I was more interested in some unconventional ways of using air tags, and one of those unconventional ways is what, if we were to put this air tag on a drone, we’ve all been in that situation, where we’ve, possibly lost a drone or we’ve almost lost a drone, And they’re not always easy to find so i’m interested to see. If i put this little air tag on my drone and i lose it, will i be able to find it okay, so for the purpose of this demonstration, i’m going to be using a dji mini 2., i think in theory this should work with potentially any drone. Again, use at your own risk here: i’m, not a professional air tag applicator by any means, so the way that you fasten this to your drone is entirely up to you. The way that i’ve done. It, though, is i’ve taken a little piece of velcro adhesive tape. I’Ve put one on the drone and one on the air tag itself and it’s just going to click on here. Right like this, get a nice secure, fit and so far seems to be okay. I did do a unscientific flight test in our apartment just to see if the vibrations would make this thing fall off. I am a little bit concerned about wind resistance, so i just want to do some flight tests, nice and small, controlled environment back and forth with sport mode to see if that thing will potentially pop off now, if it does pop off, what i would say is Use something a little bit stronger than velcro, but in theory, as long as it’s attached to this drone and it’s not going anywhere, you should be able to track it.

So let’s just find out all right. So, as you can see, the drone is flying now. So that’s step one complete: now we just got ta. Do some quick flight tests to see if that thing is going to fly off on us let’s just do some back and forth with sport mode and see if it can handle the wind Music. I got ta be honest, it’s actually doing a lot better than i thought it would i’m in sport mode right now show the drone and as i fly away so i can fly away full tilt and this thing is sticking so so far, so good okay. So i have to find my app running right now and an interesting thing that we found out is, as the drone is hovering or flying it can’t find the exact location of the drone. Now i don’t think this is a big deal, because if you were flying, you’d have the dji app anyways telling you where that drone is what it’s more for is when that drone crashes or it lands somewhere the battery dies. You can’t get to it that’s. What i’m more interested so the fact that it’s, not tracking in real time, while it’s moving not the end of the world as i get closer to it, though, i have noticed that it does start to track it again, so it’s just something to do with proximity And the fact that it’s moving has something to do with not being able to track in real time, but, as you can see, it does know where it is so.

The find my is still working, which is a good sign, it’s, actually a little chilly out today. So what do we know so far? We know that it won’t fall off while you’re in sport mode or you’re flying so that’s, a good sign. The vibrations are not pulling the air tank off. We also know that wind resistance, isn’t pulling the air tank off now. Here’S a bit of a complicated situation here, so i can’t purposely lose this drone that would be against canada’s drone laws. You’Re gon na have to abide to whatever drone laws that you have in your specific location, and here i can’t lose sight of this drone. So i’m gon na fake a situation here of me losing my mavic mini two. So friends, behind the camera here, if you wan na, go ahead and say hi real, quick, so i’m going to give fran the mini too i’m going to have her put airplane mode on her phone i’m going to turn bluetooth off too, because if her phone was Tracking, with the find my app that’ll be an easy way for me to find i’m more interested to see if it’s going to latch into my network. Whoever’S phones are in this area right now for me to be able to find that phone she’s going to go into basically a little hide and seek mission and then, in about 10 minutes i’m, going to go, try and find that drone, while she’s just sort of Sitting with it, i have no idea where the drone is going to be i’m, just going to use the find my app to locate the drone as if i was flying lost, my connection lost battery whatever and it just sort of auto landed somewhere.

Where i have no idea where it is on the map, so let’s test that out to see if this is the ultimate way to now find your lost drone hi, so i’m gon na put my phone in airplane mode and then i’m gon na go hide with The drone so catch me if you can go far, i should not have worn jeans today right so fran is gon na run off with the drone and uh. I set a timer for basically about 10 minutes for me to go and find her. We also have these walkie talkies, just in case. I can’t find her because her phone’s on airplane mode, so i won’t, be able to actually call her in any way, maybe not in the building. That is probably not an idea, but there’s a little alley that i think i’m gon na go and turn under now, just for curiosity’s sake. Even though it’s only been a few minutes since she left on her little scavenger hunt, the drone is still saying it was where we last took off it’s in that same spot, where i last pinged it so right now, it’s, not tracking it at all, which makes Me kind of think maybe there’s, maybe not enough, iphones or macbooks or whatever in this area, to track this thing so that’s a little bit concerning, but we’ll have to see as we move around if this thing picks itself up, because if i hit the find button, It’S actually saying searching for a signal: try moving to a different location, so not a great sign but we’ll see as we kind of move around if it starts to pick this thing up again, i want to be in the sun, but this is where i’m gon Na be there’s, no one around so i’m, not sure if the air tag will pick up but let’s see if it does i’m just gon na chill on this fire hydrant area, all right so far, not actually a great sign we’re about four minutes away from when I’M supposed to start looking for this thing, but it just keeps saying more light, not saying more light required, but it was saying searching for a location, try a different spot or something something along those lines.

