Is it waterproof? Okay? Well, its currently fall, which means were heading into winter and winter means indoor flying season, is upon us and im always looking for the next thing that i can be using for the winter to stay, flying and stay in the air and thats. Why im excited to check out the emacs, tiny hawk 3. so before we dive too far into this? I just want to say: emacs did send this product this whole kit for free theyre, not paying us for anything and theyre, not viewing the video ahead of time. So everything that we get to say theyre, not censoring or anything like that, so all of what we our experience is what we are telling you exactly about this product. However, if you do decide to purchase the emacs tiny hawk 3, please consider using some of our affiliate links in the description below weve got some for emacss website for getfpb for pyrodrone, as well as their primary store. And if you use those you support the channel and we can make more videos like these and he gets to eat. You know like thats kind of important. We are going to eventually give this drone and the whole kit away to somebody who hopefully needs their first drone so be sure to subscribe, stay connected to the channel and know when were going to be doing that in the coming weeks. Today, me and teddy bear are on our own trying to figure out how to stay busy through the day.

So i thought it would be a good time to do some first impressions of the emacs nanohawk isnt that right bud uh, so the uh tiny hawk three has just uh been announced today, if youre watching this on the 11th and and so were gon na kind Of unbox this together take a look at it. Hey i figured since were kind of stuck here together. We might as well take a look at it today, so it comes with this new case, which should come with everything that you need to fly. So youve got everything packaged up in here: props some linear antennas, a tool, an allen, wrench thats. The word im looking for under this flap weve got the actual drone which well take a look at it more in a second drone camera battery. All that good stuff, a charger, some mounts – oh hi, kylo glad you could join us and then, on this side, weve got the new controller which i am pretty excited about. So its kind of like the dji fpv controller, a little bit actually pretty good there. On the gimbals first reaction, there is battery in it, you got trims uh, it looks like it takes one 18650 and it looks like theres a training port for connecting to a sim, which would be good, youre just sitting right in the way. Arent you sitting on this side, so people can watch you chew on whatever youre chewing on and then on the other side, weve got the new goggles that youve actually put out some little box, goggles theres a diopter in there theres a screen, and then i would Imagine that the screen disconnects.

Oh, i actually like that. A lot so thats uh. What comes in the box well take a look at all of this individually and check it out right, bud nice that doesnt come with it bud great. Oh lets try to get b, roll yeah put it back. Please thank you plus. Please put it back. Please put it back on those notes. There you got the charger, which is both 1s and 2s, and then you can also set it to hv or not hp. Uh usb charging, so you can charge it off of like a power brick which would be pretty cool. I love that emacs always sends like a full set of tools and extras and stuff, so youve got an actual screwdriver for everything that fits in there, as well as some extra screws and gizmos, and everything hes not really helping make this, but were having a good Time anyway, yeah hes destroyed my notes. What do you think about this charger? Is that pretty cool yeah? Look? It works. The distraction worked so lets see about getting this controller set up with the screen. Hey stay over here, so the screen has this back cover that opens up use that to insert the uh camera or, like hey, let go! Oh, let go of that nope nope nope! No cables here controller has this actual mount thats built into it, so you can put on the monitor on the back of it like that and theres, actually a screw hole here that a screw comes with that.

You can then insert and lock this in place, but its actually pretty its pretty well on there. So i wouldnt actually be too worried about that coming out and then the goggles themselves just come apart with a magnet here, ready, oh yeah, and it has a quarter. 20, mount which is like a standard tripod mount, and you can use this accessory just screw this in im, trying to go fast before he tackles the camera Music, and then you can actually put the oh buddy stay over here. So put the monitor into the mount put the gopro dealey through put the nut on the other end, screw it all together and now youve got another way of mounting the screen, which then inserts into the back of the controller. And now you can fly it off of the screen like this for pilots that, for example, wear glasses or people that dont want to use a monitor or use a screen, etc. Stop pulling on cables buddy, but yeah thats a pretty neat way of doing that and then, when youre done using the screen on the controller it just magnets back onto the goggles like that, full diversity goggles come apart so that you can have the screen. This is a ipd adjustment, so you can actually slide it back and forth. Youre, a terrible cameraman dude, its look its not even looking in the right spot now, but yeah having the ability to tear the goggles apart just gives a really good, useful combination for especially for people that are just getting started right.

