Now full disclosure wondershare has provided me with a copy of filmora for free and paid me to make this video to help. You guys have a look at filmora, have a look at their video editing software and decide if it is the video editor for you, and if you want to download this video editor, then there is a link in the description down below. So my brief initial conclusion of filmora before i get into the nitty gritty features are that i am really impressed with the level of advanced functionality this software offers, while keeping that extremely user friendly, now wondershare target filmora at the beginner level. Video editor – and it achieves this by having an easy interface thats easy to understand, but whats impressed me is. If you peel away, you start to get advanced levels of functionality that can satisfy even someone like me who really likes to get into the nitty gritty when theyre editing their videos. So lets get into the things about this software that i really really like its easy to understand. If you take a look at some of the more expensive or more advanced video editors on the market, when you load it up, it can be really intimidating. There can be windows everywhere. There can be terms you dont understand and even doing something as simple as putting a few clips together with some text can become really laborious and really difficult to do. The first thing, youll notice, when you load up filmora, is just how nice and simple the interface is its really intuitive to use, and even if you havent, read any instructions, online youll find it very straightforward and very simple: to put them clips together and create videos.

Its very straightforward, everythings, labeled, extremely well and theres handy tool tips throughout the video editing software that even if youre the most beginners of beginners, you will be able to navigate around this video editing software and use all the functionalities with very little practice or very little Time spent working out where everything is and what everything does its just very intuitive. You can pick it up and run with it straight away, and that is a big plus because, like i said some more expensive and more advanced video editors, one of the drawbacks with them is there is a steep learning curve. It can take time to be able to use the software to its full potential, whereas the thing i liked about filmora is you can jump in and use it to its full potential straight away: color grading some video editing softwares, aimed at the beginner end of the Market completely gloss over color grading and thats, not ideal for us drone pilots, because to get the most from your drone footage, you do need to apply a little bit of color grading to take your footage from a 9 out of 10 to a 15 out of 10. now filmora has advanced color grading options, which is really nice. You can adjust your contrast, your saturation or vibrance, or if you want to go deeper and more advanced, you can start playing with your highlights your shadows and you even have a histogram. So you can really color grade to perfection now, if you are scared by color grading, something filmora has which i thought is really nice.

Is it comes packaged with lots or looks so you dont need to dive into the advanced color grading window. You can simply browse a catalog of licks and, unlike some other softwares, where the looks are on the creative end and probably not something youd ever use. You look at them once and think. Oh that thats nice, but i would never apply that to my page. Most of the looks that filmwork comes with are nice and subtle and looks that you can actually use, and you may not even need to use these. As your final look, you can use these as a beginner point, so apply one then go in and see the more advanced, color grading options which were selected to get this look and tweak it further. It also has functionality to support third party lots, so if youve downloaded my free lot pack, which includes two three lots or looks or youve, bought my drone pack, that includes 12 lots specific for drone footage. You can apply these lots in this software and thats fantastic because thats. One of the questions i get asked a lot is what software accepts these lots or looks, and its great to know that filmora does performance and reliability in my testing. Filmora has been extremely reliable and extremely fast now. This is obviously very dependent on the machine youre using some softwares and even the ones i use majority for video editing are very prone to crashing its happened to me.

Its happened, people i know youre getting to the end of a video edit. You havent saved in a while, because youve been stupid and the video software crashes and youve lost it and that sucks, but filmora has been fantastic and really fast and really reliable. It hasnt crashed me once and thats, with using 5.1 k footage from my dji mavic 3 and one of the best features that allows filmora to be so speedy. Is it uses proxy editing? So what is proxy editing, and why is it so good? Well, the footage that comes from the mavic 3, for example, is 5.1 k. H.265 footage. It is incredibly performance intensive to run. You need a high spec machine to be able to run that footage, let alone edit it. So what do you do if you have a slightly less than high spec super computer? You can use proxies, so what happens is filmora will turn that 5.1 k footage into a much lower resolution which you can use for video editing. You can paste your video together. Do your color grading and then, when you hit, render it swaps them lower quality clips out for the high quality ones, and you end up with the highest quality video rendered, but no performance hat when it comes to editing that footage. It is a fantastic feature, its something you usually see on higher end video, editing, softwares and its one of the reasons why filmora is fantastic in the performance department, graphic presets.

