I’Ve waited an actual week to film. This thing: we’ve had nothing but rain, and yesterday actually it was a week of rain, but yesterday it stopped it stopped the day before. But it was way too windy and yesterday was 30 mile an hour gusts. Now i did try and go out and film this for you guys yesterday, but my gopro stopped recording on me. For some reason. I can tell you right now that this little thing is amazing. I had it up 60 meters yesterday, in those 30 mile, an hour gusts and boy, this little thing held its position. This little thing held its position so on with the unboxing. Before i take you guys up to monroe park and we have our little test flight with us, so inside guys we have our drone battery is inside of it, pull that top cover off. We have the transmitter. Now. I’Ve already opened this, so you don’t get exactly the unboxing unboxing, but you do get to see what’s in it. So all cables were underneath this layer in a separate piece of packaging like this, so they all pull out. The other cable is in the room for the uh battery, but you have one for the transmitter and one for the battery charge cables. They give you a half a set of extra propellers, plus the screws to put them in. You get three of these cables. For your phone, depending on which phone you have so one is a micro usb.

The other is a type c. I think i think that’s a type c type c to type c, no it’s micro, usb to type c Music. Then we have a type c to type c, and then we have a type c to a iphone one, whatever that one’s called a lighting lightning, and then you have a screwdriver, so i’m gon na put this stuff back in its packaging. I like to keep everything together, so i have to leave that one out that’s for my phone, but uh guys an amazing little drone. I don’t have the issues that marcus crawford and a few others were having with the disconnecting of the fpv. My little drone works. Amazing, the only issue i have had was a slight slight toilet bowling when you first take off just like the bigger brother of the fema x8 sc 2020, but i’m, pretty confident that femi will fix that in a future. Firmware update ah come on. I knew you were gon na, follow so a little bit about this drone guys but i’m pretty sure anybody that watches other reviewers have heard this already it’s a 4k camera three axis gimbal hdr video video resolution is up to 3480 by 2160 at 30, 25 and 24 frames a second it’s, a 1 over 2.6 cmos sensor, the sd card it will take up to a 256 megabytes. The standard battery is a lithium ion 2s 7.2 volt at 2400 milliamp hour.

This drone will reach up to an eight kilometer range uh. It has a 30 minute flight time on the standard battery and if you purchase the pro battery, then you will get a 31 minute flight time now. You’Re gon na have to register this drone with standard battery. As it comes over the 250 gram weight limit, we have smart tracking modes in this uh we’ll. Do time lapse, it’s a level five wind resistance, like i said yesterday, 30 mile, an hour winds and it held now. If i was trying to fly forward the drone, would the wind would push it a bit so uh? Keep that in mind. You will lose it if you go too far away with it and those type of wind conditions. You can also fly this drone with your phone through wi fi. It has precision landing. I will actually give you a wind warning, just like a dji product. So what didn’t? I tell you, the camera. You can have uh, f log format and d g raw. So all the photographer guys out there it’s. This is what you’re looking for raw pictures uh it shoots at a 100 megabytes per second, so i’ll give you guys a little view of the drone here, open it up, just like so front legs. First, on the back i’m, not gon na show you guys my uh registration number. So on the bottom we have two sensors and then our power button and there’s a couple of led lights there to show you when it’s lit when it’s on there’s our three axis gimbal.

So nothing on the sides of the drone guys but air vents. We spin it around our battery comes out, like so there’s a little button. You push underneath it and then pull that’s a standard battery. The pro battery looks pretty similar, so sd card goes in the back here, like i said it will take up to a 256 gigabytes. Then we have a port, a micro, usb port, so you can connect to your computer and then we have that little wi fi switch. You guys can see that there’s a small little switch there. I believe it says rc and wi fi. So right now it’s on the rc, so transmitter will control it so great little drone. So far guys i love it. I can’t uh say really say anything bad about us other than the slight toilet bowling um and when i’m flying really close to the ground, it tends to drift up to about a meter either way. But, like i said i’m, pretty sure fema will fix that in a future firmware update i’ve already, given this thing, i believe it’s two firmware updates – i i’ve done on this so far could be wrong, could have been only one, but i i i think i remember Doing it twice, okay, say guys: i had this drone here for a week now and was dying to get out and fly it. So i finally got my full flight in this morning, which you guys will see right now.