This kit is aimed at people that are getting their first drone, their first full setup, so you have goggles, you have the screen. Experience and youve got a pretty decent fr sky controller. That also has uh. You know ports for the sim and training and all that good stuff, so pretty sweet combination, so i think, were gon na have to charge this battery, but lets try it out for the first time right now, real quick, kyla, kylo, kylo well palo approves teddys, unsure Music yeah, we did it just trying on the goggles for the first time. Oh, that is way too close for my eyes, but you have a uh adjustment. You can move the actual foam chunk back a good bit theres a lot of light leak underneath my nose, but i mean these are beginner goggles, so we can forgive it for not necessarily fitting everybody um and then, if you ever need to have a magnifying glass Here you go so then, in terms of charging this thing ive just got a you know usb power, brick plugging in the charger on one end, its going for the coffee now and uh. Then you just plug the battery into the charger and automatically starts charging, and i these are hv batteries, so put it on hv mode, and you can see that its starting to charge there nice and simple all right. Well, let that charge up keep an eye on this guy and uh.

Well, get back to you shortly were just managing the chaos right now. Thats all were trying to do so. We put teddy to bed so that we can get some flying done. Hes not super much a fan of the drone, but gosh. This little case is so great. We got everything in here to fly. Battery drone controller goggles stick those antennas on there. Now. I did bring my fat sharks out here, because this dvr is better than like any other dvr out there. These goggles, the screen actually does have an sd card slot, so you can record dvr to these, but this one also records my audio. It helps me sync. It up with the cameras all that good stuff, so im gon na fly it with these goggles, so im gon na record it with these ones. Uh. We will be flying this on uh angle mode, which is kind of the default for whoop style. Things eat the drone. It is a bit breezy out today for a whoop, so to be fair, thats uh, not a great situation, try some range! So if you get around the front of the house, yep im straight through the house right now, its looking pretty good. Even on these goggles, i dont know how it looks on the uh, the fat sharks, but looks pretty good on here um. I dont like box goggles very much so like its kind of distracting to me to fly with them, but theyre theyre, good, theyre, doing a good job uh, but yeah holy cow.

This things flying like on rails um. I feel super in control. I feel confident what its going to do, even with a little bit of wind and the chooches oh shoot, i just disarmed it okay, so verdict on these is that they definitely work its not my favorite way to fly it so im gon na switch over to My fat sharks, which im just way more comfortable with, so that i can kind of get that experience too so that im, judging this purely on flight performance and not just on what im used to in terms of flying. I do like this controller, the uh. What im feeling is like, i feel, like the gimbals, need to be further up. The face, like i feel like the gimbal, should be like up here, but theyre down just a little bit further than i expect oh yeah. I feel way more confident in the fat shark goggles just because its what im used to ive flown with these same goggles since 2017., definitely a bit on the windy side. Okay, so initial first impressions, it flies stellar like for it, even with a little bit of a breeze. It was getting buffeted around, but i got performance all the way around this, the full length of the house. It survived a few chomps from this guy and the youre supposed to be asleep dude. What are you doing? These kinds of drones are not necessarily designed for just like flying around outside, though theyre good, for that.

What i want to do is get it kind of inside on a track so lets pop over into the studio, build up a track and test it out on that, because i think thats, where this is really going to shine, especially heading into the winter months. Okay, so weve moved back inside and built this course lets check it out together, Applause, Music. All right now lets fly Music so up until now, weve kept the focus very on angle mode and like whoop style, but what about freestyle? What about acro mode so were gon na flip it over into acro mode and fly it that way. One other thing that i do want to mention is that, because this is a brushless setup, it can turtle mode. So if you are in a whoop brace and it flips over and you need to get right up on the right side, you can just flip it into turtle mode and itll get back up on its face. Okay, so while the acro mode is happening, i want to just talk through a couple of the things that are new about this tiny hawk 3. Compared to the previous versions. First of all, theres been a complete redesign to focus on durability. The tiny hawk 2 and the one before that are not the most durable in the world. Ive actually got a few of the tiny hawk 2s and mine have definitely broken in the past theres a lot of things that are different about this one that make it a lot stronger and a lot easier to work on and make the camera a lot more.

Consistent, for example, on this drone, its much easier now to open the whole top plate get in and access anything that you need to work on inside. So, for example, if you need to replace the motor its much easier to swap out the motor plugs, if you need to install your own receiver like a crossfire or this futaba, or something like that, you can open it up, really easily get get access to the Internal components and make a swap if you need to this particular version of the tiny hawk 3 is the ready to fly kit and it obviously comes with the goggles and the controller, and both of these are great starter pieces of equipment right. The controller is a free sky controller, so you can bind it up with any free sky receiver, which are one of the most popular models available on the market. And then the goggles themselves are actually fairly good and when youre ready to upgrade to a fat, shark or a orca, or something like that, you can then use the detachable screen from the goggles as a ride, along or as a spotting device whatever you need it. For so the freestyle experience or the acro mode experience was, i would say, okay at best it just doesnt quite have the power that i want to be like really ripping it. So, like you know, when i kind of was hitting the throttle i had to get into like the 75 80 percent range before i realized.

