Pro rc controller were going to fly here. First impression: zach, you excited yeah. You know, kazaki flies a lot of drones here on geek culture. I fly a little bit as well, but fpv at home and at the mavic 2 you know: zacky youve had some fun with your drones before in the past havent you, oh yeah, a lot of near misses and some hits yeah. Some real bad hits well show you that later on, the video, but anyway were gon na test, this bad boy out, uh, big thanks to dji singapore. We only got one battery, so this will be a relatively short video but then well do a first impressions and youre gon na be seeing some more footage over the coming weeks in various different videos, so that lets test out the mini three pro one of the Big things on this is the course the updated sensors on this. So you have sensors in the front in the back and below obstacle deterrence much needed for any drone drones that do not have it. Youve got to be really good at your flying, because otherwise youre gon na hit something also you got the sd card in the back hero, which is a little bit tough to lock that card in and ive tried it multiple times. I actually had to take another card and kind of really kind of keep lock it in there again. This is the demo unit, so it might be a bit of an issue with that.

Maybe yours will be better, but just keep that in mind. Usbc charging on this. So if you want to charge the drone, you can do that and this battery is ultra light. I mean this drone only weighs 249 grams with this battery about 34 minutes of flight time say realistically around 30 minutes thereabouts, depending on how you fly it. If you get the larger capacity battery will increase the weight, then you have to register your drone depending on what country youre in so do. Keep that in mind and uh yeah. I got a 4k60 camera on this. You do decently like and all that great stuff. Youve got 1080 at 120., so its pretty much part and parcel with a lot of drones out there from dgi, but it comes in a very compact lightweight body. So now thats enough about the specs lets fly this bad boy lets fly zacky fly anyway. Before we kick things off heres a message from our sponsor logitech here at geek culture, we love our keyboards, especially with the all new logitech mx keys, mini an elegant and functional keyboard. Its ultra responsive, rounded keycaps, are super stable and quiet for more productivity. There are buttons to enable dictation, microphone, audio control and emojis. The backlit keys illuminate when you get close and matches the lighting of the environment youre in it lasts up to 10 days on a full charge or 5 months, with the backlights turned off to find out more about the logitech mx keys mini and their latest range Of products head over to logitech.

com, Music, all right zachy and i are trying to get the dji mini 3 pro to work. How do we do that special feature? Thing special feature: thingy. That is a new feature from dji special feature: thingy works. Well, the dji mini 3 pro is going to track us right. There see that right there you can see in the sun cant you no yeah, you can. You can see right there. Look at that! Whats up joni look at that. Look at that drone right there look at that drone right there. Yes, the drone is taking off. Oh dont hit the building dont hit the building exactly back were in singapore. I want to stay in singapore. Dont get me in trouble. Zacky, its only 249 grams, we should be okay but enough. It goes right up into the sunset look at that. Look at that. Look at that wow! Look at that cinema mode right! There look at that. I mean relatively short, because we only have one battery. We didnt get the fly more package for this review. Uh dji singapore only sent us the drone, the rc2 controller and, of course, one battery highly recommend. You always get the fly more package, always get it, no matter what its a fewer hundred or more bucks, but its so much more worth it, especially with what you get. This controller is absolutely badass. Its a must forget using your phone right, its great right, thats great, i mean the brightness on the display.

You can see in a bright daylight, no problem at all. It is so much better to use heres the thing about this drone exactly show this drone quick, see this theres. Nothing to hold the propellers in place see theres nothing to hold nothing yeah like you know, i think the air tourist has a little bit of a bra to it right. The rubber, strap, bra kind of a thing. You would think that they would do it for this one, because it just flops around and its not good. You dont want to you. Dont want floppy, propeller wings. You want them to be stable, especially when you put into a bag and also the cover. If you put on this, camera is the hardest thing ive ever had to put on to any drone. It takes like five minutes to put on this. Camera keeps wanting to tilt down and go on an odd angle. Now you cant put that in with this cover here its got to be exact, so you got to put your thumb in there hope for the best that it stays who designed this cover. They dont get a promotion this year, no bonus. But besides that drone is super stable, easy to fly its quiet. The controller is awesome. Great image quality is going to see throughout this review and yeah thats. Our first impression full review coming very soon, but i mean youve already seen a lot of videos on it, but i will tell you this.

This is probably gon na, be one of the most fun drones to use right zach i mean, and its only a few hundred bucks less than the fpv, but its a lot less to carry with you. At the same time, its gon na cover most the shots that you need and especially if youre new to flying drones, but you want something: thats got some obstacle: detection, great 4k video photography, portrait mode portrait mode, baby, instagram stories; ig reels all that stuff its in This you can do it with this anyway, with that guys, follow us on facebook subscribe to the channel, like our videos, follow, follow up, follow us on instagram as well whats your zacky it because hes an i.