To ask you a million questions about. Is that a drone? Is there a camera on it, blah blah, so many questions so many over policing out there in the world today that um its hard to have a good time without someone you know kind of being like hey what the hell are you doing? Um, none your business. What im doing im flying my drone leave me alone right that rhymes im flying my drone leave me alone so today, without further ado, its the happy model crux in our nlr version. This is the non gps version. 135 bucks strap an 18650 battery to it and get 15 minutes flight time out of this battery, so um yeah thats a cheap way to get flying with analog on there. You dont have to worry about dji goggles on this one. I think that this one performed pretty good were going to talk about the tune on it today were going to talk about its like the value, the the flying capability, the flight time um – maybe the durability of this little guy. But most importantly, you can keep the cairns away with this one, because it is super quiet up in the air versus something like a five inch quad. This five inch quad brings cairns out of the woodworks. So if you want something thats, quiet and something that you fly indoors or outdoors and access batteries pretty much anywhere, the crox 3 nlr is a pretty good choice so and at a pretty good price playing it today, on the 2.

4 gigahertz slim pro from happy model, They have their own elrs module as well. It fits with a converter into the tx16s which were going to fly it on today were going to bind that up and go out there and do a little bit of range flying with this guy. This little guy will go miles out on the spi version of the built in elrs receiver, thats, pretty cool. These are coming now with a built in elrs receiver. So thanks to happy model and other guys like beta fpb, they are making those boards now, for you guys so lets go out and test it. Give it a flight test and oh yeah, by the way, make a comment on this video down below because were giving away that flywood quad this month so get in. On that little miniature cinewoop! You can check out the link down below subscribe. Make a comment. Send us an email at, your enter to win so lets go out and uh do some non karen flying. So i was not harassed by any karens today in the making of this video. Here we go all right guys lets do the flight test of the crux 3 in lr now, first taking off, i did have a little bit of battery sag on this battery, so i wasnt expecting a full 17 minutes out of it. But the good news is that i did get 14 and a half minutes on this battery under load.

It went down to 3.8 volt. You can see that on the bottom left of the screen right there, you can see my signal on the top right of the screen. You have also the throttle position on the right hand, the second one up and then my flight mode is and im right now. Im in air mode in acro mode, you can also fly it in, like you know your stability mode, but right now, im just cruising and im getting a feel for this quad. The tune on here feels a little bit a little bit soft. I wouldnt say its like a freestyle type of a tune. I would say its more like a nice smooth flying long range type of tune. You want to soften up the controls. A little bit, maybe get a little more cinematic type of video. This is a good tune for that. You also have the fly timer down at the bottom left. That is, fly timer number two. I always put that one on the screen, because that one is from the time of the arming of the quad, not turning it. On um timer, one is from the time the quads turned on. So i like my flight, my actual flight time when the motors are small spooled up to to be shown on the screen. Now also, it shows my amp draw there at the top left, um maxing out about 10 amp, or so i have 300 and it was actually 610 milliamp im used there.

You can see the milliampere just getting consumed, but the cool thing is that when youre flying a lion type of battery keep a watch on that single battery voltage right there. This is 1s battery voltage, 3.4 right there and ive been flying for 5 minutes and ive. Only used not even a fraction of a volt, its so cool that these lions will just chill on a certain voltage forever. It seems like forever. I mean 12 minutes and i think 12 minutes flight time. I was still at around 3 volt and you can run this battery all the way down to like 2.8 volt on this particular drone. You want to make sure that youre back to your landing zone when you hit 2.8 volt, just the rule of thumb with lion, you want to be back to the home point. By the time your average cell voltage reaches 2.8 volt. You just keep trying to drive that home for the beginner guys out there, lions die really quickly and – and i i drove this one all the way down in this flight test, just to show you guys how it will tank at the end of an 18650 battery. Its kind of crazy, just like all of a sudden, drops all the power you havent its like you know when you lose your power steering in your van all of a sudden, it becomes a tank uh. It happens all of a sudden with an an 18650 battery, but what a cruiser out there at like 10 and a half minutes there almost 11 here and i sped it up a little bit, because this would be a really long.

