All right guys were gon na be going for a quick indoor fix. I took one of my guys off the shelf, as you can see its all its a little dusty were going to knock a little dust off this bad boy. This is the holy ton. Ht02. I actually have two of these. I have this one and then my boy b over there tdr drones, e bikes and scooters, actually sent me a gold version. So i have this one and i actually have a gold one, but i really like this little thing: man, these little things fly really good. They come with three batteries, two chargers. I believe they got like a prop guard ring that you could uh put around this little thing is really cool awesome little flyer, but i aint going to keep that jabber jar guys youve seen me fly this guy on the channel before its uh kind of a Nasty cold day outside so when you stuck inside, you need a good indoor flyer and its definitely a decent one. That i recommend, like i said its the holy time: ht02 aka, the king quadcopter, by a file with a nice transmitter altitude easy to fly for beginners, and i really like it because it fits inside the case. You know im saying you can fit it inside the case and just throw this thing in your pocket. You guys and just get out onto your big and just be gone with it.

You know what im saying just like that you could be going ready to fly like i said, my transmitter is a little dusty. This guys been on the shelf collected a little dust ill have to get the gold one back out as well, but it comes with these little batteries. Three of these, you just plug it in plug that bad boy in and the lights will come on and youll be good to go. So lets go ahead and just do that there now we see it started to plug in there. I think they got a camera version of it too of this one. I think i see somebody do a review of the camera version, but thats neither here nor there lets go ahead and get to a flight with this bad boy. So lets go ahead and turn this transmitter on. Do it up now were bound to the transmitter, and we should be ready to take off now its been a while since ive flown. This guy lets go ahead and just take off, though so here we are see how smooth and easy that was to take off Music. Second right here now we are, in the second rate, the medium rate. Third rate. This is the high rate. This is how i like to zip this thing around here. At the high rate, real nice stable, a little drone man with the altitude hole, flies really good, get it trimmed up. Look at that Music, solid little drone, guys solid! Look at that solid as heck check that bad boy out so yeah.

We are in third rate, so lets go down. Lets check out the rates lets go to first rate. This is first rate for flight in the first race, so thats very docile, very slow for a beginner. You go second rate. This is medium rate. This is four flight in the second rate, Music, a little bit more pitch to it then third rate: this is our fastest flying rate right here, which is what i like to fly in the third rate i like to zip around. I got a little bit of experience, so i could zip around just a little bit a little something does flips Music, its an awesome, little flyer, man and uh, no matter which one you would the goal would apply just as well, like i said shout out to My boy b over there tdr drones e bikes and scooters. You send me the gold one, and i have this one and i still have them both and they stand in my collection because theyre nice little flyers, like i said, especially when you stuck indoors, you need something to just get to get your fix in real quick. This is a good one to pick up. You know, Music shut, that bad boy up, nope, Music, and it has decent flight time on these batteries too. I think you get like if i can remember its like six to eight minutes on a single battery and, like i said i give you three batteries, so youre gon na get a lot of flight time in with this boy and its plenty durable ill crash.

The heck out of this thing and it keeps going, but i said it comes like a prop guard type of little deal that you can put on, but you guys know me, you know me, i fly reckless. I fly without the prop guards. Music. Look at that nice white spotlight in front definitely definitely great for the night flights. You know what im saying its a good its a good. You dig for the night flight. That thing is stable as heck. Look at that thats, a nice little mini drone, usually little mini drones are all over the place and theyre all squirrely when youre flying them. This is a nice little one, Music, great bad boy, Music! Look at that bad boy, well losing a little altitude there! Music! This very responsive, little drone flies great leds. Underneath you got red in the rear blue in the front which is, like, i said, is also a plus for knight flying thats, great nice, candy, apple, red body, shell, the king quadcopter, on that bad boy, yall feel me, Music, theres, not like theres, like really nothing. Bad, i can say about this little thing, still going Music remember back in the day guys! Well, i dont know of a lot of you, but i just remember like maybe like what four or five years ago – and i havent even been in a hot before five years ago, but i watched a lot of videos and they came out theres a flight time.

They came out with these little mini. Drones lets land, it landed it nice little land. They came out with these little mini drones that only have like four minutes of flight time. If you were lucky, this thing flies for a long time. Its the holyton ht02 ill leave a link below for this guy. If you want to check it out from your boy, drones and dogs make sure you guys keep flying dont forget to like subscribe catch.