2015 drone. I start off with firestorm. He came out in 2003s version, two in the red uniform same bodies, eagle eye youre, reviewing beerus video. This has five shotgun shells: vests a radio. There gray gloves a holster and then knee pads and black belt. He has a orange and gray goggles. A helmet with could be a light in the top chin, strap he has basic x, bigger articulation. He moves the knee. The left and right head up and down uh hes, one of my favorite of the coralie, now do ruse soldier green uh. I dont like him as much as the other soldier hes only looking. He has a bullet um belt along his chest, a belt right here. A knife, some really weird, looking gun cant make out what it is. It probably some made up gun. He has green and black camouflage pants with black boots um a bandage on his arm and a watch his face. Sculpt is very detailed. He has a bandana or cap on yeah. He also has very basic articulation. He can um bend at the knee and stuff same for his elbows move his head around the next figure, the same body as him, so im not going to go over the next confirmation. This is ruse blue roof soldier, blue, so its called roof soldier green. He has blue and orange pants same weird gun. I think his um knife also looks much cooler. Look at the k bar knife theres, another bulletproof or another bullet belt, theyre, using much much better quality than this guy.

The white sleeveless shirt. He has black boots a little bit of orange on them, a belt overalls and then a head sculpt thats. What looks like a crew cut? Maybe not a crew cut. I dont know what that is same, watching bandage and hes hes very angry. That was the ruse from 2005s, my only complete team from 2005., and then we have drones in really beat up condition. Ive used it a lot, it has this drone. You can take off. I review the smaller teams like this ill, be sure to include the vehicles next.