It doesnt have brushless motors, but it is a mini uh. The camera on this does look decent its going to be actually up and down. I would think, via a roller lets, see thats probably for speed there. Roller boom you got rollers up top. This is going to move that up and down it might move left to right, no, its not going to move left or right. It just has bushings dampering. It so what were going to do in this video were not even going to show you this inflate. We might show you it in flight um briefly, but what were going to concentrate on is how that camera looks directly to the app. This does have an sd card on the back of the camera thats. What that slot is for right there, but were not testing that now thatll be another video im going to split this up to about three to four different videos, instead of just doing normally what i do where bam you can have it all in one. Video now lets concentrate on small things. First, so were gon na see how that looks through the cell phone recording, so this is screen recording what youre looking at is what you will see as soon as you start the app you got a bunch of notifications. What everything is you can start clicking on stuff? Were gon na slowly go through this and uh, not slowly. I guess were gon na quickly go through this that way.

Uh. We dont take up too much time here, but uh all in all, im gon na tell you guys im really impressed with the flight of this drone. The camera quality of the drone is pretty impressive, too ill touch on all that as we get through this entire video and ive already tested some other things, and i got another video already on top but check it out were gon na go ahead and uh get This thing in the air in a second, but this is going to be a still test. This is going to be look at the quality right now then, im going to walk in front of it, you can see a little laggy, quite a bit laggy as i was walking walking through it bam im standing in front of the sun im going to turn My one leg towards here that was a rick and morty on it. So as far as clarity goes, do not judge this camera, yet dont judge this camera. Yet i promise you dont judge this camera yet so again we set it over here and again, a little bit better over here, theres a huge power line with a capacitor on the other side, not making excuses. Because again this thing in flight is dope. I promise you this thing in flight is dope uh as far as flyability as far as camera. Quality goes um and durability. All right so were gon na go ahead and take off like a boss.

Here, despite we have heavy wind and were gon na go ahead and take this uh up and out were gon na, get some great footage off. Look at the footage, just clean right, its definitely a clean camera uh. As far as liability goes, this things pretty darn good unless, unless you decide to take it sky high and some pretty serious wind right at this level is right about where you should keep it uh, especially if youre dealing with some high wind, because as youre about To see right here, we gon na encounter a little bit of issues boom. I was fighting, i was trying. I really was trying. I didnt want to get this up here did not want to get it stuck. So what youre looking at here is the screen capture, which actually looks better than what you just watched, which was the recorded. Now we are not using an sd card, so that was just wi fi recorded, but its pretty cool that the screen capture is a much clearer than uh save so thats thats. Something definitely be aware of maybe youre flying around. Maybe you didnt take a picture, but you knew you fly by something and you want to grab the still because again here we go here. We go j drones flying way too high, wind and three two one boom. So this aint, my first rodeo ive, been up there before im, really not looking forward to going up there.

You see what type of wind were dealing with um if you have trees that are blowing like this ill figure out what the wind is and ill incorporate. It in the video dont fly this much higher than five to ten feet. Uh. Well, i guess ill go up and get it all right guys. Do you see the only thing wrong with this? After that heavy crash, the blades didnt shut off? They stayed on for a long period of time, so be wary of that propellers bent its been terribly simple, fix, bend it down. Obviously, youre going to have less better camo quality because thats not going to be balanced but im pretty sure i could get it pretty close. Ideally, if you want best camera quality after crashing like that or going into a tree or whatever change your propeller, they gave you extra ones thats why they give you extra ones. So we are off again. This thing is taking a beating and uh its still going. So right here we are actually gon na fly it a little bit um and then were gon na crash it again. This is a straight up dummy test on this drone. It was not done purposely, but because it was done you can know if you get this for somebody and they dont know how to fly and they smack it against a couple. Walls hit it against the tree. What have you itll be all right, itll be all right.

I guarantee it. This thing is super durable. Obviously, if you fly into stuff constantly and the motors dont shut down, youre gon na strip gears – and you are going to screw up your motors greatly – um even burn them out, just because i dont think this has a fail, safe features when they are um bind It up that they do stop, because i seen them kept spinning when i was in uh stuck up in the tree. As you can see, im cruising around man im cruising im telling you dude. This thing is a flyer. This thing is 100, a flyer uh. I absolutely enjoyed flying this like right here. Youre gon na see another durability test. It was still fun. It was really fun all right, guys, im done with this uh, so this is extremely extreme and im not done with it im done with it. For today uh. We will get a hat cam on. I should have had a hat cam for this dude. This thing smoked the side of my house by my basketball court by the left, or i the prop up front here – uh basketball, court, but dude. It smoked it like it, hit it hard um. I dont, i dont even see any scuff marks man. My only complaint about this is the battery every time you crash even uh. Well, not so much in the tree. So when it was in the tree, the battery was still in it, but when i knocked it down and it hit the ground, the battery popped out same thing with uh when it just hit my house battery popped out uh that can save you and help you.

If you do lose it in the field and find days later, your batterys probably going to be good, but for a uh, a rescue mission where you have to rely on the camera which ive shown in the past, which again the camera, is pretty good um. You ca, like you, can visually find out the area if you know the area really well by the camera and fpv, but if that, if that pops out boom, then youre blind uh. Fortunately, even though this did pop out, i was recording video and it did save, which is awesome. I was worried. I was like oh dude. I just had a great flight with this dude. This is brushed. This is so toy its ridiculous, but its sporty. I promise you its sporty. We will get a hat cam on. We will show you this thing in the air um. We will also get an sd card in and show you exactly how good that camera is. But there was one person who said they had gotten this for christmas or are getting it for christmas. Can you please do a video on this before christmas? This is the first video im going to try to knock out two or three more videos for you. If you havent, subscribed smash, subscribe button, questions comments, concerns put it down below.