Now, when you compare it to the mavic air 2 that was released just last year, you may not notice much of a difference on the outside. So what is the reason for this drone’s existence? Well, it’s, all about the camera Music hi. Everyone welcome to 51 drones. My name is russ and i’m going to approach. My review and tutorials of this drone a little bit differently. What i’m going to do is i’m going to break it up into smaller chunks, because i think that’s, what most of you appreciate in this very first video of many on the air 2s i’m, going to show you what comes in the box of the fly more Kit i’ll show you the most important specification upgrades from the mavic air 2 and then i’m, going to give you my very first impressions of the air. 2S i’ll be releasing more videos very soon, where i dig into this semi professional drone a little bit deeper and show you some of the features that it offers as well as some tutorials. So why are we seeing this drone right now so soon? After the release of the mavic air 2 – well, the air 2s, in my opinion, is more of a semi professional drone and it sits right in between the consumer level mavic air 2 that we just got and the semi professional, but higher priced larger and somewhat aging Mavic 2, pro with the quality of images and video that you can capture with this drone, you could potentially use it to earn a living.

The air 2s is a creator’s drone. I can’t wait to see what someone like like sam kolder could do with the air. 2S, the one inch sensor on it, the higher bit rate and much improved, photo quality make this a drone that could be used for things like real estate, professional photography, beautiful travel promotions and other commercial projects. So, first of all, let’s take a quick look at what comes in the box of the fly more kit. Okay in the dji air 2s fly more kit box. You will get a smaller box with some papers. You get a usbc charging cord for the controller. Some nd filters, which includes the 4 8 16 and 32 cables for any type of mobile device and an extra set of control sticks dji also provides 12 extra, propellers, 6a and 6b. I guess i think we’re going to crash this one more get the fly more kit, satchel bag. That seems to be the standard now it’s a nice bag, but it does get crowded if you have everything in there inside the bag. You’Ll find another box that contains the charging cord, the power, brick, the power bank adapter and two extra 3500 milliamp batteries for a total of three. You get the controller which most people, i think have grown to love and then also the three battery charging bank. Now the drone itself is identical to the mavic air 2 design, except for those upwards sensors at the front of the drone.

The first thing that you want to do is remove the motor guards and all of the stickers, and i promise you will miss at least two of them. The bottom of the drone has a heat sink design with the vision, sensors and one of my favorite features that led light overall it’s, a pretty nice package that provides everything you need for getting started in the world of aerial imagery at a nearly professional level. So what do you think it’s a pretty good, looking drone right, i kind of like how they placed the upwards sensors at the front of the drone. It kind of gives it a little more of a an aggressive look and then also now. This is speculation but i’m thinking that this design is also kind of a market test. I think dji is using the air 2s to evaluate what can be done and applied to the next version of the mavic. Like i know, a lot of people are expecting to see the mavic 3 here real soon, but i don’t think it’s coming real soon. I think it’s going to be at least another year, but i think this is maybe something that we’re going to see in that. Next professional type foldable drone now i’m actually going to address that more in an upcoming video, so keep watching for that, so it’s pretty much the same exterior design as the mavic air 2.. If you compare the specs between these two drones, they really aren’t that different on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside.

That brings the air 2s up to the next level. So let’s talk about the most important differences now. First of all, it records at 5.4 k at 30 frames per second versus 4k 30 on the mavic air 2, at a max of 120 megabits per second now we’re, going to take a look at these two compared side by side, here’s, the mavic air 2. On your left, the air 2s on the right i’m going to go ahead and freeze frame it here and i just want to show you the difference not only in the crispier colors that you can get out of the air 2s. But look at the details, especially in between those bricks. Now this is going to look better on a bigger screen, but you can really see what a difference that one inch sensor makes. Secondly, it can record in 10 bit d log where the mavic air 2 can only record in d cinelike, which is kind of like the junior varsity of d log d center, like does a good job, but it’s so much easier to edit d log footage. So i wish i had some better colors to show you but here’s some editing of some d log. All i did was increase the saturation increase, the contrast – and this is what i got it – took like 30 seconds 10 bit d log is so great. I really think that is the biggest upgrade on this drone, because it provides incredible opportunities when you’re trying to edit and get some professional looking footage.