Peace good morning guys welcome back thanks for tuning in brand new day. I’Ve waited a week now to test this new femi. X8 mini we’ve had nothing but rain here for the past week, and yesterday it was 30 mile an hour. Wind gusts. I’Ve actually had this out and tested it yesterday and man. I can tell you it performed awesome in that high high wind gust, so it was 50 mile an hour, regular wind, but the 30 mile an hour gusts. I had that drone up 60 meters and boy. It performed amazing now the wind did carry it a little away from the position i put it in, but that was only when i was moving the stick trying to move the drone forward or back. I done a uh up and away selfie and, as i was putting the drone out and back, it started drifting to the side, but once i let go of those stacks that drone held its position and uh very amazing guys. You wouldn’t believe how good this little drone performs. So with that being said, i have it ready and we are going to have a little flight here. We have 11 mile an hour winds here today, i’m in monroe park i’m, just making sure everything is set. I have to format the card ready to go. Drones telling me ready to go gps, so put it on video start recording we are now recording. I just have to check my gopro make sure that’s still recording, because that stopped recording on me yesterday for some reason.

So we will take off here guys: okay, we have a slight toilet bowling, just like the x8 it’s bigger brother i’ll, give it a second and it’ll grab its gps. Here there we go so i’m going to bring it down and show you guys that, in the view, guys that’s a slight little drift and now it’s staying that’s. The only issue i’ve found so far with this drone is when you get closer to the ground. It kind of drifts left or right um, but yeah it does grab gps. So, okay, i’ll, give you guys a view of the canon here. We’Ll come back and we’ll do a droney. I just want to get clear of the tree, be behind the drone here. Put that camera down and we’ll do a manual dronie so up and reverse the camera down pretty cool like guys. This little drone is amazing. Now i don’t have any disconnection issues like marcus crawford was having i’ve had this drone out 200 meters and solid connection. I’M. 100 meters up right now and 100 meters back and i still have solid fpv guys, give you guys a whole view of the park here and then i’m going to bring that drone back in so actually i’ll bring it out further. First, to show you guys there are no disconnection issues with mine, 170 meters, 185 or 190 200 meters, i’m, still rock solid, guys: 230, 240, 260, 280 i’ll go to 300 and then i’m coming back.

So there we go i’m at 303, 304, 304 meters and we’ll bring it back in um yeah, no issues, guys other than what i just told you the little bit of drifting and that slight toilet bowl when it first takes off but i’m pretty positive fema will Fix those in a firmware update, just like they’ve done with the the bigger brother so far, it’s a great little drone if you’re looking for something other than a dji product that has quality similar to a dji. This is your best bet. I’Ve said it before and i’ll say it again guys: this is the closest thing you’re gon na get to a dji and it actually flies like one. So the thing i do like about this better than my x8se 2020 is your stick movements or are a lot better than what they were on the x8se 2020.. So i found with my x8se 2020. I couldn’t do a manual circle me without the sticks. Turning the drone too fast, but this little thing way better. Here i am doing a manual circle and it’s it’s perfect. I just don’t want to hit the flagpole i’ll come in a little bit here, so check that out went a little too fast there, but i was just worrying about my surroundings. So let’s give some features a little test here, guys go into the smart track. We will hit trace okay circle around me actually before i do this i’m gon na exit here for a second, and we are going to do a screen record if i can screen record so you guys can see what’s going on here.

Okay, so now that i have a screen recording going, we will do a smart track trace. Okay, draw a box around me and hit go so i’m gon na have to walk away from the camera here. Guys, okay, flight height is too low. I have to gain some altitude here: let’s try there, okay, so i have to walk away from the camera, but i’ll be right back so, as you can see that little drone is keeping me in view, it’s moving with me it’s following me, so i believe the Trace, though the drone stays put, but it will keep turning to where you’re going so you guys can see that works works great. This is something the mavic mini does not have, and i commend femi for putting this in here. Okay, so i’ll stop the trace and we’ll go back in to our smart features. Sorry guys had a coffee with my profile. Okay drag a box around me and go and i’ll walk away again and that little drone is following me again, but it’s moving this time. I don’t want to go too close to that tree, so i believe the trace the drone just moves side to side because it’s moving sideways. Okay, we know that works we’ll. Stop that that drone back over here and we will go back in smart track. Do the lock, i think, the lock it circles, you i’m pretty sure, so i think i’m gon na have to get up over these tree and the poles here guys – and i should be good right there.

So now i’m locked in, i will hit go and we’ll pull that bar out a little okay, 2.1 meters, it’s circling. Okay, i stopped at myself there right there. Sir sorry guys. I stopped us i’ll drag that bar out of this okay that’s circling. I have it set to 0.7 meters, a second it’s. Slowly pulling a circle. You guys can see that on the camera, you can see that the flag poles are just slightly. The drone is turning slightly around them, so great working drone guys. I would highly recommend purchasing this. Just hopefully you get a good one like i got, and not one with issues like marcus or other people have so we’ll. Stop that smart track bring the drone back. Okay, pick that camera up. So what i was saying. Hopefully, you get a good one: i’m, blaming this on quality control, it’s the same thing with a lot of budget drones, guys most people will get a half decent one and others will get one with all kinds of problems now, there’s, no way that one drone works And others have these issues so it’s. It has to be a quality control problem: okay, i’m gon na get up in the air again because i’m gon na show you guys the orbis i’ll back it up. Okay, pick the camera down on me: hit orbush, okay, Music. Setting center radius has to be at least five meters there. We go set radius and go so it’s pulling its orbit.

