I have been flying the crap out of this drone and tested it up against the mini 2 and the air 2s. I must say i was pleasantly surprised with the result, but more about that later. Theres, no doubt that the auto nano plus is a very, very important drone, especially for people where weight is a concern, especially for us that live here in europe, where drone regulations are going to be very tight after the 31st of december 2022, where everything above 250 Grams, not having the mandatory sea label will be outcast to fly 150 meters away from urban areas. This drone plays a really really important role, as it packs a tremendous amount of power into a tiny, 250 gram package that will still allow you to use it inside the ceiling, but theres. No doubt this is a brand new product and its not fully matured. Yet there are features that are not available, theres, also some weird stuff going on that. I want to address later in this video, as well as some of the issues around wind due to the strong wind. Please fly with caution or return to home. That day i have experienced, i do want to set the record straight and tell you here up front that this drone was sent to me by auto. So im not going to tell you anywhere in the video that you have to go and buy this drone ill. Just list all the stuff that i like about it, the stuff that i didnt like about it, and then you can make up your own mind so lets dive right in and start with, the good stuff.

Theres. No doubt that autil have made some clever choices around the camera that will set it apart from competition. The sensor is pretty huge, its 0.8 inch and they have implemented ryb filter technology. That will let in 40 more light. This is a collaboration also have made with huawei and leica, and this will allow the camera to have an aperture as low as 1.9, compared at the f 2.8 scene at the competitors making the nano plus camera one stop brighter. That makes quite a significant difference if you dont know what these stop units are, one stop is equal to either halfing or doubling the amount of light. The nanoplus is being operated with a brand new software called auto sky that has been developed to this line of drones, but it gives you a very nice overview of the drone and all the basic features that you need its very, very simple, its as simplistic as You know from the fly app and you will find many similarities in general, i, like the design of the autumn sky app. It offers a very simplified flying experience and you can tap the screen and you could basically make all the telemetry go away. So you have a nice clear view of what it is. The drone is actually filming. The drone is capable of recording a maximum 4k at 30 fps right now, 24 and 25. Frames per second are not available, but hopefully something they will add in later reduce the resolution to 1080p.

If you want to record in the maximum resolution of 60fps the video colors, look really nice and natural theres a lot of details in the image that is really crisp here. You see a few examples that are shot in daylight, so you can judge for yourself. Some would argue that the details that you see in the image is a result of over sharpening. Personally, i like the look and feel of the footage right now, theres only one color profile available and thats a 8 bit standard profile. You have up to 16 times zoom. This is digital, so the quality will drop significantly if you go over 2x, but this is good enough to scout out any locations that you might want to film. You also have the option to take photos in intervals while recording video. I was totally blown away. What was possible with this drone recording video at night, and it became very obvious when i was putting the footage up against mini 2 and air 2s. Two drones that are spaced 350 on each side of the nano plus. If you compare the fly more combos, most of my shootings were done in auto, as i dont have any nd fillers available. Yet freewell reached out to me and promised me to send me the latest filler kit for the nano plus. So if youre interested in that part ill make a separate video about that and ill make sure to link that up here once its available.

But there are manual camera settings available by enabling the pro mode these are available for both photo and video. The longest shutter speed that is available is 8 seconds. I did run into problems trying to set the shutter speed manually as it kept jumping back to 1 or 15. Second, it needs to be airborne to apply. The setting. Photos are right now limited to 12.5 megapixel, a 50 megapixel option will be available later. You have four photo modes: single burst, timer and a b where you can shoot three or five photos at the same time with different exposures for photo size. You can select for three or sixty nine a cropped version of the four three you can decide. If you wan na shoot in jpeg raw or both for photo panel and hyperlapse, yes, its possible to do hyperlapse in app, even though the functionality right now is pretty limited, you will have a pano mode where you could do the traditional vertical and horizontal, as well As a sphere, but also a white option, where it stitches nine individual photos automatically in the app, which is probably my preferred option, imagine how crazy that will be once you get access to the 50 megapixel photos under the assumption that you will be allowed to use That option with this app, you will get access to four quick shot modes that will help you pull off some pretty nice shots for those familiar with quick shots.

