So this is my backpack ive got the teton explorer 4000 and its its a good sized backpack. But problem with backpacking is that most people when they go, they only bring along one backpack, so fitting spaces space in it can be a bit tight, especially when youre trying to fit everything from food water system, fire fire system uh. If you, if you like fishing, you bring along a little tackle box your clothes. Everything like that, so fitting extra stuff, thats not really necessary, can be a challenge like drones. I dont need a drone to go backpacking, but i like to have it because it just adds to the video experience. So this i have the dji uh mini one. So this is the original dji case that it came in. You can see its its pretty big for backpacking, so i wouldnt bring this along. This is actually the case i use when i go backpacking its a kalimba case that i i cut out and i put the foam around it and i cut the foam. So it can fit the the drone pretty well and, as you can see like it, shaves down quite a bit of size compared to the original dji case, so ill show you what i bring. I dont bring all the batteries, and everything like that. So mainly, i just bring the drone itself and the controller and ill open this case up and show you what i did.

I got a piece of foam and i cut around it, so you can see its just theres, not a lot of protection in it, but im not like falling off the sides of mountains, so i dont really care about too much protection, so i can fit the Drone in there pretty snugly and i can fit the controller in here. Let me just zoom in a bit here, so it fits pretty well, i bring along one battery with me and then for battery charger. I have this little guy right here. Let me just focus on him, so what this does you just bring a usb uh type c. I believe you plug that in. I have like a little solar solar power charger, so you just plug that in and then you find see on the bottom of the battery right right. There line that up with these two things so plug it in like this, you plug your cable into here and then you can charge a battery so not too bad. So i just fit that guy, maybe on the side right here, underneath close it up, and this is what i bring backpacking, so its pretty small, pretty lightweight and ill show you so it doesnt. Actually, i dont put it in my big pocket of my backpack ill show you what i do here, because the big pocket usually is full of a whole bunch of clothes. The cook set up its just usually full at that time.

So what i do on this teton backpack theres, this nice big side, pocket right here – Applause open it up its actually good about this case. It can fit in this side pocket if you have the explorer 4000. I dont know the dimensions of this side pocket here, but its pretty tight to get into not gon na lie, but once you get it in there, you can zip it up and youre on your way. So look at that so its not too bad. I dont have to worry about taking up space in the main pocket of my pack. It just fits right there, nice and snugly. I got one battery on me and in the dji minis they last, oh, probably like around 20 to 25 minutes. So thats a lot of flight time for footage. You can get ill be ill, be rolling some footage throughout the clip throughout the video just some different videos, ive taken while backpacking. I mainly do my backpacking on crown land because on provincial parks, you cant fly the drone, so i like to go on crown land and other places where you actually can fly the drone, so it it gets. Pretty nice views there. The if you guys dont have a dji mini. I recommend getting one its its really the best little system out there and the mini 2 is great. It improves in a lot of the ways, but i went with the mini one, because the controller i like the controller better personally its just more compact, the.

If you look at the differences between the dji mini 2 controller and the mini one. This is definitely a more compact controller for sure fits nicely in my hands and just fold it out so thats what i use backpacking uh, if you guys have any questions, let me know and enjoy your travels.