My name is tom, david frey, since five years i am now in the drone business. I started by building drones myself and i have developed over the years. I have been working for private clients. I have been working for companies, i have been working for tv stations and even i have been working on a netflix production ever since i have developed many different projects and my youtube channel has at the moment approximately 180 000 subscribers. By the end of the course you will know how to develop new ideas for aerial productions. You will find out how to the roley plan a shooting and, of course you will know how to carry out your production itself. You will know how to capture professional looking aerials. I will be covering a broad range of topics from how to pick the correct drone over how to find good locations for aerial cinematography. Next, i will of course, focus on the weather and the day times the compositions. The rules of cinematography and so much more five years of experience packed into one course, Music. If you would call yourself an enthusiastic drone pilot or filmmaker, then this is your course.