, the follow up successor to last years, mavic mini, which got a lot of tension because it was At 249 grams you didnt need to register it with the faa, so its very similar in that way, where its lightweight, but now it has some upgraded hardware that makes it a lot more attractive, especially for enthusiasts Music. But before i get into the nitty gritty about the drone, i want to tell you guys the five best new features of the mini 2 before i go into greater detail so quickly list them off here, number one being the 4k video recording number two ocusync 2.0 Transmission technology number three, the better stability youre getting with the drone number four, the 249 gram weight limit and the last piece is the price, so yeah, a lot of people are going to be excited that 4k video recording is here with the mini 2. I think a lot of people wanted that with the original mini, but it only topped out at 2.7 k resolution at 30 frames per second dji is using the same sensor here as before, but now its increased to 4k resolution at 30 frames per second, you have Also options for 24 and 25 if you want, but more importantly, they also increase the bit rate for the recording its at 100 megabits per second versus 30 megabits per second from before. So with that you can get a little bit more information from your footage.

Now, if you do want a faster frame rate, you could drop it down to 1080p. You have pretty much the gamut from 60 frames per. Second, all the way down to 24 frames per. Second, the only thing youre missing out here. If you flew the dji mavic air 2, is that youre not going to get things like the hdr mode? The video hdr and also some of these super slow motion speeds, but i think for a lot of people. This is going to give them the extra flexibility in post to either punch and crop or do whatever, but at least you get that full 4k resolution. The second big feature here with the mini 2 is ocusync 2.0 transmission technology. Now, if youve used the mavic air 2 like i have youll really appreciate this feature because with ocusync 2.0, it just provides for more reliable transmission from the controller to the drone. When ive used the mavic mini before every now and then i would see the video feed glitch out or have some sort of interference so far in using the mini 2. I havent seen too much of that, which is great and theoretically it could go up to a range of 10 kilometers because of this occasion, 2.0 transmission technology. So in that way, youre going to have improved connectivity between the drone and the controller and when it comes to controlling the drone 2, its key, because you want that responsiveness.

You want to be able to see the video feed in real time and not have to worry about any latency issues. Music, one of the biggest challenges with drones in general is that the lighter you are the tougher it is for you to stay stabilized, especially in windy conditions, but dji said that they improved the motors here with the mini 2. So now it has a wind resistance of level 5, meaning that itll withstand windy conditions between 90 miles per hour and 23.5 miles per hour and honestly, in my first day of actually flying the mini 2, i was kind of surprised that it handled the windy conditions And i try to refrain from flying when its really windy out, because you never know whats going to happen with something this light. I am always scared that its gon na struggle, as far as coming back to me because its flying against the wind, but luckily i did fly it over the river and it seemed to handle it fine and when its kind of hovered or tried to stay still, You can see a little bit movement, but for the most part it was handling the wind very well. The footage from the gimbal was also super stable. You didnt see any jitters or anything like that, so so far its great, but i would still caution you guys to not fly when its really gusty out unless youre a pro Music. When you consider the new hardware they put in into the mini 2 to give it the 4k video recording the ocusync 2.

0 technology and also the improved motors, you would think thered be a compromise somewhere, whether its in the battery life of the drone or perhaps the Weight, but you know what theres none of that: its still 249 grams, which is kind of crazy, because with that just about anyone could buy the mini two start flying it. You dont need to register it with the faa and to me thats good, to know, because for a lot of people who just want to pick up a drone start flying for the first time, it just makes for an easier transition. On top of that. The battery life is exceptional 31 minutes per charge with the battery so thats pretty long, and when you consider the size of the unit, its compact travel, friendly, doesnt weigh a whole lot and its probably the best drone you could find as far as a travel companion, Music and those are the five best new features of the dji mini 2.. I still think its a fantastic upgrade versus last years unit. The price is definitely worth it. Some of the areas that where it struggles, is low, light performance, its still not the best, but you have 4k video recording at 100 megabits per second. So you get more information and you just have a little bit more to work around with and, of course, as far as the other drones and djis portfolio, i still feel as though the mavic air 2 is still the all arounder, because, yes, it has better performance.

Larger sensor more features, but largely for the fact that you have those obstacle avoidance sensors. So you could have the drone fly autonomously and not worry about it hitting something else. With the mini 2.