Well, look no further, since the dji mini 2 is still the best beginner mini drone in 2021, and i will cover why it’s still the best. With five reasons, i think it’s better than the rest in the category of mini drones, also from beginner to beginner i’ll. Give you a rundown of what i experienced not too long ago when using it down in mexico and provide you with some insight and tips that i’ve learned. So if you’ve firmly decided that you are planning on getting a small and portable mini drone. For the first time, it’s important to use a little modern day, consumer common sense right and see who’s the best in the industry. Well, you guessed it and it’s an easy one: it’s dji, they are still the largest consumer of drones in the world, owning a whopping 70 of the market. No other competitor of theirs has more than 5 of the consumer drone market. So dji has been working hard at creating strong drone offerings in many segments and it’s paying off, especially with the dji mini 2.. Now, you’re probably saying hold up hold up that’s a really easy and obvious first reason: you’re pointing out to start the video, but for beginners when they’re looking into a mini drone for the first time, it’s important to know this information. Yes, dji is the best brand out there in terms of reputation and reliability for a first time, buyer and wouldn’t. Anyone be looking at that initially, when choosing any product.

I bet your answer is yes now, for the second reason, the dji mini 2 is still the best drone in its category, for beginners is the app the dji fly. App is certainly one of the best dedicated drone brand apps out there for beginners getting into drones. With its easy to use and clean user interface it’s a great app to get a drone up and flying in no time with simple instructions that offer animations to make it effortless. On top of that, the academy section has the best instructions from intuitive tutorials to tips. On how to improve your drone skills and flight safety knowledge? Furthermore, dji has the largest aerial, photography and videography community to share content in and that’s sky pixel. Lastly, the album section of the app offers the ability to give the user editing capabilities by letting them adjust and save their edited videos or pictures to their phone from all the features that i’ve just mentioned in this app it’s, clear to say, dji created it for Beginners and newbies to start flying and having fun now with the third reason, and this one’s great since the mini 2 is still the best in this area for its category and that’s its superior transmitting technology and range with dji bringing ocusync 2.0 to the mini 2. It drastically changed the long distance connection for a mini drone by offering a more stable and reliable connection far and wide. Also, the dual frequency technology automatically switches between channels to help against interference.

Thanks to ocusync and the improved transmission technology, the dji easily beats out its rivals with the best range at 10 kilometers under fcc, and you can see that when comparing the range of the others. As for the fourth reason that the mini 2 is still better than the rest is that it still has the most smart modes and features compared to any other mini beginner drone out there. The drone offers panorama which gives you a 360 degree, photo hyperlapse, which essentially is a time lapse of your videos and many other modes within quick shots, which is a feature that gives you unique shots that the drone performs, such as circle, droney, helix rocket and boomerang. Not only does this drone pack the most smart modes, but it certainly has the most features out of any drone out there and with dji’s new updates. It keeps on enhancing its features on the mini 2.. Recently, dji gave the return to home feature on the mini 2, the ability for the pilot to still control the camera movements and altitude when it’s in the process of returning home to the pilot, and that gives them more ways of taking shots without the need to Fly it back to them now, for the fifth and final reason, the dji mini 2 is still the best drone in its category, for beginners is that it still has the best after sales support, and what that means is that dgi is committed to fixing and enhancing All the features and issues with their drones when comparing dji to any of the dji mini 2 rival, competitor drones, it doesn’t come close to what dji does to keep their drone users happy with producing so many consumer drones and being the largest manufacturer of them.

It’S safe to say, dji is committed to making drone professionals and beginners enjoy their drones. As for my experience with the mini 2 as a beginner, i have to say that being able to quickly and easily get it up and flying in no time with no experience was great and i learned many new tips along the way to enrich my experience when Using the drone and one that i highly recommend is the histogram by enabling it you’ll get perfect exposure, so the video recordings and pictures, aren’t, overexposed or underexposed another tool and tip that would also help. Is the over exposure warning feature that you can enable in your camera settings? So you can visually see when it’s overexposed on top of that grid lines are a must by selecting all of them. You’Ll be able to get the best shots since you’ll be able to center objects in view a lot better and frame video and pictures a lot quicker. Another tip is to select jpeg and raw in the camera. Settings since you’ll be able to adjust a lot of data in post production if you’re planning on editing your content outside dji’s editor anyways for a drone that’s under 500, you honestly can’t beat it for all the features it packs. Hopefully, these five reasons have persuaded you to get out there and fly your first drone or maybe switch from a mini 2 rival drone in 2021, but i’ve certainly enjoyed this drone and would highly recommend it for beginners looking into something to fly right now, even though It’S been out for quite some time now.