, because there has been a video leak. There has been a unboxing we’ve got specs we’ve got everything for this product. So what we’re going to do is walk through what those specs are walk through, what we think they are and then talk about a bit of fluff. The impact that this drone could have on the fpv industry. Good and bad and i’ll be interested to know what your thoughts are on this as well. Now there has been a leaked video over the last couple of days. Um it come out yesterday. Let me just find it um dj now the video’s been actually taken down. Have you guys seen it i’ll be interesting to know? First dj fpv drone it’s getting some views. He wants to monetize that one because it is uh flying through at the moment this one. So let me just put this one up. It is this video here. If you guys haven’t seen it and it is an unboxing of the fpv product by a company called dominion drones now dominion, drones are a company in the us that sells them.

Now i can, i can suspect, for one moment they are certainly not in dji’s good books right now, because the video was uploaded and then it was taken offline now, i’m, not gon na play the whole video through on the live stream. Don’T worry um, but it goes through to show the unboxing what you get in the box, which is the fpv drone itself. I’M gon na take a sip of my tea, uh coffee i should say, and and from this video we can see some interesting things. We can see the object avoidance sensors on the front. You can see the battery now. What is really interesting with the battery on this is just how far into the product it goes. It goes literally right inside the product when you, when you see him eject it. The drone is all battery, it really really is you know he takes it out in a second or he’s. Put it back in a sec, he’s got the goggles the v2s we’ve seen them before then you’ve got the new fpv remote underneath actually i’ll go back on the fpv remote there’s a lot of interesting stuff on this. As you can see, self centering throttle very interesting. We’Ll talk about that a little bit more in a second all of the buttons, a vent down the bottom here so anyway, this video is out there it’s an unboxing of the product, and he takes you through what else is in the box yeah.

All of that, basically all of what we would expect to see in an unboxing, video and um. You know it’s not hard to believe that this has not gone down. Well, so let’s just talk about what we know. First of all, because alongside the unboxing we’ve had the spec sheet released and i’m going to put that up on the display for you guys as well and i’ve, put oh, is that not showing properly that’s annoying oh that’s, annoying it’s, not uh it’s, not actually um. Thinking properly, i’ll have to show it like this you’ll have to look at it like that. Why is it not um it’s because of the hdmi input that’s a little bit annoying i’ll have to do that. One here then as well. Let me uh do that. To do that i’m gon na sh, if i do that, that should actually show it properly, for you guys now, i’m hoping that shows it properly. It looks like it so we’re going to stick it there and go for it so and i’ll come back to the chat in a minute, because i can’t see you guys a second when i’m doing this. What i am going to do actually is open up the chat on the laptop as well so uh, the spec. We have a drone which is capable of 4 4k 60 frames. A second on board recording or 1080p 120 frames, a second that is via the main camera on the front.

It is a 12 megapixel half inch sensor with an iso range of 100 to 3200, very similar to what we’ve seen from other dji drones before it has a 35mm equivalent lens, which is 14.66 f, 2.86 we’re not going to worry too much about that and could Do mpeg 4h264 and h265, which is hvec, which means it can do um h265. Basically, it has a 150 degree wide field of view with hardware stabilized camera, and we can see from the video that the camera is stabilized vertically. However, it’s going to be interesting to see how that actually behaves in the real world. The drone will have multiple flight modes from beginner to advanced and i’ll. Talk about that a little bit more later, and it also has object avoidance and vps sensors and you have the sensors on the front, but you’ve also got the downward facing vps sensors on the bottom as well. Just like we’ve, seen on many rtf drones from dji. Recently, it has all of the usual gps and all of the other features we’ve come to expect from modern dji drones, and i know this – i won’t say how i know this, but i do know this, including return to land and recovery. It will have a number of flight modes. My understanding is three of which one of them will be an acro style mode, now i’m, not going to sit here and tell you it’s out and out acro.

However, it is an acro style mode. Um and we’ll talk about that a bit more too. There is going to be a new dji, fpv remote, which we’ll see which we’ve seen and i’ll put that up in a second. There is also going to potentially be a dji motion controller. We don’t know a lot about that, but that is in the plans. It uses fpv version 2 up to 120 frames. A second 810p 10 kilometers range 2.4 to 5 gigahertz. Get that off the way has a 6s 2 000 milliamp hour battery and what you can see on the screen and i’m going to go back to full is that it could do 20 minutes flight time and it weighs i’ve got the weight just off the screen. At the bottom, what is the weight? The weight is 700 and something grams i’ve managed to um put the uh the box for it off the screen slightly. So i can’t actually read it myself, it’s a silly thing to do on it. Where is it? Oh it’s? All going wrong come on get up! Oh it’s fighting me. I can’t actually read it on that slide. I’Ve written it at the bottom and i can’t see i’m gon na go back back back i’m gon na come back to the chat now you’re all taking the mickey out of me, 795 grams you’ve, probably all been shouting that from the chat haven’t you um, 795 Grams, so that is the basic spec of the drone or the main spec of the drone.

