The kit that im going to be talking about is super budget friendly coming in at 230 dollars and theres also a cheaper option for 160. and if youre, someone looking to get into fpv and you dont know where to start, i feel you its super super intimidating And honestly, tricky and theres just so much info out there about what gear to get and everything and the goal of this video is just to make that simpler for you and get you set up with something thats going to get you in the air as fast As possible as far as skill level goes, fpv is not the same as normal dji drones at all, whereas those drones you can kind of get up in the air right away. You really need to put in some time and practice to fly fpv. So one thing that i recommend to everyone: first starting to fly fpv is picking up one of these kits honestly. I really wish i knew about these when i was first starting to get into fpv im, not even sure if they had them around. When i first started, but nowadays i think its the best most efficient way to actually get in the air. Whereas when i started, i took the route of buying thousands of dollars worth of drones, spending three months to build them and then just crashing them into a million pieces. But as far as the best tiny loop drone that i recommend it is the beta fpv cedis.

Pro, which is this guy right here, they have a slightly cheaper one like i talked about in the beginning of the video for 160 dollars, but i just like this one, because its a little bit bigger and a little bit easier to fly outdoors. So this kit is pretty simple, essentially its just a small ready to fly trainer drone thats super durable that you can fly indoors or out. It also comes with a pair of goggles, so you can really actually like get in the air and fly fpv and then finally, it comes with a controller that will allow you to get that full fpv experience on a tiny, tiny little drone body. On top of that, you can use the controller on online simulator, so you can get even more practice. That way. Simulators are something that i talk way more in depth about in my full fpv academy program, but essentially what it is is just this online video game type thing where you plug in your controller and it simulates flying a drone in real life. It is so much cheaper than just crashing a million different drones if youre interested in getting a way more in depth and step by step. Education on getting into fpv fpv academy is actually a course that i put together that basically walks you, through literally never flying an fpv drone or even traditional drone to flying and getting shots like the pros everything from what gear to use, how to start what drones To buy the best filming settings how to stabilize your footage, basically everything you would need is in that course link is down below for anyone who is interested.

This kit is pretty self explanatory, so the rest of the video is just gon na. Be me setting everything up going out and flying just kind of walking you through everything and giving my thoughts on the drone itself, all right so switching over to the head cam here. This is the basic kit that youre gon na get so like. I said youre gon na get your goggles your controller and then finally, the drone itself, its super simple, to set everything up. Um, all you have to do is just follow the instructions to bind it and then just grab your batteries, which i have right over here. There is a larger charger available um as well as this one that comes with it. These ones are all charged, so i gon na head downstairs right after i plug it in basically, you just slide the battery in there plug it in thats all good to go, and then once you have your controller just hold this until it turns blue. Once you hear the beautiful music its on and then the goggles, all you have to do is slide this this way and then, when you are scanning, you just want to hold this um for one second and then it will scan and it will find the drone Visual there so now were going to go outside and fly. This thing, yo guys just wanted to pop in here real quick and let you know that we have officially opened up bookings for our 2022 travel workshops were going to be kicking things off in colorado.

In june, for a three day trip, basically, what these trips are are destination; workshops where i get together a big group of like minded creators – and we spend a few days to a week in super epic locations all over the world teaching exactly how im able to Do what i do, which is running a freelance content creation business that allows me to travel and work from pretty much wherever i want if youre someone looking to network with a bunch of other awesome creators, learn the ins and outs of the content, creation, fpv business And explore some of the coolest locations all over the world than these trips are for. You, weve hosted about 10 of these so far, and by far they are my favorite thing that i do. There is seriously no better way to learn this industry than hands on. In the field with people who do it full time, like i said our first one is in colorado in june, followed by tulum in the beginning of august and then finally well have joshua tree in november, so just hit the link down below to book a call With me – and we can see if these trips are a good fit for you and if you dont see any times available, that just means were all booked up for our next workshop. So just scroll down a little bit further and add your email to the waitlist and youll be the first to know when we open up new trips.

All right lets get back to the video okay so to arm the drone super simple. You just use the sa button and flip it up there you go and then theres two modes that are kind of important here: theres normal mode, which is down and then manual mode, which is up normal mode, is a little bit more like a traditional drone, where The center of the stick centers, but you eventually want to be flying on manual mode, so id recommend just using the simulator getting good enough to where you can fly manual mode and then hopping on this guy. But if you do want to fly, it just switch to normal mode, and then you can kind of learn from there. So im gon na put my goggles on and lets. Do it, okay, so its a little bit windy today, so its not gon na be the absolute smoothest play ever but coming around here, the handling is actually pretty solid. It is definitely like nimble enough to do some kind of more freestyle and fast moves with it. Um, you can do flips very slow flips as far as range goes, the range isnt great just because it is a cheaper, cheaper setup, youre not going to get anything crazy, but its definitely enough to go around and kind of just practice. The things that you need to be practicing its just a really good drone to kind of go, slow, build yourself up and just develop the confidence to go and then fly the bigger drones.

All right and the drone is officially back so thats about it. For this video guys, thank you for watching.