This is a highly detailed 118 scale, rc crawler and it’s, not like a lot of crawlers you get where they have a lexan body. You know like very soft plastic. This is like molded plastic everything’s. Detailed, even the mirrors there’s, a reflection in the mirror. It has working headlights, working tail lights, working signal lights, four wheel, drive independent suspension, so each wheel can push up and down, and you can see that in the video i’m going to show you that here the tires are also squishy soft squishy, squishy, squishy, um that’s. What you want very very grippy tires so grippy in fact that if you drive this at 42 degrees, the specs say it should not fall off. It should just keep on gripping and go up 42 degrees, which is what you want most crawlers it’s, not waterproof, but it is water resistant, in other words, don’t put it under the water, but you can put it on top of the water and get it wet. Drive it in the rain, it should be fine, it is like it’s it’s made for the environment, so i have some video coming up that i’m going to show you, but before i get to that, let me show you. Let me move this. Let me show you what i think is really cool, which is the included controller. This is pretty neat a lot of times. You get a crawler and the controller is not color matched to the crawler, but in this case yeah they color match that’s, really decent.

Of course, it has proportional steering, because this is not a toy. This is a real rc crawler. It also has buttons on the rear for trimming. If you want to trim the throttle or the steering, which is really useful, it does take batteries that are not included. Three double a batteries at the bottom here, just slide them in, and i don’t know what the working time on this is. But the range is 80 meters with this and, of course, that’s. So small you go over 80 meters, you probably won’t, see it anymore. So 80 meters is good and if i forgot to mention it, there is a battery included with this here. Rc vehicle it’s, a 2 cell battery at 7.4 volts, and when you put the battery in after it’s fully charged, it does come with the charger as well. Uh then you get 30 minutes of runtime, which is an awful lot for a crawler. Now the thing that you’re, probably noticing i’ve been yapping away here, is that this here, crawler doesn’t look familiar to a very popular brand. Like look at this, you know i drive a gladiator and here’s my gladiator and when i hold up this here vehicle in front of my gladiator don’t, they look like they’re from the same brand name, yeah, sort of all right. So what i’m going to do next is, i am going to show you some video of this year, driving around and you’ll, see the independent suspension and all the other good stuff.

I’Ll put some music to it and then come back to me and i want to show you what comes in the box and then i’ll give you my final thoughts and everything else so check this out: Music, so Music, Music, all right! So the next thing to show you is what comes in the box here we go here’s the box, the arizona comes in and if you look at the side of the box, these are all the features you might want to stop your video to check them out. Taking out the contents, it looks like this and taking off the cover off the arizona. It looks like this opening up the hood of the arizona you can see: the electronics, the circuitry, the receiver and the battery at the back, and if you can’t see a close up of the battery here. It is right here it’s, a 7.4 volt and it does run for 30 minutes after you connect it and power it on the tires are soft and grippy, and there is a four link independent spring suspension, and it is a four by four. So all four wheels turn the includer remote is a nice touch being the same color as the car and it does have progressive steering so the more you turn the dial on the remote, the more the wheels turn the less you turn the less the wheels turn And it pretty much go over everything. Other items included in the box would be a tool to remove the wheels and a usb charger for the battery.

Plus you get an instruction manual that details everything you need to know so final thoughts on this crawler it’s, highly detailed uh. You know i love, i love what it represents. I’M, not allowed to say the name, but i love what it represents and yeah. So to me it’s a collector’s item, because i collect a lot of these in this format because of because of something here – and you know – i drive it in my real life so yeah, i love them, and this one here is you get an awful lot for Your money and it’s not that expensive, i think, there’s a discount coupon as well. So if you need an rc crawler for yourself or for somebody in your family as a gift, this is a good one to get because it’s highly detailed, and even when you don’t use it, you can just display it and it looks like a model and someone’s Going to ask you whoo that’s a really nice looking model, and then you say yes, but it runs as well and it has working headlights, tail lights and signal lights, so it’s pretty sweet. All right, guys! Hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions on this vehicle, i’ve driven these ones in the past, so i’ve had them for a long time different models. So i know the quality of this, the this brand, this model everything else, so i can tell you all about it.

Anyways. If you have any questions, just post them below and once again the links are below to where you can find this i’ll give you different websites, so you can check it out, find the best price for you and look for discount codes or, if it’s on amazon, Look for the coupon code, so you can save yourself some money, all right, guys! Hope you enjoyed the video.