Now just jumping over the chat. How much tony uh i want you! I can do 4k 60 on board, recording yeah, very interesting. Three blade props as well yeah. I haven’t mentioned that triple a problem: we’ve seen images of all of them, um just do it yeah good card exchange and yeah 795 grams. So what we have here is quite a heavy lump but it’s, certainly something interesting and and really, if you look at that, spec it’s very similar to you know: it’s, not a million miles off what we’ve seen from the recent mavic models, and things like that now, Alongside this new drone, let me just move to the next slide and hope it actually works properly. This time we have a new fpv remote controller, which is the vision, 2, remote or it’s not officially enabled the vision 2, but that is what it is. It weighs 346 grams, it has 10 kilometer range to go with the drone and it is compatible with the fpv drone. Only now my understanding is this. Remote will not work with the ear unit. It is both 2.4 and 5. Gigahertz has multiple programmable buttons and a self centering throttle now that last one is quite interesting, because i’ve seen a lot of comments around that and people saying i don’t know why it’s got a self centering throttle. Why is um? Why have dji done that? And we will talk about that as we get a bit more through into some of the reasons why they’ve done some of these things, i thought it can be adjusted.

Yeah dji have always allowed that on all their remote controllers. We’Ll have to see where it ends up um how people um accept that in the sense of how it will behave and this i’ve had you can take the throttle off some of the dji’s remotes. Remember i stripped the fpv one and it can be a bit funny um at times, but we’re gon na have to see how well it behaves. I don’t know why this has not ah wait a minute. I know the that’s why it wasn’t shearing properly. I was using the wrong button right looking at the fpv goggles, it uses vision, two, so we’ve used vision. Two, we know what it’s all about. We know what the score is very straightforward, same goggles as the fpv ones. Nothing really major to see here now. The first question on this – and this is where it really gets interesting, um we and who is this product for because this has been one of the big things i’ve seen people complain about. Who is this drone designed for and i’ve been looking around the fpv community for for about three or four weeks on this actually um? I was meant to be involved in this launch, but i pulled out for various reasons and and one of my interesting concerns with this launch from day one has been, who is it for and the reality is if you’re flying fpv today, this product is not aimed At you, this product is aimed at mavic users or people who don’t fly drones already, who are interested in getting into it from day one for current fpv users who build drones themselves.

There is a lot of people who will buy one of these. I can tell you now there’s a lot of people saying i won’t buy one of these. I don’t want one of these, but they will get one, but this product is marketed as an entry into fpv that’s who it’s for it’s for people getting into it on day one. It has these flight modes from very simple right through to an all out acro mode, with fail safes behind them, because the interesting thing about this product is, it brings a lot of dji’s technology um that hasn’t been the in fpv before dji’s fail safe systems, the Backup systems, the things that we haven’t seen done before in fpv, okay, you can add gps to beat the flight and i now, but it works terrible. What you’ll have is a way of recovering very, very easily on this drone um but i’m, not saying fpv users. Won’T want to fly this because i actually think a lot of them will, but it is interesting to see the communities kick back on this saying i won’t well, what a dji doing. Why would i want to buy one of these? The reality is, it is a teen key out the box solution using all of dji’s experience and all of dji’s tech and bringing that to fpv it’s, not a race, quad it’s, not an um it’s, not a quad for um freestyle it’s, not a quad.

For any specific purpose, it is an fpv drone, unlike we’ve seen from a ready to fly manufacturer before and whilst i know many people make um fpv off the shelf. Drones betaflight is not easy to learn with on day one. There is basically no protections very little fail safes and it is very easy to lose or damage your drone quickly and what dji will do is produce a product that on day one you can put in a really simple basic mode and within a few hours move Up through those modes to this acro style mode, now, just looking across the chat i did, i i think i saw um dobos here somewhere hello. I believe he’s flown it because there’s a few in the us at the moment, jb is fuming, possibly filmmakers can’t. So this is stabilized camera drum yeah, you know, so it is interesting. Now you’re going to see a lot of kickback from the fpv community on this, a huge amount of people are going to go. This is terrible. This is the worst thing in the world. The reality is: if you’ve got, where is i i didn’t get mine to hand, but if you’ve got one, probably not for you, but you might want to buy one anyway. So that is the first thing now let’s talk about the good on this product. What is going to be good about this new drone from dji? Well, the good is going to be dji’s experience, building turn key solutions.

