So obviously we got a folding drone here for six inch, propellers very interesting design and i for one im, pretty excited about new and sort of different designs from these manufacturers because im, you know. Quite honestly, i get pretty bored with seeing kind of the same old five inch. You know quad over and over again. Basically, it boils down to you know two sort of responses from the community for every new model: one uh, oh thats, just a clone or a copy of xyz that came out two months ago or three or sec or number two: oh thats, just a worthless design. Uh, its never gon na work um, i dont know why anyone made that, and so you probably fall into one of these two camps i kind of fall in between you know. I i try and have an open mind about stuff. I dont try and judge things. Just by looking at it, i want to fly it first before i actually make any determinations, so i actually have done that and you get the results of my flying tests in this video. But you know it was interesting. Is you might wonder well who wants a floating drone? Well lots of people, i mean theres, my mavic air, 2s and dji. You know they sell billions of dollars of drones. I guess and folding drones do fly and work. Well, obviously, you can get video because its got a gimbal or three axis gimbal to stabilize the vibrations and all that you dont have that with this system here.

So you know how bad are the vibrations well well talk about that in this video. So obviously i have collapsed down like this. This little naked gopro mount is not included. I had that added that the screw and the nut is included. The antenna comes out like this. You have to just stick it in when you pull it out of the bag. So it does come with this bag. You get a spare set of the six inch folding props, using the gem fan, floppy property six inch, sixty thirties uh by blade you get an extra battery, strap and some spare problems a few screws. And then this is the uh bag. It comes in this little velvet bag, and so this you know what it collapses down to in this form factor its pretty tiny. So you know just for comparison here is in air 2s and somewhat comparable im just looking at it by a ruler roughly around six inches tall, not including the naked gopro mount around five inches wide. The gps sort of sticks out a little bit and then – and this dimension here is a little narrower, maybe about four inches. So the reason you know at least im told the reason theyre interested in making something like this is not. Everyone wants to carry a large drone in their backpack, so just for comparison, heres, a recon, six uh six and a six inch. You know sort of a lightweight uh long range.

Quad you can see. The footprint is pretty huge, even if you can take the props off it, you know pretty big arms and everything, and so they want to sort of create that same functionality in a smaller package that you can put into your backpack and thats. What i did i um theres a little demo of me pulling it out of my. I have like a sling bag, basically its like a half size backpack. So i have the the drone obviously collapsed in the bag, along with my dji fpv goggles and my transmitter and a very lightweight package, and so this is really intended for those those of you guys that are maybe uh hiking in the wilderness. You know often places where your nest is not necessarily want to carry around something, really huge or maybe youre carrying around a bunch of other gear, but you want to bring along a drone, but not have it eat up a lot of space, maybe something for travel. If you dont want to eating a lot of space in your luggage, you know, but you still want to get some longer flight times and some nice cinematic footage for some cinematic flying. This is not for fpv racing. This is not for bando bashing or you know: fpv freestyle band bashing, definitely uh. If youre one of those guys im considering getting this, i would recommend you dont get it for that, because this is not for that.

This is a very niche product here for someone you know really, basically looking for these kind of characteristics in a drone that can give them longer flight times and some cinematic footage, while traveling around and not taking up a lot of space. So this is really who this is for. Also, you know regarding uh folding drones, uh there was a video, i think recently out from umagawa. You can check out his channel. There was like a community project or community built im, not exactly sure. I didnt really watch the whole video, but i guess theres a lot of interest in folding drones and i think thats. What theyre theyre going to be building is some sort of a folding type of drone, um thats, where theyre being driven by that community over there so go check out his channel. If you want to see what theyre going to be developing, obviously its going to be really different from this, because their design, philosophy and approach is going to be completely different from access flying. But i think that you know this sort of concept here is, i think, the future, because um people are looking for something a little bit more compact. You know they dont want to necessarily advertise to the whole world that i have and im carrying around an fpv drone. You know on my backpack, you know necessarily, so they wanted to stick it away somewhere like in the luggage and heightened way.