So the thing about this orbit, the drone will stay facing forward and it will just pull a circle and keep you in the view. I’M. Not sure why they done it like that it’s, usually the drone will keep the center target in focus and circle around us. So there we know that works. Go back in do a spiral. Okay, okay, a spiral setting center. It has to be five meters, so we’ll go next and go and now it’s going to perform a spiral, while it holds that okay. Now, this is more like your circle me. The spiral is working how it should it’s actually turning the drone instead of keeping the drone facing forward that’s much better. So you can control the camera as you’re doing this, as you can see i’m now, picking it up and back down, and we will stop that. So i’m gon na say it again guys great little drone. If you’re looking for to purchase this drone, we have links for us which will be in the description of the video. I believe banggood has a sale on it right now for 475 canadian around there. I believe that’s what it was 475., so waypoints uh. We have b line in flight and history let’s do a b line. Okay! So do these really close? Okay what’s going on here, i have to exit and start it again back in waypoint b line. Okay, we’ll! Just do one so behind the drone and okay, and why is it not moving Music? Okay, waypoint should be more than 10 meters.

Okay, forgive me guys, but it’s first time i’m doing this with this drone, so waypoints b line. Okay, we’ll put it out to this way: okay, so 30 meters. Why is it not moving? I can’t seem to get the waypoint working okay because i have to add more okay, there’s, a second and we’ll. Add a third and okay and go now it’s pulling its waypoints. So you guys can see. The drone is following its waypoint it’s heading to the first it’s now at the first waypoint and turning to its second, and it is now at the second. These are pretty close, it’s heading to its third, which is up over by this tree. So you can, you can pan the camera as you’re pulling your waypoints and now it’s at its third and the drone stops it doesn’t go back to where you started so we’ll click back on the map to get back into the video gopro still recording. Thank god. Ah that’s about it guys other than tap fly so i’m, not sure what that is tap map to choose a target. The drone will fly over there default speed in a straight line. If set point of interest, the heading will be looked at the point of interest. Keep away from people and buildings, okay, so let’s, see here! Let’S go right here and hit next go that’s moving, so there i picked the uh cannon here as the point of interest and it’s done.

It stopped. So we know everything works on this drone guys. It is an amazing little drone, so now that i have 43 battery left, we will take it out a little bit. I must say it is certainly worth buying this drone and it is just as good as a dji drone. I i always say it and i’m firm, honest femi does make a good product, but they release it too early before all of their firmware. Issues are fixed. So as long as you can deal with a little bit of problems now and then before they set their firmwares out, you will have a good drone, guys i’m, a firm believer in femi. They make great products. Let’S come back. I don’t want to uh, kill my battery i’m down to ‘ i’d like to get it on the ground before it hits 30.. Before i do stop. Here, though, i will take a picture with us show you guys how it how it is on pictures and we’re coming in i’m, now 40 meters. I will stay right about there. Guys i’m gon na stop recording now switch over to the picture and we will snap there’s a picture taken well let’s get over this way and get that cannon in the view with the three flags see if we can get a nice picture right about right about There i’m – guessing – i think i read this – has a three time zoom too, but i don’t see how you zoom so camera up a bit actually i’m going to get in a little closer and get me out of this view.

Let’S bring her down and take a pic, so there we go i’m going to bring this in for a landing guys, i’m down to 32 percent 6.88 volt. I never tried hand catching this yet Music, that sun is bright it’s in my eyes, let’s see. If i can catch it and there we go so you can hand catch it. Just like a mavic mini power, it down and power the drone off. I have waited so long to get my hands on the strong guys i actually pre, ordered it through banggood, but banggood had an issue getting them and every time i asked when is it gon na ship? I was uh told two weeks time and i was told that two or three times so i eventually gave up and put my money into uh, hubsan so and i’m waiting on hubsan to ship that drone out now sorry i’ll just fix the camera here. So i hope you guys enjoyed this little review and we will have some future flights with this drone. Do some more testing on it but, as you guys have seen this little sucker flies amazing and i just might add a little bit of footage in from yesterday to show you guys how this thing handled in 30 mile an hour wind. So that being said guys, i hope you enjoyed it if you’re new and you find anything of value in this channel, please hit the subscribe button. Leave us a like leave us a comment.