Not only did you have to spend months practicing to be a pro at flying one of these, but you also had to spend more months figuring out what parts to get and learning how to build one yourself and if you are a busy content creator like me, Who doesnt have much time to learn how to make your own epic flying beast of an fpv drone? It can be quite disheartening, knowing that you may never get around to flying one and capturing these beautiful perspectives. Fortunately, though, ive been able to fly fpv drones for some time now, without sacrificing much of my creative time on projects and other life goals. All thanks to an fbv company called ifly iflight manufactures pre built, bind and fly fpv drones and for a very long time now they have been my number one go to for pre built fpvs and ive used them for every single one of the fbv clips. Ive captured – and this is the new nas gal evoke f5, its iflights newest and sexiest five inch quad powerful enough to carry a gopro hero 9 and incredibly well, put together whats up guys. My name is ben tk. Welcome back to another video at the moment. Melvin is once again back in lockdown for the fifth time, like a lot of other creators out there, i have a ton of brand stuff to get through and its very hard when we keep going into these lockdowns and we just cant get out to beautiful places.

To film, but im gon na do my absolute best for this video and it should be a lot of fun and today, im excited because were talking about one of my favorite brands iflight, who make pre built fpv drones. Now, as you can see, ive got two iflight boxes on the table here, which are the brand new nazgul evoke f5 5 inch freestyle drones, so i fly are actually pretty generous. They give you a lot of parts with the nazgul f5 drones. You get heaps of spare propellers and believe me, you need those because you hit bushes, my voice, i dont have covered. I swear. Ive been vaccinated, cool, be cool chill chill. You also get some battery straps, two antennas, a usbc cable, an allen key and a screw for mounting on a gopro, some propeller nuts and some battery pads. So these are the two new nazgul evoke f5s and you can see their different shapes. This is the x frame which allows for better performance with freestyle, acrobatic movements, but this frame has the possibility of capturing the propellers in your footage when the gopro is tilted a little lower. The other mode is the dc or the dead cat frame which is built to avoid having propellers in your footage with the arms angled slightly further back. This has a slight effect on the freestyle performance, but its really not much at all now compared to one of our flights, all the drones.

This is the titan, this one isnt very weather, sealed at all its pretty raw. You can see all the wires with their new nas girls theyve added a side panel here, which is making it more water. Protective theyve also got an upgraded battery holding system at the back, which allows you to plug the battery in much more securely. This one just has a wire sticking at the back, so i fight have really innovated their designs. This is one of the most beautiful drones ive seen from them. So now that weve had a look at these two new beautiful nazgul evokes from ifly lets. Take them for a test flight and see how they perform lets have some fun lets rip some air skids Music. Now, before i can fly, i need to activate the dji cadet system, which controls the digital video feed to the goggles, because im using a tango 2 controller, i need to set up a few switches and buttons in betaflight first, so first i check my arm switch With seams ready to go by default, angle mode is activated as a safety precaution, so i disable this on the neutral mode of the left switch by just dragging this bar back. This now allows me to fly in full acro mode. Then i set up the beeper on the right switch, which is handy for if you lose the drone and you need to find it, and i also need to change the channel mapping from aet r to taer1234, because if i dont do this with my controller, the Drone will do the wrong movements to the sticks.

I push, but yours may not need this all right guys for the first test were doing the freestyle test so im out here today with my buddy tommy hes. Helping me do some filming to try and capture the footage of me flying around and youre just getting into fpv as well arent you with the cinewood. I am. I am im on my second bumblebee. The first one went into a tree and just having fun of it. I was there when that happened now, im nowhere near a professional of freestyle flying, but i do know enough to put it through some tests and compare it to my previous fpv drone, and i was surprised that, with the gopro hero 9 and a very heavy battery, It was still able to perform incredibly well and i didnt feel any prop wash at all, whilst falling and diving Music so im using 6s batteries, and this is the 6s version of the drone. They are 1800 mah and theyre quite big and heavy uh. If youre doing freestyle flying, you should use something a bit smaller with maybe 1500 mah. These will give me a lot of flight time, but theyll also weigh the drone down but thats. All i have for the moment so thats just what were using Music with the 1800 mah batteries. I get about six to seven minutes of flight time, which is awesome, but because of the weight it makes maneuvers more sluggish and its harder to pull away from objects.

If i need to avoid them, but for cinematic flying where i need a bit more time in the sky, these are very useful. Oh man, how was it its its very responsive, its um? Definitely a lot quicker than the titan, with its rolls and everything, maybe its because of the x frame, its quick dude, its fun, its awesome. Oh its an absolute beast. It looked like you had so much control over it and i cant wait to get one when i stop crashing slow drones, ill move on to one of these fast ones. The next test was the cinematic test, but there was a big problem. I really wanted to do this in a beautiful location, but because we were in lockdown and we had a restricted distance, we were allowed to travel to all of my favorite locations were outside of our travel radius, Music, but then i remembered a place quarry. Of course, Music, it was an old abandoned quarry, but flying here meant there was more risk of losing the drone considering id be flying over water. To get most of these shots, there was no room for error so for the cinematic test im going to be following pom in two different scenarios, the first scenario is going to be a fast speed, cinematic test, shooting through and tracking tom really quickly, but in a Cinematic way and the second one is going to be more of a slow movement test just following tom delicately.

