Welcome to my channel, while triple tech has a brand new tablet on the market. It is the eight inch pro and its designed for drone pilots, its all designed for outdoors actually its its kind of like a phone in a tablet, its one of the few on the market, and they say it works with every drone and ive tried it with Several drones already and it seems to work quite well. So let me show you here: i have it working with the dji flymore app, so you can use it with the dji mini 2, the dji se, the dji mavic mini as well as the dji air and the dji air 2s works. Fine here it is working with the hubsan xeno mini pro, and if you watched my review on the mini pro, you know that until you fly, there is no video. So here its just telling me all the diagnostics – and i can hop out of that – hit the x and normally i would go into the fpv signal, but, as you can see on the screen on a hopson, xeno mini pro, it basically says: hey. We turned it off on you, so yeah, no video now for owners of autel evo and the new nano coming up in the new light. It works with all of those as well. This here is the 6k autel evo 2, its the most expensive one. Before you get into the commercial side its got that huge camera in the front and it uses the app whoa, i just hit a bunch of buttons on here.

Let me go to previous, so you can see here on my sc. Well, the screen is so bright. You can see on the screen here, it says, select your evo, you got the two or the original one. It will have all the new ones in there as well pretty soon so ill hit the two, and let me just go in next, its oh, its just telling me all sorts of stuff here next next next done, i dont know what youre asking there we go. So camera says theres firmware update. I know yeah yeah next self checking good finish. Okay, oh my god. Its still going dont show this again because i dont even know what it means all right. So there it is working with the autel evo app and you can see as i move this around you do – need an adapter to connect this huge tablet to the controller. You probably already have one. If you dont uh triple tech does sell one. They did give me this one before and ive used it in previous videos. I just didnt connect it now, speaking of adapters for controllers, to put the tripletech 8 pro on, you will probably need something if you dont already have something theres. So many things on the market, so you might already have something so here im using this. This is a type of little holder that goes into a remote that is in this shape, and you can put a pretty big tablet in there because it stretches quite large.

You can see from here to here and, as you stretch it out, you can fit a large tablet. I think they sell this on the triple tech website. You might want to check it out. This is another one i use if you use any sort of controller that just uses a phone in it. You can use this type if you want, because the bottom is in the shape of a phone, and then up here is where you stick your tablet in there its pretty straightforward this one here is a pgy tech, one and ill put links to it below. So you can go check that out for whatever type of controller you have now at the start of this video. I said think of this tablet, as if it were a cell phone, because it is its like an unlocked cell phone. It has a lot of the features of a cell phone in it. So when you try to compare this, other tablets try to compare it to a tablet that is a cell phone as well all right. So let me tell you a little bit about the physical features of this tablet and why it is so amazing for drone pilots check this out so ill. Bring it close. The front of the tablet is an 8 inch display and it is hardened gorilla glass. Over top, it is dust, proof, shock, proof, drop proof, every type of proof you can imagine ill get into that in a little bit.

It has a 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution. You can see theres a forward facing camera and up top its just like a cell phone, its got that little earpiece. It looks like thats what it is now on the side. You can see a spot where you put your sim card. If you want to use it as a telephone or data, as well as your micro sd card, and if you open that slot up, you can pull out the holder and you can see where either card would fit now your sim card. Once again, it is 4g. Your micro sd card, on the other hand, that you stick in there. You can put a micro sd card in there. That is up to one terabyte in size. That is massive. Let me also mention that there are 256 gigabytes of memory built in for you to use so its going to take you a long time to fill that up going down the side. You can see the assignable function button. It says sos on it. This is designed for you to assign it to whatever youd like on the bottom. You can see the usbc charge port thats for charging it up, obviously, as well theres a data port on the sides. You have your power button and your volume buttons looking at the rear, you can see the camera. The rear camera is a 21 megapixel camera with auto focus, and there is a little flash unit beside it.

Youll see also two holes on the back. I believe one of those holes is a microphone. Finally, looking at the back, you can see a series of other holes and those holes are to screw in the accessory hand, grip and that grip is included as well as the hardware to attach it. So you can see overall its a really cool tablet. Its got some decent features compared to the previous version. Have i shown you the previous version? Well, let me pull one out here so here you can see them side by side. The seven inch and the eight inch the seven inch is still available. This is the seven inch pro, and this is the eight inch pro this one is faster than this one and is much more advanced than this one for features and its also thinner in size and but the screen brightness is about the same theyre about the same. For screen brightness theyre, both at 1200 nits much larger battery in this one than this one. Speaking of battery power, if i have not already mentioned it inside this huge eight inch tablet is a 12 200 milliamp hour battery. That is massive. So let me look at my little chart over here and repeat the same things i said earlier: its waterproof its shake proof, its drop proof to military standard, so military in the military us military. They have the standard for the soldiers if they drop something it must not break or get damaged, and this has that spec.

