I got a real, quick video today and what i want to show you is. I was flying my drone over my lunch break today and i realized when i got the drone up. Okay, this is not the best day for shooting drone footage, it’s very cloudy, it’s dreary, it’s hazy. We don’t have any trees or any colors, basically on the ground. Everything’S pretty brown yet because it’s that time of year, it’s really a bad time of year to get any kind of aerial footage. But i thought you know what this is a good opportunity for me to show you guys like how to take some boring. Bland aerial footage and make it a little bit better there’s, just a couple of steps and it’s super super easy, so that’s. What i’m going to show you today, how to what you can do to take some boring drone footage and just make it look a little bit better all right to keep this video short we’re going to get right to it. So, like i said, i put my mavic air 2 up and i captured some aerial footage of the river, but the the colors this time of year are so bad they’re, so brown they’re, so boring and drab, and and so this footage isn’t going to look great Either way, even after i show you what i do with the editing, but but i just wanted to show you this because i’m sure that there are a lot of you who are really apprehensive about using descent alike or d log, with your aerial footage, because you’re Not quite sure what that means, or what to do with it so i’m going to show you how to edit this footage, with like three simple steps like there’s three things that you do and whether you have a a nice super awesome, editing program or you just Have the dji fly up, you can do it right on the app so i’m going to show you that, towards the end first thing i’m going to do is show you how to do it with adobe premiere pro because that’s what i do – and i think eventually I want you all to get to that point where you’re comfortable editing in that type of editing program, but but i think the majority of you are probably going to be able to do this on the fly app.

So so i’ve already imported these two clips and what i did is i recorded some footage using the normal color mode on the mavic air, 2. and so i’m. Just going to drag this down into my timeline, let’s put that actually i’m going to start a new sequence. Let me do that: first, new sequence: hello, right there and we’re just going to go with a 4k 30. now i did record in 4k 60, but that’s. Okay, let’s put this in the timeline: keep existing settings all right, so here’s. What i recorded i’m going to pull this forward a little bit here’s what i shot in normal mode. Everything else was auto: auto white balance, auto exposure. Everything was autumn, so i’m just going to go ahead and let’s cut this down to like 16 seconds, okay, so here’s the normal mode. Let me just play it for you, a little bit. Okay, see what i’m talking about it’s. Very this boring pork footage all dead, but this is beautiful in the summertime, when everything is a little green. So let’s go back here now. What i’m going to do is i’m going to pull in the decent alike one, and i tried to kind of keep the same track i’m, going to put it right on above this one and we’ll cut that back a little bit as well make that about 16 Seconds all right, so here is the descent like now, if you don’t know what d center like is or d log, if you have the mavic 2 pro, basically, what that does is i like to think of it, as when you compare normal to decent alike, is Like when you’re getting a normal color aerial footage or from a camera, everything’s been done for you like the recipe was there, the ingredients were all put in they’re mixed together and the product is delivered to you, it’s ready to consume okay, decent alike or d log.

Basically hands you all of the ingredients and then you mix it all together to make whatever you prefer, like you can put in the ingredients to whatever kind of level that you want and you can produce that awesome dish or whatever that video, so so that’s. Why? You want to shoot in decent, like because you have more control. Okay with normal mode. You don’t have any control. You can edit normal. You know a little bit, but you have so much more flexibility when you’re shooting in d log or d center, like so here’s. My d center, like i’m, just going to go ahead and play it forward, so you guys can see how boring and drab it is. So everything is flat right, everything’s kind of boring and gray and draw yucky. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to edit this decent, like footage i’m, going to show you how you can make it look better than the normal and it’s super super easy. So the first thing that you’re going to do if you’re using adobe premiere pro and i’m, going to show you how to do this on the dji fly up as well. Super easy, but we’re just going to pull up this contrast right here, because decent alike and d log they get rid of the contrast. They make everything flat: okay, uh, just to show you what what when people say flat. What does that mean? I’Ll show you here on the scopes, see this right here: that’s flat everything’s in the middle everything’s scrunched, together, okay, your highs and your lows are scrunched together, your colors are scrunched.

That makes everything flat. So when you hear the word flat footage that’s what they’re referring to this is flat footage, we’re, gon na stretch it out and we’re gon na make it look nicer. Okay, first thing: we’re gon na turn up this contrast, we’re gon na go all the way up on um yeah, we’re gon na go all the way up to 100, okay, so that’s the maximum contrast that we can add we’re not going to do any more there. Next thing, the colors are really flat too right: everything’s, pretty gray we’re going to crank up the saturation we’re going to go up pretty high on this, so let’s go up, maybe not that high let’s go up to about 170 okay. So there we have our saturation. Almost doubled, we have our contrast all the way up as far as it goes now. The next thing that we want to do let’s check out our scopes here, so it’s, less flat right, but look at all this space down here see all this black. We want to pull everything down so it’s, not so flat. So the next thing i’m going to do is i’m, going to bring down these shadows so i’m going to grab this right here, i’m just going to drag it down and pull those shadows down, and that makes the image look so much better. Just those three steps alone, you guys increase the contrast, increase the saturation, pull down your shadows and right there it’s already better.

Now you can fine tune everything here. You can go into the creative tab. You can go into the color wheels and the curves and do all that, but i just wanted to show you how easy it is to make d center. Like footage. Look great so now let’s compare it to the normal, so i’m just going to go ahead and click on the eye right here, so here’s, the normal footage. Okay, here’s! Our edited footage, look at how much better that looks and it hardly took any work at all. All right so there’s, normal and yeah you can edit normal, like if i were to edit the normal here. Let’S see the contrast. Let’S turn up the saturation a little bit, so you can edit the normal all right, but so much better. Your dynamic range is so much better on decent alike, so anytime, you’re, shooting aerial footage you guys, especially when it’s yucky, like this shoot in decent alike or shoot in d lock. If you have the mavic 2 pro or any other drone that shoots log or decent, like these sound, like is kind of like a like the junior varsity level of d log, but it still does a good job so shoot in decent like and that’s what you Can do now on the dji fly up. You can do the same things here. You don’t have as much power as you do with something like adobe, premiere, pro or davinci resolve or any of those other editing programs that you can do on your pc or mac.

But you can still edit your descent like footage on the dji fly up, all you have to do is download it, and then you can just do the same thing. You pull up the create and then you click on pro and then you have all of those options to increase your contrast, increase your saturation. You can change the brightness. You can do all of that right on your dji fly up and when they’re done, you can go ahead and save that and download it to your phone or your mobile device, whatever you’re, using and and share that footage with your family and your friends or whoever Social media, so it’s so easy to edit don’t, be intimidated. You guys, if you’re intimidated by decent, like or d log i’m, hoping that this gave you a little more confidence to be able to edit that footage and if it did, click on that thumbs up button. Also subscribe for more videos like this, if you got anything of value from this channel click on that subscribe button, i have some lofty goals this year, so i would appreciate you joining the community.