First, im dunking them in the water and now im dunking them into the dirt. So lets talk about what happened here, but first i have a couple of things that i do want to say about the mavic 3. Music: hey welcome back to the channel everyone russ here and yes, as you just saw my mavic 3, picked a fight with an Ash tree and it obviously lost so ill – tell you exactly what happened here in just a minute, but first of all i want to discuss a couple of things about the mavic 3 to sort of supplement. What was in my initial review, video and in case you havent, seen my initial video on the mavic 3 ill post it right up here, as well as in the video description now. First of all, i want to address the most discussed topic by far, and that is the price i feel like. The incredible abilities of this drone have been so overshadowed by the sticker shock that so many people had in case you dont know. The mavic 3 ranges in price from 2 200, all the way up to 5 000, depending on which package that you get, and i know that really disappointed. So many people that were waiting for this drone. You know many mavic owners are coming from the mavic 2 pro or the mavic air, or even the original mavic pro, and so i think a lot of those people are expecting that price to be just maybe a little bit more than what they paid for those Other drones but heres the deal you guys with the arrival of the mavic 3.

The mavic line is no longer your average consumer option. The air 2s is now djis best consumer drone. The air 2s is more than enough drone for casual flyers and hobbyists. The mavic 3 is now the next level. The mavic line has been given sort of a promotion so to speak, and the air 2 and the air 2s, and even the mini 2, have kind of taken its place in that consumer category. So for those of you complaining about the price, its probably not for you its for people that want to get into more the commercial side of flying drones and that kind of segues into the second thing that i want to talk about. And that is the ability of the mavic 3 to help those of you who are interested in pursuing some type of commercial drone work. Now i just did a couple of videos about the mavic 2 enterprise advanced and some of the ways that you can earn a lot of money with it, its an amazing drone with a thermal camera, but it costs 6. 500. The mavic 3, with its high resolution. Incredible zoom capabilities, better obstacle avoidance, longer flight time and more is actually a better choice for commercial drone work than the mavic 2 enterprise advanced. Unless youre interested in doing anything related to thermal, you could potentially start earning money instantly, conducting aerial inspections with the mavic 3.. So if you want to see a comparison, video with the mavic 3 to the mavic 2 enterprise advanced comment down below, so i can see if theres any interest, and if enough of you are interested, i will make that video.

So now what exactly happened with my mavic 3? Well in my initial review, i showed you guys how great i thought the obstacle avoidance was on the mavic 3.. It thoroughly impressed me. It did so well. Yet some of the comments said that i didnt challenge it enough. They thought – maybe i didnt put it in a situation where it really had to work hard, so i took it out last weekend into some thickly wooded areas. To put all those comments to rest, i hit the screen recorder and i just started flying the mavic 3 directly at some trees. Okay lets just start flying at some trees see what happens now. All of the leaves are gone on our trees, so i knew it was going to be a challenge for it and it did really well so then, what i did is i flew it backwards for a while to see how it did going backwards, because people were Asking about that and again it performed wonderfully and it actually found its own way down the walking path like it stayed in between the rows of trees and went right down the path, even though i was pulling straight back on that right. Stick all right! Heres! Oh, look at that, so its finding the trail its going around these trees and its actually finding the trail, its pretty good im just pulling straight back on the right. Stick straight back ill show you here.

I just got my right hand on there pulling straight back on that. Stick right there. All right, pull back goes around that tree right. There, okay now were coming into a more congested area. So then, as i was going forward, it got into some heavily branched areas and the drone kind of went off to my left a little bit for some reason. I dont know why it didnt go to the right where there was much more open space, but it went off to the left. So i just kept pulling back on that right, stick just to see where it would go and what would happen, and it finally got stuck because it got into this area where it was completely surrounded by all these little branches. And so it just stayed there. Even though i was pulling back on the stick, the drone just hovered there, so it was right at this point where i should have made a different decision. I should have lowered the drone and then navigated it back out into the path right back to safety, but i also really wanted to see if it could navigate those little twigs. You know it went back into that area, so i figured it could come forwards. The same way, so i just pushed forward on the right stick and the drone saw some twigs all around it. So i think its almost like the default is where the drone increases in altitude to get out of those situations and what it did is it increased in altitude just a little bit and right above it was a little twig sticking out back here and see how It does pushing just on the right: stick: Music, oh and theres.

Our first crash just a really little really small twig. There lets see, hopefully its okay. Oh, oh lets see here and one of the propellers hit that twig and then all hell broke loose and it fell down to the ground and it fell from about 12 feet high. So not a big deal. I really didnt think it was that big of a deal ive had drones fall from that height many many times and theres been really no damage, except for some cracked propellers, and so i thought oh well theres. My first crash and i kind of giggled a little bit and i thought well well just start it back up, put some new propellers on and keep testing the obstacle avoidance. So i went over and i picked it up and everything looked okay, except for some broken propellers and then on the app it said. Gimbal stuck the warning for gimbal stuck was on so i set it down. I restarted it just to see if that warning would go away and the long story short it came back on that gimbal stuck warning was still on and the gimbal wont move. I turn the wheel and the gimbal just wont move. It wont do anything. So after closer examination, i found that one of the gimbal stops is broken. One of the little pieces of metal that holds the gimbal in place is broken off so heres. What i think, obviously even the best obstacle avoidance, has its limitations right.

Even the skydio has its limitations. If you fly among some thin branches like many thin branches, thickly wooded areas or if you fly around power lines, its just not gon na see it plain and simple and yes, anytime, a drone falls from the sky. There is going to be damage, but you know the expression, the bigger they are, the harder they fall well, this camera its so big and thats. What makes this drone so awesome, but its also, what makes it more vulnerable its like hanging out there like a vulnerable thing. I dont know how to explain it, but you know its just sticking out there, its so big, and what happened is my drone. Just fell head first and it suffered some brain damage, so i just started the dji care refresh process and i shipped it off to a repair center. Yesterday i brought it to the ups store. I didnt even bring a box. I just brought my drone. I brought my upc code, its so easy. You guys. The good news is, i wont, have to be without my mavic 3 for very long, because once they receive it, theyre going to immediately send me a replacement unit. I dont have to wait for the evaluation and the repair and all of that and its called dji care refresh express now, so it should only be a few days which is really impressive. If you think about it, im going to keep you updated on this process, you know over the years care refresh, has kind of gotten a a bad rap.

I know a lot of people complain about it on the forums they dont have good experiences with it, but uh but theyve revamped it. I think they kind of timed the revamping of the care refresh with the mavic 3 and so far im pretty impressed like no more waiting. You guys no more waiting for them to get the get it figure out, whats wrong with it fix it and ship it back to you its once. They get yours boom, youre gon na get another drone, and so i think, thats, pretty cool. So im gon na keep you updated on that process, and – and this is my first time ever using it, so im – really interested to see how this goes and if you want to see how it goes as well be sure to subscribe. If you havent already, if you did like this video hit that thumbs up, i do want to thank you for watching.