Building a drone that out the box just works, it will fly great. There will be no issues with the way this thing flies. It will be tuned very, very well, it will fly just like a mavic in its gps modes, but it will let you take the reins off and let you take it out and fly into that acro with some warnings. I believe there will be some warnings in place, but there will be a lot to like you. You have dji’s object, avoidance, sensors, they’re, visual positioning sensors, which means it will hover in place their gps, their compass, sensors. Everything dji have done so well over the last three to five years, everything that they have had all the experience on problems. You know, dji have a reputation for drones flying away. They haven’t had drones flow away for four or five years, so what they will bring is all that experience from those models into an fpv drone and it will make a product, unlike we have seen before, so it will be massively stable. It will fly very very well. It will be super easy to use out of the box. It will just work. However, there are some downsides to that as well, and we’ll talk about them in a minute, so you know the benefits to this will be. You will be able to walk into a shop pick the drone up off the shelf charge it and within two hours of flying, be proficient in flying fpv i’m not saying you’ll be able to go up and do flips, but you will be proficient and what you Will then have is dji’s fail, safe systems to pull you out of the crap? Should something go wrong so should you accidentally do something silly, should you accidentally think, oh, my god, i’m about to hit a tree you’ll be able to hit a button and it will just recover for the most part, not every situation, and then you will have that Dji failsafe, the return to home.

You know we all spend big money on our fpv drones now they’re all expensive, especially when they’ve got ear units in them um they all cost a lot of money and we all want them back. Even if something goes wrong, you want to be able to get it back and, whilst there’s been a reluctance in beta flight to to put gps recovery in that works, very well, it’s a reality. It should be a must these days when it comes to not losing that product that you’ve spent lots of money on. So you are going to see a lot of good in this product. You really are what what’s your thoughts i’m, going to check the chat and see what people’s thoughts are on the good on this. Let me just move that over to the side and move that there so it’s more in my correct eye line um changing your fpv journey into china, yeah um, uh, wolf, 100 code battery pack, yeah we’ll, come on to that that’s in my negatives. For your mind, people um five weeks out, i think real lag real lag right lag on the stream. Is it these extra values will hit your pocket if it’s lag on the stream? Sorry about that um i’ll check my wife isn’t doing anything yeah. If she is i’ll just tell her to get off if there is any lag um just sent that okay, so um yeah that’s the good. You know there’s going to be a lot to like here.

There really is going to be a lot like leg. Oh leg not lag, i read it the monitor’s a little bit far out so there’s going to be a lot to like here on the good side. However, as i was saying just now, there’s bad and the bad is going to be there now. What will that bad be? Well, the bad is going to be that you’re going to have proprietary batteries. There is no question about it. Let’S look at that image. That is not a standard lipo, that is a proprietary dji smart battery, and that is what you’re going to be paying for on this product. Let me just turn that i haven’t got the chat on on this window. Have i no that should be on there? Sorry about that um it’s, going to have a proprietary battery which is going to cost anywhere in the region of 80 to 160 dollars now take into account battery prices. Okay, this is a success pack about 40 or 40 odd. What hour half the size of a battery on an inspire two they’re about a hundred and seventy dollars, each so it’s, not beyond the realms of possibility. These batteries are going to be around a hundred dollars, that’s just going to be a reality outside of the batteries there is going to be nfc. There is likely to be geofence in it is going to have all of that stuff. We’Ve come to expect from dji’s ready to fly models now.

I just want to be clear on that. I am not sure 100 on nfc or d or um geofencing. However, i do not see dji selling a product without it. I simply do not see that happening. So you’re going to have those issues: we’ve got a proprietary battery, we’ve got geofencing, nfc and remote id. You then have repairability and cost of repairs. Now my understanding with this product is going to be that there is going to be parts available, but not everything. You will be able to replace certain parts on this, but because this product is such an integrated product repair is difficult, it’s, that same problem that you have with many integrated products these days, mobile phones, laptops anything that is heavily integrated, makes repairability more difficult. Now, if you’re a fan of lewis rossman and you watch about his right to repair campaign, you know things can be repaid, but the reality is even the arguments lewis rosman has is around repair centers skilled, highly skilled people being able to get parts. You and me would be it may be able to do it, but the average user might not. So repairability is always going to be a difficult one on a product like this, so we have the good, which is the dji technology and the bad which is you’re entering a walled garden. Just like you were with dji’s other products um, just like they’ve, been with the mavics and the phantoms it’s going to be interesting.

Now one of the fun comments i saw a user have was say: will it have the ability to grow arms because it’s probably going to need it, and it is an interesting point? Um bruce have made a fortune invested in duct tape. I bet you have plenty of gj is found not used to spending this money and more um we’ll talk about price in a minute because i don’t think price is a problem on this. I think people are getting a bit hung up on price and it really isn’t um, yeah and that’s going to be one of the downsides. So you know the benefits of this product is having a heavily integrated product with lots of features, but the downside is going to be repairability now. This is an interesting one. This this question is: what impact will this product have on the fpv community, and this is where things get very interesting, because this is where a lot of the comments um go out the windows and and where people start you know, dji is bad dji’s good. I don’t want this. Why would i want this now? This product is going to do what the phantom did for normal drones up until the point of the phantom pretty much everything was build yourself. There was very few off the shelf drones at this time and we are very much in that situation with fpv right now. Yes, you can buy off the shelf.

