Loop, dive gap, thing uh thats in here, so ive got the smart controller. Im gon na go in check it out. If it looks easy, i might try it, but this thing does not look easy. Oh my god, its crazy. I think theyre just ironing up the gap and were standing in here because uh, unless he does it first time, then definitely gon na have to pick the quad up a few times its an absolutely crazy idea. No ones even bought a quad in because we all just want to watch tom wreck is here. This isnt me that came up with this. This is p its the power square, so its not a power loop because you have to come under under this bar and then you have to rever like do the backwards part of the power loop over that beam, but then shoot straight across and there is actually A gap behind that thing and the wall, and so its like up across and down behind that beam, its very, very tight yeah. The problem is that if you come as youre coming here and going up, you dont know when to start going backwards, because youre completely blind to where that beam is so. I can see you basically going underneath it or smacking into it. Yeah, when youre trying to power backwards about how it would how you can do it, not how you cant do it. That is flipping amazing. Oh yeah youve got peach piranha plants down there, clouds yeah, i hope you got a nintendo switch.

Of course, yeah just hooking up the smart controller, so we can spectate. This is terrifying. Im gon na go, on the other hand, Music, you have it. I didnt see that straight into the metal, ah its like the its the its the small bit under or over Music. This is how you durability test your drone, you didnt even bend the prop them over there, Music, nice, wow thats, how you hit a gap saved. It and hit the gap man its hard yeah yeah, but thats what makes it cool, yeah, Music Applause. Yes, nice, Music, that was close Music, nice mate, good effort. Well, get there quick switch quad number two i mean if youre gon na wreck away dont feel pressure from us. I mean Music Applause. I mean that on its own is an awesome trick. Music, have you tried just doing the little Music dive Applause? Music? Oh Music? Come on, i dont quite have enough. Oh my god that came out of nowhere Music. It is recording. I dont know, oh god that moment. That would just add to it right yeah.