It comes in this completely sealed tiny box. Now, in my opinion, femi has been the only company that could compete with dji, and that was for one reason really, and that was they managed to cut the price massively while having a product that was comparable back. Then it was the phantom 4, which i think, cost around 1400 1400 gbp in this country, and they came out with a similar sort of model that was like 400 gbp. It was a massive saving for not a lot of difference in terms of the video quality and they did it again with the femi x8 se, just a a brilliant, quadcopter and drone. But now they have got a problem because since then dji has been working on its own budget. Small, tiny drones – and this is directly competing in my opinion, with the dji mini 2.. So you know we’ve got to take a look at the price of this and how it performs compared to the price of a dji mini 2.. Now this might be different depending what country you are from. I am based in the uk and at the making of this video a dji mini 2 costs 419 gbp and the price of the femi x8 mini costs. Uh 269, so it’s a 150 gbp cheaper in this country. Now i understand that in some countries due to the unique way pricing works between specifically the uk and america, sometimes they end up being the same price, and i think in that instance you would have to say well, you know, go with the uh, the dji model, Because uh more reputable being around longer probably got a better infrastructure.

This thing it feels feels very plasticky kind of like a pla material. So uh let’s take a look at this thing, so i believe this one is going to weigh uh 260 grams with the current battery and, of course, the the mini is known for being 249 grams, so that it it can get onto that magic figure that uh People have made up uh doesn’t, make a difference in this country, but some countries, the 250 grams, does make a difference and you can buy a different battery for this guy. This is like a a lion battery, i believe, and they’re selling a lipo battery, which is lighter, which also must be smaller. I would have thought because a lion has got more density for its size, so yeah those look like two 18650s don’t. They just uh plonked in a sort of a shield there with a usb type c, so yeah. I think it’s going to fly longer on the lions than it it’s going to on the uh lipo, which i think they’re saying it’s replaced with uh. They say 31 minutes out of the flight time. In fact, the specs are so similar to the dji mini. You know we don’t have any object avoidance on this guy, but it’s same with the mini. So you know really all that it’s got going, for it is just that 150 gbp price difference, which is a lot for me, but it’s amazing. That dji has managed to get their price down like that, and i would say instantly if you are in the market for a drone of this price and you can afford the extra 150 gbp absolutely you’re gon na go for the dji one aren’t you it’s they’ve, Been around longer, they know what they’re doing the quality’s there.

The customer service is there, but femi have been good to me over the years. You know to get a quadcopter uh, for you know under 400, gbp that flies very similar to a thousand pound mavic. That really impressed me so yeah let’s have a look at this um this cover here i won’t come off now uh there we go yep, so we have got three axis tiny, gimbal, one thing that always uh catches. My attention with these guys is whether we’re gon na get any wobble so uh in the box. We’Ve got a qr code and i guess that is going to be for the app a thimmy not known for their amazing apps by the way femi. If you didn’t know, they are sort of like a parent company of xiaomi originally was the the xiaomi drone, but that confused people because they made phones, so they changed it to femi. But this is a very much xiaomi. What we’ve got here? A quick drone start manual in chinese. I think this was the other thing as well. Femi and we’ve got some english there, but the original femi drones that was all chinese let’s, see if i can spot any english in here. Oh yep, some english in there as well, so i don’t know maybe uh. Maybe i’ll have some luck with it. There’S the controller, a bit more plasticky than the previous femi drones. I guess you know now they’re competing with uh dji.

I guess they’ve got to change the quality of things even lower, just to match their price or or become you know, similar or lower to their price uh. What we’ve got in here nice plastic bags for everything let’s pass the parcel here with these plastic bags. Oh so it’s just falling on the floor got a mini, phillips, screwdriver, uh, three types of connections, so we’ve got your ios android and then uh old android. If you will, i really struggle to find cables these days for those on on the other end as well. So they’re kind of like a pigtail uh for both of those uh yeah and another spare one of the usb type c – probably got some screws in there and is that just one set of spare blades? I think it is. You know all right. Well, that’s everything in there so uh. I guess to charge everything then there’s, no charger in there. I guess we’re going to be using those leads to charge everything up. Has it got uh some information on here? Uh let’s have a look inputs: 5, volt, 2m battery uh 3500 milliamp power, so internal battery uh it’s got like the coppered uh dji placements for the sticks so that they can just screw on here so uh. Supposedly the range on this one is 8 000 uh meters, so 8 kilometers and then it’s 10 kilometers on the uh, the dji mini. I bet that does change, though, if you’re in a different country where these guys probably less no fly zones, less restrictions, but uh.