Rocket and orbit are pretty self explanatory, where fadeaway is more like a droning that you know on the dji products and the one that you see right now is the flick option. The drone has three flight modes, smooth normal and sporty smooth is similar to tripod mode. Where every movement is slowed down, that will make it very easy for you to capture smooth footage. Normal is just a normal operating mode and sport. That is, of course, if you want to get fast from point a to point b, just know that obstacle avoidance are not available when you are flying in sport mode. The only way to switch between the flight modes are through the auto sky, app as there is no dedicated button available on the remote. The app contains a nice album that will allow you to preview the photos and videos that you have recorded, as well as downloading them to your phone theres. Also, a nice editing tool included to slice and dice your photos and footage. I havent played much around with this tool yet, but from the looks of it, it looks pretty easy to use. Maybe when more of you get hold of your drones, i should do a separate video of how you add it on your cell phone using the auto sky, obstacle avoidance, sensors, front back and bottom is super cool in such a tiny 250 gram package, the optical avoidance, Sensors work really well. Some would argue that they are too sensitive and might end up turning them off.

Just be aware that the sensors are not working in low light, which i learned on the hard way. As i was almost about to hit myself in the head. Backing away from an obstacle during the night shoot another really pleasant, surprise is how fast it locks onto gps, thats, basically a non issue when you fire up the drone and you connect the remote. The drone is almost instantly ready to take off. Well with some of my other drones, i have to wait ages to get a decent gps lock. It does spend a lot of time of doing gimbal self checking, on the other hand, which is pretty annoying, and i hope they can minimize that at some point once that is ironed out, you are airborne pretty fast with the nanoplus one of the things that are Super nice with this drone is very fast charging times. It takes only around 20 to 25 minutes to charge a single battery if youre in a hurry – and you have picked up the premium bundle then put two batteries in the charger and one battery in the drone that you can charge in there as well. They will be ready to go out flying fully charged in less than 50 minutes. That is cool and super nice, but im not sure that im super impressed with the build quality of the charger. It seems a bit flimsy and the battery easy fallout. The build quality is so so, but this is only 250 grams, so there are certain limits to how much of a quality feel that you can build into it.

I would not say that the build quality is like whoa. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but its also not bad, and i do like the nice bright orange color, even though its up in the sky, you will not see much difference. As you might know, at night, all cats are grey. If you know what i mean, the new game style controller, i really like that its a pretty heavy and feels good in your hands, and it can very easily fit my iphone without me, taking off the cover a few annoying things with that. One is, of course, the sticks. There are no way of storing these stick inside the rim boat. There are suggestions that you could screw it into these plastic holes here, but eventually they will wear out and you will end up destroying your remote. I would not recommend screwing them into the back side of the remote thats for sure and, as there are only one set of sticks, the ones that fit in the remote thats included in the package, its pretty critical. You store them in a location where you can find them crap. I lost one of the sticks in the bottom of my car. There is, if youre, a thumper like me, you cant fly the drone without the sticks mounted. This is not something that i would recommend, because you lose a little bit of control, but it is possible if you just need to do something fast, the old type of remote for auto products.

They did have buttons here on the back and those were pretty annoying because i was hitting them all the time and they have decided to skip those. So they have included a function button here that can be assigned to two different functions, one that is activated by a single click and one that is activated by a double click, because this is a very young product and in some areas not fully mature its important That you know, if you press the profile in the awesome sky app, you can pull a flight lock. So in case you run into problems and your drone might get damaged. You would probably be asked to pull that flight lock and send it to autumn for further analysis. This is located in the personal center in the autumn sky, app where you also can see your current flight stats as well as the app version number, and you can clear the cast images theres, also a device management section that can be used if you own, multiple, Auto products, if you often fly in rainy or hazy environment autel, has included a defog option under the camera settings that will allow you to reduce the haste in the image, but you can judge by yourself by this before and after i know its adjusting the image Settings but it seems to be working pretty nice. That was all the good stuff lets talk a little bit about the weird stuff. The drone needs to be airborne to be able to activate 4k video.

I learned that because during my testing i have been recording while the drone is standing on the ground and it turns out its only recording 720p when its standing on the ground as it enters into some sort of a low power mode. There are no indicators in the app that will tell you that its only recording in 720p in general, it would be nice to have access to the shooting parameters of the video. So you would know approximately what settings the camera is applying. This will going to be especially important when we are going to play around with nd fillers its a small thing, the takeoff slider. I find that pretty weird i dont like the way that it operates, that you have to press down and then slide it to get the drone to take off. So in many cases, im simply just using the remote to start the engines and then off. We go to the races if i did not turn on the remote the drone and connected the phone in the right order. I would have a hard time getting it to connect in this week. The firmware alone has been updated two times and its gotten better with the connectivity for the drone. I dont know if they fixed that or not in that regards the products seem a little bit immature, but i would expect this would be something that could be fixed. Also, there has been reports about variations in the battery weight that will bring the drone dangerously close to the limit of 250 grams.

