I recently did a video with kyle from backcountry, adb moto, and he does his own youtube channel and we were comparing camera gear and turns out that we shoot with very similar gear. Now the difference between the two channels is im an educational channel. It means i do a lot of close up stuff. I do a lot of repetitive shoots in the same area and im, usually on site other than gathering b roll kyle. On the other hand, does more gear reviews, product reviews and trip reviews, which means hes on the move, a lot and consistently moving from scene to scene and that changes some of the gear that he he uses. Personally, i do recommend checking out his channel and seeing what kind of gear he has for me. I carry my computer and all of my editing software. I edit on a 13 inch computer that way when im on airplanes or traveling. I can make good use of that time. Im not going to cover my editing software computer, only the camera gear. This is a 38 liter, lone rider bag or a pannier and inside you see im full pretty much side to side front to back. There is some room on the top, but most of it is gear. This is my main camera bag with the tripod. This is what i carry on my back Applause. If i need some self tracking, then i carry a tracking drone and then all of the gear is going to need supportive stuff.

This is going to be my chargers and any extra batteries and mounts one of the first concerns is keeping your gear safe. One way to do that is to put it into armor or foam padding and have it loaded on the bike. Of course, the concern, then is, will it get crushed? The answer, of course, is to put it onto a top bag or a trunk. On top of the bike for me, i carry it on my back. This also means, if im doing a shoot, where im not bringing panniers in where im getting into a very challenging terrain, a very limited access. Then i can just carry all that gear. On my back because its a sling with only one strap itll move around unless you get a secondary and for me i just put a magnet on it and that way when i move the bag, doesnt shift or move – and i still have quick and easy access To it, if i need to get any of the cameras to make changes while im out on the ride, what im pretty positive, youre really interested in, is whats inside the bag. Unfortunately, im wearing the mic system and im using the camera, so i need to switch over to my phone and ill do a quick recording on the phone to show you whats in the bag and then well go through some more details on it, starting from the Outside and working my way in, i need to have a tripod, i shoot solo.

I carry assortee t005 rx. It goes up to nearly five feet inside the bag on the back side on the back side of the bag. Here, thats, where i keep my drone theres a pocket on the outside that pocket on the outside allows me to carry spare battery for the dji and inside the bag. I carry the dji, the air 2, the mavic air 2 and the controller on the front of the bag. This is where i carry my spare bits. This is where my spare batteries are carried. This is where i carry my second mic. Thats the road ill talk about that in a minute and then also i carry a few connectors, an extension or a selfie stick which allow me to get more height out of the tripod and any adapters. And then this is the main compartment. This compartment has all of my primary camera gear in the pockets. I carry spare batteries. The batteries are always going to be an issue, especially on the camera that i use. They burn them up. So i carry three in total, so theyre, quick to access. When im out, i carry gopros im carrying the gopro eights. They have fantastic stabilization, theyre, still very small, much smaller than the 10, and you know at this point im going to use them until they dont work anymore, but they dont work very good in low light, so they do have a purpose. I carry two usually one for the helmet one for the bike.

Also, if one goes out of service or gets broken, then i still have a working gopro sound is critical. If you havent noticed its a little bit echoey in this video, not terrible ive tried to put up as much sound ending as i can, but having a lapel mic is going to be much better. I carry the rode 2 system, the wireless it has two remote mics, plus the primary a microphone and the adapter that goes to the camera. The camera i use is the sony. This is zb 1, fantastic camera for selfie style work, and it has the lens built in. This is likely my most underutilized asset that i carry with me. Its a 360 camera, its the insta 360., the and ill explain why i dont use it as much as i i think i should and can in the future and then several spare batteries with me and thats. Everything that i carry on my back for any video shoot. The final bag is all of my goodies to keep everything running. So first, big bag is right there. This one is all of the clamps and mounts and ram pieces. Ive got the spare batteries. If i have the sky deal with me and then inside each of these bags are either the charger and the batteries for my dji, as if you remember i mentioned i carry, can carry a spare battery, so i have two batteries for the dji.