You know maybe uh, maybe less uh things thought about in general, which not always a good thing on the back. We have got a switch that switches between rc and wi fi. I guess if you want to fly it directly off your phone, i wouldn’t recommend doing that micro sd card slots there for the onboard recording doesn’t mention what this one here is at the bottom, but it’s the old style usb, probably for firmware, updates and we’ve got A little button on here and that’s that’s how you get the battery in and out. Well here i am in the field and the first major problem i’ve come across with this drone. Is that the app which you get when you scan the qr code, but it’s also on the play store so it’s a legitimate app will not recognize my latest google pixel 5 phone. You get these cables here, which they root great down the side of the controller. Here, but every time i plug it in here, it just will not recognize the controller, and i believe this is a problem that is happening on a few android devices, and people are reporting that they don’t have that problem on ios. So i’ve had to dig out my pixel 2 here. The wi fi is working on this, but when you’re in wi fi mode you’re not connected to the controller, the idea in wi fi mode is that you control the drone directly from your phone and i don’t fancy that i wanted to use the proper controller.

I found a couple of more interesting specs in the manual here, so i mentioned that it comes with just the one battery and it comes with a lion: a 2s lion, that’s 2 400 milliamp hours, which sends the weight over 250 grams. It says the pro smart battery is a lipo and that one is 85 grams, it’s 2 200 milliamp hour, so uh you’re gon na get less flight time with the uh lipo version uh. If you uh choose that battery, then some more of the specifications here it says a suitable altitude to fly so above sea level, up to 4 000 meters, it says and uh take off weight, 258 grams and 245 grams with the pro battery flight time. It says 30 minutes you’re not going to get 30 minutes out of it because in the small print it says something like you know, tested in a winless and humanless vacuum or whatever like that. So yeah we’re not going to get that out of it. But it says it takes up to a 256 gigabyte microsd card, the format mp4 max bitrate 100 megabit, which is uh that’s fine for 4k um, something interesting as well when i was sort of installing the app and trying to get it connect. I got an error saying that the sensor on the camera is overheating and there’s no fan on this thing. So uh, i guess well. I just had to turn it off field of view: 80 degrees uh, the aperture f, 2.

0 uh focal distance 3.54 millimeters equivalent focal distance 26 millimeters. This is all for the camera guys uh sansa is a sony cmos uh sensor, effective pixels, 12 megapixel iso range 100 to 3200 shutter, speed 32 to 1. 8 000. Is that yes and i’m going to be flying it in 4k 30, but it it does mention here that it does uh 30 fps, 25 fps and 24 fps. It does 2.7k and 1080p as well. It says image format if you’re taking images with it, jpeg jpeg, plus dng. So there you go all right, let’s, try and get this thing going so it’s quite tricky to turn on. Actually, you have to get the timing just right, it’s a short and a long press and uh. We should get a noise and then on the controller. We’Ve got these lights on here and a short press shows you the the battery. How much is in there and then again it’s a short and a long press until it should hopefully turn on, got a record button here and a slider for the gimbal, a picture button here and a return to home button there very simple um the app at The moment is saying disconnected on the phone, maybe that’s, because i opened the app first let’s try unplug the usb and plug it back in there we go a firmware update. Please update new firmware. I did that. Ah, the uh, the femi stuff it it is buggy, but you kind of used to forgive that uh because it was so cheap.

But now you know it’s competing with dji um. I did all the firmware updates: there’s, no wi, fi or sim card in this phone. So well, i guess uh i’m just gon na have to wait. I suppose this is using uh the battery and you know it’s sitting there cooking it’s, uh it’s, not it’s, not brilliant is it. Is it saying here during updating? Please keep the app drone and rc connected properly. Well uh, i guess i’m, just gon na have to wait and uh. You know that’ll take some out of the flight time to i’ll. Just leave that going because it’s only 37 done come on. I want to fly. I haven’t got a spare battery either, but of course, uh that’s going to be one advantage of getting this is buying. Spare batteries is going to be much cheaper than buying dji batteries. Oh camera update succeeded, update completed well there we go okay, so i’m. Now getting a picture, i think, is anything moving around, though i don’t think so. I’Ve got like a what’s it saying there please put the drone down but i’m, not getting uh the picture, isn’t moving. It says it’s recording but uh, nothing on the picture. Maybe i need to because it like updated the uh camera, maybe it it needs to reset now uh frustration already, please use intelligent fly. Okay, it looks like it’s initializing now. Can i move? Yes, i can can move the gimbal right we’re getting somewhere battery 97.

