Im going to tell you why and ive got a little bit of surprise for you too, so stay tuned, so whats stopping me from making this lighter the most affordable survey grade lidar on the market, well, thats! What im gon na talk to you today about in this video and first let me introduce you the lidar itself and then ill try to explain to you why its so expensive today this is the rock r2a lidar and right now this is, i would say, the Most accurate survey grade lidar system in this category obviously can go up to airplanes and helicopters. You can go into the millions of dollars, but right now this costs about 34 000 and it produces amazing data. We have a lot of really happy customers, its really helped us produce a community of users that have been very successful with this product. What makes this so expensive lets talk about that for a second. So why is the r2a so expensive today? Well, its because of the components that go inside of the unit to build up the r2a itself. Let me kind of break that down a little bit more and explain why that is one of the big components that give you the best accuracy results is called the imu, the inertial measurement unit and thats, telling you the orientation your device and that helps you project. These points in the ground and get very accurate data in your in deliverables, so the imu inside of the r2a is one of the highest precision imus that you can get that will fit in this size of package and theyre, not cheap, so thats.

The biggest reason why it costs so much, i mean theres other components: theres a computer in here – gnss receivers in here – theres also, you know the camera, the lidar data storage power management system, theres, all the other components that work together to build this product, but the Imu is one of the most expensive and the biggest differentiators on the quality of the data youre going to get out of it. So if you were to look at the imu thats in here compared to say the l1 or lets just compare it to a very expensive imu, thats, well known the aplenix apx15, so im going to go ahead and put up the imu specs of the apx 15 Right here and im going to put up the specs of the imu thats inside the r2a right here. So, as you can see, the imu specs are much better for the r2a than the apx15 and now im going to put the price of the apx 15. If you google, it youll see this too thats, 18, 000, so thats just the imu alone. 18. 000. It made it very hard to bring the price down, but i really believe in building this lidar community and i believe that this technology is going to be used by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. And we need to be on the forefront of getting this technology out to your hands, so everyone can have quality data and easy to use and an affordable package so heres.

What i did i went ahead and talked to all the manufacturers make all these components. I expressed my vision, they see the youtube channel, they see all of you watching these videos and i told them. This is what i want to do. I want to make a lighter community. I want to have this technology easy and affordable for everyone. Just like im saying, and we came to some agreements and i was able to reduce those component costs and deliver a package thats much more affordable with the same quality as the high end stuff. Now tie that into the other side of things is that our business is primarily in the rock cloud and we want to get cloud users and thats like on the business side. We want cloud users, so we really want to get rid of this hardware to everyone who can so. We can get you guys on the rock cloud because thats really, where we want to exist and live and and be, as you know, people making youtube videos and making software is really the funnest part of this. For me and being out and flying of course, so heres what were doing this was 34 000. today after youre watching this video, if youre, seeing it its going to be 199.95 and were going to make it much more affordable. So that way, if youre looking at getting another lighter system now, everyone can kind of be in the same ballpark and you can start just looking at whats the best quality, the best bang for your buck, as opposed to just looking at price and saying well that Ones much cheaper its two times cheaper three times cheaper, okay, we get it so were just doing it.

Yeah lets just i made some. You know agreements with the vendors and were gon na sacrifice some of our money just so that way we can get more of these out to you guys and build a bigger and better and stronger community thats. It thats the video thats why its so expensive its expensive, because the components inside of it its a darn good product. I have a lot of people using it. Look at the google reviews, so if you guys are interested in that product, i hope you are support. The channel support us at roc robotic me at indiana drones, of course, its my company. By the way, i dont know if you got that already, but thats thats, really what its all about for me is getting these out into your hands us providing support, training videos like this and uh and building this community.