Video, if i didnt, but it almost feels like an airplane way up high, no one can hear it. No cairns are harassing me and im just cruising with this little guy, and this would be a nice kind of entry level, long range type of flyer. Without a lot of consequence now, another thing to note about this quad is that i love sharing this kind of information with you guys when you come down to the bottom of your battery, and this quad is still sitting there at a low voltage. The beeper goes off so when you get down to that 2.8, i believe that my low voltage alarm was set to 2.9. So when i came in for a low voltage landing, the beeper stays on and beeps. So if youre out in the grass somewhere youre going to find it, but the tune was okay, lets sell a little bit of jello in this a little bit of vibes up way up high and thats, where you usually see it but check out the voltage. Pay attention now were at 14 minutes there, 2.8 volt. I should be right back at my feet at this point now: look at it tank 2.7, 2.6. Oh man thats the end of that battery and i cant even fly at this point so isnt that cool yeah time to recharge that battery definitely dont want to fly it down to like 2.5. All right guys welcome back from the flight test 64 grams on the scale and with a single 18650 battery that gets us up to 108 grams total takeoff weight so way.

Underneath that 250 gram mark for the faa registration, you dont have to register the crux 3 nlr. That is pretty sweet, so it does have a pretty decent vtx on here. Um. The vtx on here actually is from happy model, its built in its on board 5.8 gigahertz up to 200 milliwatt. Now, um, 200 milliwatt, i say decent um, some of the other ones out there that are that are only running in 18650. It doesnt have a lot of power to run your video transmitter, so the nice thing about this one having 200 on here is that some of the other ones out there only have 25 milliwatt – and i know ive talked about this before, like 25 milliwatt can go Miles out, people do test on youtube all the time. Look it up like just type in like 25 milliwatt miles out, youll probably get some videos, but you can crank this one up to 200.. Once you do that, it is going to probably bring down your flight total flight time because its pulling more juice from the battery. But i think that its nice, that you have the option to bring it up to 200, because if youre just doing a close in 10 minute quick flight say around out to a mile, or so this is kind of a nice way to cruise and have clean Video having 200 milliwatt running on this makes a huge difference between having nice, solid, clear, video and running 25, where its kind of chopping up a lot of times.

So during my flight test, i ran it on 25, just to see how it would do with you know, say two or three four football fields out: it did pretty good and once it really gets away from you a little bit, you cant hear this thing going Down the street um, it is virtually silent, so really awesome to avoid the cairns and at 109 grams, its nice. We have 12 series motors on here. Weve got onboard spi express lrs, 2.4 gigahertz receiver. I guess theyre coming out with 900 megahertz receivers coming up soon, but i think this is a pretty nice. Looking transmitter module from happy model, this version has a metal casing around it and you can use it with the slim version like this or you can plug it into like a converter for the full size. Jr bay, beta fpv, makes this one, and i tried and tested this with the slim pro from happy model, and it actually works so thats nice that this one works with either the beta fpv module thats the white one or this super nice one from happy model. I feel like this ones a nicer construction. This one has no external buttons on it. This plugs right in it does have a micro, usb port right here and once youre bound up to it. So simply you go into betaflight. You type in bind underscore rx while a battery is plugged in and then the flight controller built in receiver starts to go into auto bind mode.

You go into your lua script, section in your system menu and your tx16s. If youre running some type of opentx with that lua script, you just go right to elrs and you basically click on bind and bam. This little light on here turns green and youre good to go so thats pretty nice. The output power on this is about 12 db, so thats um, pretty pretty hardcore and the setting in your controller, you want to have set to external crossfire crsf. So that way it binds up with this guy so um. It would actually power this receiver, but it works good with my tx16s. One thing i had was an issue where my throttle was kind of jumping up and down, and to get that to stop doing that, i had to adjust my endpoints down below a thousand to get this little guy to arm, because with that throttle moving up and Down that was kind of a bug, an issue in the system so with my particular radio. If you have that problem, just adjust your throttle, endpoint down below a thousand or um change to offset it say like five percent below zero negative, five and itll itll arm. Once you flip that arm switch so um one tip out there for the interwebs, hopefully um you guys dont experience that, but if you do thats how to fix it so um we also. I did mention that this is 200 milliwatt vtx on here, which is nice.

