The mini 3 captures beautiful pictures and super clean videos. Its newly added sensors allows it to be jam, packed with more features than ever like active track where it can follow your subject and avoid obstacles hyperlapses with intelligent flight modes or master shots where it can film and edit montages for you and theres. So much more as a first mini with a flat color profile and the only drone capable of true vertical video, its literally a creators dream a cinematic powerhouse that fits in the palm of your hand, and i just got mine so lets. Take a look hands down. This is the best drone for beginners its super easy to learn its a lot of fun to fly and theres, so many features that the limit is literally just your imagination. One of the main reasons the mini 3 pro is so great – is that its 249 grams, which puts it just under where the regulations and drone laws really come into place? Obviously, always do your own due diligence before you go fly out in whatever area youre going, but for the most part, what that means is that you can fly this drone wherever you want to go as a beginner. I didnt realize how much anxiety id have trying to fly this thing in public. Having a small drone gives you that kind of peace of mind knowing that youre not breaking rules. The mini 3 pro is an upgrade from the old one, which is the mini 2, but obviously biggest upgrade is probably the sensor, its literally bigger its a one over 1.

3 inch sensor with a 1.7 aperture. Basically, all that means is that youre getting better quality images that youre getting more dynamic range youre, getting more data in the images that youre capturing, which means that you get more creative control when youre, creating your content ill cover this review. By going over the drones like hardware software, then the remotes and pricing at the end and ill have timelines, so you can jump to whatever parts you want to look at. That being said, lets take the mini 3s camera, so the drone is capable of filming at 4k 60 frames per second, as well as 1080 120 frames per second, which means that you can get some really cool, slow motion, looking shots, youre, also getting 48 megapixel pictures And a boatload of software features but well get into that later on in the video taking a look at the camera. Youll know that its got a funky little layout and thats, because its allowed to tilt upwards 60 degrees and also all the way straight down dji is known for their stabilization and gimbals and whatnot. So obviously, this drone is no exception, even though its so light – and you can literally see this drone like swaying in the wind. The footage always comes out super stable and crispy, and now they have a flat color profile which makes editing and creating things a lot easier. Another reason for this funky little layout is for the highly anticipated vertical video, while a lot of the software features well dive into later dont work for vertical video, yet hopefully in a software update its still really helpful to have vertical video, especially for social media.

Right now being able to frame your shot exactly how you want with true vertical video, rather than like weirdly cropping your 4k footage, so you can try to fit everything into the right frame. Dji just made vertical videos so native to the drone. Its super easy to just film quick transfer it to your phone and then upload it to tick, tock or instagram. Probably the first thing i noticed when i unboxed the mini 3 was that there werent stickers on the wings to tell you which order to open in – and this helps a lot with beginner anxiety, because you dont have to fumble or mess up by doing something. In the wrong order, also, i dont know if you guys booked it, but at the bottom of the battery is the weight of the plane thats, because they have the option of the extended life battery, which gives you about 47 minutes of flight. But the downside of that is that it puts you over 250 grams, which introduces all of those other regulations and drone laws that i personally wont be buying, but its nice to know that we have that option if we want to upgrade in the future. So for the standard battery im getting about 25 to 30 minutes of battery life before im, getting like a lot of scary warnings and honestly that whole experience is super intense because its a lot of loud beeping and the remotes just yelling at you to return to Home, so i try to avoid as much as possible, but sometimes you just got to do it.

25 minute goes by so quickly, especially as a beginner, because youre trying to keep track of so many different little things. So i would definitely recommend purchasing the fly more kit combo, because you get a bag. You get a charger. You get two extra batteries that extra flight time is so key, especially when youre learning and trying to figure out what shots youre trying to get trying to perfect like rotating shots. But the kit is a little pricey. So, like personally, i didnt purchase it im. Treating my battery kind of like film, so you really have to plan your shots out before you go out and film, but im hoping that this drone has an roi and i can invest into that fly market combo later on in the future. So if youre like me and cant, take the hit to purchase the fly more kit combo, i highly recommend finding like a small old bag that you have or just go thrifting at value, village and purchasing a 30 watt charge. Obviously, it would be best to purchase it from them directly, but for the same price you can actually get a car charger and an outlet charger on amazon, so thats. What i ended up doing having the car charger is super clutch, especially if youre traveling between shots. So you can give your drone a boost before you go out and film then just above the battery is where youll charge the drone.

