What’S up guys welcome to this video and welcome to my channel before we get into things. If you could do me a massive favor and hit that like button, it helps me out so much with the youtube algorithm, so i appreciate it and let’s get into it. The quest for the ultimate fpv drone a seemingly impossible task, but this drone right here comes pretty. Damn close. There are a ton of fpv quads on the market right now, there’s long range, quads, there’s, five inch, freestyle, quads, there’s, cinewoops, there’s, tiny little ones that people put naked gopros on all the way up to drones, like this, that people mount cinema, cameras on and do Movie grade filming with the two most important things to have on an fpv quad for me, is maneuverability and speed. So when i travel for film projects and stuff, i usually have a five inch quad here and a cinewoo. This one’s for more high speed outdoor stuff and the cineboop here is for more slow speed, indoor things or getting close to people recently. I got a protech 35 right here and this thing has absolutely changed the game. For me, it combines the super technical cinewoop style of flying where you kind of just like are able to fit in really small spaces, you’re able to fly in doors, you’re able to just hit really small gaps just because of these prop guards and the smaller size. With the more freestyle aspects of a five inch quad, so flipping looping doing power loops all of that stuff.

This drone is a really solid middle ground. Additionally, i know it’s somewhat controversial in this space, but in my opinion, this drone right here is the absolute best. Drone can get if you’re a beginner fpv pilot more on that later, but to start off what is a protag 35. So a protec 35 is a cineboop which generally they make for more close quarters, indoor stuff. They have the prop guards they’re a little bit smaller they’re, easier to fit in tight spaces, so that’s what you usually use them for this is the one that i’ve been flying for a pretty long time. As you can see, there is a very professional duct tape. Job on the power cord um, just because i crashed and i cut the cord and i had to tape it back, but this is the one that i’ve been flying. So what you see here are duck, slash, prop guards and what these help with is. It actually makes the drone slightly more efficient if the propellers are right up against the ducts and, if you’re crashing into things like i mentioned earlier, it just kind of bounces off of it. But, as you can see, this drone right here, it’s, not that efficient. Looking like it, can’t cut through the air as well as say this drone right here. This drone right here. My five inch is really good for flips tricks, outdoor stuff, it’s insanely fast, whereas this drone right here it’s just a lot more clunky, most center loops on the market.

Are that size with that size of prop guards, but the protag has really reimagined what a cinewoop can be. This quad here has all the features that make a good cinema. It’S got prop guards it’s smaller it can carry a gopro, but just because the prop guards are smaller, it cuts through the air a lot better. So it combines a lot of the good cinewoop aspects and the freestyle quad aspects. To give you an example, i was up in alaska last week, and i took this drone out in super windy conditions out by the ocean just to kind of test it, and this drone right here, 100 would not be able to hold up in the conditions that I flew this drone in um, so i’m just going to play a little bit of that footage, so you guys can see how it handled Music – and not only is this drone good in windy conditions. It’S also really good for the technical flying indoors. A big portion of the fpv work that i do is for hotels and villas, so you’ll see a lot of shots where i start outside, of a hotel fly through, go through a hotel room or something follow a subject come back around and then shoot outside the Building showing the whole building itself, the videos are really engaging because it not only shows the outside of the building, but the inside in one continuous shot with my last cinemoop.

It was always a challenge doing the outside to inside stuff, just because i knew as soon as this drone got outside if it was windy at all. The footage wouldn’t be as good just because the drone gets blown so hard. But when you’re going indoors and close to people, you definitely want a cinema, because it has those prop guards with the protag i’m, really just not concerned about that at all it’s, also, not too bad at freestyle. If you’re not aware, freestyle is essentially where you’re just flipping doing tricks and a lot of the technical stuff that people usually fly five inches with. I tried it with the gopro on and it was a little bit slower. But if you take this drone out without a gopher on you can freaking rip this thing doing power loops, flips tight turns it’s, just it handles really really well for being a cinnaboo. In my opinion, i think it’s the best cinema on the market. By far, this gets me into my final point for this drone in particular, which is, i think it is the absolute best drone to learn on if you’re, just getting into fpv, the traditional way would be to fly in the simulator and then eventually, once you’re done With the simulator and you’ve put enough hours in then you transition over to a five inch freestyle quad. But with this drone i think it’s a really really good middle ground between having a lot of the characteristics of a freestyle quad.

So you can do flips. You can do power loops. You can do stuff like that when you’re learning you typically don’t, really do that many of those anyways but it’s good to have the option, and it also has a lot of features that are really attractive to first time. Fpv flyers. These prop cards automatically make it a lot more durable when you crash, so just the amount of times you’re gon na have to fix. This thing is most likely going to be less and when you’re learning fpv, you don’t necessarily need something that goes 100 miles per hour. You don’t necessarily want a slow drone like the other cinewoop i have so. I think this drone is a really good middle ground. One of my friends has been on and off trying to get into fpv, so i figured a really good test to see if this drone really was beginner friendly was to just give him the controls and see what happened to give you some backstory on jonah. He is a professional, filmmaker he’s, a badass drone pilot, but he just hasn’t really had that much time flying fpv. Most of the experience that he has is flying this little beta, fpv tiny loop that i have, and he would just take that in the backyard and kind of rip around the yard um. If you’re someone who’s just getting into it, i would definitely recommend checking out that beta fpv, tiny loop i’ll leave a link down in the description, yeah, it’s kind of a good way to just get started and other than that.

Jonah didn’t really have any fpv experience before this video. So without further ado here is jonah’s first flight, Music, Music. So all right, didn’t crash sick. This drone is so nice, damn that was so fun, so yeah jonah did a great job on the flight um. I was super surprised and, from his experience, he’s flown my five inch quads a couple times when we’re in super open areas. I’Ll, let him like, i think, maybe only two or three times he’s taken it out and kind of just slowly went around the park. Um – and he said this one by far was the absolute easiest one to fly so it’s easy to fly. It combines a lot of the really cool features from cinemoops and five inches and i’m telling you guys from like someone who’s flown fpv quads for a long time. This thing seriously i’m, throwing together a full edit from my trip to alaska with the protect 35. But for now here’s a quick little snippet of just what this thing can do. Don’T, you just love a little snot on your nose: Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, he’s, so guys that is it for this video, if you’re feeling generous or if you got anything out of this video. If you could do me a massive favor and hit the like button down below like i said it helps so much with the youtube algorithm, but other than that that is it for this video.

I will see you guys on the next one i feel like sacagawea out here. Oh the gopro fell off.