We have the happy model option to add the m8n gps and you still have a slot for it back here. If you want to add that later, this flight controller has enough tabs on here to be able to add gps, which is super cool and thats. I believe its the only gps, thats working with this one right now is the m8n. It has glow nas on there and standard gps, which should let you get up to around 12 to 15 satellites on takeoff. The cool thing about that is, if you, if you fail safe, your quad wont fall to the ground. Now, when i was flying this, i did have a few times when my transmitter said single loss, but the quad did not drop to the ground, so i do have it set to drop to the ground in beta flight, but this quad just kept flying through it. So thats a good thats, a good news about that. Even though i was getting an audio signal from the radio saying that hey i lost signal, i wasnt dropping into the woods when it said that, because it was alarming to hear this guy say, signal loss and, like, oh god, typically without gps, youre going to go Straight into straight into the woods, so then you got to go, find it, but this one does have a full size beeper on here as well, tucked in here so thats really nice, because this guy is super loud.

I did fly one battery down to its limit around. You can fly these lions down to about 2.8 under load, so 2.8 volt thats pretty much the about the safe point. Before you damage this battery. It will get super hot and possibly explode. If you fly it down to like 2.5 volt, so dont do that on your screen, you need to have telemetry up and set your safe setting to about 2.8 volt and be back to the home point when it reaches 2.8 because ill tell you 18650 lions, when They get low, this little guy dies quickly and they die faster than lipos, almost immediately youre going down to the ground, and you have to land this little guy. So if youre coming down the sidewalk and youre youre down to like 2.7 or 2.6, that means that this little guy is landing um, even if youre full throttle shes coming in for a landing. So hopefully those tips help you out. In your 18, 60 50 lion flying um way different than light lipo flying. So you got a little more room with the lipo to get back home and a little more power. Also, we have the caddax ant up front and i im enjoying this camera because it is 1200 tbr, tvl um it can be ntsc or pow. It can also switch between 16 by nine or four three and its only a few grams in weight. They also have a mount up front if you want to fly like my favorite camera right now, which is that 30 gram firefly x light.

This could carry a firefly x light on here, which is freaking, sweet youll, get a little less flight time. Obviously, carrying a d cased, gopro style camera up here, but all those videos you guys have seen me make flying into the trees and through the canopy. You can lower this camera angle down to almost say like 5 or 10 percent, and then you can do some canopy exploration with this quad, because you know what this little guy is: super stable and um. Speaking of that lets talk about the tune on here um. The tune was okay, i wouldnt say i wouldnt say the tuna is perfect on here um, i would say its its its okay in my rating. If i was to rate it id say three and a half stars out of five, i feel like the tune, could be a little bit better on this particular quad theres. Probably some pids out there, some rates that you can put on here that will kind of smooth things out a little more the day that i did my flight test. It was a little windy, so if youre flying on nice calm day, it should be a nice smooth flight. If you have a lot of wind with something this small, its going to be a little more bumpy, especially if youre carrying an action camera up there. But your video will still turn out pretty good, even on a bumpy day, if youre having some kind of electronic image stabilization on your sport camera that will definitely work out for you.

These are the ex 12 20 12 0 25 motors, and it looks like these are 11 500 kv motors on here. So those are. Those are not super. Super high kv im glad that these arent, like 15 000, because that would just be drawing too much amp out of the 18650. But i think this is kind of a cool combo. You guys, like the 2.4 slim pro it once i was able to to get that throttle part worked out um. It was great. I just went out and flew this little guy and i had no problems during the flight test. You want to make sure that your 18650s are newer than older ones. If you buy this just start out with a couple brand new ones and a charger ill. Try to put some links down below to some 18650s that are going to be cheaper than the amazon ones and in a charger you can just slap these into. It takes a couple hours time to charge. One of these so um a little longer charge time than something like a lipo. You can quick charge a lipo in like 15 minutes, uh a small one like something like this would take, but you could also take this battery tray off and convert it to an xt 30. If you wanted to fly this little guy on some type of huge 1s battery, but why would you do that just run the 18650, but again guys make your comments down below, and hopefully you enjoyed this honest review and flight test today of the happy model nlr.

I was super excited to get this one out. Another micro long range in my collection, so im happy to have this one and it performed decently, well very easy to work on four bolt configuration on the bottom to pull this off, but make your comment down on this video below and uh get entered in. To win that flywood quad this month, um super awesome that were giving away a flywheel with dji on board, so um gosh about a 300 and some dollar quad were giving away again this month on the channel and uh. Congratulations again to pilot shark for winning. Last months, septembers giveaway and this months, giveaway is going to be super awesome, but you can check out the links down below for this one guys if youd like to grab one of these. This is the ultimate um quiet, cruiser quad that none of the cairns will uh bother you for for flying. No one came up to me and said a thing to me, which was super cool. I enjoy those days of flying fpv without being hassled hassled by the man or the karen.