Pre built fpv drones, but they’re not really consumer ready to fly products. The companies that are manufacturing these, for the most part, are just taking parts and bolting together, just like people with f 450s and putting flight controllers on them. That’S pretty much where things are today: yes, there’s the odd one here and there, but for the most part, all of the off the shelf stuff is just a self build. Pre assembled for you – and this is where dji make the big step here, because what they’re doing in the fpv world is what they did in standard drones. They they created a turnkey solution which was heavily integrated and it’s going to bring more people into fpv than we have ever seen before. It is going to smash the doors open for fpv more than we’ve ever seen. Now that can be argued as a good thing or a bad thing, but we’ll have to see how that actually goes. So this is going to have a dramatic effect on the fpv community, but there’s going to be some upsides you’re, going to see a massive surge in new users who move on from dji fpv into drone racing and other. You know they’ve they’re, basically lowering the barrier of entry for fpv people, and that is a good thing and it will mean the people who don’t want to buy off the shelf. Don’T want to assemble themselves will be able to buy a product that won’t put them off in the first two hours.

Look if you go out and buy if you’ve never flown a quad before today and you went out and even bought one of the off the shelf, ready to fly drones with beat the flight and took it in the field. You’Re barely going to get it flying. If you did manage to and you didn’t manage to lose it the chances of you enjoying it are fairly low. I think you know it’s that initial experience that puts so many people off, but what dji will get so right here is making people learn to fly in a stepped way and move through it and progress through it in such a way that they don’t feel like They’Ve wasted their money or they don’t feel like that they’re at risk of losing their investment, because it’s very easy to buy a brand new product and you’ve got all that excitement and then you take it out for the first time and something goes wrong and many People just put them away from me, and – and this is where this will enhance the fpv community, massively just going to open the chat up. I wish it was bigger. I need to be able to see that bigger spider monkey will be using commercial shoots, yeah it’s, going to be used heavily in commercial shoots. No patience on fpv um i’ll talk a little bit about that at the end, the kols, because i’m, not one of them and i’m, not gon na i’m, not saying nothing bad about them.

But i will talk a little bit about that. Um, yeah and that’s. An interesting point bruce has made there what percentage of buyers will never progress, past self, leveling mode after trying rate mode and scaring themselves? What percentage of buyers never fly again and that’s the interesting point beat and to be fair, beat a flight could have done something about this before now, and all of the flight stacks could have they’re, not laying it just a bit of flight. All of them suffer from the same problem beat the flight inaudible. The learning curve is insane out the door for these products. The learning curve is is virtually vertical from day one if you’ve never touched it before, and if you don’t know anyone who can help you and i’ll be honest right. The best way to start is jb. Jb has so many great videos. He would take you through it all, but you’ve got to be willing to put that time in as well. But that is the big problem. Is that that step on day one? Is that vertical issues out the door, and so many people will get scared off um? What else it’s interesting you know and that that is weird dji win it’s, where they’ve always won and it’s it’s, where they’ve always picked up people he’s turn key solution just reading the chat, a second guys: 58 people, hello, everyone just catching up on the chat. A second can’t believe i’ve got 58 of you here tonight, it’s a good day.

Probably, will you stabilize mode acro trainer mode? Oh bro you’re killing me uh, what’s, rob up to yeah and – and i agree with that – jb because a lot of people are sitting here saying i won’t want that they will be astonished at how easy and how well this flies i’ve never flown this. But i can tell you it will, because i know dji and i know what they’re like this will work very very well. What puts people off is dji ready to fly, but it will fly. Oh, thank you all about drones. I appreciate that um. It will fly very very well, you know there is zero questions and there will be a lot a lot of a lot to have here a lot, a lot of a lot of people eating their words. As jb has said, yeah this, the assumptions will be. This will be a mavic with an fpv camera that’s, what people’s assumptions are and it isn’t yeah. I know that for a fact, i know that one for a fact: okay, so the problems. What problems will this create for the fpv community? Well, it’s going to bring a lot of people in very, very quickly you’re, going to see groups explode, you’re, going to see craft everywhere, you’re going to see more focus on this than ever before, more focus on fpv than we’ve. Seen in the past, it is going to bring a lot of attention overnight.

Just like ready to fly. Drones did whereas the fpv community has sort of been able to slice itself off on the side and sort of say, yeah we’re, this fpv community. We know what we’re doing you know. You’Ve had that in the uk you’ve had that in the us you’re suddenly going to see a mass onslaught of both new users and mavic users. Unlike you’ve seen before and with that will be problems, you will have aircrafts landing in gardens. You’Ll have aircrafts going into roofs into trees, ending up in places they shouldn’t. It is going to bring a huge amount of attention into fpv that we’ve not seen before. So that is a potential downside, but you have to weigh the good with the bad, but it is. It is going to have an effect um now time just uh to buy stocking on those freestyle. Drone companies – eh, yes, that’s for sure um. Now this next one is where i think it gets very interesting. What impact will this drone have on dji, because this could be very big now this is going to be both good and bad. This will push dji into new segments of the market. They’Ve not been in before it will give them a whole new community of people to sell to to communicate with to build a base of product around. You have to remember with dji they don’t just sell products. They build communities of products. This won’t be the first.