I weighed my version on a quality weight with 0.2 grams of accuracy, and i dont have any issues but ive seen. Another youtuber present evidence that there was more than one gram difference between one and the other battery that he had in his bottle and as the drone according to regulation should be below 250 gram. This could be critical if this is going to cause a problem going forward, pushing the drone into a category where we dont want it to be. I dont know, but this is definitely something also. You should pay attention to keeping the weight of the nanoplus below 250 gram will make or break the success of this drone. Again, i do want to point out. There are a lot of minor issues, as you have to pop out the sd card and pop it in again to make the drone accept it also. Sometimes, when you press start recording, it says, stop recording and the other way around. One of you asked me if you could fly the drone indoor. There have been reports about the drone acting really weird. If you started to take off indoor, so i tested it over my bed, so i could kill it off before it decided to skyrocket into the roof. You know you can cut the motors anytime by pushing the sticks inward. So my finding, during this short test, was that it was drifting a bit because it didnt have a gps lock, and i had to compensate in the beginning to keep the altitude.

And after that i could let go of the remote and it was just hanging there. Floating a little bit back and forward and i could land it without any issues. When i presented this video in the auto facebook group, i got a lot of feedback from people asking all sorts of questions, as they clearly had a different experience flying their auto nano indoor, some of them even wrecking it against the wall. This might be related to earlier firmware versions, at least what i could say from the limited testing that i did. I had no issue with flying indoor, no im not going to repeat that test. So now we are getting to the biggest grief that i have with the auto nano plus. I absolutely love the drone. I love everything about it. The size features and all that, but one thing where it really struggles is when its windy outside this was actually quite unexpected. For me, so the first day when i took out to do these reference recordings against the mini 2 and the air 2s, i was flying high up trying to film like a football stadium, that i thought could be a nice backdrop for these comparisons and i actually Lost control of the drone, so the drone was drifting into the forest and i could not control it at all and i tried to switch it into sport mode and see if that made it better. I have been around the block so many times that i know what to do in situations like that, so i kind of flipped the camera downward and looking for a place where i could lower the altitude.

So by doing that, i managed to get the drone back safely, but i was a bit surprised about this and this repeated itself next time that i was out flying because the conditions is obviously every time that i need to test the new drone, its quite extreme. Its either raining or hailing or old birdmen are yelling at me, so there was nothing new in that scenario. So, the day after i went to go and capture some nice sunset footage and again when i was trying to do like a point of interest against the wind, the drone was struggling, really really big time. I could almost not move it and i again i had to switch it into sport mode, lower the altitude and then yeah just try to work with the conditions that i had. This is quite a limitation that i hope also will do everything that is possible to address, maybe its because im flying at low temperature that they limit the output of the battery so that it doesnt have that much power to fight the wind. I dont know, but i really hope that they will optimize this part of the product, at least to improve the performance i put it head to head with some of the other drones and the mini 2 is significantly better at dealing with these windy situations. So i would highly anticipate there is room for improvement. This does not make the drone unusable. You just need to pay attention to the conditions where you fly also claim.

They have improved the wind performance with the firmware upgrade 108, but ive not been able to confirm that yet the drone should be capable of doing level 5, wind performance and in case that youre wondering what these levels are. I found this website that shows what wind speeds to expect for the different levels. So what do you think about the autel mano plus? Do you have any additional questions that i havent answered in this video? Let me know in the comment below so, if you have been watching all the marketing material from my auto on the website, you will see that this drone is packed with a lot of fantastic features, but a lot of them is actually missing and not available. Yet so some of the promised features that are not available that you will gain access to in the future are high speed transfer that will make it super fast to transfer footage from the sd card on the drone to your phone dynamic track 2.0. So you will get native active track as part of the drone, something that i would definitely be looking forward to and well do a separate video about that 12.5 megapixel photos will be possible to do in 50. Megapixel increasing the size by fall. 60Fps will be possible with the image transmission in 1080 and 720p. You have 16 times digital zoom on the drone also claims that this can be improved even further. Also, you will gain access to hdr photo and video, as well as a 10 bit color profile.

So the future really looks bright, even though i would have preferred these features to be there from day one we have kind of gotten used to that. We will get the product half baked and then they will add in the features incrementally over time. As long as this is within reasonable time, im perfectly fine with that. Unfortunately, the waypoint missions that were available with the evo2 pro is not scheduled to be released together with the nano or the nano plus. Also. I really hope that you will reconsider or consider making an sdk available that will allow third party vendors like lychee and rainbow and drone deploy and all the other manufacturers to interface with your drone, all right that was the tour around the product in case youre interested In seeing all the footage, comparisons and all the other videos that ive made around the auto nano, plus ive compiled a playlist that you can access through this card. I hope you liked this video.