So you got usbc over here and then you got the micro sd card slot, which supports up to 512 gigabytes. The drone actually has internal storage of 1.2 gigabytes, but thats, actually, probably just for software updates and maybe like a quick video. Then the last hardware upgrade is the one that im the most excited for, which are the sensors. The mini 3 has tri directional obstacle avoidance. Sensors just basically mean that it can sense things from the front. The bottom and the back, obviously youre still missing sideways sensors, but the remote will still warn you before you do one of the riskier features. But what ive been the most excited for is focus track, which basically lets you film, while keeping a subject in focus, because the mini 3 has sensors and cameras. It allows you to do subject scanning, which can actually pre select subjects for you. You just have to toggle that in the settings, but i found that i have to do that every single time. I turn the drone on. So i found it a lot easier just to select my subject manually and you do that by just drawing a green square around whatever subject you want to focus on this only works for people in cars right now, but honestly, thats really cool already. Once you have your subject, selected youll get prompted with three different options. By default, you have spotlight selected, which this allows you to fly around your subject and film them, while keeping them wherever you had them in the frame, then theres active track, which i think is super cool, and the drone just basically follows wherever your subject is going.

This is super useful, especially when youre filming by yourself, because you dont have to control the remote the entire time. It mainly works as a leash where itll follow you from behind. But if you do want to get that lead kind of shot, you just have to walk in a straight line and the drone will fly away from you theres also a parallel option where it can fly sideways. But this is one of those riskier moves because it doesnt have those sensors, so you just have to make sure youre in an open area. Lastly, they have circle which basically just circles around the subject that you selected, i feel like this is the same as the old, quick shots in mini 2, but now that they have sensors its better programmed to follow you. While you move speaking of which i think you got a lot of the same old, quick shots that you got from the mini 2., these are super key to use because they help make for quick and easy cinematic. Looking shots, you got droney helix and you got a new one called asteroid and ill. Try to show you some of the examples here, something new that theyve added is actually master shots. Basically, the drone films, a sequence for you and then edits it based off of whatever template you choose. I guess this makes for easy uploading if you want to share on social media or whatnot, but i actually think itll be pretty useful if youre low on battery and need to make sure that you get enough shots.

This will go through all of the basic shots that most people get. Another really cool feature are hyper lapses. Time lapses always look super cool, but with a drone you can actually set it on a specific course, and that removes a lot of human error and gets you a really cool, looking shot and obviously youll still have all of those basic features. Like pictures, videos panoramas, which can all probably have a video on their own but as an overview, they all support automatic settings as well as pro settings where you can change everything just like, as you would with a camera. But something to note is that i think when you switch between features it doesnt really carry over. So you have to remember what settings that youd like to change or what settings youve had previously when you use that function last. I think that covers most of the software features that are on the mini 3, but if theres, something else that you are curious about or want me to dive more into uh comment. Those down below and id be happy to look into it together. The dji mini 3 pro is a pricey device, but in terms of being a sub 249 gram drone and with all of these features that it has id say that this is definitely the best bang for your buck. They sell the drone in three different packages. Its just the main one without the remote, then they have the drone with the basic remote which you have to attach with your phone and then, lastly, you have the one with the rc remote.

This is what i say is an absolute recommendation, especially for beginner pilots. Like i was saying, as a beginner theres like a lot of anxiety when you have to fly the drone for the first time and with the old remote youd have to attach your phone to it with a wire and all of those moving parts are so anxiety. Inducing so with the rc remote, it relieves a lot of those steps and it makes flying a lot more enjoyable. Although the remote is more expensive, i feel like ive, already made its worth back for like the mental sanity that has brought me, but not only that, like the screen is so much better theres been times where ive flown with my phone screen, and it just never Feels like its bright enough, so with the rc remote, they have a very bright screen, thats built into the remote and on top of that theres extra buttons that the old remote doesnt have on the back left side, you can adjust the tilt of the camera. Looking straight forward or straight down and on the right side, you have a dedicated vertical video button, so you can switch between the two. You also have two scroll wheels on the left side. You can adjust tilt of the camera and then the right side, just the digital zoom. They also have dedicated video and camera buttons so make switching between the settings super easy and then the same thing as the old remote.

You have the joysticks where its the reverse of call of duty. You have the speed control between c and s. C stands for cine n for normal, and then s for sport as a beginner. I highly recommend staying on cine because when youre filming it always looks better when youre, slow and steady, and then this is an important button to know, because if youre ever in a situation where youre unsure what the drone is doing like it looks like its going To crash or youre just freaking out, this will always stop the drone. Its super key to press itll help prevent a lot of accidents and then, if you just want it to come home, you just hold it and it will auto return to home. Overall. This drone has been so much fun to learn how to fly its like sparked my interest in videography again, so im so excited to start creating. So while it is a pricier device, i do think its a great piece of equipment to invest in because theres. So many different creative shots and opportunities, i feel like you – can definitely get your moneys worth. I cant recommend this device enough. Its got me super excited, but let me know if you guys have any questions in the comments down below or if you want me to dive into another feature thanks so much for watching the video dont forget to subscribe and ill catch.