It is time to take that intel outside just get rid of it. If you have a mac pro, you can hold on to it a little longer, but anything else. Mac mini imac macbook with intel inside it needs to go. We will look back at intel once they go through their five stages of grief and come back with products that are up to todays standards, but until then any product purchased before today is going to be cheaper than my xtr displays stand in no time. Oh, oh im, sorry, i didnt see you there were you watching the editing? Yes, this is how im editing, needless to say, im using the 16 inch m1 max macbook pro. It is connected to pro xtr display and also to my ipad. I could have used ipad, wirelessly or wired, but i for this setup i chose wired. At the same time, i like to mention that im really enjoying mac os monterey a lot and the feature that i really like is the fact that i can go to my phone and select filming and all my imac on my macbook pro. It switches to filming – and that is that is the best when i do not want to be disturbed while, while filming filming the the setup i created for myself is, i see nothing. No phone calls no notifications, no nothing! Im on my own. Nothing can break my concentration. I turn it off. As you can see, it is turned off.

This is such a great uh mac os. I think its my favorite im enjoying everything about it anyway, back to the video. Here we go. Yes, there are still some apps that are not fully compatible with apple silicon, but theyre getting updated pretty fast and once all those bugs are ironed out. Once these apps become fully compatible with apple silicon, they will actually offer more features, which will get m1 pro and maxs fans. Spinning, if you know what i mean and the only thing spinning on intel macbook is going to be the so even your m1 macbook or your m1 imac, even though theyre really fast, computers are lacking. That screen and the ports so put a child like on it. Give it to your kid put a facebook lock on it, give it to your parents and come join me in the future. By now, youve probably seen tons of videos where people are running couple of tests on these devices and coming to a conclusion about this entire laptop. Well, that is like opening the hood and looking at an engine that will not get you anywhere see what i did there. Yes, it can run fluently for five seconds when youre scrubbing through an 8k video. But what happens when you put a text on it? What happens when theres a transition when you put graphs on it when audio design sound design, comes into play? What happens when you want to import edit export compress upload well, today were gon na look at all of that, so sit down.

Grab your favorite snacks hit that subscribe button, put your feet off the dashboard because were going for a ride. Everything glistens and everythings bright, everyones happy the spirits are light. I am sitting here thinking along with my drink, as i do this time of the year Music. This is the maxed out 16 inch and one max macbook pro. It has apple and one max chip with 10 core cpu 32 core gpu 16 core neural engine 64 gigabyte, unified memory, 8 terabyte, ssd storage and a 16 inch liquid retina xtr display. It has three thunderbolt 4 ports, 1 hdmi port, one sd xc card slot and the return of the mac safe, magsafe3, port Music. It comes in this nicely designed box inside the box were greeted with the new laptop smell macbook pro itself, braided 2 meter, usb c to max a3 cable, some papers, some stickers and the monstrous 140 watt, usb c power adapter with gallium nitrate or gun, which means Even the charger brick is cooler compared to the previous generations. Yes, pun intended, i am sitting here sinking drink after drink, as i do this time of the year: Applause, Music, Applause, Music. By the way before we move on, i like to mention that this video is, from a professionals, point of view from a person who works with this computer for the people who work with their computer and no, i didnt order 50 different macbook pros to compare them Because i really dont enjoy buy review return triangle, i find it wasteful, so this review is entirely based on the 16 inch m1 max macbook pro the maxed out version and how it actually broke my chains from this desk.

So i can just grab this and work wherever i want. Lets begin with the notch. If youre wondering, if im going to complain about the notch, no im not going to complain about tonash, because every inch of screen estate i can get is very valuable to me. But also i dont like to sacrifice from the camera quality, but the only complaint i have about the notch is that it doesnt support face id and i kind of understand that they probably left. You know a couple of features for the upcoming macbook pros. But if the notch is bothering you, i have a solution for you there you go the crochet doilies for your notch and it is only 49.99 if you dont, like the notch. I present to you this solution. If you need a bigger one, if you want to put a bigger one, i also have some different sizes. This is 59.99 delivery. 2049. now lets take a look at the design. The new macbook pro is a little chompier compared to the previous generation macro pros, and i actually love that it seems like were getting away from joni eyes, strict supermodel diet and finally, we are getting devices that has form and function nicely balanced. The keyboard on this macbook pro is really comfortable as youd expect. It is really easy to type and ride on it. I have zero problems. I really enjoy the distance and everything it is very nicely done.