The only one it’ll be sorry, it will be the first, but it won’t be the last. They are going to build a community of these you’re going to see smaller ones, maybe bigger ones, you’re going to see different types of drones. If this takes off. However, this is, unlike any other product. Dji, have sold for a few main reasons number one here. They are selling a product that has its main flight characteristics. The way you fly it is pretty much illegal in most countries. Now, what i mean by that is this most dji ready to fly. Drones have a remote controller with a little screen and you’re flying on that and you’re. Looking at the drone flying at the screen, fpv on its own is illegal in most countries, without a spotter dji have never out and out and sold a product that basically required fpv to be able to use it. This is the first ready to fly drone. That does that. So this is uncharted water for dji. Yes, they’ve sold products for years with 10 kilometers range, eight kilometers range five six, we all know that’s illegal but that’s on the box. But this time to be able to use this product, you basically have to have a spotter and it is going to be interesting to see how they market that to the community and the drone industry as a whole. Because, for the most part, this product requires a spotter to use it legally in most countries and it’s.

The first time we’ve had a drone from tgi that has that out the box that’s that’s. For the most part, the second issue – and this is the big one – and this is where we touched on earlier with repairability – is what effect this is going to have on dji’s customer service, as well as their reputation as well. All of dji’s drones. Up to this point have had their fail safes, their safety nets, even in um. The models that had atti attitude mode and remember dji have been taking away these modes on more recent models because they had problems. You know the only models that ship today with atti is the phantom 4 and the inspire 2.. The mavic series don’t. Have it it’s, not the they removed it from those models, because they were afraid of what those users would do with attitude mode. You can’t put those models into attitude mode unless you hack the firmware, so dji have actively over time removed modes that added a level of risk for users they’re now introducing this acro mode, so we’re suddenly going from a position of this um walled garden in products Where you can’t really do too much harm the worst thing you do on a model, dji drone is fly it into a wall and it’s got sensors to stop it doing that for the most part anyway, whereas now they’re selling a product that you’re going to have Um a switch where you can put it into acro, and it has been a very very long time since they’ve had to deal with the customer service issues around that, and that is going to have an impact, and this could really cause them some problems.

If this drone says very, very well sells very very well, it could their customer service overnight if people start screwing it into the ground, because we all know this thing is going to get crashed, no matter how well dji um put protections in place but fail safes Return to homes, recovery options, some are going to cause a problem. Some are going to smash it into the ground. You then have the inevitable problem of warranty. Now my understanding will be that there will be some um reminders or warnings before entering this acro mode. Is the whispers i’ve heard and that will basically say there’s no warranty if you smash it up in that mode, but that doesn’t mean people won’t complain, people won’t send it in, even if people want to pay to repair it’s still going to overwhelm their customer service. So it’s going to be interesting to see how they handle this, because i will be blatantly honest, the things i know they are not in the greatest of shape. From that point of view, right now not i’m, not talking about repairing products but having support online and things like that. Um they’re, not in the best possible position for this. So this could really really them from that side of things and it could hurt their reputation through no actual fault of their own, and i will add that as well. Um phantoms crash, but you’ve got to take into account most people aren’t flying out in atti.

The difference really with this fpv quad from my point of view, is that is the aim of this drone is to get people to that level of flight capability, so you’ll be able to fly in stabilized gps and then you’ll get towards this acro style mode. Now it will be interesting to see how off the range dji led it are we talking a mode which is more like horizontal mode, where you just have. You know beyond a certain point on the sticks? It’Ll flip. But if you leave the stick gold, it will go straight back to gps. Is it going to be a combined sort of acro and gps mode that when you’re on the stick off center say it behaves in acro mode? And then, when you return the sticks to center, it jumps back into the protection modes, or is it going to be flicker button, acro and you’re all in how much protection is dji going to be in place? Um it’s going to be interesting how this is and you’ve got to then take into account the reputational damage there will be from users smashing this up very early in its life i’ve seen it with mavix i’ve, seen it with phantoms. I was involved in helping run some of the facebook groups and the amount of posts you’d see with i’ve just got my drone and it’s flown away. Now the reality of those posts was it didn’t just fly away.