So if youre, someone like me who creates a lot of content for youtube or any productions which require text overlays, for example, you might be familiar how it is with the higher end pieces of software. So if i take the higher end piece of software, i use, for example, if i want nice titles, nice, graphics, theyre, not included, i have to go and buy a third party pack, not with filmora, and this is really impressive. Filmora comes with included graphic elements, so you can add text animator overlays to your video simply and easily, and it really is simple and easy. All you do. Is you browse through the massive catalog and it is massive, its really impressive in terms of the amount of elements you can pick you hover over them, so you can see previews off what they look like select the one you want drag it over your timeline. You can change the colors, the fun and the text and all of a sudden, in a few seconds, you have a really high quality professional, looking graphic element added to your production, as mentioned. This is something you usually have to pay extra for third party packs for in more expensive video editors motion tracking speaking of more advanced video editors, something that usually they come with, is motion tracking, and this is usually a complicated and advanced feature, but can give you Really really professional results well in filmora its included, and it is super simple and super quick to use.

You simply drag a box over the object. You want to track hit track. It very quickly tracks that object, and then you can attach text or these graphic elements to that tracking point and have text that follows your subject now. This is something, as mentioned, can usually be only achieved by advanced video editors, and it takes your production from a beginner level production to a professional level. Production tracking is something that you usually only see in them professional videos, so you can quickly and easily track text to a section of your video to give it that professional polish, i i really was impressed that filmora comes with this feature. Filmora comes with other graphic elements, so these range from emojis to video overlays and some of them yes, are a little bit cheesy, but a lot of them are incredibly useful. So if i give you my youtube video example a game, something i do quite a lot is, i include arrows in my youtube videos and to do this with the more advanced video editor i use. I actually have to create these in photoshop, drag these into my video editor and then do custom keyframe animations with filmora. You simply select an arrow or theres other options, so you can have like circles to highlight an object. Theres a lot to choose from you drag over your timeline, you can change the color, you can change the position and you can make it custom to your own branding and again within seconds.

You have a professional level, graphic overlay that doesnt require you to go outside of the software to create it and the best bet these are animated. Transitions transitions are above a taboo subject. If you use a lot of transitions, you can ruin your video. Everybody knows that, but a perfectly timed transition in the right spot. Your video can also elevate it so its nice to know that filmora has transitions that you can use included. Some of them are slightly cheesy, but some of them are very modern and very professional, and if you choose the right time in your video to use these, you can really elevate it and again its nice because transitions graphic elements all these things in more advanced, more Expensive software, actually, usually, is a third party add on you have to spend 60 70 pounds to buy, and this is all included in filmora and its as simple as hovering over them to see the previews select, the one you like and dragging it over your video. So my conclusion, as someone who tends to veer towards the more advanced video editors for them advanced capabilities, i have been very impressed by filmora. It kind of has two sides. It has this beginner level appearance which makes it super simple to be able to use the software and get professional results. But if you peel away at that appearance, you also have advanced level capabilities bagged into the software theres. Two main features that i am super impressed with.

The first is the easy use of proxies, as mentioned ive been using my mavic 3 based recently, and that 5.1 k h.265 footage is incredibly performance intensive to be able to create low resolution copies of that video. In a really quick way, and then swap them out automatically to get the best quality clips in my render, that is second to none working with them. High quality clips and some other pieces of software has resulted in crashing a lot and again, as mentioned crashes, are common in other video, editing softwares. I know ive encountered it. I know other people have encountered it and i know people that have lost days of work because of them crashes corrupting files etc and in my testing of filmora during the entire time i used it with them high performance clips, it didnt crash once so thats a Big thumbs up, the second is just the bank of elements that you have: the graphic, overlays, the transitions, etc. Thats fantastic because, as mentioned with my current video editing software, if i want something like that, i have to go and pay 60 70 pounds sometimes to be able to buy a third party pack to plug into my software to be able to use things like that.