Next, it shoots true 20 megapixel raw photos and because of that one inch sensor, you get 12.6 stops of dynamic range. Now i know the mavic air 2 sounds good, that it can shoot 48 megapixel photos, but that’s, not true. 48 megapixel photos check out this diagram of a comparison between the sensors on the mavic air 2 and the air 2s that one inch sensor provides so much more professional looking photos. So what else is improved in this new drone? Besides, what you can achieve with the camera? Well, ocusync 3.0, with four antennas instead of two provides a transmission range of up to 12 kilometers. Also, as i mentioned earlier, the 2s has upwards obstacle avoidance, which allows it to fly in more complex environments with less risk of hitting something and when i say less risk i don’t mean zero risk. Did it break it? Oh it just breaks the propellers. Do you have more propellers those darn twigs? They just jump out at your drones. I can’t wait until we finally have leaves on the trees again now. One thing that i think a lot of people are going to miss on this drone. A lot of people are going to complain about is the sideways, the lateral obstacle avoidance. The air 2s does not have lateral obstacle avoidance, so i would still be very careful. Most drone crashes actually happen, as the drone is moving laterally now. It also has the new active track 4.

0 and a pass 4.0, which dji is pretty proud of. Automation is the future of drones, and i think dji is finally catching up at least a little bit in this category. Okay, so i just ran out here to the youth camp, to test out the obstacle avoidance and the active tracking with the air 2s and i’ll. Tell you right now. This is by far the best active tracking that dji has ever done. It’S active traffic 4.0 and apas 4.0, and when you engage this thing, i challenged it pretty. Well. Today, i weaved in and out a bunch of pine trees, and it followed me and the thing about it is the thing that’s best about this is when it loses. You it actually regains you pretty quickly. I mean it does a really good job of that and also um attracted my vehicle a little bit. I tracked my pickup. I just drove around the roads here a little bit. I didn’t really challenge it with my vehicle, but i challenged it as i was walking. I went through some pathways that had some really little branches. I went through a narrow pathway with a fence on one side and some trees on the other side and it did really well and then i was really going to challenge it going through this pathway that had a whole bunch of really little branches. But i thought i better not. I don’t want to risk it as i’m still trying to do some reviews on this thing.

So i don’t want to you know, wreck it right away uh, but i think, as i get to use this more i’m going to challenge it a little bit more so and i probably will make a separate active tracking video for the air 2s because it is Worthy of having its own video, you guys it is really really good. Finally, i know i’m saying this is a semi, professional drone and it’s for creators and people like that. But it also has a feature that can make complete beginners look like professionals and it’s called master shots, and this is a brand new flight mode and it’s. Where you choose your subject, hit that button that master shots and then the drone will fly a few different patterns, it’ll record a series of shots, it’ll edit them together and then add music it’s, pretty simple, i’ll say it again: automation is the future of aerial imagery And it’s very exciting to see how the technology has improved. So what are my overall first impressions of this drone? Well, when it comes to flying the drone it’s pretty much the same as the mavic air 2., it handles the same. It flies a little bit faster. It sounds about the same, and the flight time is just a little bit less now. I think that’s because it’s a little bit heavier, but it uses the exact same battery as the mavic air 2, as well as the exact same propellers.

The only difference here is they painted these orange on the end, and i do kind of like that, all that being said it’s when you hit the record button, that the magic happens and you see how much better this drone is than its predecessor the details and The color accuracy that this camera provides is quite impressive, now i’m going to be using it here on a real estate shoot in a couple of weeks, so i’m really looking forward to that. Is it as good as the mavic 2 pro, because the mavic 2 pro is still my drone for when i do paid gigs? I don’t know that yet but i’m. Thinking that i may have to do a comparison, video on that, because if you can get the same quality out of a drone, that’s smaller newer and almost 600 less then it’s pretty much a no brainer. I haven’t truly tested the signal transmission yet, but so far it’s performed equally as well as the mavic air too. Now i’m going to be doing more testing on that and i’ll. Let you know if it truly is better with those four antennas so far, i’m. Quite impressed with their 2s and as i mentioned i’m going to be making quite a few more videos on it, including some comparison tests and tutorials so be sure to subscribe. So you don’t miss those hit the thumbs up. If i gave you any information of value today, follow me on social media for bonus content, especially tick tock, because i’m going to be doing some giveaways in the future on there.

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