A long tail electric cargo bike with two batteries lets check it out. Music. The unoral g20 is probably one of the best budget alternatives to all of the expensive, mid drive cargo e bikes on the market. Keep in mind that everything is relative here right. So when you consider that mid drive, cargo e bikes usually start at around four and a half to five thousand dollars, then the 2099 dollar g20 is suddenly a pretty budget option. So the real gem is upgrading to the new 2500 dual battery version. That adds a second larger battery to more than double the bikes range. The main battery on the g20 is in the front here and its a 550 watt hour pack, but the rear battery is a 672 watt hour pack, meaning the two batteries add up to around 1200 watt hours of capacity. That should give you close to 50 miles of range on throttle only and potentially double that if you were to use pedal assist by the way yeah, you heard me right throttle only this is a mid drive ebike with an actual throttle on the handlebars that allows You to ride without needing to pedal, unlike your typical bosch and brosa and other european mid drive motors, the dapu mid drive motor on the g20, provides both a throttle and pedal assist support, while its always great to pedal and get that exercise. The throttle can be nice either when you just want to get around without the effort or youre, starting from a stop with a heavy load.

Sure you can downshift for that extra torque. But if you forget, then a short blip of the throttle gets you rolling nice and easily with either the throttle or pedal assist. You can get up to around 25 miles per hour, which feels plenty fast for a cargo bike. The motor is only 500 watts, which is fine for everyday use, but its not a powerhouse. Even so it accelerates quickly and the ability to downshift means youve got that extra torque, like i mentioned earlier, thats a game changer on hills when youre lugging around heavy cargo. The cargo rack in back has nice wooden, paneling and matching wooden running boards. You can add pads as seats for kids or you can leave it naked for pure utility use. The bike also has 24 inch wheels. Instead of taller 26 inch wheels, meaning your cargo doesnt sit quite as high really heavy loads can still feel a bit high, and when i carried big cargo loads, i could sometimes still feel the rear getting a bit squirrely. But it was manageable and certainly better than if the wheels were big old. 26 inch tires im. Also, a big fan of the screen on the handlebars, which is nice and readable, even in bright sun, where i might detract a couple points, is that the kickstand on the bike hangs really low and id often smack it on curbs or other obstacles. If i didnt stick to just smooth roads, its great to have a wide double kickstand, but other models tend to tuck it up higher, which i would have preferred all in all, though the real gem here is that youre getting a fully functional, long tail cargo e Bike with a mid drive, motor and tons of battery for literally half the price or less compared to leading alternatives like a turn gsd now, the build quality of the g20 here is nowhere close to something like the turn lets not kid ourselves, theyre.

Only in the same category for bike type, not performance or quality, but the roll fulfilled by the g20 here is a common utility roll, where a long cargo platform for gear or kids is required in a mid drive motor to help make hill climbing more manageable is Key the throttle is also such a nice benefit to have that id say thats, one area where the g20 actually has a leg up on the competition. So, while yunorau cant compete with the big shots on build, they definitely can on price, and that makes all the difference sometimes 2100 to 2500. Bucks is more doable for a much wider swath of the population, and so i love that e bikes, like this, make it possible for families to consider getting rid of that second car in favor of a high utility e bike like this. It may not replace everything you need a vehicle for around town, but cargo e bikes can do so much that it may just be worth considering it as a cheap alternative to needing a second car in your garage. The added fun and exercise it offers might just tip the scales in its favor if the price didnt already win you over thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of the latest version of the unoral g20. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle.