, so you’re in the market. For your first drone, you probably want something easy to fly, something small and easy to carry around. You also probably want something that you just pick up out of the box and fly without needing any sort of license. That’S with this, the dji mini 2 comes in at just 249 grams 1 gram below the limit. Before you need a license in most parts of the world, the dji mini 2 is ready to fly out of the box. You don’t need a license for it at all. The version that i got was the fly more version, which gives you three batteries, rather than one a charging dock for those extra batteries. Extra props and a handy carrying case standard stuff is the controller which is a welcome improvement over the previous mini controller. The drone, of course, the power adapter. The prop guard holder thing, which is used for storing the drone and the gimbal cover out of the box. It also comes with numerous cables to connect your phone, including a micro usb, a type c, a lightning which comes pre attached to the controller, because i guess dji markets, their products towards apple users, and you get an extra type c for charging the controller and the Batteries with that out of the way, let’s talk connectivity, one reason that dji pretty much has a monopoly over the drone market is because of how much better their connectivity is compared to their competitors, specifically their app i’m, not saying that it’s a great app but it’s.

Definitely good enough to get the job done and compared to other drone, apps let’s just say the dji app is far better. I had no trouble at all pairing the drone to the controller into my phone. You just power on the drone and the controller open. The app and dji does the rest, you’re good to go or fly. The weird quirk i’ve found on the mini 2 is that i always have to turn the drone on first and then the controller it’s not a huge deal or anything, but i thought i’d mention it in case. Anyone else was having the same issue, one of the most important parts of the drone, at least in my opinion, is the camera, and this is one good camera 12 megapixels, 35 millimeters, f, 2.8 here’s, some unedited footage. It also has some manual functions, which i definitely appreciate. You can change the iso from 100 to 3200, the shutter speed from 4 seconds all the way down to 1 8 000 of a second for you, video people out there, the mini 2 shoots. 4K. 30. 2.7, k, 60 or 1080 60. a welcome improvement over the old mavic mini’s 2.7 k60 and some very impressive numbers. Overall, it doesn’t have optical zoom, which is a little bit disappointing, but it makes sense considering the price point and the physical size of this lens itself. I mean take a look at the size of the lens it’s, not very big, at all, back to some more nerdy stuff, the mini 2 can shoot in jpeg and dng raw, which is nice.

If you’d like to edit your photos and shoot some standard. Mp4 video, the drone, also has some pretty cool presets, which you can use for taking photos or videos to start a quick shot as dji calls them. You select the quick shot. Menu highlight a subject, select the parameters of your quick shot, which is usually height or diameter, depending on the quick shot you choose, click start and the drone does the rest. These quick shot presets include dronie, which takes a video of you but flies away and incline at the same time, sort of a pun of selfie there’s helix, which flies around you in a spiral and gradually gets further away. There’S rocket, which faces the camera downward and flies upward at maximum speed to capture the area around your subject. Then the circle, which is pretty self explanatory and boomerang, which flies away from you at a bit of a curve and an incline and then comes back to you, sort of like a boomerang. The only disappointing part of this drone is that it doesn’t have any sort of follow me function which really sucks, especially when you pay this much. However, it kind of makes sense why it wasn’t included, because it would reduce the desirability for dji’s higher end drones, such as the air, and it would make those ones obsolete. If you want to take videos in full resolution such as 4k and have all the quick shot, presets you’ll need an sd card.

Otherwise any videos you take will be saved at 720p. I’Ll link the sd card i use in the description overall. This is a massively impressive camera, especially fitted to a drone, this small speaking of size, the exact dimensions of this drone when folded measures just under 14 centimeters in length 8 centimeters in width and just under 6 centimeters in height, when it’s unfolded with the propellers. Of course, it measures just under 25 centimeters in length 29 centimeters in width and it’s. Somehow, two millimeters shorter in height that’s kind of weird but okay, build quality is decent i’ve, crashed it about twice and it’s fallen from about 15 to 20 feet. I crashed it once at speed and once while i was moving slowly, the drone was pretty much untouched. The propellers got scratched, but not to the point that they were unusable. The propels are actually surprisingly strong, considering they’re super super thin and feel pretty flimsy. If i’m being completely honest now, the mini 2 is no racing drone, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fast. It has a top speed of 58 kilometers, an hour which i mean come on. Look at this. Does this thing look like it can go 58 kilometers an hour, but it does. It can withstand ‘ kilometer an hour winds, which is really impressive for a drone. This small size of my hand, i floated in around 30 to 35 kilometer an hour winds and the drone held up perfectly fine.

It was as if there was no wind at all. If you fly the mini too high enough and it’s windy enough, a warning will appear that i’ll tell you to manually pilot the drone down from that altitude because return to home will not operate return to home. If you’re wondering what it is, it’s a button on both the controller and the app on the dji app, which will automatically pilot the drone back to you and land super useful. If you’re lazy, like me and don’t, want to manually land the drone, there are three different flight modes that are toggled by this slider on the controller there’s cine, which is the smoothest of the three and doesn’t jerk around when you’re stopping or changing direction. The best one for cinematic photography, hence the name on the other end of the slider, is sport, which is the fastest mode and unlocks the full speed of the drone it’s, also the most responsive and allows you to turn and slow down the fastest. The last mode is an in between mode called normal. I don’t really use normal, but if you’re just learning to fly for the first time, then i guess it makes sense. Battery life is, of course, affected by the wind speed and the mode you’re flying in, but i have found that this dome tends to last 30 minutes, which is bang on with what dji claims. My final verdict. Well, if you’re in the market for your first drone or you’re an experienced pilot looking for something small and easy to carry around and that doesn’t need a license for that matter, then the mini 2 is a great drone for you and well it’s.

Also pretty much the only drone for you at this point in time due to a lacking competition, so long as you’re willing to pay the 450 for the drone itself ouch or the 600 for the fly more combo. Like me, anyways thanks for sticking around thanks for watching. If you like the video, please leave a like.