Do a high level review. It is the zorro bang for the buck. I think this is a absolute winner in the rc industry um. I cant imagine a better product for this price point and before we go any further, we do have a starter package with the ers system comes with the zoro, radio receivers and battery all one nice bundle so get you in the air should check out the link Below doesnt turn on because it doesnt come with batteries. You will need two 18. 350 batteries. 18. 350. Oh my gosh yeah, so theyre not 18650s. They are smaller, so an 18650 is that size. 18. 350 is a lot shorter. Obviously, by the number after you put, the batteries in, you do have a long delay for the power button, and i like that, because oh htx, i forgot to tell you guys that um, so these are coming with edge tx pre flash on it now, just because Its hdx doesnt mean it has a touch screen guys.