There is often a difference, and this is how i used to worry actually to people themselves who just lost a five six. Seven hundred dollar drone there’s often a difference in how you expect it to behave and how it’s actually designed to behave, and they are often very very far apart. The product hasn’t necessarily done something wrong. It’S, just not done what you expected it to do, and we’re going to have that same behavior with this drone. So it is going to be interesting to see what impact it has on dji positive is that it is going to help them sell more products than it’s ever had before, but i do think it has the potential to be a real headache for them from a Legislative point of view with them going to places where they shouldn’t, as all about drones, just said 10 kilometers range and all of the other potential issues with customer services, because at the end of the day, if someone buys a product and they smash it up on The first flight they’re going to blame the manufacturer regardless what happens now that that’s? The interesting element of this whole thing is how it’s going to be perceived now. I’Ll come on to the questions in a minute or i’m going to read through the chat in a second now from my understanding talking about price on this, because price has been an interesting subject, my understanding this is going to be around thirteen hundred dollars.

That was the sort of ballpark i’d heard, it’s heavily dependent on tariffs in countries in the us and that and all of that stuff. Now a lot of people have said that um that’s too expensive, um that’s going to cost way too much money. However, the reality is it’s, not that bad, when you add up an off the shelf, ready to fly drone the cost of fpv goggles and a remote controller. I don’t think the price is unrealistic if i’m honest 13 1400 it’s on the upper end. The batteries are what is going to people if you’re going to spend two three. You know 300 on three packs that’s going to put a lot of current fpv unis off users off. However, for the price of the drone itself, i don’t think it’s going to be too much of an issue for many people. The target market here isn’t bargain basement drone flyers. It is people with money to burn who are interested in getting into cinematic fpv having a drone for business use or have money burning, a hole in their pocket because they can’t buy a graphics card and are interested in seeing what fpv is like um. You know prices in the eye of the holder. I don’t, i honestly don’t, think 13 or 1400 is unrealistic, based on a set of goggles. Hd02S are expensive in themselves. Add on top of that, what you’re going to be getting it won’t? Be that bad, it won’t be that bad, but that’s really my main thoughts on on this and where i think it gets interesting.

Now i’m going to go back and and talk a bit about the spec now i’ve got that because that wasn’t working properly earlier it’s still not working properly and then we’re going to catch up on the um, it’s really frustrating. When these things play up. It really is i’m just gon na do this i’m gon na have to change the size of the text slightly don’t, you love it. When things bite you oh 15, yeah that should have been like that hey i fixed it now it’s working now. Okay, checking on the chat, don’t have a built in airbag don’t mention new regulations. Bruce, yes, behave i’m, just gon na move the mic forward, so i can read the chat properly and leaning in so i can see it does it have a built in airbag? No, unfortunately, not uh, steve um, tilting the camera. Yeah that’s gon na be a really cool feature. Actually, that is going to be a very, very cool feature being able to tilt the camera up and down um has it got blockchain? It should have blockchain. It should have bruce chain i’ve, been mining today, funnily enough, um type, all about drones, steve mann, acro mode available after 100 hours, flight time, yeah, no in dji. You know you know. Let me just put this back back up. You know the spec is decent on this product. There’S, no question. Look let’s, not pretend this spec isn’t really a drone from two years ago.

You know mavic. Has this back there’s, nothing special here! You know: we’ve got 4k 60 on board very nice. We don’t know the bit rate on that, though um will that look as good as a gopro that’s, an interesting point to make as well how that is going to look? Is there image stabilization involved? We don’t know yet software image stabilization, um, 1080p, 120, nice, but that’s been really poor on previous models from dji, so i’d like to see how well it looks on this product um. Let me uh. Let me just find something uh i can put myself up there. Look hey um, 150 degree. Wide feet of view is quite nice. You know that is nice stuff as well. We like that kind of stuff 795 grams, not terrible, but it’s, a big old battery. When you do watch that video, it is a massive old battery um. You know it’s got the object avoidance. Nice features there’s, some really nice, interesting stuff there and again this 10 kilometer range. This 10k range is huge. Um, okay, floor fryer, that’s, an interesting point that uh, let me bring that back up, so the usb output. My understanding is, it works on both drones and fpv with the app but i’ve not tested it. It could change knowing dji having a move. Camera is going to change the flight feel unless it returns the same position when flying aggressively. The other thing is to take into account with that moving camera.

You might be able to lock it in place, so it could be as simple as having the adjustment control for it to be able to just keep it not stabilized, but just remain in place. So there’s going to be some cool stuff around that as well. Well. 10K. If you ignore the 400 for regulations, that’s a lot of range, it is a massive amount of range. It really really is um i’m just going to turn my heater back on one second it’s, you know taking a look at the video today i’m going to bring that back up actually because it was very interesting um. Oh i’ve ended up on a jb video. Look at that um just to share the desktop again let’s go to the desktop. You know. If we just look through some of the interesting bits you struggle to get i’m trying. I don’t want to comment too much on the unboxing, because there’s some things i want to just i don’t want to say you know we look at the back it’s the underneath. The underneath is very interesting, so see here. What we have is two downward facing object: sensors, two tof sensors, which dji use for um close range sensing, as well as the led light. So all of this is part of the downward facing vision, positioning system that we’ve come to expect on the recent dji models, and you can see the battery comes right in the bottom here right inside the drone.

