Why a couple years ago we stopped doing drones on our channel, but rest assured before that point in time we abby and i flew over a thousand drones to test on our channel. So we do have experience. We just have a little gap in there because we stopped doing budget stuff. One of the few brands out there that we are okay with doing budget things for is holy stone and thats. What this drone is people will ask us a decent drone under a hundred dollars, and this is right at the hundred dollar price point comes with a nice little case, which you guys know. I love instructions, protection and check that out all your charge, cables, extra props and parts are up here: two flight batteries theres your controller and your little drone. Now, with christmas, coming up and the holidays, people are going to be shopping for something in this price point. You can buy something a little cheaper, thats, probably just about as good but youre gon na risk buying overseas with long shipping and the benefit of holy stone is theyre very well established on amazon. So you have very good return policy spare part availability and customer service. If anything should go wrong, were gon na fly this in todays video and let you know if its worth your hard earned money. I have not tested this. I just have a good track record with holy stone, maybe 80 good 20 bad thats about where they stand.

With us so lets put this in the air and see how it does there we go both sticks down and in and then auto takeoff a little close to the camera Laughter, okay guys. So this is a budget drone. What we like to do on a budget drone any drone, as a matter of fact, is just get a nice little hover test when its still here close to us and see how everything does we dont want, like crazy toilet bowling or something to uh, to go Crazy, so on your first takeoff, dont just launch this thing into the sky 300 feet up, you know, give it a little hover for 30 seconds or a minute or so before you do much else with it. So theres some pros and cons to a budget drone like this and abby. It has been a long time since we have flown a drone. That looks and sounds like this, so we have a light breeze today about five or six miles an hour, and when i let my hands off the controls right there, you see it drifting with the breeze, so thats thats a con theres, no visual position hold or Gps on this drone, you really should fly on a calm day, but probably the biggest pro to this drone has got to be the price you can for a hundred dollars. Learn to fly a drone id rather make a mistake on a hundred dollar drone than a 1200 drone, or even a few few hundred dollars its a big difference.

So a lot can be learned and said about a drone like this. Now we do have the ability to make the camera go up and down so lets see if we can actually do that right now there we go. I just pitched it up. So now its horizontal were looking straight out from the drone and we can see the props in the camera shot. There too lets see how far we can angle this down, thats fairly, smooth and fairly pixelated too. Sometimes it pops in and out youll notice, im not pushing this drone extremely far away because id say the range isnt super great. We dont have any exposed antennas on the top of the transmitter or anything like that and were just using standard wi fi back to abbys phone lets. Hang this up a bit more, so we have a better camera view on the drone there we go. I like to look down just enough, so those props arent just eating up the shot thats a pretty good angle, even though the props are in there just a little bit okay, so we have high and low rate too. I would like to test that, but heres full forward trying to fight the wind just to give you guys an idea how tame this drone is in the low setting, which is what its on by default. I can fight the wind were moving right along and then well fly with the wind, so the wind is to our backs.

Now. Youll notice were flying a whole lot, faster thats way faster, and it takes a minute for it to get stopped. Just because were fighting the wind in low rates, okay lets go to high rates and see how much better it fights the wind. The downside is going to be. Our camera view wont be as smooth as the low rate, so theres, two beeps for the high rate. A little switch on the radio and theres full forward into the wind nose into the wind obviously were cruising way faster. Now its able to fight the wind, better and so thats a nice feature to have on a little camera drone uh. I thought you lost it first. Second, i thought: maybe we were gon na go down two. I lost orientation for a half. Second remaining. You know im flying this line of sight at that point, although you could fly this fpv, the uh, the feed isnt too bad. We have about a second or two of delay from what the drone is actually doing so guys when you have a drone like this one of the downsides to it is because to hit that cost, they have to put whats called brushed motors in here versus brushless Motors brushless motors tend to last a lot longer. Theyre not geared out like these are that little grindy, whiny noise, youre hearing lets get a little listen to this. Okay, you have the sound of the props.

It sounds kind of like wind rushing, but then you have kind of like a Music. You know really struggling noise. There thats the sound of the motors and the gears just kind of going to tell them its a very good example. Thank you thats about as good as i can get. Youll probably get you know. Some people do get hundreds of flights out of brushed motors. If you properly maintain them, you dont run the motor up against tall blades of grass for extended periods of time. That sort of thing so brushed versus brushless brushless tend to cost more weve, actually seen some drones at about a hundred dollars that had brushless motors but with uh the way inflation is hitting everything right now, everything so thats, probably a thing in the past. I imagine for this to be sold on amazon by holy stone at a hundred dollars is, is fairly uh surprising. Now, okay, you can find something like this for probably 20 or 30 cheaper, like i said overseas, but um lets fly down over here and check this out a little bit of tree line. You guys the trees and the leaves are changing. Colors and everything looks awesome and um lets go up and back there we go. I see on that tree line, i just kind of lost. I had you my visual orientation and lets talk about that. This drone has something called headless mode, so lets bring this back.