Obviously, if i drop it off a building im going to destroy it, probably, but just dropping it, you know from normal height yeah its not going to go now. There is a screen brightness setting on here and i do have it on mac, so its probably messy with my white balance every time i show it. So let me just adjust certain things here then ill put it back to the black, so it doesnt kill my white balance as much. What else does it say on my little list? It is uh hardened gorilla glass. I already mentioned that glove touch screen. So in the winter time, if you have gloves on it works gps, glonass, belle, dew, galileo and it has a one year, warranty as well, so thats good. So if you get this and something goes wrong within a year, just contact triple tech and its under warranty. So inside it it has a cpu arm processor at 2 gigahertz an octa core processor. You know im just reading off my chart. It does have a gpu for 3d graphics, so you can do play games with 3d graphics or do google google earth. Let me just turn down the volume a touch here, so it i can talk over it, alright. So what else does it say? It has a. I already mentioned the 3d graphics, its got 8 gigs of ram for the processor 256 gigs of ram for you to store anything you want on it uh you can put a one terabyte micro sd card in it its got 4g every type of wi fi.

So youve got dual band: wi fi its got bluetooth in it, uh version 2, all the way up to 4.2, its got nfc. So you could take this into a store and pay for your stuff with nfc on it. You can play any type of game. You want, as you can see here with the 3d graphics, its its quite good for that and with the 3d graphics im showing it here. Like google earth is no problem. There. You go thats the city of toronto uh there theres a cn tower there, so you can move around 3d aspect when youre looking at stuff on maps, if you want now. Besides, all the cool features on here that make it perfect for a drone pilot, you know being drop proof dust, proof, use it out in the rain and all the other stuff that it has. Its also got the brightest screen. Its got a 1200 nit display on it, so i do have a phone here, an iphone there. We go its an iphone. Am i touching stuff on it, so its an iphone 11 pro max and it has uh something over a thousand nit display on it. Im. Not really sure what it is, but its very bright. So if i use this, when you see me doing drone stuff outside its very good in the sun, but its not a display that will stay on forever as soon as the battery gets warm or my battery gets low, the display drops with having the huge battery In this thing, when its on a bright display, you can be out with your app and it should not drop.

It should just stay at 1200 nits the whole time and not overheat and drop in any respect. So youre probably wondering well thats all good steve, but show it to us outdoors, so yeah im going to show you a segment of video right here. So i took the triple tech 8 pro outdoors and i put it next to my iphone 11 pro max and i brought in a dji smart controller and i stuck them on the dji fly app and you can see here when youre looking at all of them. They all look pretty much about the same brightness, at least to my eyes. I couldnt i couldnt tell one being brighter than the other. The dji smart controller is only a thousand nits in brightness, whereas the triple tech huge 8 inch display is 1200 nits thats. Why? Its got that massive battery to keep powering all that brightness out in daylight, so the differences to your eyes. You might not notice them looking at everything comparable together, but there would be a difference in the long run, depending on how the sun is shining. So you can see here in the previous version in their seven inch version. Let me turn that sideways too. In the seven inch version they have like a matte finish on the display, but they said that drone pilots – you know they didnt really care for that, because they were using this to watch movies and play video games on their couch as well as fly drones.

So they wanted something that looked more like the dji display or like on a cell phone and thats why it has much more of a display that will get some glare on it. You have to have it at the right angle. There ive got it there. You see how its a little bit less on the the flat one its hard to see. Well, i guess youre getting glare there. All right forget everything. I said all right, im flinging this around in the air and im sure someones going to comment on that. But the next thing i want to show you is just the basic interface when you get this tablet. Take it out of the box, turn it on its all. Google ready google play store, ready its google certified everything else. You turn it on its got. A beautiful walkthrough screen to set up the tablet, its really good its just like you, bought something very professional, and it is an android tablet. That means it runs android and the version of android they stuck on here is android version 10. The most current version of android is android version 11., so this one has 10 on it, but 10 is very advanced to wait until you see it because when you take this out of the box, its so easy to set up and get going so after you Set it all up im going to show you how to manage the interface so check this out and now a super quick run through of the tablet.

So the first thing you want to do is press the power button over on the right and then slide up. This is your main interface. Everything should be set up automatically, and it should look pretty much like this. Your wallpaper might be a little bit different, but still yeah thats the wallpaper that came with mine, so its an android tablet, which means, if you pull down from the top. You have your quick icons. You know your quick action things you want to do. Theyre all self explanatory lets push that up and if you go up from the bottom, these are all the apps on your tablet. So lets take those away swiping to the left. These are apps, you can add. So i added all my drone apps there. If i swipe to the left again ive added some more so i have some games here and i have netflix. So let me show you that if you want to do a game im just going to hit one of them really quick looks like im going to spin this this way, so we see the game so just to show you, the graphics are pretty good. You could fly your plane around and you could shoot missiles shoot your gun. The whole goal of this game is basically find the enemy and destroy them before they destroy you Applause i got it got it all right, so thats good. Now, if you want to hop out any of these games, its android, so basically just go up from the bottom.