It is huge now, obviously, you’ve got the two sensors on the front and you’ve got the camera, which is the which is only stabilized one way and to me the sd cards are located under this little flap here. Just so you know i couldn’t see anywhere else. I reckon that’s where the sd card is in the bind button and some things like that: um, probably usb port as well um and then you’ve got the air hole at the top for the airflow and then the battery going through with the heatsink. Now, when we skip through, let me have a look to the part we does. He take the battery out the drone here we go, you know you do realize how big it is when you do take the battery. It is massive, absolutely huge. You know when you watch this bit, it presses the buttons in and it slides out the back. You know look how much of that drone is empty, now, i’m, trying to pause it the right spot. It goes right back into that frame. It is enormous, absolutely an enormous part of that product and then you’ve got this new connector i’m, not sure how i feel about this connector, actually something i wanted to mention i’m, really, not sure how i feel about that new connector. I’M. Really, not happy with that. I think it could have been a lot better. That knows, it came back um yeah. It could go straight through the front of it we’re strong enough.

Do i think the usb ports will be strong enough for me, i’ve nev i’ve. I have personally never broke a dji usb port that i will say someone else has, but i haven’t i don’t break dji usb ports right. Why is my stream deck not working? Anyone know why my stream deck isn’t working it’s, weird in it. Weird, very strange wonder why that’s the case uh, so i was just changing the settings. I’Ve got a little app on my stream deck. That shows me how many people are watching and it’s it’s, not working it’s, not showing uh. Let me just go back up 90 people. 90., my god! Well welcome 90 of you to the stream um. Let me just uh get back to where i was here. Are we there and we get the chat back up all jones 92 of us 92 of you, yeah it’s? Definitely not working. Why is str don’t? You love live streaming. The problems with live streaming. Always something goes wrong um. So you know that overall is my thoughts. I think you know if i summarize what my thoughts are. This is going to be one of the most talked about and interesting products of the last few years. It is going to be game, changing it is going to fly very well. The people who say i won’t buy this it’s not for fpv will probably some of them eat their words and go out and buy it.

It will appeal to many segments, but it isn’t perfect. It is going to have a proprietary battery system. It is going to be expensive. It is going to have issues around getting parts availability getting them fixed. It is a consumer electronic product. That is the way to treat this shady’s asked. Is it b to fly? I would not expect it to be anything but dji’s own internal flight controller, as they’ve used on many of their own drones before when do i think it will be released? Well, i can’t actually answer that because i actually know the answer to that question. Um. Let me just count some weeks, one two within the next three, the rumors are early march and i’m, not saying that’s going to be wrong. Now i don’t have one and i won’t have one for launch um, because i i’ve sort of stepped away from that. Some of that stuff, i will be buying one that i a hundred percent will be doing um base flight, steve, yeah um, how long before the police crash well that’s, yeah that’s. A very funny comment: rob um, yeah, very good, yeah um. It is going to be interesting now some questions that i see keep coming up: okay, this remote controller where’s, the slides where’s, the image of that you know. I keep seeing people ask about this. It is not compatible with fpv. As far as i know, don’t get your hopes up. It won’t work, it won’t work as bodo said earlier.

Um you can adjust the throttle. How well that will work. I don’t know, but you can do that on all the dj. Remotes um, which would be cool, might clear. Uk customs by september it’ll be interesting to see how we get on the uk because you still can’t order. The v2 goggles in the uk right now, we’re still out of the loop for that now i’m, not going to order a set of v2s because there’s going to be a set of v2s in this box um releasing the uk will lock down releases here, um so I’M going to be um ordering the kit, because i don’t know how they’re going to be selling this, but on the remote controller side of things, um it’s not going to be um compatible with fpv. I keep seeing people ask about whether the v1s, so these um will have compatibility with the iphone app sorry it’s, probably not going to happen a lot of nice buttons. On top of the remote controller you do and if you noticed um let’s bring that back up. Actually, because that that raises a good point that those buttons two sides are switches all right. Where was he doing it again? Let me just go back. That was the goggles. I think it was here on this part. He got the remote back up so obviously there’s. Some way to store the sticks in the bottom of the remote controller, which is cool um down here, you see him pull them out from inside there.

There you go, look so that’s cool. We like that a lot i like that design, dji very nicely done. We have a usbc connector down here, no other usb ports on the remote, so the chances are it’s not going to have a smartphone tablet connection. So yes, nicely machined very nice, be interesting if it’s haul or standard gimbals, um i’ll tell you once i break it and take it apart, get through that, and then you see on the top like these seem to be rocker switches on either side. So you’ve got the usbc; ah, it must have been in the first bit where he looked at the remote he this one here. So what we’ve got is we’ve got a rotary dial we’ve got what appears to be a double button, as well that’s, a very large button that one me, okay, very large. Indeed, i think that’s a double rocker top and bottom. I could be wrong, but it just looks like a double rocker. It might just be a single button. You’Ve got none on the back, no c buttons that i can see, but did you notice that then there’s two little arrows the now i’m guessing that’s, where you pull it back and adjust the sticks like they’ve done on the other remote, but you’ve got like a Little arrow there and a little arrow there, which donate the probably the rubber peels back and you adjust the um stick. Tension on the remote controller.

