Well, i have a new camera drone for you today by holy stone, its called the de22. Let me read to you what they sent me, because i was kind of confused about this. They said dearest eve. We just developed this new model, the de 22 pro drone and its selling very well on amazon. Would you like to test it out in the month of august? I said sure so, for some reason i thought the drone was gon na say holy stone like a holy stone model. No, but its d e r c. So is that a new subsidiary of holy stone? I have no idea, let me take it out and show you what it looks like, but before i do that, let me show you what else holy stone sent me. So they sent me this shirt and i dont know what it is, but i think in china, if you ever look at people in china theyre about you, know my size, maybe a little shorter, but let me just take the classes off every time i get a Swag from overseas in china, its always xxl size, so there we go im a size, medium in reality, but uh. You know and thats a medium in north america, which is pretty darn tiny. So, and i got a hat too check that out. So i have all this: do you think i am going to wear this today? I would love to, but its like 30 degrees celsius out here and its way too hot, so im going to take this stuff off to do my review.

Alright, so im back in my cooler clothing and i have our de 22 pro down here. Let me bring it close and show you it up close. So you can see this drone looks like many other drones youve seen. I have foldable arms. I have foldable props brushless motors in the front. Your camera is 4k, it takes 4k video and it takes 4k photos. It is a 2 axis gimbal and it does have electronic image stabilization. So everything should look smooth, no matter how windy it gets. You will notice too that on the bottom it looks like theres sensors here, but theres no sensors, its a cost cutting measure. There are zero sensors on this drone shooting out the bottom it uses a barometer for everything over here is where you put your micro sd card to record your video. It does have all the functions of most drones on the market like follow orbit and waypoints. So lets go fly it now. Oh, and one last thing i should have said: does it look like the f11 4k pro well, you would be correct. It is pretty much identical to the f11 4k pro, but i will say the following: when you buy this drone, if i you look at my case down here, you get the case and you get two batteries and there is a discount for it on amazon because Holy stone is selling this on amazon and they gave me a discount code which will be below this video all right to fly this.

We just have to power it on power. On the remote. Do a compass calibration go up in the air fly around, so the suns very bright out here im going to power this on, you might not see all the lights, but youll hear the sound and this remote controller im not a fan of it for outdoor light, Because, on a sunny day, i really cant see everything correctly for some reason. I can see it now, so maybe im lying so it says, gps mode is what i want and it is on just move. Your left, joystick and life is good. Next thing: take your cell phone and connect to the wi fi of the drone. My wi fi says its on d e r c. Fpv make sure you connect to that one next after you do that, then you can open the app and were gon na. Do that now the app were gon na open is called d e, r c gps. So click on that one to get in to see what the camera sees and to do all the calibrations hit the control button. So the compass calibration – you take your two joysticks here and you push them straight up and straight in like this and then spin this three times once twice three times what you want to do is have your lights, go solid, so my back lights are solid and Then put the nose up or down ill, just put it up it doesnt matter.

If its up or down spin it three times, and there we go next thing you have to do is a gyro calibration. You take both of these joysticks and youre gon na go up and out like this and then on your phone. It might say something after your calibration is finished. Your gimbal camera gimbal will be wonky, goes side to side, it will fix itself and ride itself and then youre ready to fly so im. Just gon na take my cell phone and stick it in my controller without dropping it on the ground. There we go so were ready to fly and take off so here we go so to take off pull these two joysticks down and in and go straight up there we go theres our little drone up in the air ill walk around it. How does that look? It looks pretty stable to me. I would expect it to be pretty stable because its just like the f11 4k drone, maybe a little bit more refined since it is newer. Alright, so, hopefully the cameras working on the drone. This is the video i just want to show you how smooth it is because it is 30 frames per second, you can see, as i walk around here, that is 30 frames per second, i should look smooth and if i come up close to the drone, getting Close getting close, getting close im going to bring the camera gimbal down there, we go nice and smooth coming down there.

We are, and i can get right under it right here there. I am all right, so this is going to be a quick review because it is just like the f11 4k pro. This is a pro drone, so expect it to be the same in a lot of the features. So what let me show you one of the features right now, which is active, track, theres, an active track on here for stability mode im, going to click over on the left right there. You see this little icon looks like some little diagram around a person im. Just going to click on that to draw a square around me and it should track me, it should have me so there we go its turning its looking for me. Well im right here, dudes its going back and forth so anyways. How well does that work, so it should be tracking me. So if i walk this way, let me see im just going to walk that green square should just carry on see that bus behind me. If i try to keep walking at the same speed as the bus there, we go, the drone stays there, but its following me around to follow objects behind me. If thats the case it cant follow you super quick, but it can follow you in uh many respects. Uh shes sort of shooting into the sun here, let me go where im not shooting into the sun, so the image looks better there.

We go im still walking. Well its got me, the farther you are away the better. It is because, when youre close, you make a very tight circle, so there we go so thats. One of the cool features on this drone. A lot of people use it. If you have kids or whatever you draw a little box around them, put the drone up. Let the kids run around do their thing and the drone just sits there and moves left and right and follows them as they run around and do their thing. So lets hop out of that all right im going to get back a little farther and im going to show you the follow me function, so i hit the little box on the left again. Gps follow its looking around for my phone there. It is it thinks my phone is over there im using an iphone, so i dont know so here i am walking arms out. It should just follow me. This is a gps follow. It means i can walk under trees. Anything, it does have me a little bit over to the side. So let me go this way now. It has no obstacle avoidance, so it would hit these lamp posts if i walked into them. So let me go im walking towards it lets see. Is it going to catch up? Oh im, going to hit the lamp post hang on, i got to stop doing that im, going to bring it down lower and see how she works here for follow.

