Looking for inspiration and getting some travel feels Music were back in Iceland, like its 2017. Nostalgia, hits us as soon as we land in keflavik and the amazing team at epidemic. Sound picks us up, but we also get to meet some new friends, Gunner and Benjamin two incredibly talented, photographers and filmmakers. You guys should definitely check out their Instagrams, oh and they brought us some coffee and delicious cinnamon buns. They shot us some spots minutes from the airport to get us warmed up on our Banger hunt, oh foreign, so this morning hasnt started off the best. I realized I forgot my ND filter. How did I do that? Also crashed the Avada already had the bug where it just also gon na go straight down. Smashes into the ground, luckily were in black sand, so should be unharmed. Where are you my friend? Where are you ah found it its a good day right Gunner strong morning in Iceland, yeah its beautiful? Here, though, getting the shots? Oh yeah, I think you need uh bigger, tires: theyre uh, yeah, theyre tiny, like a go kart but uh. No, the the basic uh functionality is that we can cross the glaciers in winter, so they have a use its not just, but its also for the bangers yeah its also. What happens it is so sick by accident it looks cool dude. Have you ever seen them more like manly vehicle than this? Never your Raptor, Im, sorry, but yeah.

I know its tires could drive over my Raptor. Oh, this is a rare occurrence. Peter McKinnon, can you just take this Im, not even having fun right now. I dont like this at all. My hands are so cold Im scared, thats, why you need the hand warmers strong, wind warning return? Oh no uh! So I had the Avada bug where youre flying and it just like all of a sudden dive, bombs and crashes in the ground. Now. Luckily, the soft ground here of sand, but uh DJI, should probably fix that eh Im in the zone dude I dont, even know what youre saying this thing is turning ways. It shouldnt be turning right now, its its oh youre in the fpv mode. Why am I in fps Ill handle the Drone stuff on this trip? Okay, yeah? Okay, you just bring it down, bring it down; yeah, just just bring it down that dot over here that that that is us, okay, wait! What controls are you thats? What Im saying your your controls are flipped, for this is the other. I dont think who did this see? He knows what hes doing. He knows what hes doing Im literally here right now with the Drone in the air. It doesnt look like that. Wait youre gon na youre gon na get me to fly to the right spot and then youre gon na press the photo button press the button. So I feel good about saying I took it yeah good time, proof that you took bangers only and then in your video you land.

The whole thing like, oh in my video Ill, be like thats good man perfect. So we got uh Gunner, extremely talented, photographer instagrammer and Benjamin Harmon also very talented, giving us a little tour: Music Applause, Music, Music, oh Music, foreign, Music Applause, just the Casual uh cheese lunch this day has been wonderful, really nice, so nice hanging out with Gunner and Benjamin but DJI this appears to be a problem. Tyler. Do you think we have a problem here, got a problem thats a problem either that or Maddies a really bad drunk driver. Do you drive the Drone or fly the Drone Im driving, really bad driving, really really bad Music? Thank you, foreign Music. If its not clear, we are here in Iceland with one of the best, if not the best company ever to work with epidemic sound, they hooked us up huge, and I wanted to make a whole series from this trip, because I know I want to internalize these Memories, but what I wasnt planning for was for the first episode to be about this massive problem with the new DJI Avada yep thats, the aftermath. Oh man, I dont even know if this thing flies anymore. Thank you, 66 North for hooking us up uh and for Gunner and Benjamin for showing us around. We had an incredible time such great guys. You guys should go, follow them. This is nice foreign. So I saw this online already. A few people had this issue where youre just flying normally with Avada and then all of a sudden out of nowhere.

It does this crazy nosedive, but like full power towards the ground and smashes it and uh the first flight. Today, um, it happened, and I was like did that. Did I just get that bug Ive flown the Avada, probably like I dont, know 20 times already and no issues and then First Flight here at Iceland. It does it, but I was overstand. So I was like it: didnt really do anything I was like okay, well, just got, ta go, find it and then um. I was like okay. Hopefully that never happens again thats then I go on the second flight sure enough bomb, even worse, um straight into mud and um yeah. So this is definitely an issue um, I hope uh DJI can uh fix it because Ive seen it happen to other people and Ive been lucky so far that I think mine still works. I havent tested it out. Yet I think I got ta clean it off. A little bit more but stuff like this has to be fixed. You cant just put out you know products, especially when the consequences are so high, because if a drone Falls its probably gon na break um so yeah, this is a little bit of a warning for you right now. If you have a Nevada or youre thinking about getting a bottom uh be careful because uh yeah right now, I have a very hard time, trusting its a great drone. I love it.

The goggles, the feed its so good, but uh yeah when something like this happens. Kind of kills it for you kind of lose the confidence so yeah just something to know. I guess davara has a bit of a bug Im lucky enough that I got this one sent to me by DJI and Ive bought a few extras, but not everybody is so lucky and thats. Why? I feel like I needed to send off a little warning that there is a bug just like on the other DJ fpv Ive had the bug of it not being able you cant control it anymore. You can only go up and down, but you cant go side to side or left right and um thats pretty pretty freaky, and I saw somebody on Twitter. They um theres, one straight in the water is over water and they couldnt move it. And then it ended up going in the water um to fix that so far, Ive figured out that, if you turn off and on your controller, I was able to regain control. If that happens to you do that. Another bug that I just feel like needs to be fixed needs to be addressed, and if thats happened to you then uh, I hope DJI will help you theyre pretty good about stuff, so um yeah this this needs to be fixed, DJI, so fun its all. Right am I Benjamin Hartman right now, uh Im! Sorry, do you think uh DJs gon na be pissed at me? If I talk about tavada, I think he kind of have to man.

I think I yeah thats pretty gnarly all joking aside, I was trolling at the beginning because I thought maybe there was a chance you did crash it. You didnt believe the bugs a little. I was also like. You know trying to give you some fun, but then I saw it straight up. You saw it happen right. We were flying totally moves like this dude. I did not to mention you. It happened in like a steaming geyser. Yeah of all it didnt happen. Luckily, it was to the side, and everything was fine, but it didnt happen on Main Street. It happened in a steaming geyser yeah on on Iceland, yeah thats, not where he wants to happen last place, wants to happen so Im a bit bummed for you. They need to fix it. I mean I still like the Drone, its a great drone, its a great job. I have four of them. I bought six. I dont even know how to fly but Ill, probably wait to learn until they fix the firmware to to get rid of like the the the straight down the dive bomb feature. Yeah yeah, the nose dive feature Laughter should be back in Iceland. Dude were back like my new hat, its pretty good yeah. I wanted an orange one. It was the only color they had and its very extreme. It was way brighter than I thought it would be all right.