They were pretty much limited to cars, but then tycho came along with the brand new amazing, fast tracks and the typhoon hovercraft that could go on land and water. Powerful turbo motors for straight line speed do a 360. now typhoon hits the water incredible. They look so good that i sat video remote in hand watching cartoons on a saturday morning, just in case a fast tracks or typhoon advert came on and, of course, right on schedule like a capitalist, gandalf, the grey they did and i wore out those tapes replaying. Those adverts like a teenager with a baywatch box set im, not sure box sets existed back then Music, but one thing that was always going to be out of reach for me. Was the radio controlled airplane, something about a vehicle that traveled in the air just made? It seem inaccessible, probably because they were so much more expensive and unlike hovercrafts and tanks, if you crash them, they died, but over the last few years this has become a thing of the past, enter the drones. Welcome back to the vrc, and it is tech tuesday, where some tuesdays ill be releasing a video that might not be about virtual reality, but it could be about any type of tech. This week, im looking at something that ive always been interested in, but never really been allowed to dive into headfirst. Yes, in this, video were looking at drones and, more specifically, if you want to start flying them, where is the best place to begin? This is the holy stone hs210 remember if youre interested in vr and tech then make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit the bell if you dont want to miss a video.

So the drone comes with three batteries each with about seven minutes of flying time. Theyre really easy to insert and remove and theyre charged up by a little usb charger that can charge two at a time and it takes about an hour. It also comes with a screwdriver to unscrew the battery flap on the back of the transmitter and a tool to remove the propellers theres. Also, some spare propellers in case of mishaps theres, no camera on this drone, and it is really small measuring eight by eight centimeters. This means that its suitable for kids, even though the box says 14 and above obviously, they need to have the ability to fly it safely, down a bit down a tiny bit. Okay, good come right! No, no! No! That one turn around again turn around again turn around yeah. Usually you want to turn okay straight yes straight now. Okay, usually yeah right right, right, right, right, right, right, go right! Right left, left, left, left right, right, right, right, right, right, right, left, left, try and stay in the middle right right right left, trying to bring it back. Okay, uh press the two top ones because its in the hall Music, just it also means you dont – need to worry about getting a drone license or passing the drone test. The controller has two modes: one where the left stick, controls, rotation and the right is strafing and another mode where those are swapped over the controller also has a start: stop button, a speed button, a flip button and by holding down the speed and flip buttons together, You can perform an emergency stop and have the drone come down pretty safely remember this thing is extremely light at 24 grams, so it can fall a long way without breaking.

If you find your drone moving slowly forward or backwards without any input for you, then you can fix that by pushing the left stick into the controller like a button and then using the right stick to push it in the opposite direction of the drift still drifting Right, so why would you want a drone? Well, flying them around is obviously very cool or peng, as the kids like to say, the peng kids, yes, theyre, really peng, not cool, not sick ping, but obviously more expensive. Drones have cameras and if youre a content, creator or just interested in taking shots from the air, then drones allow you to capture the kind of shots. Only helicopters could do not that many years ago and some drones even lock onto an object or a person and follow it about it, makes you wonder if, in the future, everyone might have their own personal drone looking after them filming any potential muggers along with the Police patrol drones and the amazon delivery drones that were still waiting for, though, coming down in price. These gps tracking drones are still quite expensive and, of course, they still can break if they crash. So, despite their incredible self flying abilities its definitely a good idea to become a fairly competent drone flyer before you take the plunge with one that costs hundreds or even thousands of pounds. So why do i love this drone? Well, its obviously quite cheap at 30 pounds its way less expensive than the old tyco toys and lots lots cheaper than the old radio.

Controlled. Aeroplanes were because of its size, its extremely unlikely to break and its also unlikely to break other things. But if it were to break, then you havent just lost a ton of money still, okay. Another thing i like about this drone is that it can hold at a certain height, which is a really good feature for a cheap drone to have. I had another one that didnt have this, meaning that i had to constantly be adjusting the left, stick to keep it steady that was so hard and no expensive drones require you to do it, so its not really a skill that you need. I also like the fact that it has three speed settings. The slow one is perfect for indoors and also learning how to fly it about. The third setting is also pretty fast im, not sure how fast it is, but its pretty quick in fact lets go and find out. Go Applause, whats up so by my calculations. 54 feet in about five seconds means that the drone was going about 7.5 miles per hour. It definitely feels a lot faster indoors, but thats, possibly an illusion due to being in an enclosed space. Some other features that the drone has are doing a fun little flip by pressing a button and holding a certain direction flying around in circles again with the press of a button. Although i couldnt find which button actually made this happen and headless mode, where no matter which way the drone is facing, if you push left on your stick, itll make it go to your left and if you push right, itll make it go to your right.

This means you dont have to do things backwards when the drone turns around, but these are all features that even the cheapest bad drones usually have some drawbacks of the drone. Is that its not that great in the wind theres been a few times when my brains got a bit confused and ive tried to fly it back, but instead its just gone really far away thats? What emergency stop is for so dont? Do it emergency? Stop! Remember the green lights are at the front of the drone, and the red lights are at the back, but this can be hard to see when its far away the claimed range is 164 feet. And although i didnt measure it, it seemed to go a lot further than that when i was out on the field theres no return to home function, that is a feature of more expensive drones and obviously theres no camera. There are some drones costing not too much more than the hs210 that do have cameras, but the quality of them is usually very low, so that was the holy stone. Hs210. Let me know in the comments, if youre interested in using drones – or maybe you already do, what do you use them for or what would you like to use them for or maybe youre interested in fpv drone racing which looks blooming amazing? Or are you a content creator looking to get some really cinematic shots? When i get permission, it is something id like to get back into.

I did have a larger drone once, but i sold it when i was trying to raise money for virtual reality. Would you like to see more drone content on this channel? This will always be a vr focused channel, but i wouldnt mind revisiting drones from time to time anyway. As always, if you made it this far, thank you so much watching an entire video actually helps a lot more than leaving a like or a comment. So i really appreciate everyone who stuck around to the end, but if you did enjoy the video you can still leave a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe. If youre not already, it is free, so youve been watching the vrc tech tuesday take care of yourselves and i hope to see you next time reminder.