Nope not around here. Where are they at come on? Show me show yourselves whos laughing huh, oh youre, on the playground, youre having too much fun. Other side of my eyes is right. Whats up, i want you to get off the swing right now right now. What this is our swing? Yeah my mom bought this swing. Well, if you guys dont get up then ill beat you up what what im? Not scared of you, oh yeah, whoa thats. What i thought now move uh camaro. I think we should go. Get dad. Yeah lets go come on. Lets go go run now. I can finally go on the swings. This is my park now and i still hate her song. Applause wait im bigger than him. Why are we even running? I dont know youre my big brother im, just following you, bro youre right lets go back this time. I got this just stay behind me. Okay, i dont only have one swing. I have two swings. Oh yeah, i could go on both of them and theres. Only one of me. This is so fun without them. Losers: Music, oh yeah! Oh my gosh, theyre back! You guys want get out the swing. Why? Because were on it first well its my turn now remember: yall ran off like some sissies ill. Do it again youre, not strong, im a girl, and i can beat you up what boy, what yeah im the one that made her tough, oh yeah, im bigger than you.

I dont talk on dylan, you dont boy. You want to smoke and we practice boxing um um lets get them. Ah, oh, no thats what you get yeah but wait. I kind of feel bad wait guys my knee its really messed up all right im gon na get my dad. Are you? Okay? Eli? Oh, my knee here ill help. You up look yeah theyre right there, where what happened guys i was bullying them and then i got hurt. You were bullying them again. I thought you learned your lesson last time, but dad we feel bad. He got hurt but dad he said you beat us up. He tried to beat you guys up. Yeah bro, nah thats, not okay, well, come out, hes hurt right now we got to make sure hes good first hes. Just a kid i dont know all right come on come on. Lets go! Oh my knee youre gon na be okay. So is it feeling better like theres? No blood, bro theres, no blood. You should be good yeah. I just twisted it all right, bro, but listen! You bullied my kids before and now its happening again explain yourself. What is this all about? I just wanted to get a turn on the swings and they werent letting me hes lying hes lying yeah. He didnt even ask for a turn. Yes, i did. No, you did it. Yes, i did yeah, you did you said true. I did no, why are you lying? Okay, okay, okay, okay, listen, thats enough, we dont do bullies and you guys i dont, like your attitude either were squashing the beef right now.

All right were all gon na be friends. Do you understand? Do you understand? Yes, do you understand fine, huh, fine, huh, okay, thats? What i thought from now on were all gon na be friends and were all gon na play together. Okay, deal deal come on guys. I know we could do it all right, no one likes a bully and no one likes kids who dont share. You guys all seem like cool kids. We can do it. Man, you guys, can take turns you can find other stuff to play with. What do you guys say lets? Do it yeah? I think we can do it. You think we can do it. Yeah yeah all right! Well, listen to this, though i just bought a brand new trampoline. If you guys can promise no more fighting, yall can be the first ones to use the trampoline. Of course. Yes deal yeah all right. Everyone put it in friends on three one.