I want to show you guys what headless mode does its really cool feature when you dont have a gps on your drone, but you want to do especially when youre learning headless mode could come in really handy. We did a video like five or six years ago. Talking about headless mode and im flying back just kind of smooth slower to give everyone a smoother shot of that headless mode is kind of fancy and nice. Because lets do this when we lower the drone down right now. The drone is facing away from us and if i push forward on the right stick, which controls all the direction the drone will fly away from us, as you guys can see right flying away. Now, when i pull back, the drone comes back when i push right on the right. Stick the drone flies to the right, and the same goes for when i push left there. You go okay, but when the drone is facing a different direction, lets face it to the left. Now, when i push forward look what the drone does you see that its flying off to the left? When i push back oh thats, our battery, i think no lets see, lets see it was coming down. It was coming down, i dont know possibly getting a low battery. Well see id, be surprised if that was low battery. When i push back, the drone flies to the right now. If we put this in headless mode, what will happen is no matter which direction the drone is facing.

When i push away it will actually fly away so headless mode is, i believe, right here? Oh there we go thats, a crazy rotation lets just circle me: okay or circle. I dont remember, which one was headless, could be this one down here this theres another button that looks like headless one there we go were in headless mode now, no matter which direction the drone is facing. When i push forward lets see like this, the drone flies forward. You see yep and i actually took it out of that headless mode because it was beeping for the sake of the video, but the concept still remains the same. So if i headless mode, usually always beeps yeah when im facing left, if i push away, then the drone flies away. Headless mode comes in really handy for beginners learning orientation. The confusing thing can be especially when the drone is facing you and then you push right and the drone goes left that can be confusing. So overall guys lets talk about this picture quality on this hundred dollar drone, the fact that we have a camera. This is whats mind blowing, really, it always has been to me on a platform thats flying and we have control over it and its a halfway. Decent picture. Quality is mind blowing to me now: youre, not comparing this to dji drones or the camera on your phone or anything, but its a pretty good camera quality for something in this price point and the wi fi feed is decent too now i wouldnt recommend you guys Doing this, but lets try a bit of a range test sort of so just take it down in the field.

You want to go that way now, im afraid im afraid well get toward the uh. You know the tree line, but ill go ill. Go between the trees, i mean, if youd rather stay up here on the hill thats fine yeah, i mean lets, go out. This way well see were not going to make it too far. You know we dont have telemetry telling us how far its going or anything just when i notice the picture quality getting choppy thats about when were going to pull it back. We dont have return to home or anything like that. Guys thats from here to the tree line, and we still have good uh line of sight im actually coming back, because i dont want to go any farther to me. That is extremely good. I wasnt expecting to go that far thats. As far as i can see this with my line of sight and know the orientation of the drone so to those of you that want to know how far this can go its as far as you should possibly fly it ever. In my opinion, okay fly safe. Now something to go paired with your new drone, which actually has a very long flight time from what i can tell so far. You should fly with ama the academy of model aeronautics and, if youre shopping for your first time, drone as a christmas gift or something id like to encourage you guys to at least look into the academy of model aeronautics.

They ensure all of us that fly rc planes, rc drones, helicopters, even those of us that fly or drive rc cars and boats. All of us are insured its an insurance program, kind of like kind of like liability. If you happen to fly into somebodys car with your drone, then youve got insurance to help cover those damages. Not the cost of the drone itself. Well have ama linked in the description box below. I highly encourage you guys to check them out because abby and i do not fly anything of our own without ama in our pockets. Lets challenge myself here: abby to get a nice fairly cinematic shot of this field, its beautiful up here at the sunset. I want to put it back in low mode and just see if i can fly low and slow kind of like a little cinna, whoop, okay and then were probably gon na have to land id, say our batterys getting a little bit low there. We go guys. The live feed is a little bit on the choppy ish side, but again were talking 100 drone, but the camera is not horrible. I have seen much worse cameras. You got to go up eventually. Oh here we go, big reveal big reveal shot here. It is ah there it is youre right nice, a lot of practice on something like this. Probably the highest weve. Had it flying a lot of times too, when you bring a drone down it wobbles really bad.

This one has a nice slow descent and its not too bad. This has rubber grommets on that camera. Now theres no gimbal here, but the fact that it has that servo to allow you to aim the camera up and down is pretty cool. And yes, there is hand, gestures, abby, just popped that open on my uh on the app were not doing hand gestures. I dont even bother with those they always we made fun of it when the spark did it. Nobody actually, if youve ever used for real hand, gestures a third person via doing it, because, yes, i dont believe you, especially with the sparks theyre, like hang off a mountainside. You know because youre everybody on the mountainsides rock climbing and then shoot your drone out and control it with your hands right because thats, a good idea, hes doing that. Okay, here we go. You said you wanted a nice number high rates because the wind picked up. So its not going to look quite as good, but here we go were going to use the sun. Well, i got a cinematic issue: okay, nice, okay. I know im flying this full on fpv and now we go up up up up up to get that nice. Sun reveal oh a little jerky there. The wind picked up and its pulling me. Oh, the wind pulled me over the wind has got me there. Oh, is it going down? You got it, you got it thats close yeah.