There we go and its gone and if you want a race car game, let me show you that really quick, but the graphics are half decent for all types of games that you would want to play on a tablet, so lets hop out of that. Go up and flick it away. So all of these things like on android, if you want to clear all everything, thats open or just flick it away one by one and were all done. So if you want to use a tablet to watch movies, theres netflix ill start that up and let me just find a movie and flick it around. So you can watch it in movie, viewing mode Applause, all right enough of that hit, pause and lets hop out of that. So what ive shown you already is that this is a good tablet for everyday items that you want to use it for down below. These are all the apps that are on your home page. I have not added any of these, so you have your maps. You have youtube to show youtube since thats youre watching youtube now so since its under my account its gon na go to videos that i probably watch lets see hey, look at win a zeno hubsan mini pro lets hop out of that. You also have google assistant voice. What is the temperature today today in orleans back to high of 16 degrees and a low of 6 degrees? You also have your google photos outdoor features like silly little things like i dont know.

So if you want to do a noise test or a compass lets hit a compass on here friendly reminder, there we go so north. Is that way it also comes with a screen recorder. You can record your screen in snapshots or video right here. You can make phone calls because you can put a sim card in it. You have your texting app over here, just like on a phone. Then you have the google play store right here, where you can get all the items that you would like to download. You have your chrome browser over here. You have your camera lets. Go into that really quick, so heres my camera, its taking a picture of the back. So let me flick it around and look up and look at this were gon na look. Whoa were looking at the camera. Taking this lets go back that looks terrible last item over here. Is your settings youll want that screen for a lot of things, thats how youre gon na set everything up? You can see it all here. I just wan na show. You display right now, just as i mentioned at the beginning, you can see the brightness level is on 81 percent. For this, video look at my hand, is kind of dark because the screen is bright and you have adaptive brightness on, so it is adjusting itself for the lighting in the room im going to turn that off there we go so now.

I have manual control on brightness and im going to crank it full. So you should have seen everything this gets white and everything around me is pretty much pitch black thats. Why? I do not have it like that because it kills the camera its too bright. So ive got to drop it down and basically i just put adaptive brightness back on and it should fix itself there. We go other item. I want to show you some storage right here, so you can see. I have used with all the apps ive stuck on here. Ive only used six percent storage, you have 256 gigs of storage included on this device. One thing youll like is down here. You have a smart key and sos. If i hit the smart key right now. It says that this here button on the side, no thats my power button, this here button on the side which is sos – you probably cant, see it. It says sos because of the lighting right now its set to torch. So if i touch torch, it tells me right here: uh yeah, so ive set it at torch. That means, if i hold this button down, the lighting in the back will come on, so it should come on there. We go so its on thats what they call a torch, so you can set that button to anything. You would like thats listed here or other things if you wish, so you can set it to the camera, the outdoor tools, sos or other applications as you desire now.

What i want to do is im just going to put the zoom on here on my camera and have it focus on the screen. I dont know how close i can get, but i just want to show you. The screen is quite good thats about, as close as i can get it with it, staying in focus, but you can see yeah. The screen is nice and sharp and clear next thing i want to show you is what comes in the box, and i have the box back here. So this is the box what it looks like and inside that box you get a cable for charging data cable as well, and you get the wall warp plug you get the strap that goes on the back plus the hardware to connect it to the back. You also get if youre gon na put a micro, sd card or sim card in you get this baby, its just a little pins that you pop in to poke things out, and finally, you get a set of instructions and im gon na tell you right now. I was impressed because these instructions are actually really good. So if you know nothing about the tablet or how to use android or anything like that, it walks you right through to set everything up and get you going with no problem now. One other thing to mention: they do say the specs say that the back camera has 21 megapixels.

Some of you will go searching for it, so let me show you how you find it go up to your apps up the top here. You will find your camera app. You have two camera apps use the one thats sort of orangey yellow in color, and there you get your camera app happening right there and now what youre gon na do is click on this little thing up top. Can you see that click on that and then over here you should see a settings, click on settings and over here you should see where it says: picture size, 21, megapixel all right. My final thoughts on the triple tech 8 pro are no different than the triple tech. 7. Pro both are great for drone pilots. If you need a tablet for outdoors – and you want to use it specifically for your drone mostly well, then these are the great tablets to get this. One is lighter than this one. This one is more powerful longer battery than the seven. The only negative i ever have on the triple tech pro tablets, doesnt matter, if its the seven or the eight is the weight. So these tablets weigh a lot and let me show you the weight of the eight. The eight is less in weight than the seven, but it still weighs quite a bit so in the u.s youre in the imperial system, so use pounds. So this is over one pound in weight and ill show it to you in grams as well.

Here it is in grams, all right, so links are below this. Video taking you to both tablets to the triple tech store, go check it out. I know in previous uh iterations of the tablet. The seven triple tech did provide a code to captain drone viewers. So you get a discount, i do not know if that code is there this time, but if it is, it will be below go check it out. If you have questions on either tablet, just post them below, i will get back to you. Also triple tech is very responsive. If you send them an email, they will get back to you. A lot of viewers will comment on that theyre very good, at getting back to their customers. So if you have technical questions, send them an email, they will answer it. If you have just general usage questions, you can send me an email and ill give you my general usage opinion, and you know how i find this works for the usage. You might have in mind.