Okay, let’s uh just have a look in the settings: uh limit flight of speed, uh that’s in non sport mode, that’s the highest that you can get uh limit of flight distance, no limit limit of height 120 meters. So that goes all the way up to 500. But you know, obviously we won’t be going over 120 return home height 30 meters, yeah it’s, okay, beginner mode note take that off sport mode, it’s quite windy today. Well, look at that precise landing, yeah! Okay! Uh! Imagine if you use sport mode support. My maximum speed is 18 meters per second gain, expo blah blah sport mode invalid, intelligent and vp human i’ll just cancel that because then, what i’m saying is you can’t use any of the uh the fancy shots uh with that enabled uh magnetic interference, compass calibration? Okay, when you’ve uh, you know move to any different location. You want to calibrate the compass i’m going to calibrate it move it horizontally. Like so compass interfered, please change! Take off something it’s yeah! I had this problem with uh the other femi’s. With the you know, the the compass interference well i’m, turning it hold the drone horizontally and rotate until oh, the green light; okay right, okay and then rotate uh. This way insane. Ah, i don’t find this bit fun all right. There we go. It says: it’s calibrated! Okay, whatever can we uh calibrate? Well, it looks like it’s just done. Actually what i was gon na say: can we calibrate uh the gimbal? Oh update, dynamic home point gain an expo: okay, well that’s cool uh, 4k 30 in here video size see uh video quality medium.

Surely we want that on high uh mode, one yeah that’s good, so i can uh fly. You might wan na okay, let’s uh let’s start the recording and it should just be sticks in the middle and uh throttle up yeah there. It goes so let’s just see what the harbor is like. First of all, Music, obviously no object avoidance, so that’s, uh, that’s, hands off Music let’s just have a see what the movement is like it’s, getting blown around by the wind for sure Music don’t think you would say it was as locked as a dji model Music. But anyways let’s uh let’s see what it’s like to fly there’s a little bit of a delay in the controls. Not much, but just a tiny bit off that is getting blown around uh looks like the image is very dark, so uh potentially looking at you, know dynamic range and also the fact you know i’m looking on a phone as well, which it always affects things yeah Let’S get a bit of height, it goes up nice and quickly. We can have a look at some scenery, so i’ve got the height on the phone here says that time at 50 meters, 60, so 120 is where we want to stick it at let’s, start slowing. It down here well, i can still hear it at a 110 meters, 112 let’s go for the 120. that’ll. Do it? Okay, oh a bit of a misty day, even though it’s uh sunny see.

If i can have a look around so uh, we can do a proper sort of horizon check. Oh it’s looking dark there, but if i point the camera down, i should down here so it’s the dynamic range of the camera. There looks like the horizon’s sticking it to me. Uh. I mean the land isn’t completely flat around here. Well, let’s gimble, down yeah that’s, where we are gimbal’s a little bit slow, but it’s. Okay, i’ve got sort of a dodgy fingers anyway. So the fact that it’s, uh, nice and smooth is going to help me and one thing i’ll be looking for and i can’t really see it because i’m, just looking at the phone but i’m looking for any jello and wobbles uh, you know for me every time I say for me: i can’t help but say femi for me, that’s, the most important thing i tend to not you know, use uh a lot of those uh automatic features. I understand why people do you know they don’t want to mess around. They want to get like a a nice shot of something it’s, an 82 percent battery uh let’s, bring it down and it’s coming down at three meters per second, i think five meters per second is there, the most it will do like in sport, mode and stuff. I wish there was some cows in the field, so i could try the uh the active track and all that. But to me it looks the same as what was on the uh bigger x8 and it works great they’ve done a lot of work on that.

Okay and the problem is, i think, if i want to do some of that – fancy tracking stuff, i uh i have to stop the recording, i think uh, whereas it’s down here, i don’t think unless i stop the recording, then it uh it lights up. All of this tap to fly ah yeah, fine and waypoints. I don’t, like any of that. I get people do um, so let’s see uh what we got here. Fixed wing uh definitely uh, not that one smart track. I think wasn’t it. That was the uh. The good one so we’ve got uh trace, uh, which i uh and profile so that’s from the side and from the back and then locked and then that’s your orbit sort of thing. So uh let’s see you know. We’Ve got like a help. Me thing: uh drag a rectangle on the target. It’S gon na have to be me. I guess isn’t it uh, which is a shame there. We go so uh drag a rectangle around me see. I wish it was recording all of this time. Then you have to press go and now you can set it to record, and now it should uh is it? Is that just gon na like follow me around here? Okay, so like yeah, but uh? Ah, look at me an idiot walking around in the field. Well, at least without the cows here i’m, not going to be stepping in anything unwanted should we say: yeah that’s, uh that’s following uh.

