It is, of course, the dji air 2s we’re going to be on their website today, guys showing you all the features plus i’m going to be spitting off some more information, which i also know off the top of my head because that’s how cool? I am welcome to the studio everybody we do daily videos in this place on box reviews, world news, tech reviews. You know stuff like that. We do. We do have two youtube channels. We have a channel one and channel two you’re watching this right now on two two, as the two one is the one uh it’s that simple. So yes, i am a drone flyer. I have been flying my mavic air one ever since it came out roughly you know a few months after when it came out. I love my drone and i probably will update update to this uh. This new drone at some point uh here, let’s just get straight into the features and talk about uh this drone now going to the actual dji web page. This is the drones that they have right now. Of course, this is the brand new dji air 2s. This is the one we’re going to be talking about today, but of course, going down in their history is the dji mini 2, the mavic air 2? This one is kind of the brother, so dji air 2s is kind of the brother to the to the air. Too uh, if you’re going to get a mavic air, get the get this one.

The dji, which is kind of the mavic air 2s they’ve changed the name of it a little bit. But, of course it is what it is: mavic mini, mavic, 2 pro mavic 2 zoom and the mavic air. This is the one i currently own. I think it’s, probably time for an update very very soon and we’re, going to change the camera angle. So we’re going to go to here and we’re going to show you we’re going to scroll down the screen and show you some of the amazing features that this drone has it’s a very interactive website this one. So when you scroll down with your mouse wheel, you get things popping up in front of you. So it’s featuring a one inch, cmos sensor, powerful autonomous features and a compact body weighing less than 600 grams now dji air 2s is the ultimate drone according to them. For creators on the move, take this all in one aerial powerhouse, along anywhere to experience a record to experience and record the world in stunning. Detail now here’s some more of the features that it has. It has a one inch sensor, which is something that i am absolutely loving uh. I wanted to get the other dji pro drone that they have with the one inch sensor, but i i didn’t have enough money and i thought my mavic air is fine at the time, but i think maybe this one could be for me. I will do some more research before i buy it, but it was doing a really really cool little spinny thing there.

It is look at that, so this has a one inch sensor. We will be showing you the one inch sensor more in detail in a second uh master. Shots it’s got 5.4k video that’s amazing it’s got obstacle sensor, censoring in in four directions. Now these two little things right here: can you guys see that we’ll zoom in a little bit more uh them two at the front, are normal on most drones, most of dji drones. Now the ones on top are the newer ones. This has got new sensors for obstacle avoidance. So if you novices out there afraid about losing your drone or crashing into something, i will as long as you’ve not got it on sports mode. You should be okay with this drone, because there’s now better features for obstacle. Avoidance we’ll zoom out a little bit there. We go look at that all right, big world, big sensor. This is the thing i wanted to show you in a second equipped, with a one inch image sensor and a large 2.4 uh, whatever that is pixels. You um pixels, uh dji. Air 2s is capable capable of 5.4 k, 30 frames per second and 4k 60 video capture any moment with the rich clarity and authentic tones it deserves. So if i scroll the wheel in and out i’m getting this really really cool effect right now, so this is the one inch sensor that is the normal sensor back to one inch normal and, of course, that’s just showing the you know the thing.

Obviously, the bigger sensor size, you have the more image, the more better low light performance you’re going to have so in a second we’ll, be showing you that they can. Actually, you can actually film at night time with a lot more clarity now, which is something that i will be keen to test out. Uh yeah amazing i’ll go down in here a little bit more turn on the night. Oh yeah capture, the allure of the world. Even as it darkens, thanks to a high dynamic range high resolution and accurate color reproduction even low light scenes, are sharp and vibrant beautiful okay, one billion colors one billion dollars, uh captured by the 10 bit now i’m, going to show you this in a second. This is very important: 1 billion colors, captured by the 10 bit d log m color profile of the dji air 2s. Lets you fully immerse yourself in the hues of your environment. Now we will show you this uh right now. Actually now color banding is something that you get with 8 bits or below at 10, bit it’s really fantastic. So this is what color banding is when you, when you photograph a sunset, for example, you’re, going to see kind of like that that’s kind of just that’s kind of exact, exact disaster, braided exa, i can’t what’s the word when you when you over overstate something to Be bigger than it is. This is what this is. What color uh banding is with 8 bit now.

You guys can see this here, but it’s not as it’s. This is this is made. This is make believe, forget about that. This is what you usually normally usually see with a sunset now this image right here, which we’ll show you more in detail on the right is 8 bit, which most drones and most cameras have actually 8 bit on. The left is 10 bit, so the colors are mushed together, more precisely more beautiful, more accurate for what the human brain and eyes would see so 10 bit is absolutely much better than 8 bit. As you can see here, uh. This is another another reference of that’s. What 8 bit looks like and 10 but 10 bit is a lot more seamlessly blended together, which is obviously what you want. Color banding is a problem so now that we’ve got that out of our system shoot raw format. Photos with a dynamic range of up to 12.6 stops to capture more visual information in every scene, even when lighting conditions are bad or complex. This provides more flexibility in post processing, giving creators more possibilities to get the look that they want now. Intelligent hdr technology merges multiple shots automatically at increasing the dynamic range of images without the need for post processing. This means more nuanced detailed details in both the highlights and shadows for richer images with greater depth. So if we scroll down it should be doing that thing there. It goes it’s doing that thing.

