I hadn’t put the drone guards on and i’ll show you the drone length from propeller to propeller it’s about the size of an iphone 11.. Okay. Now we got the controller so as it comes, the controller comes with this like thing where you can basically like look at it. So we got like this. Stick controls forward backwards left right. This one has like ascend means like go up decent down. Left turn left turn right. You got the on button. You can change the speed on the top west and you can did you buy this for um? I bought this for 67 dollars we’re at on at amazon. Okay, all right let’s see how it flies all right. Let’S see how this thing flies, so yeah get the battery, and it has these little slots here and grab the drone and put the side with the slots and put that inside of the slots and put that where these things things are just push it in. You leave the battery in to charge it and that’s how you charge the drone and you put the batteries in and turn it on and stuff. Okay, now we’ll work on the controller, so you press this button and then you um so to sync it. You can there’s two ways: you can sync it you can put it up down and then hold the sink for two seconds or there’s another way. But i forgot that way so that’s how you sync it and then so when it on the parts where it shows blue on the lights, that’s, the back and the white is on the front.

So i’ll show you how this flies so you’re supposed to press this engine start. Then the engine will start Music and it might go down a little bit Music and it can’t take wind very well. So you might not want to do it when it’s really heavy wind or snowing a lot, so it can go pretty high Music, so Music, so Music.