What is going on guys, so we got the brand new dji mavic 3 and my last drone from dji was actually the dji spark which recorded in 1080p at 30fps this, but i cant even talk. This thing is just amazing. Lets go ahead and box. This ill show you guys the specs all right, so we got that annoying plastic off lets, go ahead and actually open this thing up now you cant see to get kind of damaged during shipping, which is normal because you know ups is its thing, but lets go Ahead and open this thing up, i dont know how this box opens. Really. I havent watched any videos on this really at all. I think i missed a piece of tape right here. There we go so there is the dji mavic 3. Very small, like this is very small. Let me throw a iphone 7 just right here for comparison. This drone right here is one of the smallest drones, with this amount of capabilities that ive seen in a long time now i didnt get the signed version, because that one is close to 5 000. But this is the standard mavic 3, which should be fine enough, because this thing still does shoot in 5k, which is plenty if anything, its more than enough id be fine with 4k, but they decided to go all the way up to 5k and 4k at 120 Frames per second, which is insane for a drone and right here we have the drone itself.

It looks like it does have a little case protecting the propellers from unfolding during travel, which is nice to see. This is actually really cool because its actually held in by this magnetic clip thats kind of just there, and you have to just pull it off and uh. You can start flying really uh this yeah. If i can pull it off there, we go uh so thats. The thats the case that covers the camera sensors, which this is the new hasselblad camera that shoots in 5k and 4k 120 all sort of stuff, as well as the sensors all around the drone, which you know of course, capture every single angle of the drone. Just to avoid accidents which is awesome to see, especially if you dont have dji care refresh. So definitely a nice add on im super excited to try to test that out now taking the drone itself. Here we can unfold it to what appears to be its full length and it actually doesnt fold quite similar to the dji mavic 1 and two, which is nice to see, because that form factor was perfect. For my use case. I didnt personally have one, but i did borrow one for a bit and that drone was amazing to use. I definitely would recommend even get picking up an older one once they drop in value after this one gets more traction yeah, as you can see right here, unfolds just like that Music and its ready to fly.

So i think from here we can check out the remotes battery and kind of just start getting flying. I actually have my brand new 14 inch macbook pro that im going to be using to edit some of the footage that im going to be taking with this drone later tonight. So stay tuned for that and of course, because it is dji, their controller quality is awesome to feel in the hand. You do also have the embedded joysticks on the bottom, so they dont get damaged during transit, which is awesome to see they just kind of screw. In there, like the dji, mavic mini did, which is awesome to see dji keep doing with their current models of drone. Now, unlike previous dji drone controllers, this controller actually does lift up from the top to put your phone ipad or really anything at the top, which is awesome to see because having the screen at the bottom of the controller. It just makes things just a little bit. Worse and more awkward to hold, whereas this you can kind of just have your phone above the controller at all times and being able to see anything that happens while youre flying, which is awesome to see. The overall quality, like i said, is really nice. For this controller, you do have some very tactile buttons on the side, as well as some very freely moving joysticks that probably wont break into anytime soon in the kit, you also do get two extra sets of propellers, just in case anything happens during your flight.

Although these propellers are very durable feeling so im hoping they can withstand a crash just in case anything does happen, but with all the safety features built in with mavic 3. I really cant see anything happening to this thing. So, alongside the controller, we have a usbc to usb cable, as well as a few otg cables, to hook your phone up directly to the controller, so that you have the optimal streaming performance for your drone, as well as a few extra joysticks. Just in case yours get lost, so this is awesome to see. Dji include this also is a 240 volt, 2 amp charger, which should give you some optimal speeds for fast charging. We also do have a few user guides, but none of this is in english. So, im not really too sure how they expected me to do that. Theres! Really, no english guides in the box at all, which i find a little a little strange for this drone. But i i guess he i i couldnt even say you get what you pay for, because its this things like two grand but um, the more you know. I guess i dont know now that everything is out of the box. Lets go ahead and take the drone up in the air and see how it performs it is dark. So i guess this will be a perfect time to experiment with the low light performance of the dji mavic 3, but furthermore, lets go ahead and test it out.

So wow the performance that this drone gave today is insane. I really didnt expect this drones camera to really just kind of blow everything out of the water like that. I expected it to be all blurred out and blurry um just because it is dark outside, but this thing really met its expectations and this isnt even the same version either. This is the standard mavic 3.. Now again, you can pick this drone up for fairly cheap. Considering the value that youre getting out of this thing just go for around two thousand dollars, and you can pick it up today at your local best buy or even the dji store or the app anyway.