However, i didnt have any problem with the old clicky keyboard. As well, we actually have one here and my wife has been using it ever since it it was released and we have zero problems with it. So whenever i used to hear people having complaints about it, i used to make fun of them saying, like maybe you shouldnt eat over your laptop, but in time, seeing other people and people with kids and stuff how these keyboards can become unusable. Im glad apple went with this one, so this keyboard will last longer for everyone, and i actually enjoy this keyboard with black background. This is more compact. I, like it touchbar the brand new macbook pro, does not have the touch bar, which means i can keep on working without looking at the keys, the touch bar had some nice ideas like how you can just tap on the volume and drag your finger left and Right to change the volume level with just one tab, but in the end you really had to look at the touch bar to see what was going on and you are missing your function key. So, in the end, it wasnt a really nice solution. Im, not a tech reviewer that just complains and moves along heres. My solution for this touch keys for the function keys with lcd if possible. So what i can do is i can just swipe on the volume to turn up and down, or i can just touch that and just slide it left and right.

If i know where the keys are actually having functions, there is not going to be a problem or just put the touch bar above the function. Keys call me apple ill, solve your problems. Now lets talk about the trackpad. The trackpad on new macbook pro is fantastic. It is as wide as the magic trackpad, and it is almost as tall as it is as well. So, while youre using this laptop, you dont feel like you need the magic trackpad. This is big and good enough. The speakers of 16 inch macbook pro is absolutely fantastic. It is so full so rich that you enjoy listening to music through these speakers too, which also means when it comes to adjusting the audio levels and everything in my videos or, if im, working on a logic project. Of course, it is not as great as my monitors, but it is close and it is so much better than other laptops, which means, while im outside, while im away, i can prepare audio to more or less to a great level without needing my monitors without anything. Just just listen to this Music Applause, Music. It is ridiculous. The touch id works as expected. There are no surprises there. You can register up to three fingers per account. However, if you have a separate keyboard with touch id like n1 imax keyboard, you cannot use the touch id on that keyboard with macbook pro lets talk about ports and lets begin with magsafe3 max a3 is a fantastic edition, very welcomed addition to the mac pro.

It works great and we are back with the magnetic charging port, but i was expecting, since this is apple, a limitation like this macbook only charges using the mac save three. You cannot use the other ports or i was expecting this to be. You know um glued to the 140 watt charger, but no you can unplug this its usbc. You can use the thunderbolt ports to charge your device. You can even use the 20 watt charger to charge your macbook through its ports, just like the previous generations, but it still works on this one as well. The uhs2 memory card reader is fantastic and it is as fast as my sony or pro grade memory card. Reader, i have no problems with it. I read: some people complain about the memory card reader not being uhs 3. I dont have any uhs three memory cards or any device that requires uh three, so i i couldnt care about that. Yet but yeah hdmi port is something i didnt care much about on this laptop because i dont use the hdmi port. I usually use the usb c ports as a personal preference, but what i really wished, instead of an hdmi port. I wish this laptop has an ethernet port, anything that doesnt have water. Resistance, should have the headphone jack macbook pro still has it, and it should come back to ipad 2. and finally, we have three thunderbolt 4 ports, which gives us 40 gigabit per.

Second, data transfer rates also, they function as display port or a charging port theyre, also usb4, which is fantastic. So once im done with my project, i usually need two ports for my atomos ninja. Then i usually need my sony memory card reader because i use cf express type a and i can use the third port for that one and i can keep on charging this device on the go now lets talk about storage. The reason i picked, eight terabyte as the internal storage is not because i want to store many projects on one machine. No, no, no. As soon as a project is finished, it goes into backup drives. However, with all the plugins sound effects. Logic instruments, stock footage, proxy files, prores files. I find that my computer gets filled up pretty quickly. 8 terabyte takes that worry away, and i dont need to carry an external drive that heats up, slows down and drains me and my computer. Normally on my mac pro. I use a lot of external drives and memory card readers, but to stop them from slowing down. I have a cooling fan on top of them. I used to use this method, so i can grab an external drive and continue working on my i9 macbook pro, but now that m1 max book pro is super fast. I can use one computer for everything which makes life a lot more easier. Also now these are my extra ports and using that port.

As you can see, i connected my ipad pro now. I can go here and also i can switch here. I can go up here. I have a lot of space by the way. If i want, i can just take the ipad and macbook pro and have dual display set up wherever i want to be as well, and that freedom is what i really lost with this setup. I have better cameras, i have better computer and everything is better, but eventually step by step. It chained me to this desk. With this one i can grab it sit on the couch lay in the bed. I can be wherever i want and edit the video i actually edited the insta360 video from beginning to the end, using this laptop and in the end of that project, when the thumbnail and everything was done, i had 47 battery remaining. I did the entire thing. Mtv unplugged mbp unplugged, and, to me this is the next level and one of the things that was bringing me back to the mac pro was the screen. The screen supports hdr. Well, this one not only supports hdr. It also supports 120 hertz were going to talk about 120 hertz in a minute when it comes to hdr on full screen. Brightness ipad pro is the brightest and when it comes to not a full white bright screen, macbook pro screen is the brightest. As you can imagine, when you connect the macbook pro to pro xtr display, pro xdr can display hdr coming from macbook pro, but it cannot display 120 hertz.

