. This little guy is a lot of fun thats. What she said: Music ive not been. This excited about new tech for a while, so ive opted for the dji mini 2 fly more combo, which comes with a carry case. Its very well put together and feels premium first to come out. Is the drone itself its a neat little package as it comes with the strap to hold it all together inside the bag? Next is the remote which is hefty in a good way and looks much better than the one from the original dji mini one. Then we have the battery bank that houses the three batteries that come with the fly more combo. We also have the included charger and in the top pocket we have the usbc charging cable various connection cables for the remote spare parts to replace the propellers should only break ive only had one casualty so far and the screwdriver to make any repairs Music taking the Strap from the drone allows me to unfold the drone into its final form. Taking off the gimbal guard reveals the 4k camera on the base of the drone. We have the power button and vents, as well as the sensors on the bottom, that detect distance to objects beneath to allow for safe landing. The battery bank is also part of the fly more combo, giving three batteries that last up to 31 minutes each. This bank charges all three of the batteries together over usbc and can actually be used as a battery bank to charge other devices with the usb output.

Swapping the batteries is very easy, so doing so, whilst at location means that you can enjoy plenty more flying time. Also near the battery port is the micro sd card slot, which takes up to 128 gigabytes of storage. The remote couples with your phone to complete the setup which i cant show at the moment due to recording this footage with my phone. The antenna opens up and also acts as a mount for the phone with the wire beneath that connects to your phone, which then connects the remote into into the drone. Underneath the remote are the sticks that screw into the analog controls on the front of the remote ill, go into more detail with the app and a full flight in another video, but for now lets take off and talk about what the drone can do max speed Is 16 meters per second or roughly 35 miles per hour? Max transmission range is 10 kilometers unobstructed, but legal altitude limits in most countries are 400 feet or 200 meters high and that the drone is in v loss, which means visual line of sight. This drone can fly up into scale 5 winds roughly 23 miles per hour. The 4k camera is mounted to a gimbal that allows for cinematic footage or first person, view mode. I do have a biased view, as this is my first drone, but there are a few reasons why this might be the perfect drone for you. Firstly, in the uk and most places, the weight limit of under 250 grams means that this drone can be flown anywhere, except for restricted airspace.

The dji fly app has a built in map that shows restricted airspace and allows you to unlock certain areas. If you have the permissions, secondly, the civil aviation authority rules allow this drone to be flown with an operator id only not the optional flyer id, which requires a multiple choice test. The operator id costs nine pound a year. At the time of this video being recorded and requires you to label any of your drones with your id. Thirdly, the dji fly app and drone remote are so easy to use that you can practice in the cinema mode and work your way up to sport mode, which is mental. Finally, the form factor is so compact and the combo gives you everything you need to take. This drone anywhere without hassle and be able to enjoy learning, to fly or shoot cinematic footage of landscapes and friends and family. So final verdict, if youre looking to get into the hobby, this drone will help you from novice through to professional.