But it still says searching for a signal and the fact that we’re i don’t know two minutes away from when i start looking for a thing, and i can’t find it yet. I don’t know i don’t have high hopes right now for this thing to be able to find it. Okay, so i’ve been here for like a minute and still no sign of patrick um. I am basking in the sun, though so that’s nice, but we’ll, see if he finds me alright. So it’s now been 10 minutes since she left on that scavenger hunt. So that means it’s go time to try and find this air tag so i’m open up to find my app again. I just closed it just to see if it would be able to find it and so let’s see patrick’s mini 2. So this last time it saw it was 15 minutes ago which isn’t a great sign because she left 10 minutes ago and yeah it’s not showing anything new it’s showing where we originally took off. Okay, i think i maybe just hit a little too well so let’s. Sorry for my finger, let’s go somewhere else: okay, i’m gon na go back to the park area, maybe sit on this lovely bench and see if he has an easier time finding me so now that i’ve walked out from that brick area. It does seem to be working, so i think maybe what was happening when i was in that other area, whether it was the shielding of the building whatever it was happening, was not be able to find it, but now that i’m in this park, i am seeing It on the map so i’m going to go ahead and click find and we will see searching for a signal see this just keeps happening.

I don’t know what the heck is going on with that, but he still doesn’t see me yet. I see him he’s over there. I don’t know if you can see him anyway. This is hilarious. Hopefully he finds me. This is so pretty still just walking around oh connected. We have a connection so 18 meters, there we go and actually see her hiding in the bushes. Six meters item is moving trying, see it’s, not the best system in the world. To be honest, but it looks like found you you found me, but you didn’t find my first spot. You moved, i moved so that’s. Why yeah? I was all the way over there that’s. Actually, i mean you kind of failed to test at that point, because, if it’s moving it’s having issues tracking this thing, so that’s that’s something that you’d have to keep in mind. This would be better if the thing just sort of stayed in one spot. So if someone stole your drone and was on the loose with it, i don’t know if that would be the best situation, but it does seem to have issues when this thing is moving, because it looks like when you stood still. I was able to find you it’s when you were moving. It had a lot of problems which is really funny, so i guess we’re this close now that i could actually press play sound yep. So i mean i i don’t know.

Technically it works it’s a little weird that it stopped working either when i was behind the building or the fact that fran was moving around it. Just didn’t work so great, like that kind of bothers me a little bit okay, so i got friend to bring me where she originally went with the airtag, because i was kind of interested to see like why couldn’t i pick it up when she was in her. First location, ideally, i kind of hoped that she wouldn’t move, but you know friend has a mind of her own, sometimes so, just given the lack of life in this situation, i’d. Imagine you wouldn’t be able to ping that drone. Until you know, someone came to work at one of these auto shops or came to pick up their car and ping that so in a real time situation, if you had to find it extremely quick, this wouldn’t really work. You really need to lose that drone somewhere in the find my network so that at least there’s a phone or an ipad or a computer, something to pick up that air tag, otherwise it’s lost until someone shows up, though so look at least we know that the Air tag’s not going anywhere even with just some cheap velcro and i’m sure you guys can come up with some better solutions to attach an air tag to the drone, but the end of the day. Now we know that the only way this really works and how it’s an actual viable solution is, if you lose that drone somewhere in the fine mind network and now, if you’re out in the forest, if you’re out on a lake or something like that, this isn’t Going to help you at all that being said in terms of its ability to find it.

If someone were to walk by it’s better than nothing – and i think it’s – definitely better than dji system to find the drone right now, because first off, if your battery dies on the drone you’re, not finding that thing, and this thing is rated to last – at least A year so as a fail, safe backup, i really think it’s a smart idea to at least have one air tag on your drone, because again it’s better than nothing now. Ultimately, what i’d love to see happen is what, if they just put the find my system in these drones itself, so let’s say down the road when dji makes another one of these drones. That api is totally available to developers to include the find my networks. It would be smart for dji just to put find my in all of their drones, but ultimately look we tested it. We know that it’s possible and it can work so at the end of the day, it’s better than nothing otherwise. I’M. Patrick tomaso. I hope you like this video, please fly safe. Please attach your air tag safely and you’ll. See me next time.