We got a little bit of gust going today, guys its a very calm day, but then the wind gusts – and you know, scares you a little bit so also while were experiencing this extremely long flight time. I just want to encourage you guys to fly your first few flights and absolutely no wind at all, and i dont want you on christmas day. If you pull this out from under the tree, do not fly this in your living room. I promise it will not end well and dont listen to uncle jimmy when he says how high can it fly dont do it. How far can it go dont do that either itll go all the way. People theres a lot of people, never see it in the helicopter world that encouraged uh first time helicopter pilots to buy a drone. Exactly like this, because what im doing here is flying in this imaginary glass box in front of us and its helping me with both orientation and controls of the drone – and i actually enjoy kind of fighting the wind so to speak with this drone, because it gives You practice on how to react when the drone is farther away from you and its and its like panic mode time. You have to know how to see if i take my hands off the controls, its just drifting away, its just gone right, so its a constant like battle when you have a light breeze and you need to know how to react to the wind when youre flying A drone – these are things people dont talk about, theyll, get in front of the camera and say this is a great drone.

You know good yeah click, my link and go buy it so i can buy some beef. Jerky youve got to really set the right tone. These rookies sound, really good. Is that what you do when people click our links, i mean ive been yeah. I like tripping, okay, but im, not telling people to rush out and buy this drone im trying to show them. This is what the drone is. These are the expectations to have with this drone and if you like, what you see its linked there yeah please use the link to buy it. Thank you. Bye, beef jerky, you know teriyaki, but but im not saying go, buy this thing like it has pros and cons. Our daughter doesnt need to eat anything except beef, jerky right, thats, a wholesome diet, yeah thats. For me, not even though millie does like these jerky guys. This flight time is blowing my mind so ill. Tell you what well do abby weve saved the footage here on the phone. While i continue to fly this thing and then well do a nice little landing. I cant do why cant you hit them well, because im trying to maintain this flight hit the button. Is it the video one yeah okay, abby is so much better on the iphone than i am okay. Okay – and i will let you guys know how much longer it flew down in the description box, so lets come in for a nice smooth lane.

Excuse me landing landing. Can we land on my box my case that i need to go right here right at our feet? There is no way i can actually get this to land now theres an auto land button too, but i want to challenge myself and see if i can land on this tiny little target its harder than you would think you guys, especially prop wash wind and then The motors dont just shut off instantly if they did, that would be so much easier. Oh, okay, ill! Take it ill. Take that landing great little drone for the price, backed by a good company with a really long flight time and keep in mind. I have a fully charged second battery. In the case i charged both batteries because i didnt know if this would fly for five minutes or i have no idea what were up to right now. It was like 15 minutes, i think crazy and were still going strong. Well, let you guys know the total flight time in the comments below or the description box just so this isnt like a 40 minute video in the cold too, which uh shortens battery life im freezing thats right. My fingers are turning red uh. The camera on here has the ability to aim up and down see that. Can you see that its actually really smooth and then thats held in with rubber grommets, so dont do this with yours, but you guys you can see how much bounce it has.

What thats doing is taking the vibration from the props and the motors and everything in the wind down just a little bit: okay, its giving you just a little bit of smoothening of your footage and then obviously this is a folding arm drone, which one doesnt go Front back like that and thats thats great and then the radio 2 folds right down what a good little setup and thats actually three aaa batteries that thats flying on now again theres some cons to be had here. You saw the camera quality yourself like it or hate it, thats what you get when you pay about a hundred dollars the brushed motors arent, going to last as long be as efficient as powerful or as quiet as brushless motors and were not flying with even a Visual position hold camera on the bottom, which will help lock that in place were drifting with the wind on this drone and theres, no gps, so youre not going to get a return to home. If you lose this drone, you really need to keep it within your line of sight or youll. Never get this thing back. So there are some pros and cons to be had here. The biggest pro is obviously the price two batteries long flight time. Its a great drone to learn on comes with two charge cables, and i love a good case guys that really just takes it up to the next level. For me, the fact that this comes with a nice little case to keep it all protected in for traveling and just for fun, thats, really cool its all linked in the description box below and id love to hear from you guys.

Let me know your thoughts if you have a higher budget that can swing a more expensive, better drone, let us know and ill make a good recommendation. This is not a bad drone, and i had fun today, even though were freezing our fingers and toes off its always fun to get out and fly drone and its been a long time since weve flown just a nice budget. Drone like this, for the opportunity to get in front of the camera and share this experience with you guys. I thank god and for this beautiful weather, its just a beautiful day up here too, its amazing definitely gods country and i want to say a massive thanks to our patreon supporters, because you guys know we couldnt do these videos without your support. It means the world to us, wed love it if you would consider joining our patreon team and getting some rc sailor stickers straight to your door just in time for christmas, that would be super cool, put them on all your favorite rcs guys. Well.