So i can use this with the fpv camera with the dji digital goggles, and i will do that. But first weve got to put this together super easy to assemble. You just put the nacelle thing on the wing, so im calling it then the wing – and it just goes right on there same with the other two motors you just put it on the wing. There just find all the little pieces that fit together and boom. Just like that, you dont need any uh extra glue or anything they tell me so im sure its gon na be fine. These look almost exactly like dji phantom 2, through 4 motors, comes with two of these batteries that last a good long time in horizontal flight mode. They got the xt60 connectors on them and theyre easy to charge. It comes with a charger, of course, spare propellers and this little weighted piece that is in the nose of the plane to keep it balanced. When you dont have an action camera up here, you dont have to fly with an action camera, but you do need the wing so were going to go ahead and retrieve that Laughter. Well, thank you kind, sir. Pretty damn windy but were gon na try to fly this thing anyway. The controller is an android based system. You can install your own apps in here, but you will need to do it using apk files ill put a link in the description to show you how i did the screen recording on this.

Oh yeah works better with propellers. So what you want to do is its got two silver ones, and you look for the little one here without the nipple. This is a regular get a little bit of torque on that youre good to go. The other two propellers are black and you match them up in order to turn it on. You take the door off of the battery compartment thats on with a magnet, and it reveals the battery just plug this in. You do have to calibrate the air speed sensor, and that is this pitot tube right here, but first everybody loves the compass calibration dance lets. Do it quick interjection here from editing ken, as you can see, im in the middle of finishing this video youre watching it took me a little bit to figure out how to calibrate this thing only because this image wasnt very clear about how to orient this drone In order to calibrate the compass, and so i got a little bit frustrated if you would like to see the full much longer than this video itself version of me trying to calibrate this drone with all the profanity included then become a member. Now, back to the video hey, all right did it weve got to calibrate the air speed, which is this pitot tube? You hold this and its calibrating completed now. Youre blowing it completed all right in order to start it down, and this way thatll start the motors itll start the motors itll start those motors.

The interface was a little bit tricky to figure out, mostly because its in chinese, its in chinese. This is some some is this. A prank pre flight checks failed pre flight checks, failed uh, uh well just delete all those there we go now start you motherf its. The easiest drone youll ever see check that link in the description reject altitude control. Oh so ive ive got no, it didnt save it from the last time i put this in there youd think it would. So all these all these things that i have to put in here these values – this is the safe altitude when it will transition from horizontal flight into drone flight. So i did that max distance uh lets just do so. Uh, the max done max flight altitude, whatevs Laughter, return to home altitude lets make that 30. This is all in in meters, this isnt in real measurements. So you have to kind of do a little im just kidding just kidding. Europe fail safe action, return to launch low battery warning, blip, blah critically low warning, blip blop. All right, i think, were good all right, hot, damn, whoa all right, so it it it pretty much flies like a regular drone. At least we got it flying, oh hell. Oh hell, all right, i got ta land it i got. Oh, i got ta, i got ta land it. I i dont know what happened to it. I hit return to home, i dont know whats going on.

I hit return to home. I dont know whats going on. Did it crash? I crashed not optimistic at this point, so these wings are actually designed to do this so that it doesnt break you just put them right back all right, hes still going well just pop that battery back in and try it again. Okay, i think i know what i did wrong. Many of you may be yelling at your screen, saying you dumbass. You should have back when i was inputting all the numbers that i input yesterday, so that i wouldnt have to input them again. Um i put a one as the the value for how low it can go or how high it needs to go before it transitions to horizontal flight, and you may have noticed that at some point it did try to go into horizontal flight when it was one Meter off the ground, it would be cool if, when you put the numbers in it, remembered them to your next flight, but apparently it doesnt do that. But i do want to show you how fun it can be to fly fpv with the digital system. Thats on here, its a little bit later in the day, because we had to wait for the rain to pass but were going to give this another try if it lands in the high grass over there, with all the ticks jasons going to retrieve it. So im going to change these parameters because you have to do it each and every time because it wont reverberate.

Okay, just gon na do a little testing here, all right, so its flying like like a drone, so im going to go up and then im going to hit the a button and itll transition into horizontal uh flight Music. Im glad the wind has died down all right and then hit the a button, and there we go. It turns very slowly and bring it around here, its a little high. I wonder if i can get it down towards me all right. Okay, no! This actually is fun after all. Let me see if i can transition it. Okay, wonderful! Will it hold that space while i put the goggles on nah ill land it and then put the goggles on well take off again dont crash dont crash dont crash dont crash excellent. I got a line of sight it. Oh. I take off im going to hit the a oh yeah. Oh yes, oh it does not turn fast. I am over the water over there and im getting far away. I got ta come back here, but this is fun for sure. Im a little too high over the runway all right now you can see where we are down there and i dont want to get the its not as responsive as a foamy with ailerons and everything but uh. How high would you say i am there spotters, uh, 50 40 feet: okay, im gon na bank. Over this way it is fun, but i am getting a little bit of glitchiness up here.

Unfortunately, i cant record in the goggles to show you but im all the way down on the throttle, and i want to come back over this way and down by us. It will not go below a certain okay, so that setting where i set it to 30 meters, it wont go below that for horizontal flight. It will, if you set it but um since im, just getting used to this uh yeah and im losing it okay. So there we go, i dont know what happened to it, but im gon na hit return to home. Is it coming back? Okay, good had to hit return to home because were right next to this metal building. I should actually have been standing out here. Lets see where it lands see how accurate it is Music. Yes, you did a good job im going to stand over closer to the runway and change the parameter that allows it to go to horizontal flight lower so that i can get a nice shot down. The runway here in class g airspace right jason, press g yeah. Fortunately with the dji goggles, you can kind of look underneath. So i im like this. I can still i still got v loss. I still got v loss and going up transition. There. We go thats. Nice and low im getting a bit of break up here and it is starting to rain so im just going to go ahead and and hit return to home thats hitting the b button.

So, even if im in horizontal flight itll immediately go into, i think yes, its coming around, is it itll transition into drone mode and it should come down and land all right? I stand corrected. It is fun its very different from what youre used to flying a regular drone. If youve never flown a fixed wing, foamy or a flying wing, you might have a little bit of trouble. I apologize for all of the horrible things i said earlier. This is absolutely wonderful, its a steep learning curve if youve kind of trained your mind youve been flying drones for years. This is going to be a bit of a sticky wicket for you, but uh im, looking forward to flying this again on a non windy non rainy day. Thank you so much for watching this video and now your chance to win this thing. This, of course, is the swan k1 by heq, and you may be asking yourself: are you giving this away because you didnt enjoy it? Absolutely not. I had a great time flying it, but i think someone out there watching can have a greater time with it, and so, if you would like to win simply comment below plone or drain thats it. I will pick a winner from those who commented on an upcoming tnl. If you dont know what tnl is check, the link in the description, if you want to guarantee that you get this, then you can buy one with the link.

That is also in the description. Thanks for watching thanks for subscribing until next time and bye, are you hungry, maybe youd like to eat some winglets mmm a little barbecue sauce progress bar progress bar and here comes the fun bye wing. Hey sock it to me. Oh, its got a whole bunch of other buttons on here that i dont know what they do, but i guess well find out.