Theyre telling you. This is the best thing since sliced bread, you need to go out and buy it, theres, probably like three or four other videos in this. The recommended tab right next to me telling you watch this video about the new mavic now im just here, to tell you to just chill out take a deep breath with me: Music, if you have the old drone its fine, if it works perfectly for you, its Perfect theres no need to buy this shiny new toy, even though i really like it. I just happen to crash drones very, very frequently and every single moment im looking for the nearest on the crash drone anyways lets get right into it. I dont want to waste your time first things. First, the drones come in two versions: the regular version and the cine version, with the cine being a little bit more ahead of the regular version, because it supports apple, prores, 422, hq coding, which is insane and by the way you arent, seeing things wrongly theres. Actually, two lenses on each drone here, um when combined both of them, giving you up to about 28 times zoom 28 times zoom. That means you can literally be. You can be far away. It comes in very handy if youre trying to photograph like wildlife and animals. Now, for being honest, the drones they arent really as sharp when theyre all the way zoomed in. If you look at the image at 28 times its like very grainy, its, not quite sharp, but if you look at it at one time four times and seven times, zoom its its excellent, it looks beautiful.

It looks fantastic, probably the thing that im most excited about. If you can remember the old mavic 2 and the gimbal clamp god, i hate this thing, its this tiny little piece of plastic and you dont know what to do and every time youre putting it on. You feel like youre about to break your gimbal. Definitely not the vibe. I dont like it. The new gimbal clamp on this one is so freaking sick, its a nice little like hard plastic cover with a rubber thing that latches around the back and its so easy to take off. You just lift the tab flip. It over and boom so sick and your gimbal is ready to go alright so for the sensor and for the megapixel you can get up to 120 frames per second shooting at 4k on a drone which means now we have access to buttery buttery slow motion. Drone footage which is gon na, come in very, very handy. So when i heard about these stats i was, i was extremely excited to be able to use like the telephoto on these drones and get like 4k 120 footage of me punched into the sky or into beautiful buildings. But, alas, unfortunately, you cannot when youre, when youre. In zoom mode and these drones are explore mode as they call it, the drone doesnt. Let you change your settings, its all auto, auto mode and even worse, it only shoots in jpegs, Music, thats thats, a big gripe for me and im sure its going to be great for you or any professional photographer using to use this drone when theyre zoomed in But im sure its its easy to change these things when it comes to like a firmware update, okay, so thats enough cheddar chatter, i wan na i wan na show you the images that comes out of this.

It comes out of these drones. Im gon na compare im doing like a cheeky little low light test and the new brand new mavic 3 well do a little cheeky test and see how the mavic 3 handles. As you can see, i i had the exact same settings on both drones and, if you zoom into the shadows here, you can see that the mavic 3, because simply its sensors is, is a little bigger and the lens is a little better. Its able to retain a lot more details in the shadows better, a lot less grainy, its its beautiful. Definitely the image that comes out of the mavic 3 is is a lot better, its beautiful this beautiful, fantastic image that is coming out of a drone. A drone. A flying camera is as a result of their excellent and fantastic collaboration with hasselblad. That makes these excellent sensors its im, just very, very excited about this john now um, a silly thing that im sure they didnt think about is uh. If you, if youve used uh cameras before and you you know polarizers, you know that you need to twist the polarizers to be able to get the exact same angle depending on what direction the sunlight is coming from. To ensure that maybe shiny surfaces or watery surfaces are polarized, the polarizer that comes stock with this drone doesnt give you the opportunity to to modify or to move around the polarizer, which is, is extremely damning.

However, theres people like polo pro on the market here who make a living from creating beautiful filters, so i think in a few months, well be able to see a bunch of filters. A bunch of polarizers come from polarpro that can allow you to twist on these drones. Okay enough, talking about all the bad stuff lets, lets go back to the good pointers on this drone. Firstly, omnidirectional obstacle sensing. This thing can see in every single direction: theres cameras on every single angle of this drone, allowing it to see, for example, on the old drone. This thing has a sensing range of about 20 meters, which is very impressive because of the cameras that it has on the back and in the front and everything it can see stuff for about 20 meters. Quite good, very good. But this one multiply that by 10. 200 meters, almost a tenth of a mile, slightly more than a tenth of a mile about 650 feet. You can see clearly in every single direction. Now, probably the most important thing on this drone is is the flight time? How long will this thing, if you just put this thing in the air, how long will it stay in the air 45 minutes of flight insane, which means now i can. I can leave the drone up in the air for the entirety of golden hour. Now the question that weve all been waiting for, who was this drone made for if youre, a professional photographer and you somehow have been living under a rock for the entirety of your life and you dont have a drone.

This drone is exactly for you because it can shoot equally as good as a digital camera, any digital camera that we have its fantastic, also, if youre, if youre a photographer or videographer, who flies drones, a lot for a living, and you happen to crash your drones. Every single flight that you take im not calling any names if you dont, have a drone right now. This is also meant for you um. However, i hope this video has helped you to decide whether or not this is uh. You should pull the trigger and buy this thing.