For the fourth time of the toy review, im gon na show this the drone, but it acts actually korean, but i am korean. Actually so i learned english and i i i want to do english and youtube so i watch by this world and then i learn english. A lot. Okay lets see first, this drone you can get in korean and it comes with a controller. Yes say that controller. So its pretty pretty cool, so you can on and off thats easy, but this school has a camera in here. So the camera button is right over here right over here well right over here. Okay and the go up button is right over here and go up and go around like this. Okay, and this is a camera drone. So when you get the own see it lights up, so it glows in the dark and you you can get any okay and for this its pretty cool. I put the batteries in this and the propellers and a shield because anyone on a board get get this shield off, so we protect protected or shoot that thats. What the instruction says – and i dont know, is a lot this, so its just um, seven or eight or nine weeks to get this Music. When i grade first grade, i get this throne for affair. Okay, then thank you for watching. Remember, always subscribe and happy. Okay, bye, oh its, not uh, uh, hey turn off what its nothing not turn nothing.