Did you read dc comics? Well, when i was a kid we didn’t have the internet, because that was so long ago. We were lucky to even have tv, but uh yeah, dc comics was superman and batman. Wonder woman it was pretty darn cool and, of course, in modern times not everybody reads comics, but they go check out. The movies there’s, a new movie coming out on the justice league, the snyder cut so zack snyder – has a cut of justice. League you’ve, probably seen the movie already, but you haven’t seen the zack snyder cut that’s coming out on march 18th. So in honor of that, i am going to show you the most coolest product on the planet. This is the ultimate justice league, batmobile, yeah it’s, pretty darn sweet here. Let me just lift up this box, probably can’t even fit it in the frame. There i’ve got the bat logo up there. This thing is darn sweet. So what it is is a 1 10 scale rc batmobile with fpv, yes, there’s, a camera in it to show you where you’re going it’s got full sound effects. Everything else. How about i take everything out of the box and show you what it looks like ta da here? I am back here. Look how tiny i look. This is a 110 scale, rc car and it’s highly highly detailed. How about i take a few seconds to just show you some footage of how detailed it is watch this.

So let me tell you a little bit about this and show you some video, as i tell you about it, so what we have on the front. We have working headlights uh, they all flash on and off. You have missiles in the front that turn from left to right. Next, you have two sets of gatling guns, which actually fire not real bullets, of course, just fake with sound effects. Everything following that you have a cannon up top here which can raise and lower and then shoot. Nothing comes out, it’s just sound effects in the center. You have a canopy here and if i lift that up there’s a batman inside you can’t see it. But if i spin it this way, let me just see this thing is so freaking huge. Well, i won’t be in focus anyways there’s, a batman back there. So i’ll just show you some video of that. The batman figurine is a full movable character with movable arms legs everything else. Even the cape is pretty sweet and you just stick them inside the batmobile connect his arms to the steering wheel and when you drive turning from left to right, his arms move, as well as the steering wheel. Next going all the way to the back. We have a smoke machine back here. It does come with the oil to put into the smoke machine, so you put in quite a few drops and then you have a control to turn on the smoke machine.

It glows, red and smoke comes out the back end. If i lift this up, you won’t be able to see it, but i’ll show you an image of it. If you look behind batman, i’ll move batman out of the way there’s an fpv camera there so that you could drive around and basically see where batman’s going. And if you want, you can record the video image and when you’re shooting stuff, you will see it on the screen. It also has something called an off road mode which lifts up the center and yeah. You can clear objects a little bit easier, at least that’s. What it’s designed for this is a highly detailed scaled vehicle, so you’re not going to take it off roading. So, besides, all of this there’s, some assembly required, like you, have to put the guns in place. They just pop on it’s too easy. You put these wings on in the back, they all come in the box and you have your bat mat. Oh and you have a gun up here and you have your batman there’s, not much else to assemble it’s, very, very quick assembly and disassembly. If you desire, it also sits on this cool little display mount here, and you can lock it in place if you want just if you want to have it in your house and not use it, you can do that. It also comes with a battery that’s inside i’m, showing you a picture of the battery right now i can’t remember what the voltage is on it and to charge up that battery.

You do get a charge or a big wall wart here and you charge it up. It runs for a long time. I’Ve used the battery driving around for quite some time and the battery hasn’t died. It goes for quite a long time. Also you get the smoke solution this little thing here. It says you get 20 milliliters of it, so it should. Last you a while – and you can buy extra of this. If you want just go on amazon, you get more smoke solution. Finally, the last thing would be the instructions. I’Ll show you some video images of the instructions right here, they’re very, very simple: to get you up and running all right. The next thing i want to show you is how everything functions, so it runs off an app you can put it on your tablet or your phone doesn’t matter. If you have ios or android all right i’m about to switch it on, and i just want to say the following: there is no volume control for this. It is one volume so it’s, pretty darn loud you ready here we go there. It goes, sounds pretty sweet. Doesn’T it i got ta yell up here. First thing: i’ll do is connect my phone to the wi fi from the batmobile. Next i’ll start the app, which is called the ultimate batmobile, and it looks like this: can you see that there it is it’s coming to life in a second, so from the app you can control different things like i’m, going to turn it that way and on The app here i’m going to hit the lights so watch the lights change there we go lights on lights off.

I can also fire the guns, the gatling guns. I can move this here, rocket launcher up and down there we go and i can fire rockets there. We go, i can put it down. I could put this in off road mode here we go, let’s put it in off road mode, one more time there we go and you can. You have a lot more clearance, underneath there’s my hand coming out and then put it back. Let me show you the smoke. You probably won’t, see it focus back there, but i’ll turn on the smoke. So smoke is on now. It should be glowing red back here and pretty soon you’re gon na see smoke coming out there we go. The house is on fire there’s your smoke. So if i was cruising along the road with this coming out, the back that might look pretty cool i’ll turn that off all right next thing is: i have the canopy down and batman’s in there, but i’m gon na put the camera on so here’s. My phone screen and i’m going to turn on the camera, so it should see me there we go and you might be able to see me see my head moving i’m kind of blown out with the light so i’m going to lift up the canopy here and I see batman down there and hey there’s. My head now watch this. I can shoot myself right where the target is. I can shoot myself, you ready right here.

Oh miss myer and i can fire a missile. So where am i so? You can see it’s pretty darn cool so on your app. You have a lever here and a lever here. So one is to go right left the other ones to go forward backwards. I’Ll just show you what the engine sounds like, so you can rev the engine up and then you can make it really take off, but i’m not going to do that here. It wants to go all right. Let me just let me let me just stop this, because this is: where are you where’s the power button? So what i’m going to show you next is uh. You know, i’ll just show you some footage of this here, driving around check this out. So so so all right, let me push this out of the way a little bit, so you can see more of me there we go put it over there, so the batmobile. What do i think of it? Well, i think it’s really freaking cool, like i think, it’s super cool. I i don’t really have toys like. I have very few star wars. Anything i don’t have any. I don’t have any dc. I don’t have any superman, batman, figurines or anything. This is the first item like this that i have. That is like a scale, detailed collector’s item. Now it doesn’t say on the box. It’S designed for kids, but certainly kids could could use this i’m sure they’d destroy it into pieces in no time at all.

I think this is more for the enthusiast who really likes dc comics likes the whole justice league and everything like that. This item is currently on sale that’s. Why i’m, showing it to you, because it’s on sale right now on amazon, so in canada, you’re gon na freak at the price, because you’re gon na go man that’s expensive, but trust me it’s, it’s, on sale! So in canada, this thing’s over two hundred dollars, canadian you’re going 200 canadian yeah. So if, if that’s, how you’re going you’re, not an enthusiast in the u.s it’s, i think it’s under 200 u.s, you know just slightly. It goes on sale now and then so you know just keep checking it out. If you want to see it on sale, it it’s not new on the market it’s just getting pushed again because of the zack snyder release of the justice league coming up in march. So there’s a lot of hype over that and items like this are being pushed again because they still exist. This thing, i’m, pretty sure this thing came out on the market three years ago, but, like i said, and it was more expensive back then i think so now you can get it at a lower price and i’m i’m. Just amazed they’re still making this thing uh, but it is pretty sweet, so it’s, one of a kind, probably won’t, be around for a long time. So i’ll put links below check it out and maybe it’s something for you or if you have a child who’s right into this stuff and really takes care of their toys, then this would be one of the coolest items on the block to get all right.

Guys. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future.