So, like all drones on the planet, the gps follow can work at different heights, usually on budget drones, you can get it to work lower to the ground as this one is here. So let me see if i turn this way, so it still has me going long. There we go and it will follow and do its thing, whoa theres, a poster. I better stop. I dont want to go into that post all right, so lets get out of that next item. It has is orbit mode and its a little bit different on this drone, so im going to go over at my jeep, which is a way over there. So let me turn this around fly over to my jeep, okay. So the way the orbit works. Is you put your drone on top of what you want to orbit, so i want to orbit my jeep, so its kind of on top of it right now well see how that works now to make it go into the orbit mode. What you do is you just press, the camera button and the video button together. Here we go click so that sets where you want to do your orbit. Next, you fly your drone backwards, so ill fly it backwards, so heres the radius and im going to take it up a bit. It knows that center spot was what we wanted to film. Next, put your camera on the object you want to orbit.

Then you hit the camera button and the video button again and it should orbit automatically there. We go its doing its little thing and here we comes, and it should film and come around and it should go at a slow speed. I can speed it up: hey theres, a bird up on that thing. Im gon na go check out that bird with my drone, anyways theres the orbit and its doing a pretty good job. It still has the jeep in maybe not the best id have to bring the gimbal down a little bit again see. If i can do that, there we go so there we go. So we have my jeep in as its orbiting up there im looking into the sun going blind but thats how the orbit works its pretty simple and uh. I think its a little bit different on this one than other drones. Ive flown all right lets hop out of that theres that bird i was talking about up on the lamp post up there, you see it the little white thing up there im going beside it ill turn a little bit its still there. Well, it doesnt it doesnt mind the sound of the drone, its still there ill go on this side of it nope. Still there still there thats, pretty cool, hey bird guess you dont mind: oh there he goes. Okay, okay, ive got my drone up there last one. I want to show you is waypoints, so go over here to the waypoints.

Again, click on this. You can see the little waypoint is over on the bottom center. Let me tell you the other ones. You see on the screen, theres a vr mode thats. When you put on those uh 30 goggles, you buy off amazon and put your phone in them uh, you can put it in vr mode and then fly sort of like fpv, but its not the real thing. Next, where you see the hand thats gesture mode to take photos and videos, just by having the camera look at you and raise your hand uh the one im going to show you is. That looks like the looks i dont know. It looks like somebodys driving all over the place, thats the waypoints and then the one on the right is just to change the colors to something funky. So im gon na go on waypoints theres the map. Let me zoom in to me so see that circle thats. My radius, the h, is where home point is, which is over there. The red circle is me, and the red item is the drone and it shows which way its facing so to make white points im just going to go within my little geo field here and go one. Two and three three white points ill hit. The go button slide and receiving data flying and its going to go to the waypoints im just going to look at, i put them close together, so i can zoom through really fast its doing it here wow.

It goes fast to those waypoints. There we go there. We go and were at the last one, so ill hop out of that. Okay. Next thing, i want to show you really quick is the speeds? You have three speeds. It says that, right on the controller, you have normal camera mode and sport mode theyre, all written on the controller itself, its a normal now. So this is normal speed which ive been flying in there. We go bring it back now. It says im in camera mode. It should go slower, Music. Well, that, apparently, is slower. I guess, if you glide high its slower, i dont know i dont find that too slow here we go. This should be sport mode. Okay, that is sport, mode thats, fast, okay, ive got it back in normal mode, ill. Take it up. Uh, take some video and photos of the football fielding area really short and then ill. Give you my final thoughts: Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, okay, ive, got the return home happening so its coming back to me, theres a drone up there coming back to me im standing where the landing pad is so it should stop and come down. Any second coming down coming down coming down and plunk thats, pretty close its pretty close. So if you buy this drone, i want to show you what you get in the case so check this out. This is the box. Your drone comes in inside the box.

Youll get this really nice hard case and inside that hard case will be your drone pressing the power button on the drone. The drone will light up. You do have indicator lights for flying at night. Please also note that this kit does come with two batteries and those batteries are charged by usb and there is an included usb cable that you plug in right here. The drone does have a 4k camera and you can record the video and photos to a micro sd card that you place here. The includer remote control is a nice compact, foldable, remote control, all of the buttons and dials are nicely labeled self explanatory. The screen is very nice indoors, very colorful, but i do find out in the bright sunlight. It does become difficult to see. I should also mention that this remote is rechargeable, so no batteries required you just plug usb cable that is included into this slot here and charge it up. Other accessories include a full set of spare props. You also receive the usb cable to charge up the batteries and the remote controller, and finally, you receive documentation instructions on how everything functions. The total weight of this drone is 550 grams. All right final thoughts on this drone, its a gps drone, thats, really good. If you are a family person and you like to go out and film, the family doing orbit, follow me and waypoints its pretty decent. For that, the only problem i had once again is this controller.

I cant see with my eyesight and my sunglasses. I cannot see the screen, so i have to like shield it. Youll have to put some sort of shield over if you want to see that screen in bright, sunlight, its very hard to see but indoors, its beautiful, but other than that. I really dont have any comments. Youve seen the video you saw, my review, you saw my f11 4k pro review, uh theyre, pretty much identical so this here. Drone uh comes in this case with two batteries, and you get everything i showed you in the unboxing and theres a discount right now, because it is available on amazon. You dont have to go through any of the chinese stores, so you can pick it up on amazon with the discount, so go check it out. Links are below and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future.