Something like this is going to be more appropriate for that. Okay, so that, with that, all being said, lets go ahead and dig a little deeper into this design, and what we have here are seven millimeter arms that fold out theres a notch here in this arm. It is locked in with this sort of um metal pin here, and this pin is on a spring and a lever that pulls up so in order to lock and unlock actually to unlock the arms. You have to pull up on this, so let me just demonstrate here: pull as theyre drawn upside down now, pull down. You can see this actually slides in and out. If you pull on this, this pin will go up and down, and so, when its down its the arm is locked so to on obviously to lock the arm, bring it out. You pull it up. You can see its on this little uh screw right here. Theres, a locking nut on this side and it uses these two plates that act as landing feet. Thats also the pivot point for the arm, but you dont need to pull this up to actually lock the arm only to unlock it, and then this will pop up and it snaps into place its a nice. You know pretty nice design its actually pretty well situated in there. It doesnt, i dont, feel any any sort of movement in the arm now, maybe over time it could get looser if theres grinding of the carbon there, but i dont think thats going to happen unless youre just constantly unfolding and holding it all the time i havent Noticed any carbon dust or anything like that, and then the carbon that theyre using is very, very nice.

Its all clean theres, its high quality, and i dont i dont, feel like the arm is going to pop out for any reason, because the only way for the arm to collapse back down is you have to uh its easier for me to do it this way. Uh pull the little pin out like this, and then i push the arm away and thatll unlock it, and let me fold the uh fold the arm down. You want to make sure you dont smash the prop and then itll. You can stick it in there, like. So, and that is how the mechanism for the arm works now the top plate, and this metal is like a metal aluminum plate here, just like this bottom plate here is whats holding these side plates together and in place so that uh this arm whole mechanism. Doesnt move around and thats how thats actually sort of put together. I think if you bought the frame kit, i think putting this together is good to do it to do your own, build, i think, is going to be fairly challenging. This is a fairly complex design. I i personally would not want to do a build of this. I think it its going to its theres, so many parts and little things get to make sure theyre in place just considering the the proper order of putting everything together. Its just sort of uh really super challenging, so i just dont think thats a for me personally.

I would just just buy the binding fly, its already fairly inexpensive compared to the parts and everything you have to buy, but yeah the the frame kit is available, but its also its a ton of parts. Here you can see here that the motor is inverted on the arm, so ill go ahead and ill just pop. All the arms out can see it its its very, very, very easy to pop all this stuff out and lock the arms in place. You get a nice little click oops once that like so, and then you see the motors are inverted there. Is this like metal uh bracket here that holds the motor in place, so theres a screw that goes through this bracket into the base of the motor and thats holding it on to the end of the arm? You got a little bit of carbon here. That is protecting the end of the motor, so the motor here since were looking at it, its the axis flying branded af223, and this one here is a 1610, its a 1610 kv motor, obviously for a 6s setup, i think theres a 2900kv motor for 4 setup. If you want to do that, but the 6s is the default recommended setup. This is a 2203 sized motor and obviously with a folding six inch prop now, youre probably wondering will seven inch prop work. It might theres theres, definitely some space. There obviously would be about half an inch it might work.

I havent tested it, but um. I dont think a 7 inch trough would be good for this motor because its a its a small motor six inches is gon na, be plenty and youre gon na get enough flight time out of six inches. I i dont recommend going to a seven inch if youre wondering about that. You have these um so again like where the arms collapse down into this little two side plates theres this um, you know tpu part here, acts as landing feet when youre landing like so. You dont have a lot of clearance between where youre landing and the nut and, of course, with the prop unfolded like this. If youre, if you land too far forward lean like this, your prop is going to scrape the ground. You know so landing this completely flat. I would recommend putting angle mode on a switch and make sure your accelerometer is um calibrated correctly and also turn air mode off, so youre not bouncing off the ground thats. What i did so, i was able to successfully land without scratching the motor or the props, but it is fairly challenging and so not not recommended for a beginner. For something like this, i would think you would have to be an experienced flyer to properly land this, but to do it i think safely or the easiest way to do is make sure you have air motor turned off. It comes with air mode turned on from the factory, so i turned it off and i put it on a switch, and so i would take off with air mode off and then turn it on while flying around and then before i land.

I turn air mode off and then land with air mode off and thats the best way. So the vtx antenna here is just flopping around here, as you can see, and all you have to do is just slide it in place like so it just slides in and out um its connected to the vista, so that, obviously this is the dji system. With the vista, the theres another version with the vista, or that i guess its, the run cam link version with the run cam camera. If you prefer that i think its throwing cam phoenix to run something phoenix hd. Something like that. I prefer the nebula pro because you get the next 43 image. I think the run cam is a 16.9 camera, so something to keep in mind. I think theres analog versions as well available, but i didnt really look at this. That didnt really interest me that much but um yeah theres different versions and theres also different receiver versions, im thinking your crossfire and then a new receiver, and this is the express lrs rear version. This is their thor. Receiver 2.4 gigahertz express lrs. The flight controller here on the bottom is the hack rc f722, which i already did a video on and um its like a whoop style flight controller, uh, 40 amp, escs, bl heli s, and this one features the little usb c extension port. You can see here that theres no way to connect to the board itself.