However, ipad pro as of right now, cant display neither 120hz nor hdr when it is connected to macbook pro. As second display and listen to this, when it comes to observing the local dimming zones, the these screens have the local dimming zones. When youre in a really dark situation, lets, say youre about to fall asleep and your laptop is on your side and the the screen is dimmed down to the minimum. Sometimes the local dimming zones can be observable. So it looks a little interesting in that situation. Uh compared to the xdr and ipad pro, the local dimming zones on this device is so much better, which kind of tells me that theyre gon na refresh the xtr display very soon now lets take a look at some actual projects in final cut pro. This is mac pro apples, fantastic workstation, so whats happening here were looking at a playback of the same hdr project on three different computers and to be able to tell the frames. I also added a counter on top of the footage the project is not rendered. There are no proxy files, it is a 4k hlg project and the app is final cut pro 10 and, as you can see, m1 max boy is storming through as if nothing is happening. One two three and now lets render this project and, and one maximus finishes. This task in two minutes and three seconds two minutes and five seconds ahead of the monster mac pro i9 macbook pro finishes the same task in 9 minutes and 33 seconds.

You can actually hear my reaction in this video, its destroying mac pro. How is this even happening, of course, as if this is not crazy enough? The fans of n1 max is not making any sound because theyre not going wild because the laptop isnt hot, and that is not only impressive. It also means i can do my voiceovers in quiet like right now, next to my laptop, that is priceless and yes, yes, we are done. We are done, i9 finished rendering, so this is plugins from yanobox and those plugins are very, very i mean youre gon na see. Well, let me finish that sentence for you. Those plugins are extremely processing power hungry, so whats gon na happen here is, as the footage starts, moving more and more plugins are going to be placed on top of each other and its gon na get a little hectic for the computers and our counter is set. So we can understand what is happening so here we go one two, three so five seconds of nothing and then first plug in and then second plug in on top of the first plug in and then third one on top of it. Okay, i cant take my eyes away from macbook pro and the fourth one oh wow, okay, that was insane now lets, go ahead and check out this 8k project and see what actually happens when it comes to working on an 8k h.265 video. Okay, so now were gon na see its gon na start, with the iphone footage so im guessing.

The first part is going to be easy, where we go close for the macro shot. Its going to be probably easy were going to see a lot of head to head competition here, but as soon as the talking head comes in, which is in 8k thats. Where were gon na have a problem, all right lets go and one two three wait for it, because this is going to get really weird. Everything seems to be going fine across all the computers. So i dont know what happened here, but the playback on mac pro is a lot more choppy compared to even i9, but you know none of that matters because look at that m1 max flying through the footage. One two three well then lets export that 11 minute. 26 second 8k video to prores and see what happens. This is how i usually do my exports first export it to 422 from final cut, then compress it to whatever i want in compressor, and one max finishes this task in 7 minutes. It is 16 minutes faster than mac pro 16 right. I cannot believe my eyes thats it by the way. The reason these projects look like one block is because i group them before i export them. These are not single block videos, theyre actual projects – oh and i also added m1 imax results here as well. Actually, while were at it – and we got the point, lets take a look at all the test results i got during my tests.

I like to pull your attention to the 4 hour, rendering time difference between i9 and m1 max. But as i mentioned before, not all apps are properly optimized for m1 pro and max, and that is why the compressor results of up to 4k and 4k are not good because m1 max wasnt firing up its performance cores. It rendered those files with efficiency cores. What this tells me is, we are still not fully in h.265 world, yes, editing, hevc 8k. Videos are a lot easier with m1 max, but waiting for four and a half hours for a project to render is still not fast enough. However, it is mind blowingly impressive, that a laptop that costs as much as one of the graphic cards in my mac pro can do all this. This is by far the best computer ive ever used Music. My real, how can i trust me? Bro got a glock and a couple of cs. He think about splitting a couple of weeks shouting my dna, all real sweatsuit, all hill figures and i aint even got to deal with you. If i aint never split a bill with you, i got hit and singing lets say you cleaned your screen with the apple polishing cloth. But then, if you want to keep it clean, you put the crochet doily on it and look: look. Let me pull the focus there. It is, it is beautiful, shut up im a star, they know i go hard, so im kissing them.