I’Ll zoom out a little see that anyway, hyperlapse and panorama. I love hyperlapse, so we’ll show you this in a second hang on boom. Look at that! Some of the other drones can do this. I think the mavic air 2 can do this i’m, not too sure about the others. But obviously this is going to be doing a lot better at night time with the one inch sensor so speed up time and movement with a single tap by creating a a hyperlapse, a beautiful hyperlapse. You can also capture large, more detailed shots for your surroundings. With panorama, so you can pick different things here. This one’s severe my mavic air first generation does that obviously the the better the generation, the newer, the drone, the better it’s going to look. This is 180 wide angle. Hyperlapse hyperlapse is incredible. I love doing them. I’Ve done a lot of hype lapses on the ground, not just the air but yeah. To do with this drone that’d be cool, smart features, perfect shots, uh master shots and focus track. Effortlessly turns any adventure into cinematic footage. Oh yeah introducing master shots we’re going to zoom out a little bit i’m, actually very excited about this. One i’ve seen i’ve seen this in a video introducing master shots. I will be using this when i get this drone. Eventually, the next evolution of quick shots, master shots is an advanced, intelligent, uh feature that gives users the best shots in any location, with just a tap simply select your subject and the drone.

So you select select the subject, meaning you or, if you’re, in a driving car or something like that so select your subject by highlighting you in the in a square on the screen on your controller and then the drone and then sorry and then then give it A tap simply select your subject, and the drone will film, with uh, while executing 10 different maneuvers in sequence, keeping your subject center frame and generating a short cinematic video afterwards. So all these shots is getting done by the software within the actual pro. You know the actual drone and the controller and by clicking that specific thing, which is called master shots you’re getting all these cinematically beautiful, different shots. You know from left to right up down. Fourth dimension: i don’t know whatever you’re getting all those really cool shots by the touch of a button and, of course, if you’re a video editor like i am, i do travel vlogs on channel, one which you guys can find right here by the way uh plug Time uh, which means you can you can edit all those different things, uh cut out the the crap bits and everything will be there for you to edit into your actual travel vlog, which is awesome, love that it’s better than holding on to the remote control and Clicking left and right and trying to keep yourself in the center frame just touch of a button and it’s doing it. For you uh great, i love it.

I will move on to the next the center of attention here. I am the center of attention. Uh focus track, features, spot light, 2.0, active track, 4.0 and and point of interest 3.0 uh, making it a breeze for dji air 2s to follow or circle your subject. So all of these two – you know these things: 2.0, 4.0 and 3.0. Basically, it’s it’s a much better version of older software. They’Ve made it so much better, which is you know you can’t complain with that let’s face it, uh going down. Every adventure deserves a 2s. Does it? Oh, i i boy, oh boy. I hope so uh dji throw us one of these for free. You know other content. Creators are getting these sent to them for free look, maybe one day, i’ll get it, but let’s speed that process up. So i can make a really cool video for you. Dji i’m talking and looking at you right now show me the money show me the drone anyway forget about that. For a second worry, less discover more god. Whenever i fly my drone, anybody who flies their drone, probably the number one fear is losing or crashing it. Uh, hopefully, with this drone, we are fixing that fear a little better than the other drones. I guess you could say now. The combination of portability, safety and intelligent technology means that you can spend more time enjoying flights and less time worrying about them. Take the dji air 2s into the sky, confidently every flight.

So this is what we talked about before, but we’re going to go more into detail. You guys can see the the tracking capabilities with the trees, it’s uh you’ll, see in a second it’s, like kind of on a loop it’s doing it again and again it sees the trees, and you see that little. You know mesh digital mesh thing. That represents what you can see it. You know so dji air 2s has the ability to perceive its environment in in four dimension, the directions i should say up down forward and backward that’s incredible. The algorithms for advanced pilot assistance systems are ap as 4.0, which means it’s been fixed four times. Awesome even better have been further improved, allowing dji air 2s to add to what’s that one it can do things at high speeds scenarios. You can do have your complex scenarios at high speeds all right now, as we can see when the drone is flying at a fast rate of speed, uh the drone actually tilts forwards, which you’ll see in a second. We just see how it’s tilting forwards and now, with those two new little nodules, those two little sensors on the top you’re, getting way more coverage of tree branches power lines. I just released a video actually on my channel one this one right here, plug time where i was actually flying. My mavic air first generation under massive power lines getting a photo of a train on an old historic bridge and everything like that and one of my fears is actually crashing the drone into power lines and if i am near the trees, obviously the trees that are Above me, uh when i’m going at a certain speed, the are aren’t probably going to see that.