Through this beautiful area Music tom has been around since i started flying fbb and has seen me do a lot of flying. So he trusted me with flying in close proximity to him, Music, all right, so that one was a lot of fun, definitely got a good run on the last one there through the trees. I think im happy with that. One for a fast cinematic show you almost killed me. You almost killed me. I could fear on the back, feel the wind on the back of my neck. I was just trying to cool you down from the heat hey. I appreciate it so now that weve done those fast cinematic shots were going to try some much slower, more delicate, cinematic shots. If there is one thing about 5 inch quads that you should know its that they dont like to go slow, they are built for speed. So trying to fly this slow and cinematic was a challenge. Not only did i have to match the speed of time walking, but i also had to keep my elevation very consistent and when youre flying this slow, its extremely difficult Music for the next slow cinematic shot. Im gon na fly through here as carefully as i can follow, tommy and then shoot off over this edge and do a little uh loop down the lake here, its a bit nerve wracking because of all the trees but see how we go Music. Okay, so we just finished up capturing the cinematic shots with the nazgul today, but there is a bit of an elephant in the room because isnt there, another fpv drone, thats pre built and it actually flies really well thats, the dji, fpv and well theres.

A reason why i dont own one of those and were going to chat about that, because dji literally forgot, who you are and send a drone to every single creator, pretty much on the planet, except for you. Yeah lets forget about what tom just said. There are a lot of pros and cons to the nascar and the dji fpv and im going to show you all of those right now in all seriousness, dji, if youre watching this video, please send me your new mavic 3 when that comes out. I highly appreciate that and ill give you a great review and ill fly. It really well and give you some good footage like this. Video okay lets have a look at the pros and cons im going to be brutally honest about both drones. Even though i dont own a dji fpv ive done a lot of research on it. First off is the overall freestyle performance. The ifly drones are pre tuned by professionals before they are ready for purchase and because of the well balanced designs and weight distribution. The handle maneuvers extremely well. This is very important, especially when evading obstacles. The dji fpv is more sluggish with its design and maneuvers and seems to be less responsive with freestyle, so thats one point to the nascar: the batteries for the nas gal. If running a 6s 1500 mah battery, you will get around four minutes of flight time maximum. The dji fpv batteries last up to 10 minutes thats a massive dji.

Oh now, the camera, the dji fpv, comes with a built in 4k camera with really nice colors. Unfortunately, you cannot shoot in cinematic frame rates like 24 frames per second. The stabilization in the camera is also a bit average, usually when buying an iflight fpv. You would additionally buy a gopro to use with it, and this gives you the ability to use real steady, go a paid stabilization program costing around 99 us dollars. That gives you incredible post stabilization, because the dji fpv comes with a camera, but also doesnt have the option for real steady, go stabilization, which is a huge deal uh ill give the point to both drones next is build quality with the design of the dji fpv. There is a much larger potential for damaged parts due to weaker materials and an odd shaped frame. This means you may need to get it fixed more often, and you may need to send it into a dji repair center for a repair fee because of the flat style and strong carbon frame on the iflight drones. They tend to hold up much better, especially when hitting objects underneath of the drone, and they can take a massive beating before they break. They can also quite often be easily repaired just by taking off some screws and swapping out the parts you can also order. These spare parts from iflights website, so the point for build quality goes to the nasguard. Next is set up time if drones by default, are ready to bind to your controller and fly when you receive them.

However, you do have to set up the gps settings in betaflight. If your drone has a gps system – and there may be a few extra switches, you need to set up too, such as the beeper, which involves learning the betaflight program, the dji is basically ready to go without too much setting up except you do have to fix The screws on the controller to enable fpv mode, i love the customization options in flight, but the dji wins. This one is overall simple setup. Customization, the nas girl has many options of batteries to use with it from lightweight batteries, with less flight time for freestyle to heavier ones. With more flight time, dji only has one option. The nas gal is made to mount any gopro and insta 360 camera. The dji fpvs camera is built in and cant be upgraded, although you can mount a gopro to the top with a 3d printed mount. But then you are spending more on a gopro, adding weight and decreasing the aerodynamics, so the nas girl wins here and now. Lastly, the price, the complete dji fpv system with the goggles, the drone, the battery the controller cost around 1 531 us dollars the nas girl with a dji cadets, polar vista, digital hd, video system, god thats. A mouthful is 460 us dollars, but at a 300 dgi controller, one 33.6 s, 1300 mah battery, the 570 dji goggles and a 29 gps system, and it comes to 1’0 us dollars its still a lot cheaper.

But then we still need to buy a 364 dollar gopro hero 9 to use with it, bringing it to roughly 1 754. for a complete setup. This is also without shipping added, so the price for the dji fbc wins here. Okay, so there are so many more pros and cons to each of these drones that it would just take 50 minutes to make a video, but it is worth mentioning that with traditional fpv drones, the batteries themselves have a steep learning curve. You have to learn how to charge them, how to discharge them, and you need to buy a battery charger, which you also need to learn a lot about as well. Dji drones, you just plug them in charge them up, fly and then charge them again. When you need them its super easy but heres, my conclusion: if you are wanting to get straight into fpv as quickly as you can, with as little learning curve and set up time as possible and with a lot of safety, then the dji fpv is the one For you, if youre really serious about fpv and the way they fly, and you want incredible responsiveness and performance, then i would say the traditional ifly nazgul type fpvs are the ones that you should look at personally: im all about performance and handling. So these are my favorite kinds of drones, and this is what im going to stick with for now. Now all we need is gopro to bring out a 10 bit color camera come on.

Gopro youve been making these for ages. That would be an incredible day for sure. So if you guys like the new nasga levoke f5 – and you think you might be interested in one ive left a link in the description where you can go to iflys website and have a look. And you know what the suns still out outside and it hasnt been sunny for a while here. So i think, im going to take advantage of that and im gon na go for a flight and drain these batteries.