There is a usb port on that on that board, but they use the extension to pop the usb port here on the top – and i think when i did my review, i didnt have a usb port included in my package, but in my review. But this is where i should come with one if you buy separately, but this is where they put theirs and its fine. It has plenty uarts for the gps and all the other components like the dji uart um. So you know it is bles. They dont have um bluej firmware installed on this or rpm filter. You know, obviously, you need bluej firmware to enable rpm filter, but the tunes seem pretty decent without any of that stuff enabled. So i would say you know, unless youre really looking for, like an ultra super fine tune, the factory tunes seem to be okay, im not going to bother retuning it because it seemed good enough to me now. One thing i did notice about this little hole here. This is where the, if youre wondering what this holes for theres, the the usb c port for the vista and youll need to get access to that for activation. But this little hole here is a little bit too small. So i had to use one of my special usb cables that had the has the sleeve cut off to fit through this hole, because its kind of a little bit too small and misaligned to where the usb port is so you, if you use a regular usb Cable, it wont go into here uh, so i told them about this problem.

Then hopefully, theyll make this print a little redesign. This print a little bit, make the hole a little bit bigger, so you can fit a normal usb cable in there and activate your vista. Now, in terms of the flying characteristics um, you know youre, seeing probably already some of the flight footage from the fpv feed and you dont see a lot of wobbles or vibrations or anything like that. Theres, a fair amount of wind im going to show you here a little bit later, the linus. I did some line of sight, footage uh! You can actually hear the props everything sounds nice and clean. I dont hear any like vibrations or anything weird in terms of a bad tune, its everything seemed pretty good and in terms of flying it around. I didnt notice anything unusual in terms of like um oscillations, uh, weird, like you know, of vibrations. From from, like the arms shaking or anything like that, because everythings nice and solid uh, it feels kind of like a heavier five inch to me, like this sort of like underpowered five inch thats. What to me thats what it felt like um. Now i was running a smaller uh: 6s battery went there recommending for the maximum flight time. I dont have um. I think they had a recommended. 6S. 1700. I have like a 1000 – i think here 6s, but if you want to get the maximum flight time, i think which was with like the dji action too.

I think it was like 17 minutes or something like that. Uh put up on the screen, i wasnt really interested in measuring the exact flight i just felt like it was pretty efficient. I got pretty good flight times on just on like something that half the size and then i specifically ran a naked gopro on here. Specifically the hero 6, with this specific mount here, the way its just hard mounted to the frame, because i wanted to see how much vibrations were going to be coming from this prop and arm set up here to the camera and theres a fair amount of vibrations That comes through to the 4k or the hd footage to the gopro and youll, see that when im flying around you dont see that in the fp footage at all and thats. I think that has to do more with this mounting setup here and youre, probably not going to see it if youre going to put a full groper on here like a hero 10 or hero 8, because it has more mass. This is i use this setup here. This specific amount to see what kind of vibrations i get from a lot of drones that are specifically going to have some potentially some vibration issues, its not terrible. I kind of expected it from this setup here because um it is, i dont know its because uh, you know the way its the the they have some folding props here and inverted motors, its kind of an unusual setup, and then this is hard mounted here.

Its specifically, i specifically set up like this, so i can get that that footage. Obviously, if youre going to put a naked gopro in here or like a gopro bones, youre going to probably want to redo this mount so that it has some sort of vibration, isolation or dampening so you can get some better footage. Ill, probably do that. This is something im going to keep around for myself for uh. You know for travel and stuff, like that. This, i think, is going to be kind of useful. Last thing to note is: while the gps does work, i do get satellites. I dont get enough satellites in terms of the the number needed for a lock for gps rescue to work. I could only get a maximum of six or seven satellites. It requires a minimum of eight in the settings for gps rescue to work. I dont know why this one is not giving me more satellites its possible, it could be a change and i need to change the settings somewhat or there could be some interference from the vista. The vista is buried inside here, as you know, and then theres a wire that runs past the express lrs receiver. Maybe i need to put some shielding on that. I need to investigate that. I need to investigate that some more so i might have a future video on this model. This is one im going to be keeping around youll, see some more footage or coverage on this one later but yeah.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments and ill try and address them for later. Hopefully this was a useful video for you. Let me know what do you guys think of something like this for yourself? Do you like it or would you just rather have a just carry around something bigger? Let me know in the comments below and ill talk to you guys in the next one, all right so im just going to do uh like a line of sight test here. First and let you guys hear what the props sound like im sure you guys are really curious.