But of course, as we said, those two new sensors right, there will, of course, with the two older ones, two underneath and two in the back and yeah you’re. Getting pretty much mostly coverage everywhere, i’m, not too sure about the sides. I don’t know if you’re going so what about? If you go sideways, that’s a good question, i don’t know uh, but awesome. I like that. Those two new sensors are absolutely game. Changing and dji air 2s features dji’s most advanced o3 what’s. This one i don’t know some sort of sync image: transmission technology, delivering an ultra smooth, clear and reliable image feed. Now guys you can go 12 kilometers with this, my goodness, you could be sitting in your lounge room as long as the walls of your house, aren’t interrupting with the you know the the line of sight image. You can go 12 kilometers with this, and and have it sit in your back garden and, have you know video transmission and that’s awesome? One thing that i really don’t like about my mavic air first generation, which is the one i have is that it relies on wi fi it’s, the wi fi from the controller to the drone, and you can’t go very far at all i’m gon na say, like A kilometer and then i’m i’m i’m losing a lot of range like the picture, starts, slowing down and lagging, and stopping and starting, and so i got ta slowly bring the drone back with this kind of different transmission it’s, not using wi fi, which is so much Better uh, which is why i want to upgrade at some point now say for skies with adsb now another one of my concerns is when i’m actually flying a drone is actually flying into an airplane or flying it into a helicopter, or something like that.

Each time i hear an airplane go past like really really high up or if i hear a helicopter in the distance i’m like bring the drone down. No one, you know i don’t want to freaking crash into a into a public aircraft. Uh there’s no way i want to do that now. This new safety feature is awesome. Let me read this to you guys. Dji air 2s provides an added layer of airspace safety with the industry leading airsense safety system. Now this receives automatic dependent surveillance, broadcast wow, adsb flight location, information from airplanes and helicopters in your area that transmit adsb signals now displaying those uh aircraft on a map and provides audio and visual alerts through the dji fly app to help you keep the drone out Of the way of those aircraft, so that is awesome. You guys can see the aircraft here and i’m guessing that’s your drone. Let me zoom in a little bit for you whoops. What have we done? We’Ve killed it we’ve killed it yeah. I don’t know it’s not working it’s, not working, but yeah. Uh safety with with aircraft is something that i take uh don’t take lightly. I guess you could say, excuse me now get the most out of your air 2s uh. What does it say? Of course, you can get the fly more combo you’re, going to you’re going to get nd filters with the fly more combo and the dji smart controller.

If you don’t get the fly more combo you’re, getting less batteries, uh you’re, not getting the nd filters and you’re not getting the smart controller. I think you have to get a. I think you get a normal controller that you have to connect your phone to which is really annoying. So i suggest, if you do, got the extra money uh get the extra fly more. You know i’m not getting paid to say this, but it just makes more sense to get that way. That way, you can fly your drone, a lot uh. You can fire your drone a lot more without having to recharge. You know you’ve got more batteries, nd filters and a control that actually has a screen. Instead of you know putting my phone in each time and i get notifications on my phone and people call me and i go out. Oh people text me and i’m droning i’m. Flying the drone i’m looking at the screen through my phone and it’s, just so annoying uh, it’s, probably better to get that one yeah. So look that’s just been a quick little video. Regarding this, you know what else did i wanted to show you uh? The new drone has those two new sensors which the old ones don’t. If i can show you it there see this. This is a quick one, showing you that this old drone, the mavic air 2, which came out almost a year ago, doesn’t, have those two facing sensors up above, but of course, the the the new one does.

Where is it? Where are we see one? Two three four sensors and where’s the mavic air 2, which came out a year ago. It only has two so you’re getting something with better features: uh safety and all that at the mavic air 2 pro by the way. This is something else i want to show you the mavic air 2 pro which came out almost a year ago, or something like that. It has 10 bit uh color, banding removed type thing. It has 10 bit colored color, banding removed now mavic air 2 zoom has the capability to zoom this new drone that we’re talking about has both of them except the zoom is digital, as opposed to the mavic zoom, which is which is actually physical, zoom. This one is digital, but based on the frame rate and based on the resolution that you pick within the drone, uh let’s say you know: 1080 uh, 60 frames per second or 4k 60 frames per seconds or, or you know, five point whatever. It is k at 30 frames per second, depending on the resolution that you pick uh. You might not be allowed to actually digitally zoom, but if you pick 1080, for example, you know it’s you’re probably allowed to digitally by the way. One more thing i wanted to say: that’s not on the website, is that if you actually pick 4k, the the image sensor is cropped. Unfortunately uh you can type this up on google yourself and read that up a little bit more yourself get more into in depth.

Deep information, but you know having a cropped image is not ideal but i’m sure it’s, not bad. You know it’s still using a lot of the image sensor, but that’s just one thing to think about. If you’re, a professional, professional, the higher resolution you go, the image sensor gets cropped, which means the whole sensor isn’t getting used anyway guys. I hope you found this video informative. If you did give us a like, subscribe and ring that freaking bell, where are we? Oh yeah baby, i need those subs uh. It was my birthday yesterday that’s my birthday wish to get more subs from you guys. I love you.