If im only carrying gear on my back, but obviously when traveling, i need to replenish those and i have an extra battery and a charger. The other bag is all of my charging. Well, all my charging stuff so cords adapters on bike charging usb adapter everything just to keep things going start with my primary camera. This is the sony zv1. It does have a screen that allows you to see yourself when you set it up its a 28 to 70 zoom, which is very good for optical correctness. It is incredible about tracking focus on your face. One of the problems i had with my older camera was it had a hard time focusing on me a lot of times. I would do a shoot and then i would find out. I was out of focus. This has been very, very good for that. Also, it has a a hot shoe spot on the top, which allows me to hook in the sound system, and then i can plug in, and that becomes very important, as i mentioned, for video. Sound is really really important and its killing me that we have. This. Echo going on, but if im using the gear, i i dont have a lot of gear to double up thats, that camera uh not really anything bad. Oh. The only thing i would mention is that the batteries on this camera are absolutely tiny. They burn up really fast. If you do go for a zv zv1, then youre going to want to have a pocket full of batteries if youre using it.

The other thing i dont care for about this camera is that, where you lock it onto your tripod, it blocks the battery. So, instead of a side insert its on the bottom, you have to remove the camera from the tripod. Before you put your uh your batteries inside it other than that im really really happy with it. The rode wireless go 2 is my mic system of choice. This is the receiver. I have two transmitters theres, no replaceable batteries, but they last for a full day if needed, and they charge with a usbc easy to charge on the bike lightweight good long distance and they work both with the camera and they also work with the phone that im Recording with today, the insta 360 is my 360 degree camera. It is likely the most under utilized camera that i have. What makes this such a useful tool for a solo. Videographer like myself is that i can set the 360 up. I can ride past the camera and then in the editing software i can catch a pan that i can put into regular video. The downside is that, even though its a 5.7 k camera it downgrades to a 1080p when i cut out those clips makes it very good for b roll, but not necessarily ideal, since i now produce in 4k as a as a standard. If you can only have one action camera, this is definitely one to consider. The batteries are very good.

They last for a long time, and also you can remove the 360 lens and put on a standard lens that works like any other actual camera. As far as the actual cameras go, i carry the gopro eights, partly because they havent died yet and ill use them until they do, but also the gopro. Eight is smaller than its newer: the newer generations, the nine and the ten if im mounting it on my chin or on the motorcycle for close up shots of the feet or the hands or, if im, just looking for an action shot on the helmet. So you can see whats going on the gopro 8 is a little bit smaller and is actually, in my opinion, a better tool for those types of shots. Now i carry two of them. The reason is, is i usually have one mounted to the helmet and i have one where i can mount it to the motorcycle, or i can set them on the side of the trail for a ride by that also means if i damage one camera. I still have one in reserve, and this is really important if im traveling international or if i dont – have access to a place to replace the cameras. The batteries dont last all that long but theyre cheap and you can carry a whole pocket full of them. Definitely a very useful tool. The other downside to the gopro is. Although the image stabilization is absolutely astounding at how stable it can be when youre riding in low light, it very quickly loses resolution, and if you lose too much light the camera, the the video off the camera is unusable, its shaky its grainy, its very notchy.

That was a problem when most of my videos were being shot in washington state where rain and overcast and very dark days are a standard, and there are many many times i went out to shoot the videos where every single shot on the gopro was complete garbage. Nothing i could do about it. I do carry the two drones. I do have the mavic air too theres a lot of reviews on this drone. The reason i use it personally as my go to as it collapses down, i can carry it on my back. It makes a great aerial tripod. If i have open area it has good tracking, but also unlike the mini, which is smaller and more convenient for a rider. It works better in very adverse weather conditions if its rainy, which you shouldnt fly in, but i do if its very windy which you shouldnt fly in, but i do if its foggy. You probably shouldnt, find that either. But i do, and the mavic holds up to those very adverse conditions – quite well watch a review on the on the drone specifically to see if its one thats good for you. The other drone i carry is the sky do2. I did a video review on this drone im not going to go through the details. The long and short is when its working properly, it is out of this world in its ability to track and capture video that i couldnt even get.

If i had a drone pilot with me, but my skydios all seem to have had suicidal tendencies, meaning im on my third drone and very little the drone video that youve seen in past videos have come from the skydio. I now keep it in reserve only for very specific videos, where i need that that that tracking, if, if all you want to do, is have a tracking drone, its its the one drone that does it the best. If you want a drone that does everything else, then i still prefer the the mavic. The tripod is worth mentioning: the um of saroo sari surah its s. I r! U i, however, we pronounce that ive been using this particular tripod now for about 12 years, theyre still available on the market. This is the t 005. The newer ones are bulkier than this. This is the lightest aluminum tripod. I could find its a reasonable price, and, on top of that, it raises up to just about five feet and with a short extension, i can get it up even higher, definitely a useful tool as a solo shooter. My second tripod is the one that the cameras sitting on right now it is exactly the same tripod and color, just wan na say thanks for watching the channel.