Okay, can you change the type of mode just as tracing in the bottom? There yeah that’s uh trace uh, so you have to press exit and then go back in. Do you oh it’s, because it’s still recording, okay, just have it recording all the time? Is it froze? Well there we go uh back into here, a smart track profile. Uh draw draw around there and then i think profile is going to follow me as following me sideways then, if i what happens, if i move up up to it, it sort of stays in the same position, doesn’t it and then just goes underneath me. What happens if i go past it? Does it spin around dead, quick? No, no! It loses me. I just go out of shot. Okay, oh no! I didn’t press record there either that’s what that does. Anyways uh, so let’s close that um okay go back into smart! Smart tracks, really all you need, i think, because you can do like an orbit with smart track as well. So if i just draw a box around me now, press go and now do like left or right, it’s going to start orbiting and keeping me in shot. I think that’s great and it’s it’s got all sorts of uh other kind of uh orbit settings like touch the sticks. Does that stop it yeah? It stops it for a brief second doesn’t. It so let’s bring that down. Stopped it completely.

Actually, oh there we go so i have to do it again. Yeah. I really like, like that. I think uh, possibly one of the only uh ones that i would use you can do a selfie. Ah, i was really hoping there was a cow in the field. So i could do a cow, selfie uh, but uh. Oh, i need to be careful. Looks like there has been a cow in here: okay, 164 percent, patricia in a flight time is decent. One click, video, uh here’s, the they’ve changed where all those things are that’s. What i was, after one click video it’s like your droney and and stuff like that so you’re on your holiday. You can go look. We did a thing: okay, dronie, drowning let’s. Do that one please drag frame okay and then just press the go button. Is it three two one? Oh, it gives you a chance to go hi bye. Now these things are quite good, but again it starts and stops uh. The recording i’ve been telling femi not to do that. Just have it always recording, let the user choose when they uh want to record or not there you go once we have 40 battery. Okay, let’s just come out of that. So there we go video uh panorama yeah, you can do also do a spiral there as well. You can change the distance of the drone if you want it to go further. Let’S before our battery dies, let’s go into sport mode, esport mode.

Okay, give all the warnings come out of the sun and go back into video mode as well all these menus that they have changed. Unfortunately, the gopro on my head has died, but, yes, i can see that that is considerably faster, that’s kind of cool. Actually that looks cool on the phone anyway, 36 percent. Under what at what point, that’s full tilt, that’s a fling it around good video reception, i have to say hopefully yeah i don’t to smack it into the ground. That’S full throttle wow that’s, really fast, actually what’s that there’s 17 meters per second, yes, i think it said 18 – was the max didn’t it yeah the flight time’s pretty good. I just expected it to wig out and it’s, not done that so uh that’s well yeah. I think let’s see what goes up at five meters per second yeah 5.1. 31 battery. I can’t change that speed of the gimbal or the battery is a battery has just given me some grief. I haven’t really gone far with this probably uh, maybe a 100 meters or so low battery. Please land asap to avoid damaging don’t. We we want to avoid damaging don’t we precise landing is on, should be interesting. Sat there gimbal settings uh yeah, you can change the pitch speed there. That’S cool we’ve got advanced settings here as well: gimbal game yeah i’m, not going to mess with that let’s uh let’s press the return to home button and see what happens.

Uh drag the icon into the rectangle and confirm the operation. Then the aircraft will return home automatically. What drag the icon just mean that drag one icon i’m trying to drag an oh there right? Okay, why? Why did you make it that difficult? I know. It’S got a return to home button on it, but come on okay, where’s it going okay, now it’s, just right above me might have to intervene, or we might have a crash. Whichever whichever happens first it’s got precision landing. Is it going to land on that uh? So can i just press the x to stop it? I hope so otherwise, it’s just gon na go in it. Can i change yeah? I can still change the your all right. Let’S is it? Is it searching for my mat? Oh dear well, it’s right over a tree at the moment, yeah that’s, i think that’s not going to land on the mat it’s going to land yeah. I need to intervene there. I could never get the uh smart landing working or whatever it it’s called on the on the bigger one i’m trying to move the gimbal there we go it’s letting me do it now low battery, please land, to avoid oh it’s. No, the wind just got under it a little bit right. Oh okay, let’s see if i can land it on this thing without it, i’ll have to do it myself, but no precision landing dji. Does that a lot better? The wind’s blowing it oh come on it’s gon na.

Is it gon na just tip off there? We go, i did it, i did it well. There you go, that is my review of the femi x8 mini i’ll, put a link in the video description. If you like what you see uh personally, i would uh go with for the uh the extra money and buy the dji version, um just less hassle um, but it does work. It works fine and never got the precision landing to be able to work. I think you need like a colorful mat for that, but you know if you fancy it i’ll put a link in the video description as well as a pinned comment and as always thanks so much for watching.