We’Ve then got this button here button there we’ll just move around, and if you watch these two switches they look to be rockers from what i’ve seen him move them and they seem to stay in those positions so that’s here now, so it sits in it. Yeah antenna moves up and down so you know that could be like a flight mode switch. It didn’t show if that other one was a rocker as well, though um, which is interesting um. It didn’t show that, but lots of nice buttons of switches on there for sure oh it’s, a tango too Laughter the weight kills it. For me, it is heavy, it is real heavy, like short sticks right on x, jet what’s. He said now be careful with the flat flex – cable. Yes, yes, yes, jumper t16 remote, but not as far as i understand the remote will not be compatible with dji fpv. Technically, there’s. No reason it can’t, but my understanding is no, but i could be wrong on that. That was one thing, bluetooth connection to smartphone unlikely. I think the phone is going to be connected to the goggles that hasn’t been published all about drones. The belief is over 90 miles an hour um, okay, i’ll, say some stuff on the ear unit, which is a bit controversial i’m, really annoyed my stream deck isn’t working. Let me change it to that and change it to that change it to that let’s see.

If i am my stream, deck is not behaving really annoying, hey we’ve got it working now. Sorry about that guys: okay, damn sufficient attitude, and there you go about an hour. Okay, so dj i hit the mic. Don’T want to do that, dji fpv. What do i think the future is for dji fpv? Well, this is a bit pessimistic if i’m, honest um and i’m going to take you guys down a little bit of a history lesson here. Dji have a reputation. No sorry that’s, not the right words to use. Dji have a history of making products stand alone, then integrating them into their system. When this system first come out, people used to say this is the first version of fpv. It really isn’t. This is like the eighth version of their fpv dji, originally developed, light bridge standalone light bridge, which is their standalone video transmission system. It was a model that part that went on the drone and you had this ground station, which used to have to plug your remote controller in and a monitor, really big, and that was known as light bridge one then, after a short period of time, they refined That and integrated it into the first ready to fly drones of the time. Now we had the early phantoms that used wi fi, the fc 40 and then the phantom 3 pro. But before that the inspire 1 was the first drone to introduce lightbridge and it’s called lightbridge 1.

5 it’s sort of improved 720p video transmission couple of miles range two miles range, whatever it was, that was lightbridge 1.5, so you had lightbridge one standalone and then they integrated That into their digital drone and you had light bridge 1.5. They then continued to improve that she had light bridge 2 then, which was integrated as a standalone product. First of all, so light bridge 2 came along and they sold it then as part of the m600 package, but before that it was a standalone device. They then integrated that into the inspire 2 and the phantom 4 pro version 2.. Then they developed their first fpv system, which was their original fpv goggles. Now ocusync first of all came with the mavic. Then they had ocusync 1.5, which was lower latency and then got into the ocusync ear system. They then integrated that and made it better and developed. Occusying two that we have in the dji ready to fly drones today, massive range, massive improvements overall, a much better product. Now i do have a dedicated video on this, which is a little bit out of date and i’m going to be making a new one on this in the near future as well, actually going through every version, because what you have is light bridge 1 light bridge 1.5 light bridge 2 that 2.5, because technically the inspire 2 is actually light. Bridge 2.5, not like bridge 2 because it’s dual band, but then you have ocusync 1, which is in the mavic pro now they then developed this, which is their digital fpv system.

This was groundbreaking. This was the first low latency digital system that hit the market. That really worked. I had this as a pre release, and i remember talking to people about it and people about saying about digital’s coming and they were going now. It’Ll never be good enough, then, when this landed it changed the game i’m not saying the latency was not noticeable, but it was good enough and that’s where this system ended. What did they go and do with it? They’Ve now gone and integrated that into the latest ready to fly product now the question was: where do i think all of this leads for the future of the standalone fpv system? Well, this really is an interesting question, because if this new drone sells well, the standalone fpv system will simply not be a priority i’m, not saying it will end, but i will put this out there now that, in my opinion, i would not expect to see massive Improvements or changes to the fpv system for quite some time and whether there will be much improvement in it in the future i’m, not going to say, dropped i’m, not going to say end. They’Ll probably keep it running, but the reality is dji is a company that makes products for a consumer market and, if that market, what buys lots of ready to fly? Drones, they’ll simply look at the standalone market and say: why are we bothering with that it’s not worth it? Dji no longer sell the nasa 2.

They no longer make the a2 or a3 flight controllers.