Oh ive, not gotten out of power, hit full plastic and still kind of end up bottoming out. So i would definitely say that this drone is strongly preferred for like whoop style, flying where youre hitting gates or youre kind of just cruising around an aggro mode inside, but it can be used in acro mode. I would argue that its probably a pretty good tool for practicing acro mode for the first time for training with it, because you can then just kind of back it off a little bit. Do some really casual flying? Do some really basic dives and split ss, but youre gon na have to be heavy on the throttle to get it to do it? Having said all that, the next thing i want to test is to see, if i can take the insta360 go 2. Stick it on top of this bad boy and get a couple little shots in full, hd stabilized with insta, 360. Music. So technically, yes, this can carry the insta360 go, but im literally sitting at the full throttle like like just leave it at the plastic and it barely climbs off the ground. And then, if i hit anything its immediately in the dirt like it was uh, it was not happy. This three amp battery is full and were gon na see how long we get out of it with the camera on there and ill show you my controller. So you can see just how hilarious it is here we go full throttle.

Actually, this ones doing a little better, oh nope, were dying were stuck on the roof. Oh were in the gutter. Oh, oh, i got it out. I saw the go come off, so we got ta, go, find that, but well here lets just keep yeah its. So much happier now, like its its mind, blowing the difference between without a go or without the go on there and like this, like this is actually fun. Music. Okay, well lets go find that camera dude. How do we get out of the gutter that was insane? Oh nasty, oh, fell into a dead bird, something ive noticed for my hands and grip in general. Is that when i fly, i pinch right? So i have my kind of claw fingers like this, and this switch right here when its leaned down is the arm switch and when i get the full throttle, i have accidentally disarmed it a few times which is not ideal. So i dont know like i kind of want to move that switch or like flip the switch around or something like that because, like i just keep accidentally bumping the full throttle on it uh and disarming and just dropping out of the sky. So not my favorite, but just something to be aware of so lets take an opportunity to talk about the drone itself. First of all, it uses these brand new emacs, 15 000 kv 0802 motors. These have been redesigned from the previous version to be more durable and more consistent and its combined with these, like basically 2.

5 inch propellers that are custom fit to the motor so that they kind of perfectly cover up the motor and sit on there like that. Theyre super nice props, theyre super durable ive. I dont think ive ever replaced, maybe maybe one of them in the entire line of tiny, hawk products so like these are actually pretty freaking phenomenal. Then you have the whole body of the drone, which now has all of these struts. So youve got one two three four five struts per motor, which is gon na, really increase that durability and on board, is a fr sky receiver. That should do a pretty good job right, its not amazing, right its, not a crossfire or a futaba, or something like that. But it will bind up with all three sky controllers, which i think is a great benefit for people that are getting just the bind and fly version of this drum. It uses one cell. I think you can run this on two cells, but their primary focus of this bird was for one cell, because the vast majority of users use it on one cell, essentially as an indoor whoop thats, something to compete with over the winter season of flying and then On top and my favorite part about the emacs product, are these runcam nano 4s? This particular camera is absolutely phenomenal for a nano camera. It looks like its one of the full size run, cams that you would normally get in your standard racing drones, and i think that it looks better than pretty much everything else out there, including even some digital systems, but yeah.

These things look great and then combine all of that with the 200 milliwatt vtx, so you can freestyle it when youre not on a track or when you want to just be cruising around your neighborhood or your park or whatever it is. Like. I said ive had my dog literally chewing on this thing, while ive been doing this review and its held up to all that abuse, ive crashed it a bunch of times because of accidental disarms and stuff like that, like it really is, taking a beating and then, If you do end up needing to solve a motor, you dont have to do any soldering. It just has these plugs for each of the motors, so you just have to kind of wire the motor through get kind of everything in the right place and then literally just plug it into the flight controller and youve got a new motor set up already. So we hope that you enjoyed this total overview of the emex tiny hawk 3.. We are really excited about the product. I had a lot of fun flying it here in the studio with all of these gates and all this stuff, thanks again to mobley gates for sending out those gates. We met up with them in chicago and they were more than generous and let us take home a set and im glad to put them to good use here in this video im so excited for the indoors flying season.

To use this little guy on some indoor whoop tracks and compete against some of my friends here in indianapolis in the surrounding areas, and i think the tiny hawk 3 is going to be a perfect thing to use in those racing ill, probably hook it up. To my fat, shark, goggles – maybe put them with my t16 x max radio so that ive got kind of a more competitive system, but thats whats going to keep me flying this winter. So if you decide to purchase the tiny hawk 3 again, please consider using the affiliate links in the description below thanks teddy thanks for thanks for your input. Thanks for your input, there buddy yeah, thank you yeah, so yeah, thanks very much for watching and well be announcing the giveaway before too long so be sure to keep your eyes peeled to the channel.